The Furious Colour (1986 Session)

I should probably make life easier for myself and only post tracks by bands that I know something about. Anyway today’s installment is by a band called The Furious Colour and is from a session recorded on 30th June 1986. The session featured 3 tracks, ‘Torn Apart’, ‘Carrion’ and ‘Closer’. In a review of Cork Folk Festival in a recently uncovered issue of Hot Press (Vol 11 No 19 Oct 8th 1987) Tony O’Donoghue writes:

The madness of a wonderful weekend was underlined by the trip from the Opera House to Sir Henrys. Here The Furious Colour were playing an inspired country-rock set with Kieran Kennedy and Liam Murphy swopping guitar licks to exhilaring effect.

Kieran Kennedy of course went on to form The Black Velvet Band with future wife Maria Doyle.

Closer (1986)

2 Responses to “The Furious Colour (1986 Session)”

  1. Amazing song, thanks. Are you sure this is the correct band name? I literally can’t find anything about them anywhere

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    It could be ‘That Furious Colour’ but otherwise I’m pretty sure. Have corrected the date and added some further details on the session. I searched the Hot Press archive but found only this passing reference and it may not even be to them:

    “Trad players (aside from Gerry O’Connor and The Furious Colour) still wear wooly jumpers and live at home.”
    Critics Roundup 1986, Molly McAnailly Burke (sic)

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