The 3355409’s

Another Cork act to feature on the Comet LP Two compilation were The 3355409’s. According to ‘Cork Rock‘ the original lineup comprised David O’Connell (guitar), Jerry Buckley (bass), Stephanie Vink, Ruth Beecher (vocals) and Anne O’Halloran (drums) and were active 1987-1988, Caroline O’Connell (bass) was also a member from 1986 – 1988 (see comments below). however lists Paul Prior (drums) and the start date as 1984. Both agree that Morty McCarthy (drums) also featured. Paul Linehan (bass) came to one rehearsal but as David explains in a comment below decided not to join. Check out some of the band in the comments to this Dublin Opinion article on 80s Irish psychobilly.


Barbarous (1987)

9 Responses to “The 3355409’s”

  1. David O'Connell Says:

    Just one small correction! Paul Linehan was never a member of the 3355409s! He was asked to join but came to only one rehearsal. He didn’t elect to join the band because we were very grumpy with him for turning up really late! He tells it pretty well as it was in Cork Rock! Sorry Paul! We were all very grumpy at the time. You were the last in a long line of people who turned up for a tryout really late. The others were mainly drummers. We had lost all patience by then!

  2. David O'Connell Says:

    The 3355409s stopped work in 1988

  3. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks David, I have updated the post!

  4. Damien Mullally Says:

    Caroline O’Connell played bass for a couple of years too before heading back to Oz!!

  5. Caroline Parr Says:

    Here is a copy of The 33554-ohh-nines, the 1986-1988 line up of the 3355409’s playing ‘Blood on Your Face’ in the Parnell Place rehearsal rooms. It’s rusty but it’s Rock’n’Roll.

  6. Saw them play on the roof of outside toilet of Western Star on way back from Lark by the Lee that U2 played at.Morty was on drums and there were 2 female vocalists..

  7. Paul Prior Says:

    Paul Prior (me) was on drums from probably 85 till 87 when i went to Oz then Morty gave it a go before joining sultans of ping. It was me in this recording anyway.

  8. John McGuire Says:

    Great Cork band. Shared a few bills with them in the day. Also lucky to be on the Comet-2 album with them with My band IDOL JOY. Very good album. Good days folks….

  9. Here is a link to the 3355409’s rehearsal tapes with the line up of Ruth Beecher on vocals, David O’Connell on guitar, Caroline Parr on Bass and Morty McCarthy on Drums.

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