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The Would Be’s (1990 Session)

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would be's hot press

Today’s post was prompted by Abstract Analogue who posted a March 22nd 1990 Hot Press interview by Tony Clayton-Lea with The Would Be’s. From Kingscourt, Co. Cavan, The Would Be’s were Julie McDonnell (vocals), Mattie Finnegan (guitar), Paul Finnegan (guitar), Eamonn Finnegan (bass), Pascal Smith (drums), Aidine O’Reilly (trombone, sax,, violin). Eileen Gogan, most recently to be found performing with Microdisney at the National Concert Hall, also fronted the band for a number of years. Serendipitously the band met at the launch of Tony’s ‘101 Irish Records You Must Hear Before You Die‘ and decided to give it another go. They subsequently released ‘Beautiful Mess‘ in 2013 and performed around the country. The remaining session tracks were ‘All This Rubbish’, ‘Funny Ha Ha’, ‘My Radio Sounds Different In The Dark’.

So This Is Not The End Of The World (1990)

the would be's

Richard III

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RICHARD III were a thrash metal band from Cavan active in the early 1990’s. They released two demos ‘Drunken Wisdom’ and ‘Feel No Pain’ and recorded one Fanning session. They also made a video which featured on the RTE/2fm Beatbox. The band was Séamus Hughes (vocals), Mickey McDonnell (guitar), Fintan McCaffrey (guitar), Gary Higgins (drums) and Glen Gardiner (bass). Rodney Lancashire (guitar) featured in an earlier lineup. A big thank you to the excellent Irish Metal Archive for the band photo and bio. If you have any further details on the track or the band please leave a comment.

State Of Insanity

The Would Be’s (1988 Demo)

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The Would-Be's circa 1990's

The Would Be’s are no strangers round these parts but this track was a welcome surprise. It’s a demo version of ‘Must It Be’ featuring a male vocal and it’s impressive how good it sounds. The Would Be’s are undergoing something of a renaissance reforning and releasing an excellent album ‘Beautiful Mess‘ in 2013. They play The Dock Arts Centre, Carrick On Shannon on March 21st.

Must It Be (1988)

The Fireflys

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fireflys megamix 1988

This band came up recently on the Tom Dunne show where The Strypes performed on the Christmas special. Tom mentioned that there was a parental link to The Fireflys so some research was in order, Cavan is decidedly underrepresented on this site so this was as opportunity to rectify that.


According to the Irish Rock Discography, The Fireflys were John Walsh, Barry Walsh, Niall Walsh and Paul Cox (drums). Niall Walsh is indeed manager of The Strypes and father of drummer Evan.

The first clip is a track which is very familiar but which I havent yet placed is a performance of ‘Love Train’ on RTE’s Action Station Saturday.

The second is an RTE Late Late Show performance.

Further details and clarifications are as usual most welcome.

The Would Be’s – Workman’s Club 31st March

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Cavan’s finest The Would Be’s have just cheered up many a jangly pop fan with the news that they are to support The Frank & Walters at their upcoming Workman’s Club date. Incidentally Tony Clayton-Lea was the first DJ to give the band airtime, playing a reel to reel copy of ‘I’m Hardly Ever Wrong’ over and over, this initial exposure leading to the band being picked up first by Dave Fanning and then by John Peel. Tony had a show on LMFM at the time and before that on pirate Boyneside Radio. If anyone has any recordings of that show we’d love to give them an airing. These two tracks are from the 1988 Comet Tape Three cassette compilation.

Addicted To The Predictable (1988)

I Want To Say What Goes Without Saying (1988)

And here the official press release:

The Would Be’s, a little known Irish combo from the early 90’s (but you may know them from such songs as ‘I’m Hardly Ever Wrong’ and ‘My Radio Sounds Different In The Dark’) would like it to be known that they are reforming to play as guests of indietastic Cork band The Frank And Walters in The Workman’s Club Dublin Sat 31st March 2012.

Some of the original members of The Would Be’s had the good fortune to meet up a few months ago at the launch of Tony Clayton-Lea’s new book ‘101 Irish Records That You Must Hear Before You Die‘ (one of those records happens to be ‘I’m Hardly Ever Wrong’ a John Peel and Morrissey favourite from the heydays of indie pop songs. After reminiscing about past gigs and after drinking a few mugs of tea and few jugs of beer, they decided that it might just be the right time to get back together to relive those heydays (as you do after a few jugs of beer……and a few mugs of tea!). A tin of Brasso was ordered from the local hardware shop the next day to shine up their trombones, saxophones, guitars, drums and microphones.

Original Would Be’s members Julie McDonnell, Aideen O’Reilly, Matt, Eamonn and Paul Finnegan are now busy shining and brushing up on their indie pop repertoire to ready themselves for what promises to be a wonderful night of pop, fun and frolics and ……stuff! with the Frank and Walters. This might just be the indie gig of the year …….and I’m hardly ever wrong!!!!!


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A week ago, a comment on the Dublin Opinion post “GREAT IRISH BANDS, PART 29: THE WOULD BE’s” asked about a song played by John Peel on the BBC World Service in February 1996. The song was by Pillow and apparently was a new single from Would Be’s founder members Mattie and Eamonn Finnegan. After some detective work the poster managed to track down a recording of the song but further details have so far proved elusive.

Little Idiots

The Panic Merchants (Demo)

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FS PanicMerchantsPosterGrattan

From Cavan and Donegal but based in Dublin, The Panic Merchants went through two distinct phases; 1986-1987 from whence today’s tracks date and 1989-1991 when they had a second bite at the proverbial cherry. Originally The Panic Merchants were Justin Kelly (vocals), David Meagher (guitar), Paddy Glackin (bass) and Noel Larkin (drums). Aidan McNamara (bass) replaced Paddy Glackin in 1989 and Stephen Farrell (keyboards) joined in 1990. During their first outing the band had a track ‘Retro’ featured on the ‘Comet 2‘ compilation. The second lineup released the ‘Firewalking’ EP and recorded a further single ‘Swerve’ which was never released. They did get a call from Jim Lockhart, producer on the Fanning show about recording a session but unfortunately it never came to to pass. These tracks are from a demo the band recorded in 1986/1987.

FS PanicMerchantsRockGarden 1991


Happy Home


The Would Be’s (1990)

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The Would-Be's circa 1990's

From Kingscourt in Co. Cavan, The Would Be’s were formed in 1989 by the Finnegan brothers from ashes of The Nobody’s. The Would Be’s were Julie McDonnell (vocals), Mattie Finnegan (guitar), Paul Finnegan (guitar), Eamonn Finnegan (bass), Pascal Smith (drums), Aidine O’Reilly (trombone/sax/violin ). They released a self financed single ‘I’m Hardly Ever Wrong’ in 1990 on Danceline Records which was championed by John Peel for whom they recorded a session in February that same year. The single made it to number 12 in that year’s Festive Fifty. Julie McDonnell later left and was replaced by Eileen Gogan. The band broke up in 1992 but reformed for some gigs in 2000 with Karen Cunningham on vocals duties. Check out their entry in the Dublin Opinion ‘Great Irish Bands’ series.

I’m Hardly Ever Wrong (1990)