Anything Goes (1980 – 1986)

‘Anything Goes’ was a “young people’s show on RTÉ Television as part of development of young people’s programming”. First broadcast on 4 October 1980 it continued for 6 years. Presenters on the show were Kathy Parke, Aonghus McAnally, Mary FitzGerald, David Heffernan and Mary Frances Calayco. I will add to the list of musical acts who performed as I find them.

‘Anything Goes’ YouTube playlist:

In Tua Nua – ‘Coming Through‘ (1984)
The Babysnakes – ‘Fade‘ (1985)
The Crack – ‘When The Time Comes‘ (1981)
Cruella De Ville (1983)
The End – ‘That Warm Feeling’ (1981)
Soon – ‘In A Nutshell’ (198?)
G Squad – (1985)
Tokyo Olympics (1981)
Driveshaft (198x)
Porcelyn Tears (198x)
The Sussed (198x)
The Atrix – ‘I Wonder Why‘ (1981)
The Stars Of Heaven – ‘Every Other Day‘ (1985)
Montage – ‘When I Close My Eyes
to be continued..

8 Responses to “Anything Goes (1980 – 1986)”

  1. I remember they used to do a fantastic drum workshop with Noel Bridgeman. The Bridger would come on to explain what a paradiddle is (“Left, Roight, Left Left Roight”) – but really it was just an excuse to see a master sticksman in action. He was frequently accompanied by Brian Downey for a segment of the show that was not definitely aimed at the Dad market.

  2. Aonghus’s mullet/cardigan combo is priceless.

  3. Is there any footage of the acts available. My brother was the G Squad drummer, I’d love to get a copy of it, or through this medium?

  4. Gerard Honan Says:

    6th class 1981 the New Ross CBS primary school , appeared live on Anything Goes , Br. Gleeson translated Oliver Twist from to Irish and I was Mr. Bumble , I would dearly love to get a copy of this show , is this possible ? yours hopefully G.M. Honan

  5. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Can’t help I’m afraid Gerard, your best bet is to contact

  6. […] relationship. As one of the four presenters on the 1980s RTÉ Saturday morning kids show, ‘Anything Goes’, alongside Mary Fitzgerald, Kathy Parke and Aongus McAnally, Dave’s weekly music bulletins […]

  7. james nulty Says:

    im looking for a band that played on anything goes mid 80s the commotion, id love to see it again

  8. […] approach was nowhere more manifest or obvious than on ‘Anything Goes’, in several senses a long-running Saturday morning series that played live on the RTÉ schedules […]

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