Dave Heffernan

I recently discovered Dave Heffernan’s ‘Guaranteed Irish‘ show on 4FM and have since been enjoying his mix of Irish music from the 60s right through till the present day. He features occasional interviews with contemporary musicians many of which are archived on the 4FM website. Dave has a long history in the music business, I can remember him introducing bands on RTE’s ‘Anything Goes’, one of the few outlets on television for Irish based rock bands in the early 80s. He has a wide knowledge of Irish music and the shows are an enjoyable mix of genres and eras. Dave welcomes requests, as he says “the more obscure the better” so I think that’s a challenge we should rise to, emails please to irish@4fm.ie.

Download Dave’s December 12th 2010 show here.

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  1. […] not especially good at staying in touch with my friends and Dave Heffernan, among several others, will attest to that. It’s a good year when we catch up a couple of times […]

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