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Phil Lynott: 36 Years Of ‘Old Town’ (2018)

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old town doc

The Christmas issue of the RTÉ Guide usually throws up a surprise or two and this year is no exception. On Sunday December 30th at 7.30pm, RTÉ One will broadcast a brand new documentary on the making of Phil Lynott’s ‘Old Town’ video.

In 1982 Phil Lynott, Thin Lizzy frontman, released his second solo album ‘The Philip Lynott Album’. From this album came the single ‘Old Town’ and the music video depicting Lynott at various locations around Dublin city. From the Ha’penny Bridge to a stroll down Grafton Street and a pint in The Long Hall pub on South Great George’s Street and ending at the Ringsend Pier. The song was co-written by Lynott and Scottish musician Jimmy Bain.

In the days before music videos were commonplace, the video for ‘Old Town’ was produced by Dave Heffernan for RTÉ programme ‘Anything Goes’. The video was directed by Gerry Greg and was first broadcast on ‘Anything Goes’ on 30 October 1982.

‘Anything Goes’ was a young people’s programme on RTÉ Television. The programme was first broadcast on 4 October 1980 and continued for 6 years. The programme was produced and directed by Bob Collins.

RTÉ Archives: Phil Lynott’s Dublin

Directed by Brian Reddin of Dearg Films (you may remember Brian as presenter of ‘The Last Picture Show‘), the 30 minute doc is a behind the scenes look at how the video was made and who was involved. It features Eric Bell, Jim Lockhart, Philomena Lynnot, Brush Shiels, Fiachra Trench, Fachtna O Ceallaigh, Aonghus McAnally, Brush Shiels and Alison O Donnell from Mellow Candle amongst others.

Brian Reddin on RTE Arena

Documentary now on YouTube..

Pat Shortt’s Music From D’Telly

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A great piece by Colm O’Callaghan for The Blackpool Sentinel today tipped us off to a new music show in the RTE schedule. Like us Colm is a fan of Dave Heffernan and used watch ‘Anything Goes‘ religiously of a Saturday morning – for the music segment.


Ten years after the Des Bishop hosted ‘Reverb’, RTE television is once again dipping it’s toe into the music archives.

The multi-talented Pat Shortt raids the RTÉ music archives to unearth the most popular, rarely seen and occasionally wacky music and music-related items from over 60 years of programme making.

We know Pat has musical chops so fingers crossed he doesn’t play this one for laughs. Pat Shortt’s Music From D’Telly kicks off on RTE1 on Friday November 6th at 8.30pm. The series is directed and produced by Dave Heffernan.

For what it’s worth we’d love to see someone like Colm let loose on the RTE archive to dig out some of the treasures we know are there. Maybe time for the ‘No Disco‘ approach once again?

Update: Pat was on the Late Late show last week promoting the series, watch on the RTE player here:

pat shortt late late

Update #2: RTE promo

Anything Goes (1980 – 1986)

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‘Anything Goes’ was a “young people’s show on RTÉ Television as part of development of young people’s programming”. First broadcast on 4 October 1980 it continued for 6 years. Presenters on the show were Kathy Parke, Aonghus McAnally, Mary FitzGerald, David Heffernan and Mary Frances Calayco. I will add to the list of musical acts who performed as I find them.

‘Anything Goes’ YouTube playlist:

In Tua Nua – ‘Coming Through‘ (1984)
The Babysnakes – ‘Fade‘ (1985)
The Crack – ‘When The Time Comes‘ (1981)
Cruella De Ville (1983)
The End – ‘That Warm Feeling’ (1981)
Soon – ‘In A Nutshell’ (198?)
G Squad – (1985)
Tokyo Olympics (1981)
Driveshaft (198x)
Porcelyn Tears (198x)
The Sussed (198x)
The Atrix – ‘I Wonder Why‘ (1981)
The Stars Of Heaven – ‘Every Other Day‘ (1985)
Montage – ‘When I Close My Eyes
to be continued..

The End for ‘Guaranteed Irish’?

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I wanted to say a few words about 4FM. I’ve been a regular listener to the station, well for two hours on a Sunday at least, for the last six months ever since I discovered Dave Heffernan’s ‘Guaranteed Irish‘ show. Well it appears my Sundays are about to become free again because Dave quietly announced last week that he has only two shows left. I can’t say it came as a complete surprise given the activity on their website of late. 4FM seem to be in panic mode with the site getting a revamp every other week. Where once Dave’s show had it’s own page featuring podcasts of interviews with bands who appeared on the show now he has no page at all. Of late the show itself seemed to arbitrarily change timeslot from one week to another and finally was chopped in size to a single hour, half it’s original size.

On paper Dave’s show is deceptively simple, he plays Irish rock music from the last five decades. In practice you can expect anything from obscure 60s beat bands to blues and experimental 80s pop to up and coming artists. The 80s is my decade of preference but Dave’s music selection is such that he always keeps my interest and I am sure to hear something I’ve never heard before. Limerick’s Eugene Wallace is one example of an act I had never heard of before and other acts like The Atrix and DC Nein were a little before my time and great to hear.

Dave didn’t restrict the show to acts gone by and recent favourites of his include Sive and The Gandhis. He also invited guests into the studio and those who joined Dave in the studio include James Vincent McMorrow, Paul Brady, Eamon Carr, Christy Dignam, Eleanor McEvoy, Windings, Electric Penguins, Niall Toner Jr, The Coronas, Lumiere, Julie Feeney, Bill Coleman, Tiger Cooke, Pete Courtney and Mundy.

The show will be sorely missed and I wish Dave and producer Brendan Russell all the best.

PS There are two shows left so tune in to 4FM on Sunday at 8pm to see what you have been missing. Email the show at

Check out the show’s website here.

Guaranteed Irish Wishlist (2011)

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We’re fans of Dave Heffernan’s 4FM show ‘Guaranteed Irish‘ on this blog and some time back put out the word that they were looking for obscure requests. It paid off and we managed to hear a few of our own personal favourites played of a Sunday night. However it looks like Dave and producer Brendan Russell have run into some difficulty. Maybe readers can help out? If you missed a recent show why not look at the comments to this post where you’ll find a few archived. Update: MP3 submissions accepted.

The requests have really piled up over the last few months, in particular the kind of obscure stuff we have been looking for. However, we have been defeated and unable to locate a number of them. This is where we look for your help. Below is a list of artists and songs.. but essentially we are looking for anything by any of these artists, if you can help get in touch

Ego Minefield – All In Your Mind
Aftermath – Neck and Neck
Burning Embers – Sweet Young Lady
David Baxter (Ex-Andwella’s Dream)
Dirty Tricks
Emperor Of Ice Cream – Overflow
Four Idle Hands
Guernica – Orange and Red
Hot Guitars – Nasty People
No Sweat – Heart and Soul
Sleepy Hollow – Come On Joe
Some People
Stagalee – Give A Little Love
The Baby Snakes
The Carpetbaggers
The Dadas – Skyscrapers
The Establishment – The Unfree Child
The Mountain Climbers – Grace
The Poets – Alone Am I
The Threat – The High Cost Of Living
The Young Offenders – That’s Why We Lose Control
Too Much For The Whiteman

‘Guaranteed Irish’

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Guaranteed Irish‘ is the title of Dave Heffernan‘s Sunday evening show on 4FM from 6-8pm. Last week’s show was a good one with some personal faves making an appearance and I didn’t even send in a request. As Dave himself says “the more obscure the better”. I wonder have a few readers of this blog been making requests? Anyway keep up the good work Dave and in case you missed the show check it out here. And 4FM, how about taking a leaf out of the BBC book and letting us see the playlist for previous shows? Update: Just found I was looking at ‘wrong’ Dave Heffernan page so have corrected the link above (the old one is here).

Ten Speed Racer – January (2000)
Van Morrison – Wavelength (1978)
Thin Lizzy – The Rocker (1973)
The Bats – On The Waterfront (1965)
God Help The Girl (feat Neil Hannon & Catherine Ireton) – Perfection As A Hipster (2009)
Hey Paulette – I Must Be In Love (1989)
The Sewing Room – Mobile (1995)
The Marbles – So Far Away (2000)
The Waterboys – Billy Sparks (1984)
DC Nein – Nightclub (1980)
The Swinging Swine – Them Ghosts Do Come (1990)
Planxty – Follow Me Up To Carlow (1973)
Rory Gallagher – Bought & Sold (1975)

The Frank & Walters – After All (1992)
In Motion – Five And Twenty Thousand Days (1994)
Michael Knight – Leaving Town (2005)
Energy Orchard – Belfast (1990)
The Wheels – Bad Little Woman (1966)
Cathal Coughlan – Denial Of The Right To Dream (2002)
Hinterland – Desert Boots (1990)
Elvis Costello & The Chieftains – Long Journey Home (1998)
Thin Lizzy – Dublin (1971)
Foy Vance – Homebird (2007)
Lir – New Song (1994)
David Holmes – Hey Lisa (2000)