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Ill Dependents (1996 Session)

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Ill Dependents were the recording project of Hazo aka Paul Hayes a DJ, producer and rapper from Galway. They recorded this session for Dave Fanning in 1996 and released 3 EPs between 1998 and 1999. Scan courtesy photographer Paul McCarthy of a feature in Trace Magazine (1988) written by Will Ashon. Thanks to Dan Hegarty and Ian Wilson for digging this out of the RTE vaults.

Storm Comin (1996)

Dream Process (1996)

Many Disconnected (1996)

Another Day, Another Riot – digital release for third Toasted Heretic album

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toasted heretic - another day another riot

To celebrate the digital release of their impossible to find (unless you’re prepared to pay $900 for a used copy) third album ‘Another Day, Another Riot‘ Galway’s finest Toasted Heretic have just released a new single ‘Satellite Dishes’. Julian Gough and Neil Farrell spoke to Dan Hegarty on his show last week to bring him up to speed. Thanks Dee for copies of the original album artwork.

Further reading:
Julian Gough on Toasted Heretic 30 years on [Irish Times]
Toasted Special [Blackpool Sentinel] 

Dan Hegarty interview (2021)

Songs In My Head – Leo Moran of The Saw Doctors

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leo moran amkelly

A recent Irish Times article by Conor Pope (The Hunting Toadstools) celebrating 30 years of ‘N17’ by The Sawdoctors reminded us of a very enjoyable episode of Ann Marie Kelly‘s RTE Radio 1 series ‘Songs In My Head‘ from last November. We had already featured The Sawdoctors 1990 Fanning session but the programme prompted us to dig out some demos from another Tuam band Blaze X. Coincidentally Leo was recently a guest on Sunday Miscellany waxing lyrical on his hometown.

Snowblindwaltz (1991)

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snowblind waltz

From Galway, Snowblindwaltz were Dave Holland (guitar & vocals), Brian Coady (bass), Pete Kelly (drums) and Michael Gallagher (vocals & guitar). They released a compilation of demos ‘Unseen and Unheard’ (1993) and an album ‘Sheer’ (1996). ‘Promises From Room 9’ (1999) was recorded but never officially released. Dave Fanning played a number of their demos. ‘Two Kinds Of Indians‘ featured on TV show ‘No Disco’ while Uaneen was at the helm. There was a reunion in 2011 with 7 tracks available on YouTube. A now defunct website can be found in the webarchive. Snowblindwaltz recorded a Fanning session but as yet we don’t know what year nor what tracks.

Iced Tiger (1991)

The Saw Doctors (1990 Session)

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Tuam’s finest, The Saw Doctors recorded a session for Dave Fanning in June 1990. One of the tracks ‘Captain Joe Fiddle’s’ was released as a B side and the 3 remaining tracks feature below. According to the original lineup of the band were Dave Carton (ex Blaze X) (vocals & guitar), Leo Moran (ex All Cats Are Gray), John Burke and Padraig Stevens. The Saw Doctors are currently working on a new album to be released in 2018. If you know who played on the session or have any other corrections please get in touch. Update: Thanks to a twitter reply adding Pearse Doherty (bass), John “Turps” Burke (mandolin, bouzouki, keyboards), John Donnelly (drums) and [maybe?] Padraig Stevens? (drums) and Tony Lambert (accordion).

Poison (1990)

Presentation Boarder (1990)

Why Do I Always Want You (1990)

The Little Fish (1989 Session)

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little fish 2

From Galway, The Little Fish were Jimmy Fitzgerald (vocals & guitar), Brendan Duffy (guitar), Turlough Moore (bass) and Kieran Joyce (drums). On 14th November 1989 they recorded a 4 track session for Dave Fanning featuring ‘All about Eddy’, ‘Connemara Girl’, ‘Garden Gate’ and ‘Piece of your courage’. Fans of the band will be interested to hear that Jimmy and Turlough will be appearing at the Galway Hearts festival on July 27th:

A festival highlight will be a celebration of Galway band The Little Fish on Thursday 27th at 7pm. ‘The Story of…The Little Fish’ will see Jimmy Fitzgerald and Turlough Moore perform songs like ‘Patsy Child’, ‘Goodbye’, ‘It’s Waiting That I Hate’, and ‘Long Grass’ and reminisce about the band (admission €6).

Galway Advertiser (13/7/2017)

Connemara Girl (1989)

All About Eddy (1989)

Swinging Swine (Demo)

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Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Cian Nugent mentioned recently on twitter that he was a fan of “80s country punk outfit” Swinging Swine so when I subsequently came across this track on a tape I couldn’t resist. This particular copy of the track came from Eamonn Dowd himself on a CD of early tracks he kindly sent us years ago. Eamonn is still going strong and has two bands on the go – one in Ireland and a second in Sweden where he now lives. He has just released an EP with latter outfit The Lost Souls available here. The amazing vocals are of course by Joanne Loughman who barring an appearance on the David Long solo LP is keeping a low profile.

Poisoned By Love (Demo)

All Cats Are Gray (1985 Demo)

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all cats are gray From Tuam, Co. Galway, All Cats Are Gray were brothers Kevin (guitar, lead vocals) and Mousey McHugh (bass, vocals),  Declan Connolly (keyboards), Jimmy Mullins (guitar) and Red McGrath (drums). Mousey,  Alan Flynn and Leo Moran later went on to form Too Much For The Whiteman. These two tracks are from a 1985 demo which also featured ‘The Elphin’. Too Much For The Whiteman are reforming for a one off show at the upcoming Sugarbeet Festival in Tuam Stadium on Saturday 22nd August 2015.

acag Brigitte Bardot (1985)

The Bed Is Rough (1985)

GUAVA (2000 Session)

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From Galway, GUAVA were active from 1997 until 2000. The band featured Dave Garol (vocals, guitar, electronics), Maria Shiel (vocals, guitar, bodhran), Joe Keane (bass), Mark Dempsey (guitar) and Ryan Lacey (drums). They recorded this session for Dave Fanning in 2000.

Funk #1 Instrumental / Modification / Slow Down / See Down Here (2000)

The Swinging Swine (1988 Session)

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The very first artist to feature on this site was Galway band The Swinging Swine. The lineup that recorded today’s session were (I hope) Joanne Loughman (vocals), Eamonn Dowd (guitar, vocals), Doug Steen (lead guitar), Hugh O’Carroll (fiddle), John Lalor (bass) and Billy Geraghty (drums). The session was recorded on 16th March 1988. Eamonn Dowd plays O’Keefe’s, Clonmel 21st Feb and Tom Steele’s, Ennis 22nd Feb 2014. Joanne Loughman featured on a track on David Long‘s solo album last year.

I Won’t Be Home Tonight (1988)

All You Need Is Love (1988)

This Wicked World / Everything Will Shine (1988)

Toasted Heretic (1991 Session)

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From Galway Toasted Heretic were Declan Collins (guitars), Neil Farrell (programming, keyboards & backing vocals) and Julian Gough (vocals). Other members Breffni O’Rourke & Aonghus McMahon “couldnt afford the train fare”. Engineer was Paddy McBreen, Ian Wilson produced.

Another Day Another Riot

Satellite Dishes

Don’t Scuff My Tan

Galway and Los Angeles

The Stunning – Sockin 1,2,3,4

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This is a strictly unofficial and unsanctioned mix of a live favourite by The Stunning. The track is a cover of northern soul tune ‘Sockin 1,2,3,4’ by John Roberts. Steve Wall takes up the story:

Early Stunning gigs were like a potted history in the development of popular music. We never thought much about what direction the band should take. We just played whatever we thought was good, as long as it wasn’t too well known. We skipped from blues to country, from soul to guitar tunes, from jazzy to funky. Songs like “Sockin’ 1234″ and “Tighten Up” were rare soul cuts that we adapted for ourselves. Ben E.King’s “Supernatural Thing” was a certified floor-filler. Only the real music heads recognised Captain Beefheart’s “Zig Zag Wanderer”.

More Stunning facts here.

Sockin’ 1,2,3,4‘ (1987)

Transmission on Galway’s Rascal Radio

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Here’s another radio show you might enjoy. Presented by PJ Fallon on Galway station Rascal Radio, ‘Transmission’ is an alternative music show on Friday from 8-10pm. On 18th March 2011 PJ did an Irish special and a pretty fine specimen it is too. If you like what you hear there are some more shows archived here.

The Would Be’s – I’m Hardly Ever Wrong
The Blades – Bride Wore White, the
The Fountainhead – Rhythm Method
The Slowest Clock – Carnival
My Bloody Valentine – You Made Me Realise
Cane 141 – The Hot Is Too Hot
The Jimmy Cake – Nuberu
Wilt – Radio Disco
This Is This – Emily
The Radiators From Space – Television Screen [Single Version]
The Outcasts – Magnum Force
Therapy? – With Or Without You
Atrix – Treasure On The Wasteland
Whipping Boy – I Think I Miss You
The Fat Lady Sings – Fear and Favour
Duke Special – Love Will Tear Us Apart
Big Self – Ghostshirts
A House – Freak Out
Mama’s Boys – Needle In The Groove (single)
Guernica – Orange And Red
Auto Da Fe – November November
Ruefrex – Capital Letters
Microdisney – Pink Skinned Man
Chimera – Cyan Daze
Rollerskate Skinny – Complacency
Harvest Ministers – If It Kills Me And It Will
That Petrol Emotion – Keen
Some Kind Of Wonderful – D’you read my letter
Stars Of Heaven – Clothes Of Pride
Therapy? – Teenage Kicks

Transmission Irish Special 18-3-11

Toasted Heretic (1994 Interview)

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mindless optimism

We’ve already featured Toasted Heretic but can you remember this 1994 interview they did with Dave Fanning just before the release of their fourth album ‘Mindless Optimism‘? Thanks to Michael Mee for the tape.


Lightning (Live)

The Little Fish

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little fish 2tv

From Galway, The Little Fish were Jimmy Fitzgerald (vocals & guitar), Brendan Duffy (guitar), Turlough Moore (bass) and Kieran Joyce (drums). This track featured on the Nationwide 3 compilation and was later released as a single.

Patsy Child (1989)

The Hunting Toadstools (continued)

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Some more details have emerged about The Hunting Toadstools. From Galway they featured David McManus aka Max (vocals & rhythm guitar), Shane MacNally (lead guitar), Anne Mulhall (bass) and Conor Pope (drums). They played their first gig at UCG, Galway in March 1987 and were active until July 1991 when they called it day with a show at The Castle, Salthill. These are all demo tracks.

American Dream Lullaby (1988)

Instramentaller (1991)

Mind Show Host (1991)

The Hunting Toadstools

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Brought to you courtesy fortune who came bearing gifts some of which I hope to share in the coming weeks.

I had never heard of this band before so I am relying on the cassette inlay, I hope time and the internet will work it’s magic.

Thank you to the kind reader who dug this one out!

Julian Gough has gently pointed out that the band name was actually Hunting Toadstools (not The Haunted Toadstools as originally posted) and a Google search reveals they featured one Conor Pope of Irish Times Pricewatch fame.

Listen to some more demo tracks and read more details on the band members here.

Pop Girl (1989?)

The Waterboys (live in studio 1986)

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To celebrate a series of guest appearances as DJ on RTE 2FM here’s a track Mike Scott recorded live in those same studios 24 years earlier with fellow Waterboy Steve Wickham (violin) and Anthony Thistlethwaite (saxophone, mandolin). It’s a cover of a song Bob Dylan recorded when working on 1983 album ‘Infidels’ but which wouldn’t be offically released until the 1988 album ‘Down In The Groove’. A version by The Waterboys appears on ‘The Live Adventures of the Waterboys’ in 1988. This particular track reached 11 in the 1986 Fab Fifty poll.

Death Is Not The End (1986)

Too Much For The Whiteman

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Tuam’s Too Much For The Whiteman were Mouse McHugh (vocals), Mike Ivory (guitar), Axel Grude (keyboards), Dermot Holian (bass), Gerry McHugh (percussion) and Alan Flynn (drums). They released two singles on Black Cat Records ‘Put Your Mind At Ease’ in 1988 and ‘Suburban Blues’ in 1989.

Put Your Mind At Ease (1988)

The Swinging Swine

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Reading this post moved me to dig out this track. I saw Galway band The Swinging Swine a few times in Limerick and remember being enchanted by the rather elusive female singer with an amazing voice. This song sums up what the band for me were all about and really has stood the test of time. Enjoy..

Them Ghosts Do Come (Demo) [1988?]

Updating 12th July 2009..

I hope readers of this post visit the excellent entry on the band at the Irish Punk & New Wave discography but since this has been one of the most visited posts on this blog I figured I’d better add a few more details. It turns out The Swinging Swine had their fair share of artistic turmoil and the band I saw circa 1987-89 was but one of a number of incarnations. Originally formed by Eamonn Dowd, Doug Steen, Joe Wall and Seamus Sullivan The Swinging Swine were soon joined by Joanne Loughman on vocals and Hugh O’Carroll on fiddle with John Lalor replacing Joe Wall who was busy with The Stunning. The band did release a version of the above track on an EP in 1990 and another version on the ‘Flick’ movie soundtrack. Joanne Loughman & Hugh O’Carroll went on to form their own band The Glee Club releasing an EP on Setanta in 1993 and then an album ‘Mine‘ in 1994 which was licensed by 4AD in the U.S. Since the mid 90’s Eamonn Dowd has been touring and recording as Eamonn Dowd & The Racketeers.