LMNO Pelican

LMNO Pelican

From Cork, LMNO Pelican were left to right; Derry Callanan (bass), Fergus Keane (guitar), Patrick Garrett (vocals) and now sadly deceased, Brendan Butler (drums). They recorded this four track Fanning session at a guess in 1991, the final track ‘Appleskin Thin’ has yet to be located. Derry, Fergus and Pats are currently attracting attention on the national airwaves with ex Rulers Of The Planet men Niall Lynch and Dave Senior as Jonny Rep.

‘Toys’ (1991)

‘Ennehy Fish’ (1991)

‘Call Yossarian’ (1991)

8 Responses to “LMNO Pelican”

  1. Love it! Had their Red Dot EP on tape. Couldn’t find anything else by them. Call Yossarian… tune!

  2. played with these lads in The Rock Garden around 20 years ago (i think) – Lovely lads. They also released a ‘Boutros Boutros’ vinyl E.P.

  3. Jonnyrep Says:

    Can get anyone that wants the mp3s of the boutrous boutrous ep

  4. Boutros Boutros is the best named EP ever. Truly legendary – there was a tape circulating in the 90s with a few live tracks too (including an amazing ‘Faith, Hope and Charity’). Anybody remember the earlier incarnations of LMNO, Red Square(?) and Fred?

    RIP Brendan, a mental drummer and an *absolute* gentleman. Sadly missed.

  5. Fred but also The Outside ? before that

  6. some of the lmno-ers are in jonny rep… http://www.breakingtunes.com/jonnyrep

  7. […] of mid-Pixies agit-guitars and lots of circular strains. Or PET LAMB and IN MOTION and LIFT and LMNO PELICAN and TREEHOUSE and IN DUST and SCARY EIRE and THE FAR […]

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