Tie The Boy (1986 Demo)

tie the boy demo inlay

From Derry, Tie The Boy were Kevin Williams (vocals & guitar), Peter Cunnah (guitar), Gerry Diver (bass) and Tim Hegarty (drums). They recorded two sessions for Dave Fanning and released one single on Money Records which I remember buying but can no longer locate. Thanks to irishstu68 for the demo inlay and to you know who for the tracks. Peter Cunnah of course went on to fame and fortune with D:Ream and hosted a 6 episode show ‘Beats for Better Days‘ on BBC Radio Ulster in 2021.

Now You’re Gone (1986)
The Pink Flamingo (1986)
You’ve Been Talking To That Boy Again (1986)

2 Responses to “Tie The Boy (1986 Demo)”

  1. Is that the same Peter that was in DReam?

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