David Long (Dan Hegarty 2fm Session 2/12/13)

water has memory

On 2nd December 2013 Dan Hegarty broadcast an all new session from David Long of Into Paradise. David was accompanied in Studio 8 by Joe Fahey of Luggage. Here’s what the RTE 2fm website wrote:

It’s quite likely that David Long’s album ‘Water Has Memory’ won’t feature alongside names like Arcade Fire, Rudimental, and Foals in the numerous end of year album polls. Don’t let that put you off; Long’s debut ranks among the finest domestic albums of the year. After spending the late 1980s and early 1990s as vocalist with Into Paradise, David Long returned with new songs, and a new sound.

Dog Times (2013)

Since Yesterday (2013)

Antelope (2013)

On Waiting (2013)

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