Bawl (1996 Session)


From Dublin, Bawl were Mark Cullen (vocals, guitar), Darren Cullen (guitar), Stephen McBride (bass) and Jason Cullen (drums). This session was recorded for Dave Fanning in May 1996 and rebroadcast by Dan Hegarty on October 27th 2021. Shortly after recording this session they released their debut album ‘Year Zero’. Circa 1999 they became Fixed Stars and in 2000 added A House alumni Martin Healy and David Morrissey to become Pony Club. In 2010 Mark Cullen formed The Unruly Trinity with Simon Quigley and Colm Keegan. Thanks to irishmusicdb for the photo and band chronology.

Older & Older (1996)

Beyond Safeways (1996)

Mistake (1996)

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