No Name Band (1985 demo)

no name band

From Navan, No Name Band were Francis Geraghty (guitar), Mark McGoona (guitar), Damien McGoona (bass), Derek McGoona (saxophone) and Tony Smyth (drums). This particular track was played by Dave Fanning on his radio show and also performed by the band on the RTE TV show ‘Jobsuss’, the band released one single ‘Sweet Sensation‘ in 1985. For more information please read the entry (anyone heard from Eamonn recently?) and leave a comment if you have any memories or corrections.

Sweet Sensation (1985)

She’s My Girl (1985)

3 Responses to “No Name Band (1985 demo)”

  1. Derek McGoona played Sax on the original 7″ Single release of Aslan’s “Loving Me Lately”.

  2. Is it just those 2 tracks on the demo?

  3. There are 8 songs on the demo, the remaining tracks are ‘Dreamer’s Life, ‘Viscous Circle’, ‘How Can You Tell Me (Oh My Son)’, ‘Cruel World’, ‘Start Believing’ and ‘Maybe, Someday’.

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