Cuba Dares (1984 Session)

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cuba dares

We noticed an incoming link recently from a Cloudberry Records blog piece on Scale The Heights. Interest piqued we did a search on the site for mentions of other Irish bands and came across a couple of names that we have not yet featured. This inspired some renewed crate digging and this post is the first fruits of that labour. We recommend you read the original article and the very interesting comments.

Formed by Blaithín Clance and Ronan Stokes in 1982, Cuba Dares recorded two Fanning sessions – the first on 11/10/1982 featured ‘Dirty Back Road’, ‘Cuba Dares’, ‘Zig Zags’ and ‘Want’. The second session recorded on 03/09/1984 featured ‘Over Forever’, ‘My Endeavour With Leather’, ‘Shaved Inside Your Head’ and ‘Ghost of Enchantment’. The full band lineup was Blathain Clancy (vocals), Ronan Stokes (guitar), Rory Stokes (guitar/keyboards), Chris McKenna (bass) and John McGrath (drums). They released an EP in 1986 ‘One Nine Eight Six’ which featured ‘Yellow and Red’, Sweet Ephemeral’ and ‘Lost Without A Trace’ check out the band’s Myspace page to listen. Another track ‘Wrapped Up’ was apparently used on a regular basis as the outro for “Ireland’s most popular radio rock show” so we’d love to track that down.

My Endeavour With Leather (1984)

Shaved Inside Your Head (1984)

Ben E. King – Mickey Bradley Interview (1986)

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ben e king

Sadly Ben E. King recently passed away at the age of 76. To commemorate Ben here’s an interview he did with Mickey Bradley back in 1986 when the soul legend visited Derry.

Ben E King – Mickey Bradley Interview (1986)

The Floors (Session)

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The Floors were from Carlow and based around singer/songwriter David Donohue (vocals). The lineup at the time of the Fanning session is unclear but according to the band also featured two members of Azure Days – Ray Lowry (bass) and Ger Farrell (drums) in addition to Maria McKee (vocals & piano), Liam O’Brien (guitar), Shaun O’Dell (saxophone), Vinnie Murphy (keyboards) and Tania D’ileo (vocals). The Floors released ‘Truths & Distortions’ on Setanta (1992) followed by ‘Superbe’ (1996) on Dead Elvis and ‘Morphine Watch’ (1998) on Tongued ‘N’ Grooved.

I can See It Happening

How Can You Be So Cruel

Thanks I’m Speechless

She Floated Into Heaven

Pet Sounds with George Byrne (1999)

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There have been many great tributes made to George Byrne who recently passed away all too young. The current issue of Hot Press is a good starting point. We thought we would pay tribute in the only way we know how – by posting a radio show. This one features George sitting in for Tom Dunne on his ‘Pet Sounds’ show on TodayFM back on a bank holiday in 1999. If you would like to read a nice tribute to George we particularly enjoyed this piece on Dublin Review of Books.

todayfm 7-9pm bank holiday monday with engineer gavin blake

the hormones – mr wilson
beach boys – god only knows
teenage fanclub – is this music
blur – there is no other way
happy mondays – kinky afro
“powerpop paradise”
cotton mather – my before & after
pugwash – darkness makes us blind
jason faulkner – lucky day
al green – take me to the river
nina simone – to love somebody
aslan – hurt sometimes (live)
go-betweens – bachelor kisses
suede – metal mickey
{the rubinoos – amnesia}
{fountain of wayne – barbara h}
brad jones – the blunderbuss
shelby lynne – leaving
lucinda williams – metal firecracker ?
dusty springfield – i close my eyes
“2 tracks for my girlfriend”
matthew sweet – someone to pull the trigger
matthew sweet – if time permits
the replacements – alex chilton
big star – when my baby’s beside me
teenage fanclub – aint that enough
the radiators – million dollar hero
david bowie – hang on to yourself
the smiths – panic
mink deville – just to walk that little girl home

Pet Sounds with George Byrne (1999) by Fanningsessions on Mixcloud

Bunny Hoover (1996)

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From Dublin, Bunny Hoover were Niall Meagher (vocals & guitar), James Guinevan (guitar & vocals), Martin Arthur (bass & vocals) and Ronan McDonnell (drums). James, Niall and Martin were previously in The Visitors. The band released a debut album ‘Cheaper In China‘ in 1995. These tracks however are from a tape of their unreleased second album recorded in 1996. Producer of the tracks which were recorded at Bow Lane Studios was Paul Thomas. If you have any further details or even a band photo please get in touch.

Unpopular (1996)

Happy (1996)

Ask At The Front Desk (1996)

The Baby Snakes (1985 Session)

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Photo by Michael Rynne,  L-R Pat O'Brien (bass), Niall O'Sullivan (guitars), Frank Rynne (vocals) Ciaran Byrne (drums)

Photo by Michael Rynne, L-R Pat O’Brien (bass), Niall O’Sullivan (guitars), Frank Rynne (vocals) Ciaran Byrne (drums)

The Baby Snakes recorded a three track Fanning session on 14th October 1985 of which we have two tracks. The band were Frank Rynne (vocals & guitar), Niall O’Sullivan (guitar), Dick Barry (bass), Ciaran O’Brien (drums) and John Ryan (keyboards). Check out for full details and some great press clippings.

The Prophet (1985)

Moonlight (1985)

The Honey Thieves (1990 Session)

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honey thieves

From Dublin, The Honey Thieves were Dave Lavelle (vocals), Derek Turner (guitar), Peter Doyle (bass) and Sean Ryan (drums). Derek Turner was previously in Guernica while Sean Ryan was a member of The Swinging Swine and The Candyshop.

Trip Around The World (1990)

What You Got It For (1990)

Don’t Let Time Get Away (1990)

I Feel (1990)


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