Cypress, Mine! (1986 Session)


From Cork, Cypress Mine! were Ciaran O’Tuama (vocals), Ian Olney (guitar), Denis O’Mullane (bass) and Mark Healy (drums). They last featured here a mere 4 years ago and now finally we have uncovered the elusive Fanning session. Thank you to the owner of this tape whose shoebox of cassettes means activity around these parts is about to pick up. This session was recorded on 21st April 1986.

I remember that session in RTE for a few reasons. One was they had to change a plug and had to send for an electrician as no-one else was allowed do it. We also had our own engineer with us and they wouldn’t let him touch any of the gear. We needed reverb in the studio we were in and they had to ring someone and have the reverb re-routed from one of the other studios to the one we were in. I still have no idea how they did that. Top that off with “you can’t have a copy of what you just recorded …” and you have a memorable day right there 🙂

Mark Healy

The Wait (1986)

Jeffrey St Ledger (1986)

Niall O’Flaherty’s Porsche (1986)

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