Interference (2012 Session)

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As we posted yesterday Fergus O’Farrell passed away suddenly this week. We’ve been listening to Interference non stop since we heard the news and we thoughts readers might like to hear the following recording..

On September 10th 2012 on his RTE 2XM show Dan Hegarty broadcast a session from Interference who were in the Father Matthew studio in Cork.

Fergus O’Farrell brings Paul Tiernan along for this live special from the Cork studio. Interference are one of the most compelling groups to emerge from the Irish music scene in the 1990s, a fact recognised by their inclusion in the current TV series, Other Voices: Songs from a Room. The band’s sound crosses all rock/folk/traditional divides with their string driven hypnotic sound, making a concert a truly moving experience.

‘Don’t Go Down’ / ‘Thirteenth Floor’ / interview / ‘I’m Your Man’ / ‘American Townland’

Interference – Fr Matthew Session & Interview (2012)

Fergus O’Farrell R.I.P.

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Interference in 2007 – Fergus O’Farrell, Paul Tiernan, Marja Gaynor, Bertrand Galen (c) Jason Lee

We were shocked and deeply saddened to learn yesterday of the death o Fergus O’Farrell of highly regarded Interference. There have been many poignant tributes and some great pieces posted to the Interference Archive facebook page so we’ll keep it short and redirect you there. There is a lovely tribute on the Clongoes website where Fergus went to school (and formed Interference). Nadine O’Regan interviewed Fergus for the Sunday Business Post in 2011. There are also 3 very enjoyable pieces by John Foley on And finally Interference recorded this Fanning session in 1988.

Glen Hansard on the Tom Dunne show (3.2.2016)

The Black Velvet Band (1987 Session)

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The Black Velvet Band were Kieran Kennedy (guitar,vocals),  Maria Doyle Kennedy (vocals), Shay Fitzgerald (bass) and Dave Horner (drums). This Fanning session was recorded on 14th December 1987.

1.Old man stone 2.Keeps on spinning 3.Maybe the One 4.Back to home again (1987)

The Word (Session)

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From Dublin, The Word were Nick Russell (vocals), Ronan O’Hanlon (guitar), Liam Nugent (bass) and Dave Beckett (drums). They released 3 singles on Mother Records including ‘Kiss The Ground‘. Ronan O’Hanlon was previously a member of Les Enfants (Fanning session anyone?).

Love Strange Ways / Ghost Town / Never So Good / Glory Bound

The Beatless (1990 Session)

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At the time of this session The Beatless were Nigel Williams (bass, piano & vocals), Liam Ryan (rhythm guitar & vocals), Hamish Millar (lead guitar) and Dave King (drums). Nigel previously featured in The Classics. There were a number of TV appearances – The Late Late Show Christmas special and The Den with Zig & Zag. There was also a live session on Fanning as The Viking Kings in addition to a St Valentine’s special with Gerry Ryan and a charity phone in on the Fanning show where celebrity drummers performed Beatle songs on air. The band released one single ‘Groovy Summer’ / ‘The Partie’s Over’ (1991) with a lineup featuring Liam Coade (keyboards & vocals), Nigel Williams (guitar & vocals), Dave Ross (bass & vocals) and Dave King (drums & vocals). The cassette version had a a 3rd track, ‘Where Did You Get Such A Love From’.

Where Did You Get Such A Love From / Hide And Seek / Its Over / Old Man Upstairs (1990)

Moby Dick (Session)

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This Dublin 4 piece featured Denis Roche (vocals  & guitars), Fergus Byrne (lead guitar) later of Black Velvet Band, Sebastian Clayton (bass & vocals) and an as yet unconfirmed drummer.  Moby Dick also played as Maria McKee‘s backing band while she lived in Dublin along with producer/keyboards/pianist Bruce Brody.

Any further details, or a band photo would be gratefully appreciated.

Carry On

Laughing With The Angel

Red River

Slip Away

Future Kings Of Spain – Interviews & Sessions

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fkosGoing to post a few session tracks and interviews that have surfaced from much missed Future Kings Of Spain. This post for now is a work in progress as the interviews require some editing to remove officially released tracks but wanted to share what I have ready in the meantime. The first track is a session track for the Tom Dunne show on TodayFM from 2007 and is a cover of the J.J. Cale tune made famous by Eric Clapton..

Cocaine (2007)

You Dream In Solid Gold (2007)

Ian Dempsey Show (20/5/2004) [poor FM reception!]

Tom Dunne (?)

Tom Dunne (19/5/2004)


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