Stars of Heaven (In Concert 1986)

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An encounter at a show by The Drays resulted in us finally tracking down this long sought after recording by The Stars of Heaven. The tape did require some first aid but the results should not disappoint.

 1. calvary cross
 2. hey little child
 3. sacred heart hotel
 4. in the pines / el dorado
 5. clothes of pride
 6. all about you
 7. folksong
 8. talk about it now

In Concert (1986)

Holy Orders (1986 Demo)

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According to this band were from Macroom and featured Brendan Cotter (guitar), Martin Tangney (guitar), Frank Kelly (synth), Brendan Quinlan (bass/vocals) and Martin Lynch (drums). If someone could confirm please, that would be great. A reader pointed us at another track ‘The Death and the Glory‘ (1984).

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Sanctuary (1986)

One Deaf Ear (1986 Session)

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From Belfast, One Deaf Ear were Michael Madden (vocals, guitar), Brian O’Cuinn (bass, synths), Sean Quinn (synths, vocals, sampler) and Gerard Campbell (drums). They recorded this session for Dave Fanning’s RTE2 radio show on Feb 17th 1986.

Been So Long (1986)

Giving up the Ghost (1986)

Ancient (1986)

The Far Canals (demo)

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far canals

The Far Canals were from Galway and featured Frank X. Hibbet (vocals/guitar), Vlad (bass) and God the Father (drums). They were managed by Olaf Tyaransen and released two albums and one EP on Hunter S. Records. They also recorded a Fanning session which we will endeavour to track down. See also ‘Way Out West Past Rossaveal’ on YouTube.

We Move


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The normally reliable has little on this band apart from the fact that they were from Dublin and had one track, ‘Disaster’ on the ‘Comet LP Two‘ sampler which was recorded at Owl Studios Bray, engineered by Ciaran Keating, assisted by Therese Murphy. If anyone remembers more then please leave a comment below.

Unknown Title

Good Night and Good Riddance: 35 Years Of John Peel

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good night & good riddance

David Cavanagh talks to Dave Fanning about his book ‘Good Night and Good Riddance‘ on legendary BBC DJ John Peel. It’s an interesting interview for a number of reasons one of which is that David himself listened to Dave Fanning’s radio show while growing up in Belfast. And also because Dave could be considered our John Peel and has possibly suffered the same fate at the hands of RTE that Peel did at the BBC. The book wouldn’t exist without the excellent John Peel Wiki which has been archiving and cataloging all Peel radio shows for too long too mention.

David Cavanagh (2015)

Slam Dancers (1987 Session)

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Even by our standards today’s post lacks information. Slam Dancers recorded a Fanning session on the 6th April 1987. They were 4 tracks of which we have 3 so far. The odd one out is ‘Love Me Blue’. If anyone remembers the band please get in touch.

Innocence (1987)

Waking Up (1987)

Leave Me (1987)


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