Trenchtown (1990 Session)

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Trenchtown donaghys mill 22.jpg

From Drogheda, Trenchtown were David Leslie (vocals, guitar), Robbie Caffrey (bass, vocals), Barry Leahy (guitar, vocals), Thierry Millet (saxaphone) and Dave O’Neill (drums). They recorded this session on June 11th 1990, the day Ireland played England in the World Cup which explains why the session was recorded in 2 takes. Ian Wilson produced and during the mixing received a call from a band called The Saw Doctors looking for a session. We also have a compilation of Cork Rocks 1990 featuring two live tracks from the band. Dave’s intros are confusing because he gets 2 of the track titles wrong. Thanks to Robbie for digging out the recording, photos and bio and Dave for the date correction.

Moving Target (1990)

Hitman (1990)

Money (1990)

New York Dancing Trees (1990)

The Hooks (2002 Session)

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From Sligo, The Hooks were Keith Mulligan (guitar/vocals), Ronan Mulligan (guitar/vocals), Colin Delaney (drums), Willie Gregory (bass). The band is now San Francisco based with Chet Hamby (bass) replacing Willie Gregory but still going strong.

Natasha Twist (2002)

Eva Dallas (1998 Session)

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From Dublin and featuring ex members of The Cherry Brogues, Puppy Love Bomb, Candy Apple Red, Eva Dallas were  Joe Rodgers (drums), Alan Cullivan (bass),  Liam Beesley  (guitar) and Adam Smith (vocals & guitar).If anyone has the third session track or a bigger photo of the band please get in touch. Joe Rodgers is currently active with The Rockets.

Site Update:

Whilst on the subject of getting in touch, a quick note.. this site is a solo operation but would have become dormant a long time ago were it not for the generous contributions of many readers who have offered words of encouragement, dug out cassettes, VHS tapes, MP3s, old copies of Hot Press etc. If you have been in touch and I have not responded or have not yet posted something you were kind enough to submit please do remind me as things sometimes get hectic round here with matters non musical and advancing years.

Fortunate Resigned (1998)

Avec Le Vent (1998)

Midwich Cuckoos (1987 Session)

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From Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, the Midwich Cuckoos were Marty McElroy (bass and vocals), Frank McGirr & David Meade. Marty was previously in a 2 piece called Verbal Shark Stampede with Alec McGinley (guitar) and a drum machine. They recorded this session for Dave Fanning in 1987. Thank you Daithi for the band details and Irene for the correction.

Smell Of Petrol (1987)

Image Impression (1987)

Sold Religion (1987)

Birthday Cracker (1987)

Henry McCullough R.I.P.

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.henry bp

20 years after they performed together in Sweeney’s Men, Johnny Moynihan (vocals, bouzouki, fiddle, tin whistle) , Terry Woods (vocals, banjo, guitar) and Henry McCullough (guitar) reconvened in the RTE Studios for a very special edition of the BP Fallon Orchestra.

Henry McCullough on the BPFO

The Cherry Brogues (1992 Session)

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cherry brogues 3

A recent piece on the Cloudberry Records site reminded us of The Cherry Brogues and our failed attempt to track down their Fanning Session. We did some more digging and are delighted to present 3 further tracks from that 1992 session. The 5th and final track, a cover of The Blades ‘Hot For You’ has yet to be located.Keep an eye on the Cloudberry site, we hear an interview may be in the works..

Just Like Saturday (1992)

Not Unlike Michigan (1992)

Numbers In Your Heart (1992)

Options 123 (1992)

The Joys (1990 Demo)

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Featuring former members of Gavin Is God and 1948ish, The Joys were Deirdre O’Neill (vocals), Graham Darcy (bass), Anthony Darcy (drums), Pat Murphy (guitar) and Aidan Lane (guitar). After some lineup changes The Joys went on to become Junkster.

Cheshire Cat (1990)

Crush (1990)

Snakehouse (1990)

Vicious (1990)


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