Belsonic Sound (1986 Session)


From Cork, Belsonic Sound were Finny Corcoran (guitar & vocals), Gene Russel (bass), Jim O’Mahony (keyboards) and John McCormack (drums). This is the first of two Fanning sessions the band recorded, Jim has the other so hopefully will be able to post that soon.

Long Defeat (1986)

Blinded (1986)

Seperate Reality (1986)

11 Responses to “Belsonic Sound (1986 Session)”

  1. Thomas Erbsloh Says:

    What a great live band. The drummer was John McCormack from Kilkenny by the way. John left & was replaced, but i`m certain that was in the late 80s or early 90s, not 86. Probably because of the Kilkenny connection, they used to play there quite a lot (even after John left). What a live band. They played Henderson`s very regularly (along with a rake of Cork bands)

  2. Described as ‘the best dance band in Ireland’ by various commentators, this band would rock any joint and established a large following. Many happy heaving sweaty nights around the country with these lads. As Thomas says – one great live band with a great vibe behind them.

  3. In 80’s Cork we were blessed with some great bands that played for free in pubs around town and Belsons were one of them…Dayscent…

  4. John Mac Says:

    Thats correct Thomas, my surname is McCormack. Finny (singer) started calling me Kilkenny because I was indeed from Kilkenny. We have some amazing shows at Hendersons, Willy Henderson the owner loved the band and music. Great times.

  5. Thomas Erbsloh Says:

    John, how are you??? Last time I saw you, you were doing the mixing desk for Ciara Dillon in Waterford & before that doing same job for Beth Orton in Kilkenny – both are years ago by now. How has life been treating you?

  6. They went down great at Top Floor, Savoy, Limerick, too. Great live band.

  7. rastapaul970 Says:

    Good instrumentals, all right sound-not “Roots Solid”. I thought “Tweed”,1983 “Horses’ Collar” really captured the feeling better !
    Cheers, RASTA PAUL.

  8. I new them as simply “Belson” back in the early to mid 80’s. My favourite song from them was “Orange and Green”. Great band. “Five Go down to the sea” recently played a reunion gig in the savoy in Cork, well, Ricky the original bass player was there. A reunion gig from Belson would be very interesting.

  9. Thomas Erbsloh Says:

    what a great idea (reunion gig) I`ll be up at the front for it. I think they changed their name from Belson to Belsonic Sound, when someone told them that there was a Nazi concentration camp, called Bergen-Belsen, sounding very similar

  10. That person, I believe was the man himself “Dave Fanning”.

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