Nun Attax (1981 Session)


A few days ago we posted a YouTube clip accompanying a Nun Attax Fanning session track from 1981. Today, thanks to the efforts of a kind reader we feature the entire session. From Cork, Nun Attax were Finbarr Donnelly (vocals), Ricky Dineen (guitar), Philip O’Connell (bass) and Keith ‘Smelly’ O’Connell (drums). The session dates from 9th February 1981.

The Woodcutter Song

Looking For Words For My Book


Phantom Gobi


5 Responses to “Nun Attax (1981 Session)”

  1. Excellent stuff!!!
    I’ve been wanting to hear that session for ages.

    BTW, do the two 5GDTTS Fanning sessions from ’83 & ’84 still exist? I’d love to hear those. How can you go past a song title like “Wild My Cigar Meryl Streeps”?

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Have put out the feelers, fingers crossed..

  3. Are they (the various incarnations) the most unique Irish band ever?

  4. Ricky Dineen organising a Finbarr Donnelly tribute night

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