Dave Couse – St Patrick’s Day (2016)

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rerun dave couse

St Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be the same without a dose of Dave Couse. Over the years Dave has recorded a number of all Irish music shows, ‘An Teach Solas’ being a loose translation of ‘The Lighthouse’ the name Dave’s show used have back before the suits at TodayFM thought that name was too confusing. Anyway sit back and enjoy 2 hours of good music hosted by our favourite DJ and there’s even a request for you know who;-) Playlist here. Thank you Ferg for the artwork.

An honourable mention goes to Tom Dunne who is hosting what promises to be another entertaining show tonight at 10pm on Newstalk. He has asked his listeners to answer 3 questions and himself and Ken Sweeney will be considering and playing the answers. Tom also promises classic sessions from Future Kings Of Spain, Ten Speed Racer , Gemma Hayes, Ash, Hozier and more. Can all that be done in a mere 2 hours?

1. First Irish act you remember seeing live
2. Best ever Irish band live
3. Fave Irish Artist

Dave Fanning’s Irish Show (March 1984)

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Today we have a treat, a 45 minute recording of the Dave Fanning show from March 1984 courtesy the Irish Broadcasting Hall of Fame. Dave announces he is playing Irish tracks only and plays a number of sessions and even a demo we’d never previously heard from Blue In Heaven. There is one track we haven’t been able to identify so if you know your 80s Irish rock then please put us out of our misery.

u2 – surrender
max – song number 6 (session)
undertones – you’re welcome (live)
the outcasts (1981 session)
auto da fe – bad experience
some kind of wonderful – do you read my letter
pop mecanics – round & round (1984 session)
blue in heaven – say (demo)
blades – revelations of heartbreak
cuba dares (session)
microdisney – hello rascals
gerry cott? – ballad of the lone ranger

David Long – Underground Song (2019)

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David Long  In Headphones Album Cover.jpg

One of our live highlights of 2018 was undoubtedly David Long’s show at Whelan’s. One of the many standout moments of the night was a track which Dave has kindly allowed us to post today. It comes from a forthcoming album ‘In Headphones’. Recorded by David Ayers the track was produced by David Long/Adrian O’Connell/David Ayers and features artwork by Noel Farrell/David Long. We asked novelist & Into Paradise fan Ben Vendetta if he would write a few words by way of introduction..

I was thrilled to learn that Into Paradise frontman Dave Long enjoyed my novel ‘Heartworm‘, which takes place in 90s Dublin. When the book was published in 2015, Dave wrote to me, saying “It’s great. I read it last night, it brought back so many memories from that time. I’m delighted that Into Paradise are in it too!”. Last week, I received another email from Dave with a new track. He wrote, “If they ever film your book I hope this song makes it on to the soundtrack!”. Having listened to it multiple times, I’d be thrilled to have this song on a soundtrack! ‘Underground Song’ hits hard like the best of Into Paradise, a poignant ballad about someone lost on his ‘musical feet’ pining for the days of the legendary Dublin venue. Namechecking Whipping Boy’s Fearghal McKee and Jeff Brennan of The Underground, if that isn’t enough to give you the chills, just wait for the end when Dave throws in a refrain from the stunning Whipping Boy single ‘Twinkle’ – “She’s the air I breathe, not too pure for me”. I can’t wait to hear more!

Underground Song (2019)

Screech Owls – Poison River

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Screech Owls - Poison River

Screech Owls were Debbie Skhow (vocals & guitar) and Richard G. Evans (guitars). The track is a cover of a song by The Stars Of Heaven and was due to feature on the tribute ‘South Of Heaven‘.

Poison River

The Chapter House (1986 Session)

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Seventh Heaven (1996)

Possessed (1986)

The Perfect Crime (1986)

From Cork, The Chapter House were Ann Redmond (vocals), Paul Moore (drums) and Skully (keyboards). Anne Redmond was previously in Porcelyn Tears while Skully was in Real Mayonnaize. Skully later formed Metisse who recorded an as yet unlocated Fanning session. This session was recorded on April 14th 1986. Thank you to Nick and Joe for digging it out.

VOX Anthology 80-83

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Founded by Dave Clifford in 1980, Vox was a seminal early-eighties Dublin magazine featuring avant-garde art, post-punk music and youth subcultures. Hi Tone Books has just published an anthology featuring facsimiles of all fifteen issues published between 1980 and 1983. Vox 80-83 is a 416 page volume which also includes additional insights, reflections and academic analysis from Stan Erraught, John Byrne and Orla Fitzpatrick, Steve Averill, Michael Murphy, Paul Cleary, Cathal Coughlan, Eoin Freeney, Helen Fitgerald, Sean O’Hagan, Roger Doyle, Elvera Butler and Gareth Ryan. There are also interviews with Dave Clifford, Stano and Con O’Laoghaire. The 300 copies printed have all but sold out so if you’d like get your hands on a copy we recommend moving fast, we found our copy at the Gallery Of Photography. John Fleming has an extensive piece in today’s Irish Times; ‘Dark dispatches from Dublin’s post-punk scene‘ which features the following playlist.

Davy Dunne & The Boyband Three (2001 Session)

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davy dunne 2

Davy Dunne & The Boyband Three were Davy Dunne (vocals, guitar), Martin Quinn (guitar), James Quinn (keyboards), Derek Finnegan (bass) and Andrew Quinn (drums). They recorded this 2fm session for Dave Fanning on Sep 10th and 11th 2001. Davy also recorded a session with The McCluskey’s if anyone has a copy.

My Hurting Ways (2001)

Bitter Hole (2001)

Talkin Bout A Doobie (2001)

I’m Just Not Myself Today (2001)

Act Of Love

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Act Of Love were Mark Nixon (guitar & vocals), Dave McGinley (guitar), Ed Kelly (bass) and Dáithí Ó’Cléirigh (drums). This particular track was recorded with two others including ‘This Is Not A Love Song’. There was a further recording session in Ringsend for a single release of ‘Heartache In Blue’ with Chris O’Brien which we understand never saw the light of day. If you have any further details or indeed recordings or photographs of the band we’d love to hear from you. Dáithí Ó’Cléirigh was also a member of Bird with Shelley Bukspan. Dave McGinley also performed with In Tua Nua and Precious Stones.

Burn Your Bridges