Thee Amazing Colossal Men (1987 Session)


Garret Lee is more well known these days as Jacknife Lee producer of albums by artists from U2 to Snow Patrol and R.E.M. He’s been in the music business a few years though and today’s session track is from one of those earlier projects. Thee Amazing Colossal Men were Joseph Mary Barry (vocals), Garret Lee (guitar & vocals), John Sullivan (bass), Paul O’Brien (drums) and Declan O’Sullivan (keyboards). This session was recorded on 07/12/1987 and features tracks ‘Little Rotten Annie’, ‘Coming Together’, ‘Get Colossal’ and ‘Helter Skelter’. Ian Wilson dug it of the archives  recently for the Dan Hegarty show on 2FM where Dan also played a five track shuffle as chosen by Jacknife Lee. The band went on to achieve success as Compulsion.

Helter Skelter (1987)

Get Colossal (1987)

6 Responses to “Thee Amazing Colossal Men (1987 Session)”

  1. paul obrien Says:

    Paul O Brien [dapple] is now drummer for The Lee Harveys have not heard this in 23 years

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Nice to hear from you Paul, I passed on your comment to Dan Hegarty in the hope that he’ll keep digging out these session tracks. Have also updated your comment with the MySpace page, I see you guys are playing Fibber McGees tomorrow night.

  3. Sid Rainey Says:

    Love it still…

  4. hi Hugo here, I have some of your early demos that Dave Kennnedy gave me years ago.

    I converted them to mp3’s I can send if you have a good email.

    Great days indeed


  5. paul o brien Says:

    cheers Hugo if you could send them that would be cool …

  6. Hugo, would love those mp3s!

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