Bass Odyssey (1999 Session)

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From Cork, Bass Odyssey were Alan O’Keeffe, Chris O’Driscoll (MC Strict) and Graham Finn. Finn was previously a member of Emperor of Ice Cream. The session was broadcast by Dave Fanning on February 15th 1999. Thanks to Dan Hegarty for airing this track ‘Poncherello’ on a recent Tuesday as part of his weekly trip into the Studio8 session archives. For more on the band’s story read the excellent ‘B-Side the Leeside: Bass Odyssey’s ’90s drum ‘n’ bass classics‘ as part of an Irish Examiner feature series. The second session track was ‘Twilight’. Thanks to Irish Music Central for the session details.

Poncherello (1999)

The Sussed (1981 Session)

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From Churchtown in Dublin, The Sussed were formed by Rory Stokes (vocals), Paul Mooney (guitar), Declan Jones (bass) and John McGrath (drums). Declan would later leave to concentrate on Blue In Heaven duties. He was replaced on bass guitar by John Downey followed eventually by permanent bass player Liam Fox. Both Declan and John played these shows masked with balaclava and sunglasses due to contractual issues with their respective record companies. Formed in 1978 when Rory was just 13, the band supported U2, The Blades and Auto Da Fe in their early days. The Sussed in turn gave Paranoid Visions their first support slot. They released one single ‘Don’t Swim On The East Coast’ in 1981 which got to number 3 in the Irish charts, thanks to the support of Dave Fanning and Larry Gogan but mainly down to the Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament (CND) who adopted the song for their Windscale/Sellafield awareness campaign . They also recorded this 6 track session for Dave Fanning in late 1981, the missing song is ‘Good Morning School’. For more background check out the excellent 2017 interview with Rory and John by Michael Murphy of the Hope Collective. The Sussed recorded a second session for Dave Fanning in 1983 and shortly afterwards Paul Mooney left to join Cuba Dares.

Drowning In Bed (1981)

I’ve Got Rabies (1981)

Paranoia (1981)

It’s The Control (1981)

On The One Road (1981)

Dark Room Notes (2009 Jenny Huston Session)

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A couple of weeks ago we stumbled across a session track from Dark Room Notes for Alison Curtis of TodayFM. Now a kind reader has sent in another track this time a cover of ‘Heartbeat City’ recorded in session for Jenny Huston of 2fm in March 2009. Dark Room Notes were Ronan Gaughan, Ruairi Ferrie, Arran Murphy and Darragh Shanahan (drums).

Heartbeat City (2009)

Gavin Is God

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From Malahide in Dublin, Gavin Is God were Deirdre O’Neill (vocals), Rory Carlisle (guitar), Neil Higgins (keyboards/vocals), Graham Darcy (bass) and Anthony D’Arcy (drums). Deirdre, Graham and Anthony later became The Joys.

I Wish You Were Famous

Saville (2000 Session)

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From Dublin, Saville were Ken O’Duffy (vocals / guitar), Tosh Flood (electric guitar / moog / piano / backing vocals), Vin Duffy (bass guitar / backing vocals) and Joe Fitzgerald (drums). They recorded their first session for Dave Fanning in 1995 and this second session in June 2000. Engineer on the session was Philip Cooke and mixing was by Paddy McBreen. Photo by Joe Fitzgerald. The missing fourth track is ‘I’ve Lost Touch With The World’. Ken has just released a new single ‘Calypso‘ on Bandcamp.

Friday Night Song (2000)

There’s No Getting Over You (2000)

Somnambular Ballad (2000)

Nova Guestlist Interview

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A big thank you to Kieran McGuinness of Delorentos for the recent interview and very generous words on his Nova Guestlist show. Catch Kieran every Sunday from 6-9pm on Radio Nova or check out his latest project Driven Snow with Emily of Republic Of Loose who have a debut album on the way very soon.

BBC Radio Ulster John Peel documentary

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Colin Murray narrates a new BBC Radio Ulster documentary highlighting some of the Northern Irish musicians whose careers were aided by the support of BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel. ‘Alternative Ulster – John Peel’s Favourite Music Scene?‘ features interviews with members of Stiff Little Fingers, The Undertones, Therapy?, Ash, Tunic, Boys of The Lough and Joyrider as they start their John Peel journey as listeners, then hearing their records played on his show and once on his radar, securing that all important Peel session. Episode 1 of the two part series is available on the BBC Sounds website. We have a recording of Episode 2 so drop a line if you can’t track it down. We’d love a documentary featuring artists from the other half of the island and of course why not something on the Fanning sessions..

John Peel

Saville (1995 Session)

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From Dublin, Saville were Ken O’Duffy (vocals / guitar), Tosh Flood (electric guitar / moog / piano / backing vocals), Vin Duffy (bass guitar / backing vocals) and Joe Fitzgerald (drums). The band was originally called Nijinsky. Ken was previously a member of The Experiment and The Believers and is currently a solo artist and has just released a new single’Calypso’. Tosh is a member of The Divine Comedy. Joe Fitzgerald manages among others The Pale and Sack. Engineer on this April 1995 Fanning session was Anto Timini. Saville released three albums; ‘Is Anybody Happier Today?’ (2000), ‘Somnambular Ballads’ (2003) and Nostalgia (2000). The two latter albums were released on Reekus records. The photo is by Tom Lynch.

Dull Empty Nothings (1995)

Love Is A Heracletian Fire (1995)

Piece Of Glass (1995)

Two Junes (1995)

Dark Room Notes (2007 ‘Last Splash’ Session)

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Dark Room Notes hailed originally from Galway and featured Ronan Gaughan, Ruairi Ferrie and Ruairi Cavanagh (drums). They were joined by Arran Murphy from Wicklow and Darragh Shanahan (drums) from Dublin. This session for Alison Curtis ‘Last Splash’ show on TodayFM was recorded in 2007. They released two albums ‘We Love You Dark Matter’ in 2009 and ‘Dark Room Notes’ in 2012. The band is no more but there is a nice Austrian fansite here. The photo is courtesy Sean McCormack.

Lovesong (2007)

Féile na mBan – celebrating Irish women (2023)

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In recognition of the first Irish national holiday in honour of a woman, Brigid, we thought it fitting that we mark the occasion. The following is a compilation featuring some of the female voices featured on this site. To the best of our knowledge all these songs are sessions recorded for Dave Fanning or demos played on his show. The In Tua Nua track is a live recording performed in the studio. If we have made any oversights, our apologies in advance, please do let us know. Thank you to Kieran McGuinness for a recent callout for iconic Irish female voices on twitter and to Mike McGrath-Bryan who asked a similar question a number of years earlier. All these posts and many more can be found using the #iwd (International Women’s Day) tag. The artwork is from Féile na mBan a new festival this weekend in Bundoran of women-led artistry, discussion and celebration.

geiro – bewithered
the swinging swine – poisoned by love
the wild herrings – buy me a drink
the skips – forever free
the screech owls – hey toreador
the joys – cheshire cat
the chapter house – possessed
the 3355409s – barbarous
scheer – wish you were dead
porcelyn tears – heaven knows
kaydee – seven days
in tua nua – jealous knife
giant – promised land
the would bes – so this is not the end of the world

Postscript: Of course there were glaring admissions, no sooner had we put the feet up than the names started coming to us.. Cuba Dares, Mary Stokes Band, Auto Da Fe, Forget Me Nots, Rare, Malfunctions , Gavin is God, Junkster, Glee Club.. To be continued as they say.. feel free to help out.

Cork Rock (1993)

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cork rock 1993

This post started out in 2013 but got lost because no artwork was found. Currently on a mission to post every day straight for a week it has been resuscitated unlike your truly. Thanks to the kind taper who sent these in, apologies for the delay. Expect live recordings from Puppy Love Bomb, Treehouse, Pet Lamb and LMNO Pelican. The photo comes courtesy Emperor of Ice Cream who must also have been on the bill. If anyone has more details and or recordings please get in touch.

Puppy Love Bomb – Almost A Star (1993)

Treehouse – Hide (1993)

Puppy Love Bomb – I’m Not Listening (1993)

Pet Lamb – Insult To Injury (1993)

LMNO Pelican – Call Yossarian (1993)

No Name Band (1985 demo)

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no name band

From Navan, No Name Band were Francis Geraghty (guitar), Mark McGoona (guitar), Damien McGoona (bass), Derek McGoona (saxophone) and Tony Smyth (drums). This particular track was played by Dave Fanning on his radio show and also performed by the band on the RTE TV show ‘Jobsuss’, the band released one single ‘Sweet Sensation‘ in 1985. For more information please read the entry (anyone heard from Eamonn recently?) and leave a comment if you have any memories or corrections.

Sweet Sensation (1985)

She’s My Girl (1985)

Rulers Of The Planet (2003 Session)

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rulers of the planet

From Cork, Rulers Of The Planet were originally Barry McAuliffe (vocals), Mick Hayes (guitar) and Niall Lynch (drums), the latter both previously of The Shanks. The trio were soon joined by Ian O Connell (guitar) and Kieran O’Neill (drums). They released two albums and called it a day after 10 years in 2013. Nice Evening Echo article here.

Phone No (2003)

Eduardo (2003)

@last TV – The Lost Albums (1998)

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@last TV the lost albums

@last TV was an ‘eclectic magazine show’ which ran Mondays at 9.30pm on Network 2 (now RTE2) for, as far as we can tell, 3 years from 1997 to 1999. In 1998 they profiled 5 Irish albums close to our hearts; ‘Raytown Revisited’, ‘The Clock Comes Down The Stairs’, ‘Sacred Heart Hotel’, ‘I Am The Greatest’ and ‘Loveless’..

A series of five short documentaries about great Irish albums that never received the success they deserved. The bands in question are: The Blades, Microdisney, The Stars of Heaven, A House and My Bloody Valentine and each item features compelling interviews with some of the musicians involved accompanied by the brilliant music they created.

Shush! ‘Punks Listen’ takeover

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punks listen at ucc libraryStephen Travers, Emily Dollery, Siobhan Bardsley, Eileen Hogan and Rob McKahey in conversation with Michael Murphy at the Cork launch of ‘Punks Listen’ in UCC library. Photo by Niall McGuirk of Hope Collective.

On December 5th UCC library hosted the Cork launch of the latest book by the Hope Collective ‘Punks Listen‘, 200 musicians and friends writing about what music means to them. The launch featured Elvera Butler (Promoter, Reekus Records owner, UCC Downtown Kampus), John Perry (The Only Ones), Stephen Travers (Miami Showband), Emily Dollery (UCC, Set Guitars to Kill), Dr. Emily Gale (UCC Popular Music Studies), Dr. Eileen Hogan (UCC School of Applied Social Studies), Rob McKahey (Stump!), Colm O’Callaghan (The Blackpool Sentinel, RTÉ), Ciarán Ó Tuama (Cypress Mine!, photographer) and Siobhán Bardsley (Cork Zine Archive), all hosted by Michael Murphy and Niall McGuirk (Hope Collective). To tie in with the occasion, Shush!, the UCC Library radio show hosted by Martin O’Connor invited Michael to select an hour of music and talk about his life in music. The book is for a good cause (Red Cross Ukraine Refugee appeal) and apparently there are launches planned for Limerick, Paris, London, New York, Belfast and Derry.


The Kid Sisters (Demo)

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kid sisters

The Kid Sisters were Debbie Schow (vocals, guitar), Dik Evans (guitar), Alan Taffe (bass) and Johnny Bonnie (drums). The band was active from 1986 to 1989 when they changed their name to Screech Owls and moved to London. Debbie and Dik were the two constants in an ever evolving lineup which featured at various times members of The Slowest Clock, The Real Wild West, The Gorehounds and Those Handsome Devils. Debbie has since returned to Joshua Tree in the US something which is evident from her photography. She occasionally posts about her life in music, somethingwe always enjoy, maybe she’ll write for us or even better feature in our favourite podcast. In addition to the Kid Sisters demo recording we have included a live Screech Owls review from Hot Press.

Sniper On The Freeway (Demo)


Screech Owls (The Attic, Dublin)

While everyone else in Dublin was taking a crash course in petrol bomb manufacturing or else double-bolting their houses against those who had, The Screech Owls spent Hallowe’en creating their own verbal pyrotechnics courtesy of the “spoken word” musings of charismatic lead Owlette Debbie Skhow who was the star of a show that was never really allowed to ignite the way it should have.

For two reasons; firstly, a PA which should have been arrested at the end of the night and charged with conspiracy to obstruct the course of a good gig; and secondly, an attendance which would make Valentia Island look like Bangladesh.

But those who did darken the door had a treat (as opposed to a trick) in store for them in the shape of The Revenants, whose low key support slot left me with a grin on my face that some might describe as ‘shit-eating’. Debbie led the chorus of approval and, later on, was in the enviable position of being able to summon Stephen Ryan to the stage to tune her guitar for her.

But it would be unfair to dwell on the technical difficulties that surrounded the Screech Owls tonight at the expense of the songs themselves, which show Skhow to be one of the most interesting and intriguing songwriters around. Songs like the opener ‘Ghost’ or ’29 Palmtrees’ are charged with the same narrative bent of, say, Laurie Anderson, but without the avant garde pretensions, without the conscious aspiration that what she’s doing is ‘art’.

The excellent single, ‘Desert’, closed the show, a purple-hearted gem which sees Debbie using the landscape of her native California as a metaphor for her father’s misguided attempts to turn the clock back on his life.

It’s when you hear songs like these you wonder just why everyone stayed away.

Nick Kelly

Five Go Down To The Sea? (1983 Session)

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Five Go Down To The Sea

The recently posted 1990 Ian Wilson interview brought to our attention that we had not yet featured Five Go Down To The Sea? The Cork band formed out of the ashes of Nun Attax in 1982 by Finbarr Donnelly (vocals), Ricky Dineen (guitar) and Keith “Smelly” O’Connell (drums) were soon joined by Mick Stack (guitar) and Úna Ní Chanainn (cello). In 1983 they recorded a session for Dave Fanning as a 4 piece without cello. Three of these tracks featured on the 2020 AllCity retrospective ‘Hiding From The Landlord‘ and we have a cover of the Lee Hazelwood song ‘These Boots Were Made For Walking’ to share today. The remaining track was ‘Big Brown Ceann’. The band photo is by Ciarán Ó Tuama. Ricky Dineen is currently active with Liam Heffernan (Mean Features) as Big Boy Foolish who feature incidentally on the bonus CD with the recent reissue of Kaught at the Kampus.

These Boots Were Made For Walking (1983)

Lorry Across The Lee (1983)

Blue Moon (1983)

While My Cigar Meryl Streeps (1983)

‘Session Man’ Ian Wilson interview (Hot Press, 14th June 1990)

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The following is a Paul Byrne Hot Press interview with Ian Wilson of RTE to celebrate 10 years of the Fanning Sessions, it appeared in print on June 14th 1990.

Ten years on and the importance of The Dave Fanning Session hasn’t diminished in the least. From U2 to Scale The Heights, The Virgin Prunes to Whipping Boy and The Blades to Power Of Dreams the recordings have provided invaluable experience for two generations of Irish bands. Paul Byrne meets the man who started the ball rolling a decade ago, Ian Wilson

“You could tell Five Go Down To The Sea? were no time-wasters the minute they walked into the studio.” Ian Wilson remembers “They just set up their gear, did some songs, stopped for tea, and then came back and packed up.

“Whereas most bands were with you ’til 10pm these lads were walking out the door at 7pm. And with most bands you’re lucky to get two tracks done; with these we had five done in record time, including a particularly manic version of ‘These Boots Were Made For Walking’ and such potential classics as ‘Lorry Across The Lee’ and ‘While My Guitar Meryl Streeps’.

“I assumed they were leaving early to get back to Cork because they had to sign on the dole the nexxt morning. But they had other plans. They headed straight to Herbert Park armed with 20 bottles of cider they’d gotten with the money they’d earned from the sessions, and got completely blotto drunk.”

“They woke up the next morning in the park, got into their car and drove home to Cork. Crazy people, completely crazy”! They never even bothered to get a copy of the session!”

Ian Wilson sits back in his wobbly chair amidst the hustle and noise of RTE’s Radio House and laughs.

“As it turns out it’s probably one of the best sessions we’ve ever done”

Over the last 10 years Ian Wilson, as producer and guru of Dave Fanning’s seminal radio, has given a lot of much needed exposure to a host of Ireland’s until then radio-unfriendly bands through the medium of the Rock Show sessions. Highly respected today, the sessions however had a humble though destined to be historic start in life.

“When I first arrived here in ’79 I was amazed to find a fully equipped studio just lying idle,” Wilson recalls. “It had literally been unused since in was first installed in ’73. And so I decided to get a band in to see if it actually worked.

“I phoned Paul McGuinness and told him to send the four lads in to do a couple of numbers. Everything went great; naturally we were only learning how to use the equipment but it was a good beginning!

“After that the sessions began happening on a haphazard basis for a couple of years. It’s only been in the last few years that RTE have fully realised their real worth. They’ve realised that this is in an area of vast development, and that if they want to keep up with the competition they’ll have to back this thing up. But probably the most important factor that sparked off the change of heart was the simple fact that they could make money with the sessions. Over the last year alone we’ve taken in about £1,200 in leasing out demos to bands. That kinda altered RTE’s point of view!”

Back at the beginning, as the initial onslaught of young bands descended upon RTE studios, the prevalent calm and tranquility of the Radio House was shaken ever so slightly.

“We were just at the tail end of the Punk thing, and it was a time of cross dressing and wearing whatever you wanted.” Wilson points out. “So when someone like The Virgin Prunes strolled in there was quite a few eyes widened. The problem here is that it’s a very closed-in existence that a lot of these people lead. Most of them wouldn’t have any experience of music besides some ‘come-all-ye’ back home. So when you walked into the RTE canteen when one of the bands were in it didn’t take you long to work out who were in the band and who worked in RTE.”

With the sudden intrusion of life upsetting the flow of things around the Radio House, was there ever any ‘friendly words of advice’ from any of RTE’s executives upstairs?

“There were a few people who though that the whole thing was just a waste of time and resources. You had people who used to work in the showband days who’d be baffled that it took us a whole day to record two or three songs with a band. In their day you took a band into the studio, played the song once , and then headed home in time for the Angelus. But that attitude has changed a lot. They’ve come to realise just what’s invoved with recording these days. That’s not to say they approve of it; it’s just that they’ve come to tolerate it now.”

In the early days what were you looking out for when you were sent a demo?

“The thing about the early demos was that you often couldn’t tell how good or bad a band were from their demo. Because in those dats there wasn’t that many studios, so lots of the stuff we got was recorded in someone’s bedroom or out in the garden. You took a great risk sometimes.

“But you soon learned what to look for. The bottom line has always been to find bands with good ideas anyway, so really the quality didn’t really come into unless the recording was really bad.

” Today the problem has gone the other way. It’s all production now. Everything is polished and perfected, if that’s the proper word. So much it’s hard to know if the band can actually do anything worthwhile. Bands should never forget that it’s the ideas that matter, not the production!”

It was “sometime in the mid-80’s” when RTE decided, without rhyme or reason to abolish the Fanning Sessions. It was a move that was to have far reaching repercussions, with every budding rock star and starlet up and down the country lending their voice to the hail of disapproval. As a result it soon became obvious to RTE that the Fanning Sessions weren’t about to roll over and play dead.

“The outcry was fairly large when that happened alright,” Wilson acknowledges. “It was definitely noticed! I never know at the time why they went, and I still don’t. The communications in here are sometimes very bizarre. In this communications business the last thing they tend to do is tell you what’s going on!”

But luckily, help was at hand; the mighty hand of the Arts Council to be precise.

“I know for a fact that the Arts Council wrote to the Director-General here, which is a little-known fact, The Arts Council writing is quite… (widens his eyes and drops his jaw!) – it really raised people’s eyebrows. A letter from the Arts Council saying that this was a very valuable part of Ireland’s artistic scene sort of thing; that, more than anything, must have put the slides on it.

“It came back pretty soon after that. It was only a short gap anyway. The proverbial shit hit the fan, so it won’t happen again. I’m pretty sure of that. Looking back it was a kind of blessing in disguise, because when this hiccup occurred it suddenly dawned on a lot of people just how important the sessions were!”

The need for an outlet such as the Fanning Sessions has never been more necessary than it is today, with more and more bands cropping up all around the country. “It’s great at the moment,” enthuses Wilson. “Donegal, Cork, Limerick, all across the midlands – there’s great bands coming from all over the country. It’s no longer just a Dublin thing!”.

It was Fanning who once said that ‘unemployment brings out the guitar in everyone!’. Would the producer agree?

“Well, I don’t know if it’s really unemployment, but it’s certainly a working class occupation. I remember filling in for Dave once on some teacher’s discussion about ‘the kids’. I told the people there that they must understand that music for a lot of young people is a way out; if you’re a youngster living in Tallaght or wherever you don’t have many choices. You can get drunk on cider every weekend, or you can start a band. To a lot of these kids it’s like boxing; a way to break out of their surroundings. I said that unless they understood that they were going to have a lot of trouble understanding the kids.’ And they flipped out: ‘Oh, no, no, no, no, that’s not our experience with kids. Oh, no, no, no, no!’

“One guy started insisting that The Beatles were upper class; they weren’t, The Beatles were working class – all the great band were. You had the odd exception like Genesis, who all came from private school, but all the really important bands were predominantly working class. And long may it stay that way. Otherwise they’ll all be as boring as Genesis are!”

Genesis are not the only form of music that riles Wilson. Recent non-developments in the Irish folk scene manages to bring his blood to tropical heat as well!

“I’m amazed that folk music in this country is so stagnated. There has been no significant changes at all in the last 15 years. There’s really been no changes in Irish folk music in about 1,000 years. It’s still red-faced men in Aran sweaters belting out appalling ballads.

“You’ve got great developments going on all over the world; different cultures criss-crossing with each other to spark off some great music. Sure look at The Pogues; taking your basic Irish folk and traditional and blending it with the rawer elements of Punk and what-have-ya; that’s what should be going on over here. No-one’s doing anything exciting over here with folk music. There’s been a gap left since the likes of Planxty split up.

“What we need now is some band to come along and break up their fiddle and bodhrans on the stage. And maybe they could burn their Aran sweaters while they’re at it!”

Is there anything in today’s Irish music scene that manages to excite him?

“Oh, yeah! There’s quite a lot of garagey bands at the moment that are really good, There’s bands like The Whipping Boy, The Slowest Clock, The Golden Horde, Power Of Dreams. Power Of Dreams are a band that we’ve given a lot of support to, their simply a great band, and now they’ve got themselves a record contract. Which is great!

“That’s the good thing about Ireland at the moment. There’s a very healthy structure now for bands to grow from. There’s a lot of money coming into Ireland’s music industry right now, and that’s reflecting back in the form of better facilities for young bands. There’s plenty of room for development now for bands starting out.”

This year Wilson hopes to see some of the Fanning Sessions released on vinyl, probably as mini-LPs, a move sparked off by the success of “The Peel Sessions“, released in Britain by Strange Fruit Records, though Wilson concedes that the Rock Show wouldn’t have anything like it’s extensive or interest-worthy a back catalogue to plunder.

“I do have a number of sessions that are well worth releasing though,” he adds. “Stuff like The Prunes, A House, Stars Of Heaven, Golden Horde, Blue In Heaven, The Blades… they’re all pretty good sessions. And I reckon, as 6 or 8 track ,mini-lps, they would have a bit of cred and they’d sell in reasonable quantities too. I’m hoping I may have enough bits and pieces for a hardcore compilation as well.”

The commercial potential doesn’t end there either; many bands are now buying their demos to use as promos, or to release to the public.

“This, and the release of the mini-LPs, have obviously appealed to a lot of people in here; where there’s money there’s a way!”, Wilson comments with a smile. “It’s only a recent development that the session have begun to show sign of paying for themselves, which is basically what we hope it will achieve. The more money we can earn from releasing, and leasing, the sessions the more we can put back into them!”

What about the copyright control on the recordings?

“Basically RTE have copyright on the recordings for ever and ever. The artist owns the songs and suchlike, RTE just own the performance. The bottom line for bands is the experience of recording, and the airplay.”

And airplay for the sessions can come up in the strangest of places!

“No-one seems to know this but all the background music used in ‘Fair City’ is taken from our sessions,” he reveals. “So you have people ironing their underwear, or having tea and an argument whilst An Emotional Fish or A House are playing in the background.

“It’s a fairly weird means of exposure from the bands’ point of view!”

Should look good on the posters: As featured in RTE’s ‘Fair City’!” Or maybe not.

Fanning’s Fab 50 (1983)

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Thanks once again to the impeccable record keeping of Pat Lydon we now have the 1983 Fanning’s Fab 50 rundown. There are quite a few new entries although not all of these were released in 1983. U2 as usual are very well represented but Johnny Duhan with ‘El Salvador’ at 25 is a very strong showing. I had a quick look but was unable to find a recording of the song which was released as a single in 1983. For Spotify users there is a playlist (missing the Johnny Duhan track unfortunately)

1. u2 – 11 o clock tick tock
2. joy division – love will tear us apart
3. new order – blue monday
4. u2 – sunday bloody sunday
5. the undertones – teenage kicks
6. simple minds – new gold dream
7. u2 – new years day
8. joy division – decades
9. led zeppelin – stairway to heaven
10. stiff little fingers – alternative ulster
11. the doors – riders on the storm
12. simple minds – the american
13. u2 – a celebration
14. new order – ceremony
15. joy division – new dawn fades
16. simple minds – someone somewhere (in summertime)
17. the undertones – my perfect cousin
18. u2 – a day without me
19. joy division – atmosphere
20. the jam – down at the tube station at midnight
21. big country – the storm
22. thin lizzy – still in love with you
23. p.i.l. – this is not a lovesong
24. the jam – going underground
25. johnny duhan – el salvador
26. the doors – light my fire
27. the undertones – julie ocean
28. u2 – drowning man
29. u2 – like a song
30. new order – temptation
31. u2 – out of control
32. new order – your silent face
33. joy division – transmission
34. joy division – the eternal
35. david bowie – ashes to ashes
36. david bowie – rock n roll suicide
37. david bowie – moonage daydream
38. the clash – london calling
39. the rolling stones – satisfaction
40. the cure – faith
41. the beatles – i am the walrus
42. the blades – downmarket
43. sex pistols – anarchy in the uk
44. the kinks – you really got me
45. rory gallagher – shadowplay
46. virgin prunes – baby turns blue
47. the boomtown rats – rat trap
48. talking heads – this must be the place
49. siouxsie and the banshees – christine
50. genesis – mama

Fanning’s Fab 50 (1982)

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fanning the flames of rte

Pat Lydon has kindly been in touch with the 1982 Fanning’s Fab 50 listing. He is currently in the attic looking for the 1981 rundown so I hope Ian Wilson has his fingers crossed. Notable entries this year were ‘Sad Day’ by Blancmange at 47, ‘The Message’ by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five at 16 and ‘The Sweetest Girl’ by Scritti Politti at 10. The Virgin Prunes feature twice, ‘Apologia’ at 21 is from their Fanning session.

1. u2 – 11 o clock tick tock
2. led zeppelin – stairway to heaven
3. stiff little fingers – alternative ulster
4. u2 – a celebration
5. u2 – a day without me
6. joy division – love will tear us apart
7. david bowie – ziggy stardust
8. u2 – out of control
9. new order – temptation
10. scritti politti – the sweeetest girl
11. joy division – new dawn fades
12. virgin prunes – pagan lovesong
13. thin lizzy – still in love with you
14. the undertones – teenage kicks
15. new order – ceremony
16. grand master flash and the furious five – the message
17. elvis costello – new amsterdam
18. joy division – atmosphere
19. ac/dc – back in black
20. the doors – light my fire
21. virgin prunes – apologia (fanning session)
22. black sabbath – paranoid
23. the damned – new rose
24. the cure – a forest
25. outcasts – magnum force
26. uk subs – warhead
27. lynrd skynrd – freebird
28. dave bowie – quicksand
29. sex pistols – pretty vacant
30. siouxsie and the banshees – christine
31. joy division – decades
32. u2 – tomorrow
33. the jam – going underground
34. john lennon – working class hero
35. ac/dc – touch too much
36. sex pistols – no fun
37. stiff little fingers – suspect device
38. pil – flowers of romance
39. siouxsie and the banshees – hong kong garden
40. the jam – down at the tube station at midnight
41. saxon – denim & leather
42. the doors – the end
43. the blades – downmarket
44. killing joke – requiem
45. rory gallagher – shadowplay
46. talking heads – once in a lifetime
47. blancmange – sad day
48. david bowie – rock n roll suicide
49. the clash – rock the casbah
50. elvis costello – shabby doll

Fanning’s Fab 50 (1980)

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Ian Wilson has kindly been in touch with the 1980 Fanning’s Fab 50 listing. Ian and Dave are currently working on a new series for RTE Gold, Fanning’s Fabbest 50 looking back at some of the pivotal years of the poll. If you happen to have a copy of the 1981 rundown they would dearly love to hear from you. The 1980 rundown can be listened to on Spotify (in reverse chronological order of course). There is one track missing, DC Nien ‘Nightclub’ is not on Spotify so you’ll have to check that out on YouTube.

1. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Freebird
2. Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven
3. U2 – Out Of Control
4. Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster
5. Undertones – Teenage Kicks
6. Sex Pistols – Anarchy In The Uk
7. John Lennon – Imagine
8. The Cure – A Forest
9. U2 – 11 O’clock Tick Tock
10. Joy Division – She’s Lost Control
11. Thin Lizzy – Still In Love With You
12. Sex Pistols – Holidays In The Sun
13. Dire Straits – Sultans Of Swing
14. Teardrop Explodes – Treason
15. Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
16. U2 – Another Time, Another Place
17. David Bowie – Heroes
18. Bruce Springsteen – Jungleland
19. U2 – Stories For Boys
20. Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall
21. The Jam – Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
22. Black Sabbath – Heaven And Hell
23. Joy Division – Decades
24. Stiff Little Fingers – Suspect Device
25. U2 – A Day Without Me
26. Boomtown Rats – Rat Trap
27. XTC – Making Plans For Nigel
28. AC/DC – Hell’s Bells
29. DC Nien – Nightclub
30. U2 – Twilight
31. Radiators From Space – Song Of The Faithful Departed
32. The Dead Kennedys – Holidays In Cambodia
33. Public Image Ltd – Public Image
34. The Skids – Into The Valley
35. Ry Cooder – Little Sister
36. Patti Smith – Because The Night
37. Ruefrex – One By One
38. David Bowie – Station To Station
39. Rory Gallagher – Philby
40. Talking Heads – Psycho Killer
41. Deep Purple – Highway Star
42. The Clash – Woring For The Clampdown
43. Neil Young – Like A Hurricane
44. John Lennon – Stand By Me
45. Bob Dylan – Hurricane
46. Black Sabbath – Paranoid
47. Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond
48. Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run
49. Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze
50. Thin Lizzy – Whiskey In The Jar

Fanning’s Fabbest 50 coming soon to RTÉ Gold

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fannings fabbest 50

Fanning’s Fab 50, counting down listeners’ 50 best rock, indie and alt hits over Christmas week, ran for 35 years on 2FM. Now presenter Dave Fanning and producer Ian Wilson have reunited to make a new lookback series, Fanning’s Fabbest 50, for RTÉ Gold.

Details continue to emerge of a new Fab 50 radio documentary series and podcast to be broadcast on RTÉ Gold from March 2023. Dave Fanning and Ian Wilson dropped in to the RTÉ Radio 1 Brendan O’Connor Show for an enjoyable amble down memory lane with Dearbhail McDonald last Sunday. Despite what texter Willie might have said it appears the 1981 Fab 50 continues to elude so if you have it in a notebook or even better have it recorded on cassette tape please get in touch. Tomorrow we’ll bring you the very first poll, the 1980 Fanning’s Fab 50.

Dave Fanning and Ian Wilson (2022)

Tie The Boy (1986 Demo)

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tie the boy demo inlay

From Derry, Tie The Boy were Kevin Williams (vocals & guitar), Peter Cunnah (guitar), Gerry Diver (bass) and Tim Hegarty (drums). They recorded two sessions for Dave Fanning and released one single on Money Records which I remember buying but can no longer locate. Thanks to irishstu68 for the demo inlay and to you know who for the tracks. Peter Cunnah of course went on to fame and fortune with D:Ream and hosted a 6 episode show ‘Beats for Better Days‘ on BBC Radio Ulster in 2021.

Now You’re Gone (1986)
The Pink Flamingo (1986)
You’ve Been Talking To That Boy Again (1986)

1981 Fanning’s Fab 50 / Fab 50 radio series

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fab50 1981

Dave Fanning and Ian Wilson recently tweeted that they are on the lookout for the 1981 Fanning’s Fab 50 listing. The two are working on a radio series looking at the history of the Fab50. The following clipping from Sunday Independent on January 17th 1982 was uncovered by @GAA_Stats and lists the 7 U2 entries. Surely someone has the rundown in a notebook or on an old cassette in the attic? The Fab50 listings we have are all indexed, additions, corrections and memories are always welcome.

1981 Fab 50 (partial)

47. u2 – tomorrow
31. u2 – fire
27. u2 – stories for boys
18. u2 – i will follow
08. u2 – a day without me
06. u2 – out of control
02. led zeppelin – stairway to heaven
01. u2 – 11 o clock tick tock

Female Hercules (1993 Session)

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female hercules - drop out june 1993

From Dublin, Female Hercules were Michael Connerty (vocals & guitar), Aengus Hennessy (guitar), Reynald Masson (bass) and Dave Liston (drums). They released two EPs on Blunt Records in 1994. Reynald died in 2012. Pictured is a ‘DropOut’ article written by Eamon Crudden, clipping courtesy Abstract Analogue. This session was recorded in March 1993, rebroadcast by Dan Hegarty in 2022.

Point Of No Return (March 1993)

Upstart Festival Glounthaune Cork

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A personal highlight of 2021 was a one day outdoor festival in the Cork village of Glounthaune featuring Pretty Happy, Flywheel, A Cow In The Water, Pontious Pilate and The Naildrivers and Fyünkay. A brief train journey from Cork city, the festival was held in a scenic public park adjacent to The Rising Tide pub a short walk from the train station. After 2 years of pandemic restrictions the event was quite literally a breath of fresh air. That was a year ago and this Saturday sees a second outing for the aptly named Upstart Festival. The weather gods seem to be onside once again as the forecast indicates a dry day is in store. This year the lineup features The Love Buzz, First Class & Coach, FONDA, Little Known and The Cliffords. Whilst not all these names are familiar to yours truly, it promises to be another day to remember and the subsequent success of last year’s headliners Pretty Happy bodes well. Glounthaune was home to one of Cork’s most famous sons Cathal Coughlan who’s loss this year is sure to be on the minds of many in attendance. More details on the festival and interview with festival director.

Shush! Fanning Sessions Special

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shush 199

A big thank you to Martin O’Connor for inviting us to curate episode 199 of the UCC library radio show ‘Shush!’. Long talked about, in the end it all came about quite quickly, just as well with such a large number of tracks available for selection. Given a free hand we decided to go with a show of personal favourites, sessions and demos featured on the Dave Fanning show in the years 1984-89 when yours truly was religiously listening. Maybe we should do a podcast 😉

2018 interview with Martin O’Connor for LibFocus.

Sessions / Demos: The Swinging SwineTie The BoyBam Bam & The CallingLight A Big FireBlue In HeavenThe Slowest Clock / The Wild Herrings / The Stars Of Heaven / Backwards Into Paradise / At The Window / The Subterraneans / The Practical Householders

Into Paradise (1989 Rehearsal Tape)

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A recent post on the Into Paradise facebook page grabbed our attention – they had uncovered an unreleased demo from 1990 called ‘On Every Page‘. We contacted Dave and he provided some detail:

Jimmy Eadie found the tape.
On Every Page and Dive Instrumental live mixes were recorded in July 1990 , a month before we went to London to record Churchtown.
The Waterboys had cancelled a session in Ringsend Road studios, Ensign rang us to see if we wanted to use the free time.
Willie Mannion was the engineer on the session.
I think we only did the one night.
We then went to an early house at 6am and had a rake of pints and forgot all about the recording….

Dave also sent a number of further recordings and kindly allowed us post this track from a 1989 rehearsal tape.

Fans of Into Paradise should check out Dave’s recent appearance on Paul McDermott’s podcast ‘To Here Knows When’ to look at albums ‘Under The Water’ and ‘Churchtown’. Dave has been busy of late releasing solo material and most recently working with Shane O’Neill of Blue In Heaven, the pair releasing ‘age of finding stars‘ in April.

Haunted (1989 rehearsal)

Red Square (Session)

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red square

From Dublin, Red Square were Barry Moore (guitar & vocals), Niall Conheady (guitar), Paul Holmes (bass) and Dave Bell RIP (drums). They recorded 3 tracks for Dave Fanning circa 1986,  ‘Street Fight’ and ‘Trains’ have not yet been located. Thanks to Colm Kavanagh for this recording and to Gordon White for the request. Barry, brother of Christy, subsequently adopted the name Luka Bloom.


Cathal Coughlan (1961-2022)

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cathal coughlan (c) bleddyn butcher

We were shocked and very much saddened at the news last week of the death of Cathal Coughlan. As religious Dave Fanning listeners in our younger years, Microdisney were omni present. We can still hear Dave naming with gusto the 1984 compilation album of their early material. Whilst in London in late 1989 we read incendiary reviews of The Fatima Mansions in Time-Out and decided to investigate. Needless to say, Cathal and the Fatima Mansions lived up to their billing. Over the subsequent years there were further Mansions and solo Cathal shows including a Cork City of Culture commission ‘Flannery’s Mounted Head’. Fast forward to 2018 and the excitement of the Microdisney reunion at the National Concert Hall followed a year later by the final show in Cyprus Avenue, there were so many memorable moments. The recent burst of creative activity disguised the fact that Cathal was not well and rendered last week’s news even harder to accept. As is our wont we turned to the radio for solace. This post will attempt to gather and list some of the tributes we found. For now it is a work in progress, so far we have listened to shows from Tom Dunne, Dan Hegarty, John Creedon, Cathal Murray, Dave Fanning, Gideon Coe and Vanessa Monaghan who interviewed Elvera Butler. A question posed on Twitter turned up many more which we are slowly working our way through and hope to add here. To lead off however, who better than Paul McDermott, producer of ‘Iron Fist in Velvet Glove – the story of Microdisney’ and podcast ‘To Here Knows When’ which dedicated an episode to Cathal’s album ‘Black River Falls‘.

Michael Carr (Select Irish, 96FM) with Paul McDermott

Métisse radio documentary

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Aïda & Skully [Métisse]

Métisse are an Afro-Irish musical duo featuring Aída Bredou of Côte d’Ivoire and Skully of Cork. A recent documentary ‘ Métisse: World Of Our Own‘ looks at their career from Skully’s first forays into music with Real Mayonnaise and The Chapter House. It was narrated and produced by Mark McAvoy author of ‘Cork Rock‘ and features interviews with Gerry Buckley of Real Mayonnaise, Ann Redmond of Porcelyn Tears and Chapter House and Dave Fanning producer (and Horslip) Jim Lockhart. For more on Métisse check out the Irish Examiner article ‘The Cork band picked up by Madonna‘. There was a Métisse session for Dave Fanning (produced by Jim Lockhart) but we have yet to locate a recording.

Real Mayonnaise (1981 Demo)

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Real Mayonnaise

This demo tape recording is quite the find. Two of the tracks later appeared in 1986 as a single in rerecorded form and can be found here but the other two are new discoveries. Real Mayonnaise were Dave “Skully” Sullivan (organ), Dave Rudd (drums) and Jerry Buckley (bass, cello). Corrections, clarifications and memories as always most welcome. Thank you kindly to the archivist who dug this one out. Just spotted that Real Mayonnaize are now on facebook and have posted 3 tracks from this tape which they call the Gerard O’Leary Sessions on soundcloud. Incidentally Skully was recently the subject of an hour long radio documentary looking at his career with Métisse produced by Mark McAvoy author of ‘Cork Rock‘.

Horizontal Nightmare (1981)
Being Polite (1981)

Verta-Ray (1993 Demo)

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vertra ray demo cassette

Verta-Ray was a short-lived band based in Dublin. The lineup featured Brian Murray (vocals), Ian Beesley (guitar), Joey Wilson (bass) and Bryan McMahon (drums), The band recorded a 3-track demo in 1993 featuring; ‘What Are You Waiting For’, ‘You Don’t Understand Me And I Know That You Never Will’ and ‘If Not Now Then When?’. Joey and Bryan would later go on to form the much loved Future Kings Of Spain. Thanks to Pat Barrett and for the bio and Jamesomcm for the photo.

“Verta-Ray (named after Matt Verta Ray from Madder Rose) Recorded in July 24/25 1993 in Sun. Our first time in a studio. Lorcan Cousins on the desk. He told us Lee Ranaldo was in the day previously. Could’ve been a spoof. It impressed us anyway. We’d no idea what we were doing. We were 9 months old. Our first band etc. It cost a small fortune; we were 4 full time students! Peter Collins (filling in for Dave) gave it the first spin. Jim Lockhart called us later offering a Fanning Session. February 1994 the first on their new 24 track desk. We thought we’d “made it”. We hadn’t.”

Anyone got the 1994 Fanning Session?

verta-ray – ‘what are you waiting for’ (1993)

Crumb / ‘I Found That Essence Rare’ (2022)

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Canadian record label The Beautiful Music have just released a compilation titled ‘I Found That Essence Rare‘ which apart from being an excellent listen happens to feature two tracks close to our hearts. The first is a David Long cover of ‘Hand Of Love’ by The Sound. Adrian Borland of course produced the first 3 albums by Into Paradise. The second is a great mashup by Crumb of Jimmy Webb’s ‘MacArthur Park’ with ‘Echo Beach’ by Martha & The Muffins. Wally of The Beautiful Music first heard the song on the Crumb MySpace page some years ago and there began the detective work. Crumb were Derrick Dalton (guitars, vocals), Dez Foley (drums, vocals) and Eamonn Davis/Fiachra McCarthy (bass). They released one album ‘Evenings & Weekends‘ in 2005. Derrick was a much loved member of Hey Paulette and Mexican Pets who sadly died in 2008.  Dez Foley was a member of Wilder and recently released an album as Acton Bell. The compilation is free to download and a CD copy comes with any purchase from the TBM catalogue.

Crumb – ‘MacArthur Park / Echo Beach’

The Blades (Complete 1981 Session)

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the blades 1981Thanks to the continued efforts of Dan Hegarty we now finally have the complete 1981 session for Dave Fanning by The Blades. The band at that time were; Paul Cleary (vocals & guitar), Brian Foley (bass) and Jake Reilly (drums). The Blades of course play The Academy, Dublin on March 19th.

This Sunday at 10pm Dan Hegarty has a treat in store for fans of Power Of Dreams with an hour long documentary on their debut album ‘Immigrants, Emigrants and Me’.

Downmarket (1981)

Me & My Girl (1981)

Tears That Tell The Truth (1981)

Empty Shell (1981)

The Devlins (1990 Session)

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Their first visit to a recording studio apparently, not that you would suspect it, The Devlins recorded this session for Dave Fanning in 1990, three years before their debut album ‘Drift’ would appear on Capitol Records. They would release 3 further albums, ‘Waiting’ (1997), ‘Consent’ (2001) and ‘Waves’ (2005). Colin Devlin released two solo albums ‘Democracy Of One’ (2009) and ‘High Point’ (2018). Colin and Peter Devlin last performed as The Devlins in 2015 but have not officially called it a day. Thank you Dan Hegarty for repeating this session on 1st Feb 2022. The Devlins were originally Niall Macken, Colin Devlin, Sean Devitt and Peter Devlin. Since album #3 Mark Murphy (guitar) and Guy Rickarby (drums) have replaced Niall and Sean. If rumours are to be believed The Devlins are currently working on new material.

Cuban Heels (1990)
Open Up Your Heart (1990)
Colours (1990)
I Think Its Gonna Rain (1990)

The Castanedas (1992 Session)

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castanedas repeat session sunday times

From Carlow, The Castanedas were Eric Cole (guitar/ lead vocals), Jim Jordan (guitar), Colm Walsh (bass) and Eric Murray (drums). Thanks to Dan Hegarty for rebroadcasting this session on Tuesday 25th January. According to Dan the session was recorded for Dave Fanning on November 13th 1992. Eric Cole now lives in Brisbane, Australia and Eric Murray is currently in the U.S. The newspaper clipping is from The Sunday Times.

Present (1992)
So Soon (1992)
Mind The Gap (1992)
Happy Bus (1992)

Ronnie Spector (1990 Interview)

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ronnie spector with dave fanning 1990

Sometime in 1990 Ronnie Spector visited Dublin for the second time. On the first occasion she and The Ronettes were ably supported by The Rolling Stones. On this occasion however she was in town to promote her recently published memoir ‘Be My Baby: How I Survived Mascara, Miniskirts, and Madness’. Ronnie sadly died this week at the age of 78. In tribute Dave Fanning revisited that 1990 interview on his show yesterday. Ronnie & The Ronettes played at the National Concert Hall on January 21st 2019, Ronnie performed at The Helix on December 14th later the same year.

Ronnie Spector interview (1990)

Ill Dependents (1996 Session)

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Ill Dependents were the recording project of Hazo aka Paul Hayes a DJ, producer and rapper from Galway. They recorded this session for Dave Fanning in 1996 and released 3 EPs between 1998 and 1999. Scan courtesy photographer Paul McCarthy of a feature in Trace Magazine (1988) written by Will Ashon. Thanks to Dan Hegarty and Ian Wilson for digging this out of the RTE vaults.

Storm Comin (1996)

Dream Process (1996)

Many Disconnected (1996)

Rare (1995 Session)

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From Derry, Rare were Mary Gallagher (vocals), Locky Morris (bass), Seán Ó’Néill (guitar) and David Whiteside (drums). They released a single ‘Set Me On Fire’ on Setanta Records (1990) but waited six years before the next on Equator Records (1996). In March 1995 they recorded this session for Dave Fanning. It was repeated by Dan Hegarty on 16th October 2021. Photo courtesy irishmusicdb. Their 1996 single ‘Something Wild‘ never fails to cheer me up but the final track of this session is fast becoming a new favourite. If anyone has more details on the band, what they did or what they are now doing please get in touch.

Same As Always (1995)

Rollercoaster (1995)

One Kiss (1995)

Slow Rider (1995)

Michael Gerrard LMFM Sessions

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A recent tweet by Michael Gerrard stopped us in our tracks. The longtime LMFM and Boyneside Radio DJ and producer shared images of a number of homegrown compilations of sessions recorded for the Tony Clayton Lea Rock show in the 1990s featuring a who’s who of Irish acts of the time. A House, Aslan, Something Happens!, The Revenants, The Pale, The Joshua Trio, The Blue Angels, The Golden Horde, The Frames, The Stunning, The Sawdoctors, Engine Alley, Ghost Of An American Airman, Grasshopper, The Wilde Oscars, Brian Kennedy and Darling Sugar Honey all recorded sessions for the show. These acts were usually in Drogheda to play shows at The Boxing Club where Michael would invariably be on pre/post show DJ duties. If the following examples are anything to go by we could be looking at a great compilation release.

The Revenants ‘Here Comes A Regular’

The Blue Angels ‘Never Let You Down’

Bawl (1996 Session)

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From Dublin, Bawl were Mark Cullen (vocals, guitar), Darren Cullen (guitar), Stephen McBride (bass) and Jason Cullen (drums). This session was recorded for Dave Fanning in May 1996 and rebroadcast by Dan Hegarty on October 27th 2021. Shortly after recording this session they released their debut album ‘Year Zero’. Circa 1999 they became Fixed Stars and in 2000 added A House alumni Martin Healy and David Morrissey to become Pony Club. In 2010 Mark Cullen formed The Unruly Trinity with Simon Quigley and Colm Keegan. Thanks to irishmusicdb for the photo and band chronology.

Older & Older (1996)

Beyond Safeways (1996)

Mistake (1996)

Dave Fanning: Classic Irish Tracks Uncovered

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classic irish track

They say that buses come in threes, I wonder does the same apply to podcasts? We recently raved about a podcast revisiting classic Irish albums, well Dave Fanning has been looking at classic Irish tracks. Something Happens!, The Frank & Walters, The Saw Doctors and The Cranberries have featured so far and each installment is well worth a listen. Tom Dunne needs to write that Warren Zevon tour exposé but in the meantime catch his weekly ‘Music & Me‘ column in The Irish Examiner. And finally, this week’s classic Fanning session on the Dan Hegarty show is from Bawl (1996). Incidentally Something Happens!, The Frank & Walters, The 4 Of Us, Hothouse Flowers and An Emotional Fish all play Feile Classical this Thursday in the 3 Arena.

Noel Hogan: ‘Linger’ by The Cranberries

Leo Moran: ‘N17’ by The Saw Doctors

Paul Linehan: ‘After All’ by The Frank & Walters

Tom Dunne: ‘Parachute’ by Something Happens!

The Brilliant Trees (1996 Session)

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the brilliant trees

From Finglas in Dublin, The Brilliant Trees are Alan Hoey (vocals, guitar), Tony Barrett (guitar), Sid Barrett (bass) and Dave Farrell (drums). They debuted with a single ‘Home’ (1993) and went on to release two albums ‘Friday Night’ (1996) and ‘Wake Up & Dream’ (1998). They split up in 2005 but returned in 2016 with 2 singles ‘I Know, I Know’ and ‘Summer Song’. This session was recently repeated on the Dan Hegarty show on 2fm.

Gone For Good (1996)

Talent (1996)

Keep Me Away From Her (1996)

Family Matters (1996)

In Tua Nua (1988 Acoustic Session)

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On 19th May 1988 In Tua Nua visited the Dave Fanning studio for an interview and acoustic session to launch their second album ‘The Long Acre‘. According to the official timeline this was the third version of the band and they were from left to right: Lovely Previn (violin), Brian O’Briain (uilleann pipes, whistle & saxophone), Matt Spalding (bass), Jack Dublin (guitar), Leslie Dowdall (vocals), Martin Clancy (guitar) and Paul Byrne (drums). This session was recently rebroadcast by Dan Hegarty on his RTE 2fm show The Alternative. If a recording of the interview turns up we hope to share. Thanks Colm Kavanagh for locating a photo. In Tua Nua still perform, pandemics willing, Paul Byrne released a solo album in 2014 and Leslie Dowdall has just released a new EP ‘Brightlight’ on Bandcamp.

Don’t Fear Me Now

Jealous Knife

Everybody’s Darlin

Mise Freshin’ – Trad vs Hiphop

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On St Patrick’s Day 2021 RTÉ Radio 1 broadcast ‘Mise Freshin‘ an hour long “mix and mash” of Irish traditional, folk and hip hop hosted by Ray Cuddihy. It was a great listen and by all accounts a success because Ray subsequently recorded a second episode. We’d been meaning to share but last weekend the show won Gold in the ‘Music Special’ section of the 2021 IMRO music awards so we’ve finally got our act together. Expect to hear Lunitic, DJ Mek, Scary Eire and Ill Dependents along side Lankum, Mary Wallopers and Planxty. Ray has also recently presented a number of ‘Late Date‘ shows adding his own inimitable and welcome stamp.

To Here Knows When – Great Irish Albums Revisited

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Paul Mc Dermott is no stranger round these parts, he is the man behind a series of excellent radio documentaries on Microdisney, Stump, Finbarr Donnelly and Michael O’Shea. Paul’s latest project is a podcast ‘To Here Knows When – Great Irish Albums Revisited‘ looking at the making of iconic Irish albums with one of the creators. The first episode featured Paul Page of Whipping Boy on their album ‘Heartworm‘ which has just been rereleased in an expanded edition by Needle Mythology (with new sleeve note by Colm O’Callaghan of The Blackpool Sentinel). Episode 2 looked at the Toasted Heretic album ‘Another Day, Another Riot‘ with Julian Gough which was also recently rereleased in digital form. We’re not big on podcasts here but Paul is on a one man mission to change that, both episodes were fantastic listens offering new detail on the recording of the albums and providing insight how the artists now feel about their creations at a 25 year remove. Episode 3 will feature Cathal Coughlan on ‘Viva Dead Ponies’ by Fatima Mansions which is also sure to be essential listening. We wish Paul the best of luck with the new venture and look forward to many more episodes.

Update: Adding Tom Dunne interview on the Newstalk Sean Moncrief show.

Episode 1: Paul Page (Whipping Boy)

Episode 2: Julian Gough (Toasted Heretic)

Episode 3: Cathal Coughlan (Fatima Mansions)

Episode 4: Shane O’Neill (Blue In Heaven)

Episode 5: David Long (Into Paradise)

Paul McDermott interview (21st Sep 2021)

PBR Streetgang (Session)

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pbr streetgangFrom Northern Ireland and with 3 releases on Terri Hooley’s Good Vibrations, details are once again annoyingly sparse for today’s session from PBR Streetgang. Please get in touch if you have any information. Update: Thanks to Stuart Bailie we now know the band were fronted by Colin Crooks later of The Graceland Conspiracy and The Dollybyrds. 


Talking To You

Running Into Dust

These Days

Good Sons (1990 Demo)

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The beauty of a track like today’s is that it makes for an easy post. We have no information beyond what is on the tape inlay – the band name and the fact that it is a demo courtesy Dave’s outro. The track name is a guess as is the year. Hopefully someone out there will know more and come to the rescue. Things are moving at a snail’s pace round here, motivation is not very high. There might be posts on the way on The Kid Sisters, The Black Sessions and PBR Streetgang but don’t hold your breath. Incidentally The Pale track is a demo recording of ‘Butterfly’. The Wishing Stones session can be found here.

Deep Blue Sea (1990 Demo)

Abstract Analogue

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abstract analogue

We’ve been fans of the Abstract Analogue page since it’s inception, it is one of the few facebook pages we check daily. Stephen Rennicks tumblr page features interviews and long reads some dating from Stephen’s fanzine days with XL. There is also a monthly radio show ‘Time Travel‘ on Dublin Digital Radio. The following ‘Dusty Heads’ profile is a great introduction to what Stephen does and a lot of what he says articulates perfectly what we find ourselves doing here. That he still has his magazine collection is a bit of a sore point as we disposed of a considerable number of Hot Press issues from the late 80s / early 90s before taking the plunge ourselves. Congrats to molotov ape for the cool audiovisual.

Junkster (1995 Session)

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From Dublin, Junkster were Deirdre O’Neill (vocals), Aidan Lane (guitar), Mick Creedon (guitar), Graham Darcy (bass) and Donal McParlin (drums). They released an eponymously titled album on RCA in 1997 but saw greater success in the US than on these shores. O’Neill, Darcy and Lane were previously in The Joys. More details on irishrock but as always please get in touch with memories and corrections. Thanks to Dan Hegarty for rebroadcasting. The first two tracks appeared on the debut album, ‘Silver Boy’ was never released. Pete Holidai produced the session and co-produced the album in Woodstock. For more details have a listen to Dee talk to Dan as part of his ‘For The Record‘ series.

Going Down (1995)

Twister (1995)

Silver Boy (1995)

Mundy (1996 Session)

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From Birr, Co. Offaly, Mundy released his debut album ‘Jelly Legs’ in 1996. The track ‘To You I Bestow’ featured on the excellent soundtrack to the equally impressive Baz Luhrmann film ‘Romeo + Juliet’. They recorded this session for Dave Fanning in 1996 fresh off a UK tour and it shows. The band were Steo Farrell (guitar), Shane Fitzsimons (bass) and Cion O’Callaghan (drums). Engineer was Paddy Breen, producer was Pete Holidai. The session was recently rebroadcast on the Dan Hegarty show.

To You I Bestow (1996)
Gin & Tonic Sky (1996)
Life’s A Cinch (1996)
Springtown (1996)

Blue In Heaven (1985 Session)

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blue in heaven

From Churchtown in Dublin, Blue In Heaven were Shane O’Neill (guitar/vocals), Eamonn Tynan (guitar), Declan Jones (bass) and Dave Clarke (drums). Shane, Declan and Dave were previously in Amuse with Dave Long (Into Paradise). Shane, Declan and Dave would later form The Blue Angels with Quentin Cowper and Eamonn Tynan. Shane and Dave teamed up again in Supernaut and in May 2021 released an album ‘Moll & Zeis‘. Photo by Mary Lee (c) RTÉ Stills Department taken backstage at ‘Self Aid‘ (1986). Thanks to Dan Hegarty for continuing to plough through the archive and of course to the oracle himself Ian Wilson. Be sure to check out Mike McGrath-Bryan‘s radio preview in the Irish Examiner every Saturday as he has the inside track regarding what sessions will feature on Dan’s show. Check out this recent interview with Dan on the RTE Studio8 sessions.

Across My Heart (1985)
Brings Me Closer (1985)
Like A Child (1985)

The Wishing Stones (1991 Session)

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wishing stones

From Dungarvan in Co. Waterford The Wishing Stones were Darren O’Connor (vocals), Conor Power (lead guitar), Owen Kehoe (rhythm guitar), Brendan Hayes (bass) and Dermot Dwyer (drums). They released ‘Surely’ as a single in 1991 on Danceline Records produced by Mark Cagney and Sean McDevitt. It sells for up to €80 on discogs if you have a copy. John Clarke of 2FM declared it the best single of the year so far. They toured Ireland with Robert Palmer and UB40, Brian Travers of UB40 played saxaphone on this session.

She’s Gone

Love My Yellow Bicycle


Couldn’t Be Wrong

Roots Musings on Dublin City FM

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Roots Musings is an hour long weekly radio show every Thursday at 11pm on Dublin City FM hosted by Denis Goodbody. I listened to the Mulligan show this week and it struck me that the show would probably appeal to readers of this site. Mulligan Records was an independent Irish record label started by Donal Lunny and Seamus O’Neill in 1976. Check out this 10 minute profile on ‘Summerhouse’ broadcast on 29 August 1979. There was also an RTÉ Doc On One episode (1985).

By way of introduction to ‘Roots Musings’ here are a few of my favourite episodes. There are 247 shows in total archived on the show’s Mixcloud page.


‘Mulligan Records’

A tribute to the Irish record label which released 40 albums and a slew of singles, “all representative of quality, contemporary Irish music as it stood at the time”. Expect to hear: The Bothy Band, Mick Hanly, Andy Irvine, Paul Brady, Vinnie Kilduff, Sonny Condell, Midnight Well, Barry Moore, Scullion, Freddie White, Gay & Terry Woods, Deke O’Brien, Supply Demand & Curve, The Boomtown Rats and The Radiators.

’80s Irish’

Tracks from The Blades, The Radiators from Space, Hot House Flowers, In Tua Nua, The Stunning, Light A Big Fire, Trouble Pilgrims, A House, Scullion, The Golden Horde, The Four Of Us and Something Happens

‘More Dublin In The ’80s’

Music from D.C. Nien, Tokyo Olympics, The Shade, Big Self, Micro Disney, Fatima Mansions, Paranoid Visions, That Petrol Emotion, Tiberius Minnows, The Atrix, Stars of Heaven, Slowest Clock, The Subterraneans, My Bloody Valentine, Toasted Heretic and The Dixons.

‘In Concert: The Favourite Gigs of Ireland’s Music Community’

A companion piece to Michael Murphy and Niall McGuirk’s excellent book the show samples eleven of the contributions in combination with songs contemporaneous with the gig described.

‘Recollections of Punks & Friends’

Great Gig Memories From Punks and Friends‘ is a second volume by the Hope Collective. Expect to hear extracts from Charlie Harper of UK Subs on Hendrix, Pete Holidai of The Radiators from Space on Tyrannosaurus Rex, Fachtna O’Kelly on Bob Marley, Bernie Furlong on Siouxsie & the Banshees, Elvera Butler on The Stranglers, Russ Bestley on Killing Joke & Aztec Camera, Morty McCarthy on The Smiths, Miriam McGuirk on Fugazi and Orla Lee on The Pogues.

Another Day, Another Riot – digital release for third Toasted Heretic album

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toasted heretic - another day another riot

To celebrate the digital release of their impossible to find (unless you’re prepared to pay $900 for a used copy) third album ‘Another Day, Another Riot‘ Galway’s finest Toasted Heretic have just released a new single ‘Satellite Dishes’. Julian Gough and Neil Farrell spoke to Dan Hegarty on his show last week to bring him up to speed. Thanks Dee for copies of the original album artwork.

Further reading:
Julian Gough on Toasted Heretic 30 years on [Irish Times]
Toasted Special [Blackpool Sentinel] 

Dan Hegarty interview (2021)

Private World – Crucible

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private world limerick leader

From Limerick, Private World were Pearse Gilmore (vocals), Brian Kelly (guitar), James Hanley (keyboards), John Moriarty (bass) and Seamus O Muircheartaigh (drums). They may or may not feature this Friday when RTÉ Radio 1 Extra broadcast ‘Digging For Fire‘, “a mix of memoir, documentary and drama, exploring the nature of youthful creativity as the programme-makers remember their participation in the Limerick band scene of the early 1990s”. We hear The Hitchers and They Do It With Mirrors feature so it is not beyond the bounds of possibility. Incidentally The Hitchers are currently running  a fundit to release a their 1997 debut album ‘It’s All Fun & Games Til Someone Loses An Eye’ on 12” vinyl.


Luka Bloom – Rescue Mission (acoustic)

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luka bloom

A recent tape listen brought two tracks from Luka Bloom to light. One of these, ‘Mary Watches Everything’ has previously featured but ‘Rescue Mission’ was new. Both were recorded live in studio probably as part of an interview. We’ve been fans of Luka since first hearing Dave play Red Square, we then saw him perform as Barry Moore before he adopted the name Luka Bloom. A frequent and well travelled live performer we last saw him in De Barra’s of Clonakilty. Luka has just released an instrumental album ‘Out Of The Blue‘ and has european dates lined up for late 2021. 

Rescue Mission

Globes (1992 Demo)

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mixtape no1
We have absolutely no information on today’s demo, a track called ‘Real Thing’ by a band called Globes. If you recognise it or can fill in some detail please get in touch.

Real Thing (Demo)

The Cottons (1991 Demo)

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the cottons

From Tallaght/Clondalkin, The Cottons were John Noble (vocals), Ger Berns (guitar), Alan Cullivan (bass) – later of Puppy Love Bomb and manager to The Thrills, Pat Dillon (drums) – later of The Harvest Ministers. Edwin Ryan (harmonica) and Arthur Beasley (keyboards) also feature on this recording from Sun Studios where the engineer was Robbie Adams. Previously known as Jamie Cotton Band ‘Miss A Slippery Lane (Live)’ featured on the compilation Comet LP Two. Thanks to VCC for the recording.

The Someone I Want To Be

Loveology (Get You Laid)

Dub Dub Me Do

Uaneen Fitzsimons – No Disco Tribute

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On what would have been the 50th birthday of much missed Uaneen Fitzsimons, KillianM2 has posted an abbreviated version of the No Disco tribute (music videos removed for copyright reasons).

Manhole (1995 Session)

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From Cork, Manhole were Dick (vocals), Gussie (bass), Glen (keyboards), Gilbert (guitar) and Montage (drums). They featured on the Ten By Ten compilation which was the subject of a recent B-Side the Leeside profile in the Irish Examiner. Incidentally the Examiner has been doing sterling work of late, their radio preview of a Saturday is a first port of call to see which archive sessions will feature on Tuesday’s Dan Hegarty show. For further Manhole recordings check out Gus on Soundcloud.


The Denim Queen’s Wet Dream


Leisure Explosion

The Frank and Walters (1997 Acoustic Session)

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frank and walters grand parade

In 1997 The Frank and Walters released their second album ‘Grand Parade‘ on Setanta Records. A couple of weeks earlier on June 17th they dropped into 2fm to record an acoustic session for the Dave Fanning show hosted by deputy Pat O’Mahony. This session was detailed extensively in Hot Press magazine by Peter Murphy and can be read here. The band at the time were Paul Linehan (vocals/bass), Niall Linehan (guitar) and Ashley Keating (drums). All but 3 of the tracks featured on ‘Grand Parade’ the exception being the final track ‘Restraint’. Should anyone have a better copy of the session or a full recording of ‘Landslide’ please drop us a line.

Indian Ocean

Little Dolls



Sissy (1999 Session)

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From Carlow, Sissy were from left to right Justin Kelly (guitar), Fergal Barry (lead guitar), Claire Noons (vocals), Sean McMahon (bass) and Padraigh Comerford (drums). They recorded a 4 track session produced by Paddy McBreen for Dave Fanning in 1999 of which we have the first two numbers. They were one of 6 Irish bands chosen by 2FM to go to Eurodisney in Paris to play shows over St Patrick’s week. Fergal, Sean and Padraigh went on to form Le Mons and later The Lemons. Fergal Barry died tragically in Prague in 2005 and is still sadly missed by Pádraigh and Sean. If you have the remaining tracks or any press reviews please get in touch.


Novelty (1999)

Crazy Time (1999)

Porcelyn Tears ‘Killing Eyes’ (1985)

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Porcelyn Tears

From Cork, Porcelyn Tears were Ann Redmond (vocals), Kay Creedon (keyboards), Gerlyn Ryan (bass) and Grace O’Sullivan (drums). They apparently recorded three Fanning sessions but we do not have any recordings. This track was on a cassette from the Dennis Herlihy archive and was recorded in December 1985 at The Lab, Dublin. Ann Redmond later formed The Chapter House as detailed in this excellent Examiner feature ‘B-Side the Leeside: The Cork band picked up by Madonna

Killing Eyes (1985)

Real Wild West – Live at Eurorock (1987)

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“Dublin’s most uncompromising rockers” Dave Fanning

From Dublin, Real Wild West were Charlie Rafferty (bass & vocals), Paul Murtagh (guitar), Robbie Warren (drums) and Ian Smith (trumpet). Thank you stilpix for the very cool poster for a gig in The Project with The Golden Horde, Guru Wierdbrain, The Amazing Colossal Men and Duane Ripley and his Gogo Set. Fondly remembered by respected opinion Real Wild West recorded an album for Setanta Records which unfortunately never saw the light of day. Thanks to Cork Zine Archive for the tape recording.

Rollerskate Skinny ‘Horsedrawn Wishes’ at 25

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rollerskate skinny

To celebrate 25 years since the release of ‘Horsedrawn Wishes’ the second album by Rollerskate Skinny, Dan Hegarty spoke to Steve Murray of the band. They talked about whether the band might reform, if there was any unreleased material and whether the lost third album would ever see the light of day. Photo credit: Paul McCarthy.

An Emotional Fish (1989 Session)

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Formed in 1988, An Emotional Fish were Ger Whelan (vocals), Enda Wyatt (bass, keyboards), David Frew (guitars) and Martin Murphy (drums). Martin Murphy sadly passed away in 2017. The band released 3 albums, ‘An Emotional Fish’, Junk Puppets’ and ‘Sloper’. Ger Whelan continues to perform as Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club. A big thank you to Dan Hegarty & Ian Wilson for digging out this 1989 session for Dave Fanning. Be sure to tune to Dan’s show this Sunday at 11pm on 2fm when he talks to Steve Murray on the 25th anniversary of the release of Rollerskate Skinny’s opus ‘Horsedrawn Wishes’.

Anyway (1989)
All Night Long (1989)
Hallelujah, Love & Stuff (1989)
Strange Things (1989)

JJ72 (1998 Session)

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jj72 examiner

JJ72 were formed in 1996 by Mark Greaney (vocals, guitar) and Fergal Matthews (drums). They were later joined by Hilary Woods (bass). They released albums in 2000 and 2002 and a third was recorded but never released at which point the band called it a day. On Tuesday 9th February Dan Hegarty revisited their 1998 Fanning session featuring all four tracks ‘Oxegen’, ‘Undercover Angel’, ‘October Swimmer’ and ‘Bumble Bee’. The show is available on the RTE radio player here (link to 2XM repeat on 10th Feb). Hilary Woods is a critically acclaimed solo artist releasing two albums in 2020.

Oxegen (1998)

Undercover Angel (1998)

October Swimmer (1998)

Bumble Bee (1998)

A House (1997 Session)

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We didn’t know there was a 1997 Fanning session by A House so were very pleasantly surprised when Dan Hegarty gave it a long overdue outing on his show last night. Recorded just before the band broke up it features new versions of one song from each of the first 4 albums. We hope Dan plays the fourth track ‘Violent Love’ at some point and will update this post if he does. If you haven’t already checked it out we recommend Fergal Bunbury‘s latest musical project FBU62.

Endless Art
I Want To Be Allowed To Love You

13 Wonderful Songs

Bedroom Convention (1992 Demo)

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bedroom convention

“the most original band in Cork”
Shane Fitzsimons, Rockfile, 23 July 1992

Hailing from Cork, Bedroom Convention were Hilary Coughlan (vocals), Colm O’Flynn (guitar), Eoghan Horgan (keyboards), Louis Lovett (bass, sax), David Fenton (drums). Thanks to Cork Zine Archive for the cassette and Robin James for the reminder and band details. Hilary features on a track from the most recent Boa Morte album ‘Before There Was Air‘.

Bedroomish Convention
Enjoy The Sun
April Showers

Tuesday Blue (Sound Channel Demo)

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Watching Tuesday Blue on the Late Late show prompted a root through the tapes, turning up the 1986 Eurorock performance and also 4 demo tracks recorded from Limerick pirate radio station The Sound Channel as played by Barry Martin. From Limerick, Tuesday Blue were Michael Ryan (vocals), Dave Keary (guitar), Ralf Lindeim (bass), Ray Fean (drums, percussion) & Tom Jones (keyboards, piano).

Dear Life

Escape The Escape

I Believe In You


The Stars Of Heaven (1988 Session)

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the stars of heaven by conor horgan

One of the few positives of 2020 was a weekly feature on the Dan Hegarty show The Alternative. On Tuesday nights Dan digs out two sessions from the archive to be featured on his RTE 2fm show. Over the course of the last six months he has featured Fanning sessions from Blink, Wilt, Emperor Of Ice Cream, Therapy?, The Stunning, Scary Eire, The Frank & Walters, Virgin Prunes, The Frames, The Golden Horde, The Thrills, Engine Alley, Whipping Boy, Kerbdog, The Young Offenders, Power Of Dreams, Sultans Of Ping F.C. and most recently The Stars Of Heaven. Next week’s session is from Shake.

The Stars Of Heaven were Stephen Ryan (vocals, guitar), Stan Erraught (guitar), Peter O’Sullivan (bass), and Bernard Walsh (drums). They recorded two sessions for Dave Fanning, the 1984 session can be found here. Two tracks from the 1988 session were released on the 1999 compilation ‘Unfinished Dreaming’. Everything But The Girl covered ‘Lights of Te Touan‘ on their 1994 Rollercoaster EP. We recently came across a short ‘Lost Albums‘ feature for @Last TV featuring interviews with Stan and Stephen.

Thanks to Conor Horgan for permission to use his band photo, Conor can be seen miming keyboards with The Stars Of Heaven on Megamix.

Smalltown Reel (1988)

Sing Me Back Home (1988)

Lights Of Tetouan (1988)

Money Talks (1988)

The Freakscene Christmas Album (2006)

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freakscene christmas album

Freakscene was an alternative club night which ran in Cork for approx 20 years. In 2006 they released a CD ‘Happy Birthday Jesus – The Freakscene Christmas Album’, a collection of original Christmas songs by Irish artists. Bands featured include Stanley Super 800, Niall Connolly, Boa Morte offshoot A Robot Me, The Grunts, Lotus Lullaby and more. It is available on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes etc but we suspect some of the band names are swapped. We’ll try to update with some bio info and a corrected tracklisting in time for next Christmas. Thanks to Bill of Boa Morte for the tip.

Fanning’s Fab Fifty on Mixcloud

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fab50 1995

Towards the end of every year the Fanning’s Fab 50 posts see a significant increase in traffic so it’s fair to say it was part and parcel of Christmas for many. For each of us there’s probably one year that is remembered particularly fondly and is now gathering dust in the attic in the form of a cassette tape or two. For yours truly that year was 1986. Over the lifetime of the site we’ve added to our collection of listings thanks to the efforts of like minded individuals. Last year Tadhg took it upon himself to create Spotify playlists for many of them and they have proved very popular. We have just posted three quarters of Dave’s 2011 radio broadcast to mixcloud where it joins the 2013 edition which is there in all of it’s 4 hour 23 minute glory. 2020 has been tough for many of you so we’d like to wish you a well deserved Happy Christmas. Here’s hoping 2021 will see a return to something resembling normal service..

Blink (1992 Session)

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Blink ireland

Blink are Dermot Lambert (guitar, vocals), Robbie Sexton (keyboards), Brian McLoughlin (bass), Barry Campbell (drums). Blink were signed to major EMI and released three albums. In 2020 they released a 25 track compilation of demos and outtakes called ‘A Demo Of The Universe’. Dermot Lambert was previously in Empty Shell and then with Brian McLoughlin in Rex & Dino. Check out this excellent recent interview for Nessymon. Dermot is active as a solo artist and has a popular show ‘Garageland’ on RTE 2XM promoting new Irish music. Thanks to Dan Hegarty of RTE 2fm for airing as part of his Tuesday night archive session feature.

Cello (1992)

It’s Not My Fault (1992)

Ed’s Got A New Car (1992)


Mary Stokes Band (1989 Session)

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Mary Stokes Band 1989

Formed in 1987, The Mary Stokes Band were from left to right Beki Brindle (guitar), Mary Stokes (vocals), Dermot Stokes (piano), Dave McGuinness (drums), Joe Lahart (bass) and Brian Palm (harmonica). They recorded a Fanning session in 1989, the producer was Jim Lockhart. Some 33 years and 10 albums later the band are still going strong. They are currently recording a new album.

I certainly remember the day. Other than the sense of disbelief that we would go for five tracks – that was considered outrageous! … We took one break when the guitar player did an overdub on ‘Tough Times’, returning to the studio to record the next three tracks in one take each… road hardened, we were playing really comfortably as a unit! The engineer and Jim were somewhat agog…

Tough Times (1989)
Same Thing (1989)
Crazy About You (1989)
The Blues Aint Nothing (1989)
Fine Mellow (1989)

I Am The Waltons (Demo)

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By request on facebook which of course means we can no longer find out by whom, this is a demo from I Am The Waltons, produced we believe by Stan Erraught (The Stars Of Heaven, Sewing Room). There was a subsequent Ian Wilson produced Fanning session featuring ‘Fear of Parked Cars’, ‘Kicking Heads Off Flowers’, ‘Tyndrome’ and ‘Fake’. According to MySpace the band were Saiden Walton (vocals), Cypher Walton (guitar) , Omen Walton (guitar), Scuba Walton (bass),  Bart Walton (bass) and Bubba Walton (drums). We’ll go with that until we find out more but suspect Colm Fitzpatrick (Hey Paulette, Sewing Room) was involved. Colm’s latest musical project is an ambient one Lexicon Of Sound. The Sewing Room back catalogue is now available digitally, ‘Drug Free, ‘And Nico‘ and ‘Sympathy for the Dishevelled‘ and we hear a similar fate awaits an I Am The Waltons release.

J Cloths Big Sermon (1992 Demo)

Engine Alley (1995 Session)

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Engine Alley 1995

On January 16th 1995, shortly before the release of their second album ‘Shot In The Light’ Engine Alley recorded a session for Dave Fanning. We had never heard this session before so a big thank you to Dan Hegarty for airing it once more. Engine Alley are Canice Kenealy (guitar & vocals), Brian Kenealy (guitar), Eamonn Byrne (bass) and Kenneth Rice (violin & keyboards). Jerry Fehily played drums on the session. 

Be sure to check out Dan’s 2fm show not just the Tuesday edition when he visits the archives to feature two repeat sessions; one from Dave Fanning and a second from Dan’s show.

Surprise (1995)

Innocent (1995)

I Can’t Help You (1995)

The Last One (1995)

To celebrate 25 years since the release of ‘Shot In The Light’ as part of his ‘For The Record’ series Dan recently interviewed Canice Kenealy of Engine Alley and asked him about a possible vinyl release (unlikely).

Canice Kenealy Interview (2020)

The Shanks (1992 cassette)

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the shanks 1992

From Newmarket, Co.Cork, The Shanks were Tim Murphy (guitar, vocals), Eoin O’Sullivan (guitar), Mick Hayes (bass) and Niall Lynch (drums). Thanks to Paul McDermott for the suggestion.

Nothing Left To Go Home To (1992)

Gustav (1992)

Funny (1992)

After 40 years Shellshock Rock sees DVD release as part of Cherry Red boxset

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To celebrate the release of ‘Shellshock Rock: Alternative Blasts From Northern Ireland 1977-1984‘ on Cherry Red Records, Stephen McCauley recently hosted a special edition of his BBC Radio Ulster show. It featured very enjoyable interviews with filmmaker John T Davis and Brian Young of RUDI interspersed with tracks from the 3 CD / DVD release. Said boxset now tops at least one Christmas wishlist.

Grand (2001 Session) – 4 remaining tracks

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A couple of years ago (yes where does the time go?) we shared a single track from the 2001 Fanning session by Grand. Today we are delighted to bring you the 4 remaining tracks. From Cork, Grand were Conor O’Toole (vocals & guitar), Tomás Mulcahy (keyboards), Colm O’Sullivan (bass), Niamh O’Shea (drums & vocals) and Johnny Richardson (guitar), with Lorcan MacMuiris (trumpet), Louise O’Flynn (cello) & Catríona Ohora (violin). The session was produced by Pete Holidai in May 2001, check out this cool video of proceedings.

Roundy House


I Could Be The One

100 Kindred Spirits

The Golden Horde (1984 Session)

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the golden horde

Kudos to Dan Hegarty for keeping the Fanning session flame alight. Every Tuesday he features two archive sessions on his show, one of which is a Fanning session. Recent weeks have seen appearances from Whipping Boy, Engine Alley and Kerbdog. Up this week was a session recorded on 10th September 1984 by The Golden Horde. lists The Golden Horde circa 1984 as Simon Carmody (vocals), Bernie Furlong (vocals), Des O’Byrne (guitar), Donal Murray (bass) and Peter O’Kennedy (drums). According to Ian Wilson who produced, the band on this occasion featured Johnny Fean of Horslips on additional guitar. The photo is by Conor Horgan. When questioned on a recent David Hepworth and Mark Ellen video podcast appearance Dave agreed there should be albums of Fanning sessions but said he was “too lazy to do something about it”.

My Wild Love Experience (1984)

Teenage Head (1984)

The Conspiracy (1989 Session)

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the conspiracy

The Conspiracy were Greg Pearle (vocals), Eamon Mitchell (guitar), Keith Geraghty (bass) and Michael Dunphy (drums). There was at least one further track in this 1989 session but unfortunately our tape ran out. We do have a demo ‘Say Goodbye’ which we’ll save for a future post. Eamon Mitchell kindly shared some memories with us on facebook..

The band formed in 1988 out of the ashes of the defunct indie band No Time To Cry. We performed supporting gigs in the Baggot Inn, The Tivoli and The Underground. We played a venue in Galway called Riffs beside where Monroes is now. We won a Battle of the Bands hosted by Leslie Dowdall in Raheny in 1988. We then recorded some demos in Temple Lane Studios. In 1989 we recorded a session for the Dave Fanning RTE 2FM radio show. By summer 1989 we had a loyal following and started headlining our own gigs in the Baggot Inn and Charlie’s on Aungier Street. Charlie McGettigan took over as manager and the band got some high profile gigs supporting Aslan (without Christy). At one point Paul McGuinness came to the Baggot to check us out. Alas London was calling and the band packed up and headed for the big smoke. With a new manager and a management contract signed the band set out to play the Rock Garden in Covent Garden, the Mean Fiddler in Harlesden supporting The Dixons where after our set Dave Fanning burst in with cans of Castlemaine XXXX for the band raving about the gig. The band supported The Fat Lady Sings in the Borderline before heading back to Dublin disheartened and still under contract. While licking our wounds we auditioned for The Commitments.We performed 2 songs for Alan Parker and he said he liked the band the best out of all the auditions but alas we were a rock band and The Commitments were to be a soul band. The band limped on during summer of 1990 and with in house fighting and the dreaded musical differences we broke up in July 1990 not before our swansong gig in Charlie’s supported by a very young Pale and a very very young Lir…time to pass the torch.

Servant (1989)

Ten In The Night (1989)

Auto Da Fe: Trevor Knight interview (2020)

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auto da fe anthology

Auto Da Fe were formed in 1981 by Trevor Knight and Gay Woods (Steeleye Span). Trevor spoke last Sunday to Tom Dunne about the recent release of an anthology ‘When the Curtain goes Bang!‘. Originally intended as download only, there was a subsequent limited run of CDs (CDRs? See comment) for radio a number of which were made available for sale. Four of the singles were produced by Phil Lynnot and some years later Gil Norton oversaw a number of recordings.

Trevor Knight interview (2020)

Wilt (2000 Session revisited)

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From Kilkenny, Wilt were Cormac Battle (vocals/guitar), Darragh Butler (drums) and Mick Murphy (bass). They recorded a session for Dave Fanning in 2000 two tracks of which ‘Peroxatine’ and ‘Radio Disco‘ were released on a limited edition version of ‘Bastinado’. Cormac and Darragh were previously members of Kerbdog who recently announced vinyl reissues of albums ‘Kerbdog’ and ‘On The Turn’. Thanks to Alan Lee and Brendan for the tracks and Pete for the prompt.

Never A Friend (2000)
I Want It All (2000)
Peroxatine (2000)

Songs In My Head – Leo Moran of The Saw Doctors

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leo moran amkelly

A recent Irish Times article by Conor Pope (The Hunting Toadstools) celebrating 30 years of ‘N17’ by The Sawdoctors reminded us of a very enjoyable episode of Ann Marie Kelly‘s RTE Radio 1 series ‘Songs In My Head‘ from last November. We had already featured The Sawdoctors 1990 Fanning session but the programme prompted us to dig out some demos from another Tuam band Blaze X. Coincidentally Leo was recently a guest on Sunday Miscellany waxing lyrical on his hometown.

Peter Green R.I.P.

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peter green alone with the blues

To many listeners of Irish night time radio the opening bars of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Oh Well’ are forever engraved in memory transporting in an instant, raising the hairs on the back of the neck. The song which served as intro to the Dave Fanning show for many years was written and performed by Peter Green founder member of Fleetwood Mac who has sadly passed away in his sleep at the age of 73. Fittingly Dave kicked off today’s show with his old intro and was joined by long time producer Ian Wilson to pay tribute. In typical fashion Ian was to remind Dave that he actually interviewed Peter on one occasion for the show. Dave for his part recalled accidentally walking in on a BP Fallon interview at Lisdoonvarna in 1983 where the interviewer had fallen asleep but the interviewee either hadn’t noticed or was too polite to stop.

Ian Wilson on Peter Green (2020)

Kitsch Is Rich (1986)

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kitsch is rich

I honestly don’t understand how we’ve gotten this far without posting on one of, to my mind at least, the great lost Irish bands. Winners of the Smithwicks Rock & Pop Award in 1985, Kitsch Is Rich were a 4 piece band from Derry featuring the talents of Colum McKeever (guitar/vocals), Tony Morrison (guitar/vocals), Paul Edwards (bass/vocals) and Tommy Alford (drums). They can be seen on on YouTube performing this track for ‘Visual Eyes‘. mentions a session for Radio Foyle and we know of a live recording broadcast by Colm Arbuckle of that same station. If you have any band recordings (was this track released as a single?) or memories of seeing/hearing them please get in touch.

Kitsch Is Rich ‘Million Miles’ (1986)

The Housemartins – Dave Fanning Interview (1986)

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the housemartins

Paul Heaton has been posting some old photos of The Housemartins and that reminded us of this interview which shockingly we had never posted. The band were in Ireland for a tour which took in The Bridge (Waterford), Horans (Tralee), Queens University (Belfast) and the evening of this interview on Oct 17th the Olympic Ballroom (Dublin). The audio quality at times is not the best but hopefully it is still an enjoyable listen. Thank you stilpix for sharing.

The Pleasure Cell / Top Hat Music Exhibition – a guest post by Michael Murphy

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Deko of Paranoid Visions recently posted on Facebook that the Pleasure Cell single, ‘New Age‘ was his favourite Irish single of the 1980s. Niall McGuirk of the Hope Collective (promoters of Green Day, Fugazi, Chumbawamba etc) said it was his favourite single ever by an Irish band. The following is an essay by Michael Murphy who is coordinating an exhibition on the history of the Top Hat as a music venue in Dún Laoghaire.

pleasure cell - new age

There was a band I loved in Dublin, who played the Ivy Rooms and the Undergound a fair bit. My friend, Mick McCaughan, was the Ents Officer in Trinity and he loved them too. He gave them gigs and he helped other great bands like Paranoid Visions and the Horde by giving them gigs in Trinity. He brought Serious Drinking to the college, and he encouraged serious drinking by arranging the Pogues’ first headlining tour of Ireland. They were blistering in McGonagles. He also brought over some righteous French punk bands by cleverly convincing the French embassy that it was a cultural event. Which it was. A huge plate glass window was smashed on the night by some disgruntled youngsters.
Brilliantly, he hired the Meteors to play at the Trinity Ball, but an assault conviction scuppered that, so he instead hired the Virgin Prunes, who didn’t have any convictions preventing them from playing and being brilliant. He also helped lots of other acts who were starting off like Barry Moore, Cry Before Dawn and Hothouse Flowers.
Anyhow, the Pleasure Cell, who were great, asked him to manage them. He said he couldn’t since he was going to Nicaragua because he loved the Clash’s Sandinista album so much. Which was true.
pleasure cell top hat ticket
The band then asked me to work with them, because I was friends with Mick. I helped them as much as I could. And we saved enough money to release a single. They recorded the two songs in county Meath. Which could have been Ireland’s Muscle Shoals, but it wasn’t. And when the songs didn’t sound great the next day, we got on the bus to ask if we could spend some more time, and some of the money we didn’t really have, to make them sound better. There’s nothing like travelling on a CIE bus down the country on a weekday, listening to Roly Daniels on RTE to make you feel like you’ll never be heard.
Anyhow the single got done. We got a student in NCAD to help with designing the sleeve, although I wanted it to look as cool as Vox magazine and to look a bit ‘monumental’ too. So it was done in black and gold on matt paper. We had to cut every one of them into the shape of a record sleeve as we saved a few pounds by not having them professionally cut. Not only do you save a few pounds, but you also get to inhale industrial glue for hours at a time in a garden shed if you do it like that.
pleasure cell - back
As I pasted every one of the sleeves together I would gaze at the band’s photo, which, by accident, had the negative of the photograph instead of an image you could make out. It did look good though.
Flush with 300 copies in hand-made sleeves and full of optimism and glue fumes we dropped one off at RTE for Dave Fanning and Ian Wilson. Realistically we figured that no one else there would even listen to it. Brilliantly, the test pressing that we handed in had the labels on the wrong side of the single. If you thought you were playing the A-side you were actually listening to the B-side which was recorded in 90 minutes and was not Irish rock’s high point. We had blown the chance to impress the only person we really wanted to impress in Ireland.
Amazingly Ian Wilson was impressed enough by the B-side, masquerading as the A-side, to give the band a Dave Fanning Session. This was a complete thrill, and a decent payday. If you weren’t around in the 1980s music scene you may not appreciate just how much a few hundred quid could matter. It wasn’t just the money. It was that someone who played the music we loved (except when he played Led Zeppelin for lads in Cork or Thurles) was willing to give us a chance.
We wanted to get attention for our new release, so we spray-painted 10 bricks with the anarchist slogan, “Imagine The Power Of One Brick In One Hand…” Well, we actually only painted one of them with the full slogan. It was in black and gold so it was a quality product. On the others we just wrote ‘Imagine the Power’ which may have appealed to some very spiritually devoted people, or it may have given the New Age self-help movement in Ireland a timely boost.
The brick was well reviewed in the Irish music press. It got more attention than the single to be honest. But we persevered. And they were an incredible band, with the ferocity of the US hardcore bands, but the melodic guile of the Stranglers. There was nothing like them, so there was no movement for them to be part of.

pleasure cell top hat setlist

At this time, and people who went to see bands in the mid-to-late 1980s will understand this, a man moved to Dublin. To us, he was ‘The Man’. The musician we most admired. The man who could listen to Van Morrison and Bob Dylan yet not sound crap. It was as if Joe Strummer got married to Patti Smith and moved to Newgrange. Mike Scott. The Waterboys. Man, and I use that word with such fear, he was as cool as could be. Those first three albums were sublime to us.
One day he walked into the shop where I worked, The Diceman. The drummer, Will, from the Pleasure Cell worked there too. Mike Scott was looking for a chess set, Newgrange probably gets boring of an evening. We got chatting, he was a super nice guy and we told him that the Pleasure Cell played one of his songs: ‘Be My Enemy’. He said that was cool and off he went.
A few weeks later, he arrived in a busy Underground on a Saturday night. He brought his guitar and climbed up on that little stage behind the rickety red picket fence thing, and he joined the Pleasure Cell. For five minutes. But it was five minutes of pure magic. Pure decently too. He had lots of things he could be doing on a Dublin Saturday night. Yet he took time to visit a young local band, to take them seriously, to collaborate with them for a few brief moments that were played back in our minds over and over again for years.
The Pleasure Cell never ‘made it’. And what does that even mean? But on that night, when our favourite rock star was ‘one of us’, there was no place I would rather have been. No performance I would rather have seen.
The Pleasure Cell were Noel Green (guitar & vocals), Dermot Reid (bass) and Will Walsh (drums).
Michael Murphy was part of the Dublin DIY music scene in the 1980s before emigrating to London where he worked for Virgin Records, and then to New York to work for Imago Records (Henry Rollins, Aimee Mann). Later he set up his own music management company. He is now lectures about the music industry at Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology and has written extensively about the Irish and global music industries.

The Ramones on the BP Fallon Orchestra (1985)

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Marc Bolan meets the Ramones, introduced by BP Fallon,  photographed by Richard Young. London 1976

On 25th June 1985 The Ramones played the TV Club in Dublin. The same day they did interviews with Dave Fanning and this one by Dee Dee and Joey with BP Fallon for the BP Fallon Orchestra. Thank you once again to the taper for digitising especially for us. If you have any further BPFO recordings we’d love to hear from you. Photo via tribe4mian.

The Damned on the BP Fallon Orchestra (1985)

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bp damned

In 1985 BP Fallon welcomed Dave Vanian and Rat Scabies of The Damned to the RTE studio for a very entertaining conversation on his show the BP Fallon Orchestra. The recording coincided with their show at the SFX in Dublin on 13th Sept 1985. A big thank you once again to the taper who also provided the photograph.

Citizens Of Boomtown – The Story of Bob Geldof and Boomtown Rats (2020)

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bob geldof and dave fanning 2020

Citizens Of Boomtown‘ is a Billy Magra documentary telling the story of Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats. It features contributions from Bono, Sting, Sinead O’Connor, Joseph O’Connor, Neil McCormick among others. It was broadcast on RTE1 in March and Saturday sees the UK premiere on BBC2 at 9.20pm. Bob was a guest on Dave Fanning’s weekend show on March 21st to talk about the film, the new album and lyric book. The Blackpool Sentinel have an excellent review here.

Also on BBC1 NI this Sunday at 10.30pm is a welcome showing of the Terri Hooley biopic ‘Good Vibrations‘. RTE1 meanwhile has quietly started season 3 of Pat Shortt’s archive dig ‘Music From D’Telly‘, more details to follow.

Captain Sensible on the BP Fallon Orchestra (1985)

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On July 14th 1985 BP Fallon recorded a special London edition of his show the BP Fallon Orchestra with Captain Sensible as “guide”. The show was broadcast on RTE Radio 2 in August 1985, the photo is from the RTE Guide. Many thanks to the taper who digitised it especially for us, no mean feat given the state of said cassette some 35 years later. Fingers crossed for further BPFO shows featuring Joey & Dee Dee Ramone (1985) and Rat Scabies & Dave Vanian of The Damned (1986).

First stop on the voyage was The Cricketers in Kennington to see Basil’s Balls-Up Band. Then it was off to the Vauxhall Tavern and a chat with drag artist Candy DuBarry. This is followed by a visit to the Royal Festival Hall where Swan Lake is being performed and a chat with Steve Marriot. Next stop is the Marquee and a chat with Johnny Thunders. Then they accidentally bump into P.P. Arnold (who we at the end of the show are told features in next week’s BPFO). Then it’s on to an Adult Video store which was the site of the 2i’s Coffee Bar in Old Compton Street. Finally it’s off to the Hippodrome and a chat with the manager Roger Howe. The last item is a chat with some members of Frankie goes to Hollywood. The show was produced by Willie O’Reilly.

As always we’d love to hear what you think, can you remember the broadcast, do you have any BPFO episodes in the attic?

The Frames (1991 Demo)

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Sunday Miscellany last week on RTE Radio 1 featured an essay ‘Glen’s Gift‘ by Jackie Lynam. Our first thoughts when the piece finished were, does she still have the tape? Of course we reached out and Jackie was kind enough to share today’s featured track. Seafort Parade is an unreleased song from a cassette of demos given to Jackie by Glen Hansard the day before The Frames entered the studio to record their debut album. The photo is by Eoin O’B who by the looks of it also has some interesting tapes in his attic. For loads more Frames memories be sure to check out orderinthesound.

Seafort Parade (1991 demo)

The Riordans – Greener Elsewhere (1988)

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From Dublin, The Riordans were Pat Clafferty (vocals/acoustic guitar), Jill Hahn (guitar) Damien Byrne (bass) and Milo Madden (drums). Jill and Pat went on to form Mexican Pets where they were joined by Derrick Dalton of Hey Paulette (bass). Pat was later in Wheel who recorded a session which we would love to hear. Thanks to Pat for the photo of himself and Jill taken in Eustace St beside the old practice rooms opposite where the IFI entrance is now.

The Riordans – Greener Elsewhere (1988)

The Sugar Rays (1988 Session)

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sugar rays - borderline 1988

The Sugar Rays were Senan Burke (vocals), Dianne Steen (keyboards), Anthony Cregan (bass), Brendan Connolly (guitar), Enda Cahill (drums). This session was recorded for Dave Fanning in April 1988. Thank you Thomas for the tape and Jack for the request.

Elvis Presley On CD (1988)

Milkboy (1988)

Toulouse Lautrec (1988)

Bulletproof (1988)

Marty Lundy (Katmandu) R.I.P.

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marty lundy

Marty Lundy of new wave act Katmandu who died on Tuesday at his home in Belfast aged 68. Photo courtesy

Dave Heffernan ‘TX’ interview

Irish Nuggets: Original Artefacts From The Irish Alternative Music Scene 1977-99

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These are strange times. The last weeks round these parts have been brightened listening to the two new installments of the excellent Irish Nuggets series. These are chronological compilations of Irish alternative releases, few if any of which troubled the charts, in other words hours of music you will not be hearing on your radio any time soon. If Cherry Red were to put out a box set looking at the Irish music scene they could do worse than simply releasing these tracks. Thank you Irish Nuggets for your sterling work on these mammoth mixtapes. Click the titles below for tracklistings and sleeve notes.

Volume 8: 1994-95

Volume 7: 1992-93

Volume 6: 1990-91

Volume Five: 1988-89

Volume Four: 1985-87

Volume Three: 1982-84

Volume Two: 1980-81

Volume One: 1977-79