A House (1987 Interview)

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How do I casually mention that Mr Dave Couse is back on our airwaves from Monday 3rd November filling in for Paul McLoone on TodayFM? How about another Dave Fanning interview? This one features ‘I Think I’m Going Mad’ (live), ‘Call Me Blue’ (brand new single out 11th July), ‘You Break Me Up’ (live), ‘Heart Happy’ (live) and ‘Plain or Pearl’ (another of the 4 tracks from the 12″). Check out Dave 3rd – 13th November 9pm-midnight on TodayFM.


A House interview Dave Fanning (1987)

The Forget Me Nots (1990 Session)

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From Dublin, The Forget Me Nots were Michelle Burrowes & Eithne Flynn (vocals & rhythm guitars), Maurice McGrath (lead guitar), Mark Walsh (bass guitar) and Justin Healy (drums). They recorded this Fanning session in 1990 and it was produced by Ian Wilson & Jim Lockhart.

Shake The Halo

What Am I Gonna Do About You


Beck & Call

The Slowest Clock – Smile Futurismo! All I Heard Was Purple (2014)

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slowest clock small

The Slowest Clock were Frank Pryce (vocals), Gerry Fahy (guitar), Brian Neavyn (bass & keyboards) and Dave Burke (drums). In Winter 1989 they recorded nine songs at Generator House, Roundwood. These recordings were later lost and so did not form part of the ‘Life Still‘ release in 1994. The tapes were discovered some 10 years later and now 25 years after they were first recorded The Slowest Clock are set to release their debut album as originally planned..

“Superb band, Gerry Fahy my fave guitarist”
Ray Harman (Something Happens!)

The full album tracklist is: Going Home / Warhola / You’re So Strange / Le Bordel Philosophique / Little Fishy / Cherie / Eastern Flowers / Acid Lake / Turning Green / Say What’s On Your Mind / Wasted / You Never See Me / Desert Mouth / Rejoice/In The Cinema

The Subterraneans (1992 Session?)

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From Artane, Dublin, The Subterraneans were Derek Barter (bass/vocals), Paddy Brady (guitar), Mitchel O’Connor (guitar) and Colm Coughlan (drums). Thanks to Padser Dalhoun for photo and lineup. We’re guessing that this is a session and that it dates from 1992 so if anyone can confirm or correct please do!

 L - R Colm Coughlan, Derek Barter, Paddy Brady, Mitchel O'Connor

L – R Colm Coughlan, Derek Barter, Paddy Brady, Mitchel O’Connor

Rubbernose (1992)

Where’s The Hook (1992)

Showdown (1992)

Mahogany Men (1993 Session)

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Mahogany Men were Myles Horgan (lead vocals/guitar), Cormac Curtis (guitar), Danny McElhinney (bass) and David Tinsley (drums). They recorded this session for Dave Fanning in January 1993.

mahogany men

Emily Dickinson (1993)

Unicorns (Do Not Exist) (1993)

Grow Your Own (1993)

Hello How Are You I Am God (1993)

Sister Morphine (1993 Demo)

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Recorded from the Dave Fanning show in 1993 and that is the extent of our knowledge. Anyone got bio details or a photo for Sister Morphine?

Update: Formerly known as The Garden Hasn’t Changed Much, Sister Morphine were Mark Bourke (vocals), Colin Murray (guitar), Stephen Quinn (bass), Oisin Kelly (drums)

sister morphine

sister morphine inlay
Valium Mary (1993)

Soon (1993 Demo)

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Originally based in Cork (1986-1988) Soon were to reform in a Dublin-based incarnation (1992-1996) and that is the lineup who recorded this 1993 demo – Tony O’Sullivan (vocals), Martin Dunlea (guitar), Simon McVeigh (bass) and Willie Walsh (drums). The second track features Maurice Seezer on accordion. The comments are from Tony O’Sullivan on Soundcloud.

This is the first song of four demo’d by the Cork/Dublin incarnation of SOON at Ringsend Road Studios, Dublin in early January 1993. Written by Tony O’Sullivan and recorded and mixed by Willie Mannion, it was given extensive airplay by RTE’s Dave Fanning which helped the band to quickly build an audience on the Dublin music scene at the time. A song dealing with the often tragic consequences of religious mania, SOON’s drummer Willie, a devout Christian, agonised on the day over whether it bordered on sacrilege and became increasingly reluctant to play on it. Ultimately, it was only recorded after some detailed analysis of the lyric and I’m glad he trusted me, his groove here is phenomenal. He did however say “Tony man, this is so fuckin’ dark” and he was right. It still is.

Straitjacket Jesus (1993)

A Hip-Hop Tango recorded at the height of Grunge! Also a playful dig at the insipient Pop scene of the day, this was the second of four songs recorded on the same day in January ’93 and features guest musician Maurice Seezer on suitably sinister Accordion. It was a lot of fun to play (despite the key changes) and the line “You kiss my hand, you don’t know where it’s been” still brings a smile to the face. Martin’s lead playing here is pretty special I think.

Moody Mean & Squeaky Clean (1993)

One of four songs SOON put down on tape in one day in January 1993 at Ringsend Road Studios, Dublin, it was recorded live in one take (and later mixed) by Willie Mannion. Featuring Kevin Murphy (cello).

The Other Woman Wins (1993)


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