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In Tua Nua (In Concert 1985)

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in tua nua

Seeing Leslie Dowdall on the Late Late Show on Friday reminded us of this 1985 recording from the Dave Fanning show. Broadcast in two 30 minutes segments over different weeks but kindly preserved and digitised for us by Tim Barnes. In Tua Nua are/were Leslie Dowdall, Paul Byrne, Jack Dublin, Martin Clancy, Ivan O’Shea, Steve Wickham, Vinnie Kilduff, Aingeala de Burgha, Brian O’Brian, Matt Spalding and Lovely Previn. We saw them on their 2017 Irish tour and they still have it.

Laughing at the Moon
Strike the Light *
Blue Eyes Again
One More Intake *
Heaven Can Wait
The Man
Comin’ Thru
West of Sunset *
Somebody to Love
Ballad of St. Patrick
Seven into the Sea

* not commercially released


Kristin Hersh (1994 Session)

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kristin hersh 2

Kristin Hersh first came to prominence as a member of Throwing Muses. In 1994 she released a solo album ‘Hips and Makers’ and on April 2nd she performed an in-store at Tower Records. There are no Irish dates listed on the official site but presumably on the occasion of this visit she also recorded this session for Dave Fanning. Thanks Eoin Fegan for the recording. Check out a 2016 interview with Tom Dunne here.

Scheer (1994 Session)

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From Maghera and Magherafelt in County Derry, Scheer were Audrey Gallagher (vocals), Neal Calderwood (lead guitar), Paddy Leyden (rhythm guitar), PJ Doherty and later Peter Fleming (bass) and Joe Bates (drums). They recorded this session for Dave Fanning in 1994. The band released two albums, Infliction (1996) on 4AD and ‘… And Finally’ (2000) on Schism Records. Thanks to Eoin Fegan for digging out the recording.

Howling Boy (1994)

Nemesis (1994)

Shine (1994)

Wish You Were Dead (1994)

A Wee Night For Uaneen (2001)

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‘A Wee Night For Uaneen’ was a tribute concert in memory of the much loved RTE 2fm broadcaster Uaneen Fitzimons who died tragically on 22nd November 2000. The show took place on Sunday 4th March 2001 in the Olympia Theatre and featured Ash, Bell X1, The Blue Nile, Paddy Casey, The Devlins, The Frames, David Kitt, Mundy, Gavin Friday, Sinead O’Connor, Relish, Sack, Snow Patrol, The Undertones and Wilt. The show was introduced by Dave Fanning who also provided continuity on the night as did Mike Edgar, John Kelly, Jim Sheridan and Tony Fenton. Thanks to Damian Reade for the recording.

sack – the kiss i miss?
sack – tag
relish – aint no sunshine when she’s gone
relish – rainbow zephyr
prayerboat – ?
prayerboat – saved
mundy – gin & tonic sky
mundy – wait in vain (with sinead o’connor)
wilt – this one goes out (r.e.m.)
wilt – radio disco
snow patrol –
snow patrol – one night is not enough
david kitt –
david kitt –
therapy? – lonely, cryin’, only
therapy? – screamager
paddy casey – sweet suburban sky
paddy casey – whatever gets you through
deus – 2:45 am (elliot smith)
deus – instant street
ash – shining light
ash – girl from mars
the undertones – you’ve got my number
the undertones – over you
the undertones – teenage kicks
the undertones – here comes the summer
bellx1 –
bellx1 – i think i’m going back (dusty springfield)
the devlins – there is a light
the devlins – waiting (with robert bell of the blue nile)
the blue nile – easter parade
the blue nile – tomorrow morning
the blue nile – all the way
gavin friday & maurice seezer – angel
gavin friday & maurice seezer – yellow (coldplay)
gavin friday & maurice seezer – thief of your heart (with sinead o’connor)
sinead o’connor – the healing room (with mundy)
sinead o’connor – the singing bird (with mundy)
the frames, tom barman & paddy casey – little arithmetics
the frames, tom barman & paddy casey – the whole of the moon
the frames, tom barman & paddy casey – revelate
the frames, tom barman & paddy casey – star, star

Screech Owls – Poison River

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Screech Owls - Poison River

Screech Owls were Debbie Skhow (vocals & guitar) and Richard G. Evans (guitars). The track is a cover of a song by The Stars Of Heaven and was due to feature on a tribute compilation ‘South Of Heaven’.

Poison River

The Chapter House (1986 Session)

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Seventh Heaven (1996)

Possessed (1986)

The Perfect Crime (1986)

From Cork, The Chapter House were Ann Redmond (vocals), Paul Moore (drums) and Skully (keyboards). Anne Redmond was previously in Porcelyn Tears while Skully was in Real Mayonnaize. Skully later formed Metisse who recorded an as yet unlocated Fanning session. This session was recorded on April 14th 1986. Thank you to Nick and Joe for digging it out.

Music Love Drugs War – Geraldine Quigley

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music love drugs war

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but ever since we saw Geraldine Quigley‘s debut novel we been hooked. Geraldine spoke to Sean Rocks for RTÉ Arena last week to shed some light on the book and how it came to be. Set in 1981 it’s a coming of age tale where the young protagonists do their best to ignore the Troubles and do what teenagers do best – listen to music and go to the pub. Those of you with access to Spotify might also enjoy Geraldine’s accompanying playlist .

RTÉ Arena Interview (2018)

The Would Be’s (1990 Session)

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would be's hot press

Today’s post was prompted by Abstract Analogue who posted a March 22nd 1990 Hot Press interview by Tony Clayton-Lea with The Would Be’s. From Kingscourt, Co. Cavan, The Would Be’s were Julie McDonnell (vocals), Mattie Finnegan (guitar), Paul Finnegan (guitar), Eamonn Finnegan (bass), Pascal Smith (drums), Aidine O’Reilly (trombone, sax,, violin). Eileen Gogan, most recently to be found performing with Microdisney at the National Concert Hall, also fronted the band for a number of years. Serendipitously the band met at the launch of Tony’s ‘101 Irish Records You Must Hear Before You Die‘ and decided to give it another go. They subsequently released ‘Beautiful Mess‘ in 2013 and performed around the country. The remaining session tracks were ‘All This Rubbish’, ‘Funny Ha Ha’, ‘My Radio Sounds Different In The Dark’.

So This Is Not The End Of The World (1990)

the would be's

Geiro (1989)

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tdk cassette

Geiro recorded a Fanning session in 1989 but we do not know if this is one of the tracks. We have no information on the band but we do like this track a lot. If you have any details on the band please get in touch.

Bewithered (1989)

The Cranberries (In Concert 1993)

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The-CranberriesWe are still in shock at the very sad news of Dolores O’Riordan. There have been many great tributes and this morning Dave Fanning and Ian Wilson remembered Dolores by playing clips from this 1993 interview. Thanks to a reader we now have a recording of a live show by The Cranberries at the Tivoli on 18th December 1993. Dave broadcast this over 2 weeks so there is a join half way through and the 2 final tracks on each side of the C60 are abbreviated. We think you’ll enjoy the recording nevertheless. Thank you Padraig Keane for the recording.

In Concert (1993)


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the-cranberries-26th-october-1991-melody-maker (2)

“Dolores O’Riordan is the name of the singer, you may need to remember that” John Peel plays The Cranberries in 1991.

Katell Keineg (1991 Session)

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katell keinig

Katell Keineg is a Breton-Welsh singer-songwriter based in Wales who lived for a time in Ireland. We believe this session dates from 1991 and was recorded live on the Dave Fanning show although Dave may have been absent on this particular night. There were at least 3 tracks performed ‘Watergrasshill’, ‘Caution To The Wind’ and ‘O Seasons’.



In Tua Nua (1988)

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in tua nua tour

This unreleased track by In Tua Nua was recorded live on the Dave Fanning show when the band dropped in to celebrate the launch of their second album ‘The Long Acre’ in late 1988. In Tua Nua are about to set out on their first Irish tour since that same year.

Jealous Knife (1988)

Deirdre O Callaghan – The Drum Thing

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Originally from Cork, photographer Deirdre O Callaghan has just published ‘The Drum Thing’ featuring portraits and interviews with almost 100 famous drummers. Earlier this week she spoke to Tom Dunne and this morning she was interviewed in studio by Dave Fanning. A member of the original team at ‘Dazed & Confused’ magazine, Deirdre has managed to carve out a successful career uniting her passions for music and photography. Past projects include ‘Hide That Can‘ a four year project photographing the men of the Camden hostel Arlington House many of whom are Irish who emigrated in the 50’s and 60’s.

Dave Fanning interview

Tom Dunne interview

Flex & The Fastweather – Little Pieces

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flex & fastweather

Sad news from Cork in the last couple of days, Mandy Murphy singer with Flex & The Fastweather has passed away. Our deepest condolences to her family and friends.

.”I will never forget those occasions when we sang together….her beautiful haunting voice” Christy Moore

Flex & The Fastweather – Little Pieces (1986)

The Skips (1989 Session – Part 2)

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We’re on a bit of a Derrick Dalton thing at the minute thanks to Ken Sweeney & Tom Dunne’s Irish jangle show (Crumb session in the works).  The Skips were Amanda Claxton (vocals), Derrick Dalton (guitar), Pete Corrigan (bass) and Darren Nolan (drums). This is the remainder of their 1989 Fanning session we posted the first half of here. Thanks to Paul for digging this out. Update: Thanks to a comment by Darren on the other Skips post, correcting the title of the second track below which is actually a demo recorded at Sun Studios.

Scream From Within (1989)

Undefeated Battle (1989 Demo)

Darren & Amanda are currently busy with The Little Beauties and have just released an album ‘A Rude Awakening’.

Eileen Gogan & The Instructions (2016)

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eileen gogan

Eileen Gogan is no stranger round these parts.. she has in the past sung with some of our favourite bands – The Would Be’s, The Revenants and The Drays. Now Eileen has released her first album of self penned material ‘The Spirit of Oberlin’. Next Thursday sees the official launch in The Grand Social. Admission is €10 and includes a free copy of the album. Not to be missed!

A heady blend of The Byrds and Teenage Fanclub with hints of Blue Oyster Cult
Colm O’Hare (Hot Press)

Kaydee (1997 Session)

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From Kilkenny, Kaydee were Jan Kiely (vocals), Kevin Bruce (guitar), Mark McCorry (bass) and Joey Shore (drums). Recorded in June 1997 the 2FM Fanning session tracks were ‘Once’, ‘All I Ever Wanted’, ‘Seven Days’and ‘Falling Down’. Soon after this session founder member Jan Kiely left to be replaced by Tara Egan-Langley (aka Tara Blaise) formerly of Wilde Oscars. Original member Bob Murphy (bass) had left earlier in 1997.

Seven Days (1997)

The Chapter House (1986 Demo)

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From Cork, The Chapter House were Ann Redmond (vocals), Paul Moore (drums) and Skully (keyboards). Anne Redmond was previously a member of Porcelyn Tears while Skully was in Real Mayonnaize. Jerry Buckley (bass) also from Real Mayonnaize guested on ‘Horizontal Nightmare’. The band were winners of the RTE 2fm Hot Press Band of 1986. They recorded one Fanning session, produced by Jim Lockhart part of which was released as the single ‘Scorch Avenue’. Skully later formed Metisse who also recorded an as yet unlocated Fanning session of their own.

Beside You (1986)

Horizontal Nightmare (1986)

Perfect Crime (1986)

Uaneen Fitzsimons Tribute (2000)

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When we first heard about this particular tape we thought it was a recording of an Uaneen show but it turned out to be 45 minutes of a Dave Fanning tribute to Uaneen broadcast a month after her tragic death. It makes for sad listening but is also very touching and so we have decided to share. We hope her friends and family do not mind us sharing, please let us know if this is not the case. If anyone has a nice recording of an Uaneen show we’d love to share that also. Uaneen of course needs no introduction, she was the face of ‘No Disco‘ post Donal Dineen and host to her own RTE 2FM show in the slot after Dave Fanning. ‘No Disco’ also paid tribute with a special show compiling many of her interviews.

Uaneen Fitzsimons Tribute on Dave Fanning Show (2000)

Future Kings Of Spain – Alison Curtis Interview (2007)

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Another great band that are sorely missed round these parts, Future Kings Of Spain were founded by Joey Wilson (guitar & vocals), Anton Hegarty (bass) and Bryan McMahon (drums). Their first gig in 2000 was a support slot for J Mascis & The Fog. They were joined in 2003 by Karl Hussey (guitar). I first came across them on the March 2003 HMV Playlist CD. This is a 2007 interview with Alison Curtis on her TodayFM show ‘The Last Splash’.

Joey Wilson (Future Kings Of Spain) – Alison Curtis Interview (2007)

The Skips (1989 Session)

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skipsToday we have 2 tracks from the Ian Wilson produced 1988 Fanning Session by The Skips. The Skips were Amanda Claxton (vocals), Derrick Dalton (guitar), Pete Corrigan (bass) and Darren Nolan (drums). Derrick Dalton sadly passed away in 2008.

What Do You Mean (1989)

You’re In Love (1989)

Giant (1989 Session)

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From Dublin, Giant were Niamh McDonald (vocals), Susan Kavanagh (vocals), Ken Haughton (guitar), Joe McDonnell (bass) and Ronan Buckley (drums). Thanks to Eddie Joyce for the picture, check out for more band details. This Fanning session was recorded in autumn 1989.

Promised Land (1989)

Crocodile Tears (1989)

Big Mouth (1989)

The Devil (1989)

The Would Be’s (1988 Demo)

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The Would-Be's circa 1990's

The Would Be’s are no strangers round these parts but this track was a welcome surprise. It’s a demo version of ‘Must It Be’ featuring a male vocal and it’s impressive how good it sounds. The Would Be’s are undergoing something of a renaissance reforning and releasing an excellent album ‘Beautiful Mess‘ in 2013. They play The Dock Arts Centre, Carrick On Shannon on March 21st.

Must It Be (1988)

The Screech Owls – Sniper On The Freeway

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Recorded from the Dave Fanning show this track may or may not come from the demo pictured above. The Screech Owls were Debbie Schow (vocals, guitar) and Richard G. Evans (guitars). Special guests on the demo at least were Brian Neavyn (bass) and Dave Burke (drums) of The Slowest Clock. Check out Hey Toreador here.

Sniper On The Freeway (1988)

The Skips

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skips2The Skips were Amanda Claxton (vocals), Derrick Dalton (guitar), Pete Corrigan (bass) and Darren Nolan (drums). Derrick sadly passed away in 2008. Darran & Amanda are currectly active with ska band The Little Beauties. If anyone can add more detail on this track or has a photo we would love to hear from you.

Forever Free (1990?)

The Wild Herrings (Demo)

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Photo (C) Irene Pender

Their Fanning session is a favourite round these parts but this newly uncovered demo seems apt given that two members of this band, Fiona and Irene aka The Pender Sisters are to perform on Saturday 28th September at The Steam Punk Club in Dromahair.


From Ballyshannon in Co.Donegal The Wild Herrings are John Kane (guitar), Fiona Pender (vocals and sax), Irene Pender (vocals), Patsy O Kane (bass) and Michael Christie (drums). Apparently their set was one of the highlights of the Hennigans reunion last year.

Love On The Dole


Sunday Morning Coming Down

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Dublin music fans were up in arms when PhantomFM cancelled the much loved ‘Sunday Morning Coming Down‘ show last year. They as well as Cork and Limerick radio listeners now have a second chance to enjoy the show on recently launched 8Radio. Last week’s playlist included Low, Smog, The Go-Betweens, Serafina Steer, Beth Orton, DJ Shadow, Smithereens, Grant Lee Buffalo, Suicide, Madrugada, Dexys, Cowboy Junkies, Public Service Broadasting, Tracey Thorn, The Smithereens and The Tycho Brahe. 8radio has a 15 week weekend licence and broadcasts on FM from midnight Friday until midnight Sunday. Tara Gleeson aka Pearl can be heard on Sunday mornings from 9am – 12 noon at 94.3FM in Dublin, 105.5 in Limerick, 106.7 in Cork or via the stations website.

Porcelyn Tears

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via Jack Lyons and Sir Henrys Exhibition

via Jack Lyons and Sir Henrys Exhibition

Formed in Mayfield, Cork circa 1983, Porcelyn Tears were Ann Redmond (vocals), Kay Creedon (keyboards), Gerlyn Ryan (bass) and Grace O’Sullivan (drums). They recorded a Fanning session on 15th April 1985 which featured ‘That Rainy Day’ ‘Little Girl Lost’ and ‘Change’. They also appeared on RTE TV shows ‘TV Gaga’ and ‘Anything Goes‘. They supported U2 at the Lark By The Lee in 1985 and New Order on their 1985 Irish tour. Ann Redmond went on to form The Chapter House with Skully of Real Mayonnaize. According to their entry there were two further Fanning sessions. This track is from a demo cassette.

Heaven Knows (Demo)

Elvera Butler Interview / Shellshock Rock UCC Downtown Campus (30/6/1979)

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The following is the poster for the screening of Shellshock Rock at the U.C.C. Downtown Campus on June 30th 1979 which also featured live performances from two of the bands featured in the documentary Rudi and The Outcasts. The photo was kindly sent in by John Dundon from Limerick who commented on that Outcasts session post.

That gig was promoted by Elvera Butler, the founder and mastermind behind Reekus Records currently celebrating their 30 year anniversary. Elvera was recently interviewed by @nessymon aka Vanessa Monaghan for her Culture Cafe show on RTE 2fm/2XM. Here is an excerpt from that interview where Elvera talks of the label’s origins.

ELvera Butler (Reekus Records)

The Would Be’s – Workman’s Club 31st March

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Cavan’s finest The Would Be’s have just cheered up many a jangly pop fan with the news that they are to support The Frank & Walters at their upcoming Workman’s Club date. Incidentally Tony Clayton-Lea was the first DJ to give the band airtime, playing a reel to reel copy of ‘I’m Hardly Ever Wrong’ over and over, this initial exposure leading to the band being picked up first by Dave Fanning and then by John Peel. Tony had a show on LMFM at the time and before that on pirate Boyneside Radio. If anyone has any recordings of that show we’d love to give them an airing. These two tracks are from the 1988 Comet Tape Three cassette compilation.

Addicted To The Predictable (1988)

I Want To Say What Goes Without Saying (1988)

And here the official press release:

The Would Be’s, a little known Irish combo from the early 90’s (but you may know them from such songs as ‘I’m Hardly Ever Wrong’ and ‘My Radio Sounds Different In The Dark’) would like it to be known that they are reforming to play as guests of indietastic Cork band The Frank And Walters in The Workman’s Club Dublin Sat 31st March 2012.

Some of the original members of The Would Be’s had the good fortune to meet up a few months ago at the launch of Tony Clayton-Lea’s new book ‘101 Irish Records That You Must Hear Before You Die‘ (one of those records happens to be ‘I’m Hardly Ever Wrong’ a John Peel and Morrissey favourite from the heydays of indie pop songs. After reminiscing about past gigs and after drinking a few mugs of tea and few jugs of beer, they decided that it might just be the right time to get back together to relive those heydays (as you do after a few jugs of beer……and a few mugs of tea!). A tin of Brasso was ordered from the local hardware shop the next day to shine up their trombones, saxophones, guitars, drums and microphones.

Original Would Be’s members Julie McDonnell, Aideen O’Reilly, Matt, Eamonn and Paul Finnegan are now busy shining and brushing up on their indie pop repertoire to ready themselves for what promises to be a wonderful night of pop, fun and frolics and ……stuff! with the Frank and Walters. This might just be the indie gig of the year …….and I’m hardly ever wrong!!!!!

The 3355409’s

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Another Cork act to feature on the Comet LP Two compilation were The 3355409’s. According to ‘Cork Rock‘ the original lineup comprised David O’Connell (guitar), Jerry Buckley (bass), Stephanie Vink, Ruth Beecher (vocals) and Anne O’Halloran (drums) and were active 1987-1988, Caroline O’Connell (bass) was also a member from 1986 – 1988 (see comments below). however lists Paul Prior (drums) and the start date as 1984. Both agree that Morty McCarthy (drums) also featured. Paul Linehan (bass) came to one rehearsal but as David explains in a comment below decided not to join. Check out some of the band in the comments to this Dublin Opinion article on 80s Irish psychobilly.


Barbarous (1987)

The Would Be’s (1990)

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The Would-Be's circa 1990's

From Kingscourt in Co. Cavan, The Would Be’s were formed in 1989 by the Finnegan brothers from ashes of The Nobody’s. The Would Be’s were Julie McDonnell (vocals), Mattie Finnegan (guitar), Paul Finnegan (guitar), Eamonn Finnegan (bass), Pascal Smith (drums), Aidine O’Reilly (trombone/sax/violin ). They released a self financed single ‘I’m Hardly Ever Wrong’ in 1990 on Danceline Records which was championed by John Peel for whom they recorded a session in February that same year. The single made it to number 12 in that year’s Festive Fifty. Julie McDonnell later left and was replaced by Eileen Gogan. The band broke up in 1992 but reformed for some gigs in 2000 with Karen Cunningham on vocals duties. Check out their entry in the Dublin Opinion ‘Great Irish Bands’ series.

I’m Hardly Ever Wrong (1990)

The Malfunctions (part two)

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The Malfunctions have already featured as have The Wild Herrings from whence this Ballyshannon act evolved but they are in my mind because Fiona and Irene Pender again gracing the stage this time as The Pender Sisters. I have yet to read any reviews of those gigs so if anyone would like to drop a line or post some recordings please do. This track is taken from the 1989 Danceline Records compilation Nationwide.

Don’t Kick Me Now (1989)

The Malfunctions

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From Ballyshannon in Co.Donegal The Malfunctions rose from the ashes of The Wild Herrings and featured two members of that band; Fiona Pender (vocals) and Michael Christie (drums). They were joined by David Meade (guitar) and Stephen Gallagher (bass) and released one single for EMI ‘Say Goodbye’ / ‘Party At My Place’ in 1988 and had two tracks on the Danceline Records Nationwide compilation in 1989. They recorded one Fanning Session but we think this track is a demo.

Eastenders (1988)

Someone has been digging through the archives and has posted a recording of The Malfunctions appearance on RTE’s Jo Maxi in 1989 with single ‘Say Goodbye’

The Screech Owls

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The Screech Owls were formed by Deborah / Debbie Schow / Skhow (vocals and guitar) an american living in Dublin and Richard G. Evans (guitars and more guitars) i.e. Dik of The Virgin Prunes, The Hype and well-known brother (David, U2) fame. Special guests on this demo recording were Brain Neavyn (bass) and Dave Burke (drums) of The Slowest Clock. While The Screech Owls did record Dave Fanning and Mark Radcliffe sessions this is all I have to hand but it is an amazing track. According to this Hot Press article they also recorded ‘Poison River’ for a Stars Of Heaven tribute. Debbie can be heard on KAOS Radio in Olympia where she has hosted the ‘Legends and Lowlife‘ since November 2009.

Hey Toreador (1988)

The Wild Herrings (1987 Session)

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Updated following some great comments so make sure to read them. Look forward to more feedback and thanks for taking the time to post!

Photo (c) Irene Pender

The Wild Herrings were formed in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal in 1985 and remained active until 1987. The band consisted of John Kane (guitar), Fiona Pender (vocals and sax), Irene Pender (vocals), Patsy O Kane (bass) and Michael Christie (drums). Four of the Wild Herrings went on to form punk-pop group The Malfunctions who reached 27 in the single charts. The Malfunctions (minus singer Fiona) became Georgia who knocked Bryan Adams off number 1 with their single “Sends Me High” on Danceline Records only to be disqualified because too many of the sales were in the north-west of Ireland! Micheal Christie is currently active with The Boxtie Band. I never managed to see them live, maybe they didn’t make it as far south as Limerick but have read of a Bundoran gig. I was lucky enough to catch their Fanning Session though and thankfully record it. The quality isn’t great but hopefully that won’t detract too much from what I think are some standout tunes. Without further ado..

Update: Fiona and Irene are back gigging again as The Pender Sisters and have played a couple of shows in Derry at Sandinos and Cafe Del Mondo. They are playing a post Christmas show in Dicey Reilly’s bar in Ballyshannon on December 27th from 10.30 to 12.30 if you’d like to catch them.

Up Donegal

Buy Me A Drink

Fat Politicians

Crash & Burn