The Divine Comedy (1990 Session)


We havent yet figured out if this is a session or a demo so we thought we’d ask the internet. Update: Thanks to a comment from Gripper it sounds like we have a Fanning session! What we do know are that the two tracks were played by Dave Fanning in 1990 on his RTE 2fm show. At the time The Divine Comedy were Neil Hannon (vocals & guitar), John McCullagh (bass) and Kevin Traynor (drums). History would like us to forget this chapter in Neil’s discography but we like it, let’s hope the lawyers agree. Thank you to the folks at ashortsite for major assistance digitising the recording which required azimuth adjustment to make it sound as good as it does.

Timewatch (1990)

Rise & Fall (1990)

3 Responses to “The Divine Comedy (1990 Session)”

  1. These were two live session tracks. The demos at the time were much slicker than this. 🙂

  2. I would love to hear those demos if that is the case Gripper! Were there other tracks in the session?

  3. The second track is rather good. The stripped down sound with a strong clear bass-line is excellent. Thanks for digging up this.

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