Limerick Live 95FM – Limrock: A Celebration

Irish music show ‘Green and Live’ presented by Alan Jacques on Limerick Live 95FM has been nominated for a Phonographic Performance Ireland (PPI) Award tonight. Alan’s Friday night show (broadcast from 10pm to midnight) was shortlisted in the ‘New Irish Music/ Musical Talent Programme’ category – for the third time in four years – for a special on Limerick music titled ‘Limrock: A Celebration’ broadcast back in May. The second hour of the show saw some current Limerick bands perform covers of some classic Limerick bands. The complete show is up on the Live95FM site.

Part 1 – Acoustic sessions

Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters – Little Black Marble
Brad Pitt Light Orchestra – Devil & Me (session)
Protobaby – State Of Affairs
Supermodel Twins – Hillary
Mark O’Connor – Kate Bush Hunting
Dead Red Light – We Waste Ourselves (session)
Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters – Throwing Shapes
Rubberbandits – I Wanna Fight Your Father
We Should Be Dead – Electric
Windings – Embury Greenway (session)
The Cranberries – Reason
Headgear – Halibut
Theme Tune Boy – The Devil’s Handmaid (session)
Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters – Hatch 16 (session)

Part 2 – Limerick Covers

Brad Pitt Light Orchestra – Killed It With My Bare Hands (session) [The Hitchers]
Johnny Duhan – The Voyage (session)
Keith Ford – Love At The Airport
Jimmy James – I Love You To The Bone
Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters – Spring Break (session) [Giveamanakick]
Last Days Of Death Coutry – Coming For You At Dawn
Dead Red Light – Jesus Loves You More If You Can Drive (session) [The Driven]
Brendan Markham – Serge
Woodstar – Dumb Punk Song
Theme Tune Boy – Up And At ‘Em (session) [Bandog]
Nick Carswell – Waking Up Is Hard To Do
Giveamanakick – Brittle Bones
Windings – Requiem For (session) [Medics]
Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters – That Old Chestnut

Limerick Covers

2 Responses to “Limerick Live 95FM – Limrock: A Celebration”

  1. Great to hear that local music in Limerick is so rich and diverse…. very excited to hear this music…

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