Eva Dallas (1998 Session)

eva dallas - cluas

From Dublin and featuring ex members of The Cherry Brogues, Puppy Love Bomb, Candy Apple Red, Eva Dallas were  Joe Rodgers (drums), Alan Cullivan (bass),  Liam Beesley  (guitar) and Adam Smith (vocals & guitar). If anyone has the third session track or a bigger photo of the band please get in touch. Joe Rodgers is currently active with The Rockets.

Site Update:

Whilst on the subject of getting in touch, a quick note.. this site is a solo operation but would have become dormant a long time ago were it not for the generous contributions of many readers who have offered words of encouragement, dug out cassettes, VHS tapes, MP3s, old copies of Hot Press etc. If you have been in touch and I have not responded or have not yet posted something you were kind enough to submit please do remind me as things sometimes get hectic round here with matters non musical and advancing years.

Fortunate Resigned (1998)

Avec Le Vent (1998)

2 Responses to “Eva Dallas (1998 Session)”

  1. Róisín Carroll Says:

    I have a tape with music recorded in April 97 from your radio show…. 4 songs from Eva Dallas. Not sure if that is what you are looking for?

  2. First off I’m not Dave!😇

    Secondly that is exactly what I am looking for! I will send you an email to follow up.

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