Pat Shortt’s Music From D’Telly

A great piece by Colm O’Callaghan for The Blackpool Sentinel today tipped us off to a new music show in the RTE schedule. Like us Colm is a fan of Dave Heffernan and used watch ‘Anything Goes‘ religiously of a Saturday morning – for the music segment.


Ten years after the Des Bishop hosted ‘Reverb’, RTE television is once again dipping it’s toe into the music archives.

The multi-talented Pat Shortt raids the RTÉ music archives to unearth the most popular, rarely seen and occasionally wacky music and music-related items from over 60 years of programme making.

We know Pat has musical chops so fingers crossed he doesn’t play this one for laughs. Pat Shortt’s Music From D’Telly kicks off on RTE1 on Friday November 6th at 8.30pm. The series is directed and produced by Dave Heffernan.

For what it’s worth we’d love to see someone like Colm let loose on the RTE archive to dig out some of the treasures we know are there. Maybe time for the ‘No Disco‘ approach once again?

Update: Pat was on the Late Late show last week promoting the series, watch on the RTE player here:

pat shortt late late

Update #2: RTE promo

8 Responses to “Pat Shortt’s Music From D’Telly”

  1. Shortt is here to talk up the performances of others on his new eight-part series on RTE, Pat Shortt’s Music From D’Telly, which sees Pat trawling through the archives to showcase “rarely seen performances and much-loved songs from six decades of music”; everything from Christy Moore in 1980 at the Abbey Tavern in Howth, to Neil Sedaka in 1979 at the National Stadium, to Tom Waits in 1982, among many, many others (Philomena Begley, Blondie, Rory Gallagher, The Jam).

    “There is some very rare footage, like an amazing interview with Tom Waits. It is the only ever TV interview he did in Ireland. Gay Byrne interviewed him. It went a bit awry. It is an odd interview. We had to do a bit of research to find out what was going on and we contacted someone who was on the floor that night at the Late Late.”

    “Basically, Tom Waits’s missus was in the wings, and he didn’t want her to be on her own. After being late getting on to the studio floor, with Gay on the phone to upstairs [to find out where Tom was], Tom played his piece, and, as he finishes, he gets up to walk away and Gay has to drag him back. Tom is constantly looking at her while the interview is going on. If you didn’t know his wife was in the wings, you’d go, ‘He’s off his fucking nut’.”

  2. Kieran McCarthy Says:

    Looking forward to the show.

  3. Adrian Townsend Says:

    Can’t wait it

  4. Adrian Townsend Says:

    It should be good

  5. Paddy Cole Says:

    Loved Pat Shorts compilation. Is it possible to buy?

  6. adrian townsend Says:

    Have to say its the biggest load
    of rubbish , They could have played the whole of the songs
    not just clips very disapointed sorry

  7. Mick Connell Says:

    What a waste.
    Tom Waits on the Late Late from 1981, singing “On the Nickel”
    The programme jumps into the song with about 25 seconds left.
    I mean WTF is that????
    David Heffernan produced and directed this.
    He should be bloody ashamed.

  8. Agree with the last couple of comments – 100%. Opportunity lost. An extremely frustrating experience, if you like Irish music and Irish artists, in particular. Instead of this being a programme where each series was worth remembering and saving to watch over and over again, it is unfortunately, a terrible waste of time ? Why play just a brief segment [instead of the full recorded track] of hundreds of fantastic performances that may never be shown again on RTE in most people’s lifetimes ? The show should have been given at least 40 minutes airtime per episode, which would have allowed the full track to be played in each case. Mega sigh.

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