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Private World – Crucible

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private world limerick leader

From Limerick, Private World were Pearse Gilmore (vocals), Brian Kelly (guitar), James Hanley (keyboards), John Moriarty (bass) and Seamus O Muircheartaigh (drums). They may or may not feature this Friday when RTÉ Radio 1 Extra broadcast ‘Digging For Fire‘, “a mix of memoir, documentary and drama, exploring the nature of youthful creativity as the programme-makers remember their participation in the Limerick band scene of the early 1990s”. We hear The Hitchers and They Do It With Mirrors feature so it is not beyond the bounds of possibility. Incidentally The Hitchers are currently running  a fundit to release a their 1997 debut album ‘It’s All Fun & Games Til Someone Loses An Eye’ on 12” vinyl.


Tuesday Blue (Sound Channel Demo)

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Watching Tuesday Blue on the Late Late show prompted a root through the tapes, turning up the 1986 Eurorock performance and also 4 demo tracks recorded from Limerick pirate radio station The Sound Channel as played by Barry Martin. From Limerick, Tuesday Blue were Michael Ryan (vocals), Dave Keary (guitar), Ralf Lindeim (bass), Ray Fean (drums, percussion) & Tom Jones (keyboards, piano).

Dear Life

Escape The Escape

I Believe In You


Tuesday Blue (Session)

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Thanks to Colm Kavanagh who has just cracked open a fresh vein of Fanning sessions. This is one from a band we remember fondly as a formidable live outfit. From Limerick, Tuesday Blue were Michael Ryan (vocals), Dave Keary (guitar), Ralf Lindeim (bass), Ray Fean (drums, percussion) & Tom Jones (keyboards, piano). Thank you Mike Maguire for the lineup correction.

Woman (1984 Session)

16 Tons Of Jive (1984 Demo)

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16 tons

From Limerick, 16 Tons Of Jive were led by Christy Barry, ex Christy and The Last of The Teenage Idols. The full band was: Christy Barry (vocals & guitar), Mike Kenny (trumpet/guitar), Ralph Unsworth (bass), Tom McLaughlin (drums), Dermot Moloney (sax), Mike O’Loughlin (sax) and Ger Sadlier (bass, 1983-84). They recorded a Fanning session on 22/04/1985 featuring ‘Every Day I Die’, ‘Trying Hard’, ‘She Takes The Pill For Me’ and ‘A Taste Of The Blues’. Thank you Thomas for the tape, Mike for the ticket and Ralph for the discography. This track features Mike Kenny on vocals and comes from a 3 track demo which also featured ‘I’m Touched’ and ‘Tear To My Eye’. Other demos recorded were “Tonight / Take My Breath Away” (1984), “Let her Go / Carpets & Curtains / I’m Touched” (1986) and “One More Reason / Waiting for Your Heart To Burn” (15/3/1986).

6 big

The Edge (1984)

Those Stilted Boys (Session)

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From Limerick, Those Stilted Boys were Ciaran Culligan (guitar), Ian Dodson (vocals), Brian O’Grady, Noel Heraty, Therese Nix and Barry Hickey. If anyone can identify what year this Fanning session was recorded..


Mr Smith and Wesson

Head on the Block

Take a Little Rope

Daily Dose of Love

A Touch Of Oliver (1991 Session)

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Touch Of Oliver

From Limerick, A Touch Of Oliver were Diarmuid O Sullivan (vocals & guitar), Hugh Mulqueen (lead guitar & backing vocals), Brian Corr (bass, keyboards & backing vocals) and Willie Banks (drums). Their 1991 Fanning session featured ‘Candy Bottle Green’, ‘Boulder Dust’, ‘Golden Valley Reserve’ and ‘Mind Bomb Trial’.

Candy Bottle Green (1991)

Mind Bomb Trial (1991)

Golden Valley Reserve (1991)

Boulder Dust (1991)

The Groove

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From Limerick The Groove were a five piece featuring Alan Cheevers (guitar & vocals), Paul Healy (vocals & guitar), Bryan Healy (bass), Charlie Smith (trumpet) and Brendan Wallace (drums). The band won the RTE Borderline band of 1987 competition and as part of their prize released a single ‘Blue Blue Monday’ on EMI Records which reached 19 in the Irish charts. That same year also saw the band performing at one of Ireland’s biggest open air gigs supporting David Bowie at Slane. Sadly Alan Cheevers passed away in 2000. They recorded one Fanning session on 20th May 1986 featuring three tracks; ‘Since You’ve Gone’, ‘Skin Deep and ‘Another Number’ which we have yet to track down. Check out the Limerick Library archive for more rock articles.

Preacher’s Paradise (1988)

The Hitchers (1997 Session)

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June  1997  L-R  Hoss Carnage, Niall Quinn,  Andy Gallagher, Eric Fitzgerald

The Hitchers June 1997 L-R Hoss Carnage, Niall Quinn, Andy Gallagher, Eric Fitzgerald

From Limerick, The Hitchers were Andy Gallagher (vocals, guitars), Niall Quinn (vocals, drums), Hoss Carnage (bass, vocals), Eric Fitzgerald (guitars, vocals). Past members include Eoin O’Kelly (vocals 1989-91), Brendan ‘Benny’ McCormack (guitar 1989-90), Frank Ryan (bass 2000-01), Donnacha Twoomey (guitar 1989). They recorded this Fanning session in 1997 and it was re-broadcast on the Dan Hegarty show in 2006 as part of his ‘Classic Session’ series. Niall Quinn is currently active with Theme Tune Boy who are about to release an album ‘Return of the Living Dead’ on 4-3-3 music on January 19th 2013. The album launch party takes place the same day in The Blind Pig, Thomas Street, Limerick.

Human Skull (1997)

You Can Only Love Someone (1997)

U Can Du (1997)

At The Seaside (1997)

The Cranberries (1993 Session)

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Last night Dan Hegarty repeated the long sought after 1993 session by Limerick band The Cranberries on his RTE 2fm show ‘The Alternative To Sleep’. Dan expressly thanked producer Ian Wilson who obviously had the non trivial task of tracking the original session tape down in the RTE archive. Incidentally there is currently a project underway at RTE to digitise this archive and we await the results with great anticipation. The night this session was recorded the band dropped into Dave Fanning in studio for an interview and you can listen to a recording here.

The Icicle Melts


Like You Used To


The Reindeer Age – K7 – Xeric Records (1990)

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To coincide with the release of ‘The New Reindeer Age‘ the Indie Limerick blog has uploaded a copy of the original cassette release. Featuring a who’s who of Limerick acts the album was recorded in late 1989 and released in 1990 on Xeric Records. The full lineup was The O’Malleys, Private World, Tuesday Blue, Up The Downstairs, They Do It With Mirrors, The Separators, The Drive, Toucandance, Perfect Moment, The Surrealists, The Hitchers, Big Johns Bottleggin’ Band, Utopian Puppets, X-It, Preachers Story, Mike O’Mahony. Check out the compilation on soundcloud, more details on discogs.


The Reindeer Age in the Limerick Leader

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We recently featured a track from the 1990 Xeric Records collection of Limerick artists ‘The Reindeer Age’. Well it appears there is a second Reindeer Age project in the works, the folks over at IndieLimerick are organizing a charity album featuring unsigned Limerick acts. The facebook page has a few newspaper articles from back in the day including the one featured above which shows managing director of Xeric Records, Pearse Gilmore the man behind the original project. Pearse was also of course a member of aforementioned Private World. On a related note, if anyone has a copy of the Private World demo ‘Severity’ we’d love to hear from you..

Limerick Live 95FM – Limrock: A Celebration

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Irish music show ‘Green and Live’ presented by Alan Jacques on Limerick Live 95FM has been nominated for a Phonographic Performance Ireland (PPI) Award tonight. Alan’s Friday night show (broadcast from 10pm to midnight) was shortlisted in the ‘New Irish Music/ Musical Talent Programme’ category – for the third time in four years – for a special on Limerick music titled ‘Limrock: A Celebration’ broadcast back in May. The second hour of the show saw some current Limerick bands perform covers of some classic Limerick bands. The complete show is up on the Live95FM site.

Part 1 – Acoustic sessions

Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters – Little Black Marble
Brad Pitt Light Orchestra – Devil & Me (session)
Protobaby – State Of Affairs
Supermodel Twins – Hillary
Mark O’Connor – Kate Bush Hunting
Dead Red Light – We Waste Ourselves (session)
Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters – Throwing Shapes
Rubberbandits – I Wanna Fight Your Father
We Should Be Dead – Electric
Windings – Embury Greenway (session)
The Cranberries – Reason
Headgear – Halibut
Theme Tune Boy – The Devil’s Handmaid (session)
Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters – Hatch 16 (session)

Part 2 – Limerick Covers

Brad Pitt Light Orchestra – Killed It With My Bare Hands (session) [The Hitchers]
Johnny Duhan – The Voyage (session)
Keith Ford – Love At The Airport
Jimmy James – I Love You To The Bone
Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters – Spring Break (session) [Giveamanakick]
Last Days Of Death Coutry – Coming For You At Dawn
Dead Red Light – Jesus Loves You More If You Can Drive (session) [The Driven]
Brendan Markham – Serge
Woodstar – Dumb Punk Song
Theme Tune Boy – Up And At ‘Em (session) [Bandog]
Nick Carswell – Waking Up Is Hard To Do
Giveamanakick – Brittle Bones
Windings – Requiem For (session) [Medics]
Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters – That Old Chestnut

Limerick Covers

Private World – Change The Room

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From Limerick Private World were Pearse Gilmore (vocals), Brian Kelly (guitar), James Hanley (keyboards), Declan Hogan (bass) and Seamus O Muircheartaigh (drums). This track featured on the Xeric Records compilation ‘The Reindeer Age‘ which was recorded in 1989 and released in 1990.

Change The Room (1989)

The Cranberries (1993 Interview)

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dave-fanning-dolores-o-riordanIn 1993 The Cranberries recorded a session for Dave Fanning, produced possibly by Jim Lockhart. Whilst there Dolores and Fergal dropped over to the 2FM studio for an interview with Dave on his evening show where among other things they talked about the music business, Guy Chadwick, living in Limerick and being compared to The Sundays. There is a short interruption due to a tape flip mid interview. Thanks to Michael Mee for digging this out. If you have any Fanning tapes please get in touch as we are always on the lookout. Of interest are (a) sessions (b) interviews and (c) demos or tracks by bands that Fanning played that are no longer available. We don’t have the the 1993 Cranberries session, maybe Ian Wilson producer of the Dan Hegarty show could be persuaded to dig it out, they say in the interview that they recorded 3 new songs plus ‘Wanted’ from the album.

Interview (1993)


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One of my favourite singles from 2010 was ‘Brain Fluid’ by Limerick 5 piece Windings. Windings were formed by Stephen Ryan (of giveamanakick fame) and Liam Marley and they have expanded the lineup to include Aaron Mulhall, Patrick O Brien and Mike Gavin. Windings recently appeared on Dave Fanning’s 2FM show to promote The Certain Three tour which they are co-headlining with two other bands, We Cut Corners and The Ambience Affair. The tour has two remaining dates Friday 28th Jan in De Barras of Clonaklity and Sat 29th in Dolan’s of Limerick so make sure you check them out.

Brain Fluid / Interview / Embury Greenway (Live in Studio 8, 11/1/2011)

Tuesday Blue – Eurorock 1986 Complete

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We’ve already posted a piece on Tuesday Blue’s Eurorock appearance but only included the first track of the set. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Eurosonic I am posting the full recording as broadcast by RTE Radio 2 recorded live at The Playhouse in Liverpool in 1986. I wonder how many can remember the original broadcast? Tune in to Dan Hegarty on 2FM next week to hear the Irish representatives at this year’s EurosonicHeathers and James Vincent McMorrow. The third Irish act Sacred Animals are playing on Friday in De Spieghel at 9.30pm and you should be able to catch them online here.

Tuesday Blue at Eurorock (1986)

I Want You To Stay / Superstition / Tunnel Vision / Dear Life / I Believe In You

They Do It With Mirrors

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Formed 1988 in Limerick They Do It With Mirrors were Kevin Brew (vocals), Daragh Dukes (guitar), Shane Collins (bass) and Damien Clifford (drums). ‘I’m As Furious As An Ox Who Has Been Refused A Seat On A Bus’ featured on the Xeric Records compilation ‘The Reindeer Age‘ in 1990. In 1992 Ger Fitzgerald replaced Shane Collins on bass. That same year they released two EPs on Setanta Records ‘The Last Real Baby’ and ‘Ox’. Daragh Dukes is currently active with Headgear a project which includes Kevin Brew and Pat Shortt among it’s members.

Evergreen (1989)

Private World (1987 Demo)

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Limerick band Private World were active from 1987 until 1990 and comprised Pearse Gilmore (vocals), Brian Kelly (guitar), James Hanley (keyboards), Declan Hogan (bass) and Seamus O Muircheartaigh (drums). They released a single ‘Blue Gem Sea’ on Xeric Records in 1989. In 1990 they featured on the Xeric compilation of Limerick bands ‘The Reindeer Age‘ with ‘Change The Room’. Today’s track was taken from an early demo called ‘Severity’ and was recorded off the Barry Martin show on Limerick pirate radio station Sound Channel (98.7 FM stereo) in 1987. More details at the Limerick Band Archive.

Red Grass (Demo,1987)

The Cranberries (1991 Session)

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A big shout out to Dan Hegarty for single handedly keeping the flame of The Fanning Sessions alive. He has already featured the ‘classic’ Frank & Walters session and last week dug out this treat from The Cranberries or The Cranberry Saw Us as they were still at that time known – their first Fanning session recorded 9th March 1991. Once again if anyone out there still has cassette recordings from the 80s Fanning shows in their attic please get in touch as the old archive deperately needs some fresh meat..




Put Me Down

The Cranberries – Them (1991)

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From Limerick, The Cranberry Saw Us were formed in August 1989 by brothers Noel Hogan (guitar) and Mike Hogan (bass) with Fergal Lawler (drums) and Niall Quinn (vocals, guitar). Niall Quinn was already drummer with The Hitchers and two months after The Cranberry Saw Us recorded their first demo in Jan 1990 he left to concentrate on that band. Niall remained on good terms with the band and was soon to hook the remaining members up with a young singer Dolores O’Riordan. The new lineup released 3 cassette EPs in 1990. At the end of 1990 they shortened their name to first The Cranberry’s and finally The Cranberries. Under this name they made their first vinyl / CD release ‘Uncertain‘ on Xeric Records in Oct 1991. Today’s song is the fourth and final song on that EP.

Them (1991)

Rusty Old Halo

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Rusty Old Halo were Mick Hanly (vocals, guitar), Pat Carey (bass), Davy Whyte (drums), Peter Condell (guitar), Paul Kelly (fiddle), Bill Whelan (piano) and Keith Donald (saxophone). Originally from Limerick Mick Hanly was a singer-songwriter before starting a 14 month stint with Moving Hearts in 1982 where he filled the shoes of none other than Christy Moore. Following his departure from Moving Hearts Mick formed Rusty Old Halo and they released the album ‘Still Not Cured‘ on W.E.A. in 1987. Hanly saw increased success in 1989 when Mary Black recorded ‘Past the Point of Rescue’ for her best selling ‘No Frontiers’ album. The song saw even greater success in the U.S. when recorded by country singer Hal Ketchum shortly afterwards. Mick has just released ‘Collected’and has recently performed a number of gigs with Arty McGlynn to promote that release.

Back Again (1987)

Tuesday Blue (Eurorock)

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Reading Jim Carroll’s ‘On The Record‘ reminded me of the 1986 Tuesday Blue broadcast from the Eurorock festival in Liverpool. That may have been the first appearance by an irish act at Eurorock but many others followed including Thee Amazing Colossal Men (Novi Sad 1989), Sultans of Ping F.C., A House, Power of Dreams, Dancing Bastards from Hell (Cork 1990), D.M. Sole (Köln 1991), Therapy? (Aalborg 1992), The Frank & Walters (Helsinki 1993). Incidentally Ray Fean of Tuesday Blue is currently helping out brother Johnny in the Horslips where he is filling in for Eamon Carr on drums.

I Want You To Stay (1986)

Tuesday Blue setlist: I Want You To Stay / Superstition / Tunnel Vision / Dear Life / I Believe In You

Barry Warner

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Photo courtesy

Barry Warner from Limerick was active in a number of bands from 1978 on before going ‘solo’. He recorded a session for Dave Fanning in 1985 before releasing debut single ‘Real Man’. The response was “staggering with huge airplay for both the single and the video” and the song reached number 29 in the irish charts in December 1985. Three further singles followed; ‘Dancing Without You’, ‘What’s Happenin’ and ‘Just A Floor’. There followed a vocal stint with The Prunes (formerly The Virgin Prunes). In 1990 Warner recorded a version of ‘Sound & Vision’ with producer Pat Donne which elicited a positive note from none other than David Bowie himself. In 1992 Warner, disillusioned with the continued lack of commercial success retired restricting his musical forays to DJing. In 2007 he started recording again and you can hear the results on his MySpace page. For some historical context check out ‘Notes on an Irish disco landscape‘ by Paul Tarpey at Jim carroll’s ‘On The Record‘ blog.

What’s Happenin (1988)

Tuesday Blue (Demo)

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I’ll never forget the first time I saw Tuesday Blue live in The Savoy in Limerick. There was a lot of press about the band already and great things were promised. The room was like a exotic boudoir with incense burning, the music began and gradually the smoke around the stage dissipated to reveal Mick Ryan performing transcendental meditation. A seminal moment as they say. This demo track made it to number 31 in the 1986 Fanning Fab Fifty. The full lineup was Mick Ryan (vocals), Dave Keary (guitar), Ralf Lindheim (bass) and Liam Darcy (drums).

I’m So Scared