From Finglas in Dublin Montage were originally formed by Emmett O’Reilly (vocals, keyboards) and Martin Greene (keyboards) in 1982. takes up the story

They recorded a Dave Fanning Session for RTE Radio (produced by Ian Wilson, broadcast 15 June 1984, tracks: “The Twenty-First”, “What I Don’t Know”, “Years”, “Blessing From Heaven”, plus at least one more title). RTE offered the original Montage duo a TV-slot based on hearing the demo but backed out when the TV producer (Aongus McAnally of folk-rockers Mushroom) was told that there was no band, just two guys and some synths.

As a result the band decided to add a rhythm section and Montage became a four piece with Damian Corless (bass) and John McManus (drums). They signed to Vixen Records for a one-off single ‘The Twenty-First’ (1982) which they performed on ‘Non-Stop Pop’ on RTE TV.

By 1986 the lineup had reverted to a duo of Dermot Smyth (vocals) and Martin Green (keyboards) and released singles ‘When I Close My Eyes’ (1986), ‘Who Will Stop The Rain’ (1987) and ‘Swansong’ (1987) on Reekus Records.

Who Will Stop The Rain (1987)

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  1. Andy Millea Says:

    Don’t think it was these guys but does anyone remember a tune by an Irish synth pop duo in the mid 80’s the video was played on MTUSA all the time, it had a guy dressed as Marcel Marceau with some crappy chroma key/blue screen effects, its killing me trying to remember!

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