Saville (1995 Session)

From Dublin, Saville were Ken O’Duffy (vocals / guitar), Tosh Flood (electric guitar / moog / piano / backing vocals), Vin Duffy (bass guitar / backing vocals) and Joe Fitzgerald (drums). The band was originally called Nijinsky. Ken was previously a member of The Experiment and The Believers and is currently a solo artist and has just released a new single’Calypso’. Tosh is a member of The Divine Comedy. Joe Fitzgerald manages among others The Pale and Sack. Engineer on this April 1995 Fanning session was Anto Timini. Saville released three albums; ‘Is Anybody Happier Today?’ (2000), ‘Somnambular Ballads’ (2003) and Nostalgia (2000). The two latter albums were released on Reekus records. The photo is by Tom Lynch.

Dull Empty Nothings (1995)

Love Is A Heracletian Fire (1995)

Piece Of Glass (1995)

Two Junes (1995)

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