The Blades – Live at the SFX (9/11/85)

The last Blades post was very popular so I think it deserves an encore. Many thanks to Niall for digging this one out..

Live at the SFX (9/11/85)

Last Man In Europe
Real Emotion
If I Go Away
Revelations of Heartbreak
Boy One
Time Waits For No Man
Too Late
Our Secret Dream
Hot for You
Those were the days
Not So Blue
Young, Gifted and Black
Ghost Of A Chance
Last Man In Europe

10 Responses to “The Blades – Live at the SFX (9/11/85)”

  1. hi, any chance of gettin this on mp3 ??

  2. Great stuff, think I was at this, was a three band line up, Eugene, Aslan and The Blades. Looks like one of their last few gigs by the timeline.

  3. Mill Mill(white sox and black loafers) Says:

    I was the proudest man in Ireland,was their roadie for about 2 and a half years before they split,was at this gig of course but was very sad cause I knew it was soon to be over.Keep in contact with Brian Foley and constantly tell him to get Paul to reform,there are enough of us that want to see and hear it all again.

  4. Martin conneely Says:

    I think there was a brass section, too. Hear, hear to Mill mill’s comment re reunion – shame to let so much talent fade away. Even if the gigging and promo was a pain, a few songs to buy as downloads would be great.

  5. Wow!!! This is just great – I’ll be playing this over and over and over and re-living my youth!! As for a reunion it would be brilliant but when they played in Waterford in 2001 there were less than 40 people at the gig and most of them stayed at the bar drinking!! So I don’t blame Paul Cleary having little interest in doing it again.

  6. john dundon Says:

    afraid Pamela was right , we travelled to Dublin in 2001 to see the gig in the Olympia which was reasonably well attended and a great night when Paul s new album came out as i suspected that i would not get to see him in my native Limerick , i was right , so glad i went

    another great clip thanks so much for posting

  7. […] Blades live at the SFX on 9 November 1985 can be heard here on the brilliant Fanning Sessions blog while the second part of a 1985 live broadcast of the band […]

  8. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Another recording has surfaced over on the ‘Come Here To Me’ blog. It’s a recording of the 23 November 1984 show in the TV Club, Harcourt Street..

  9. Hi, If any of you have pics of the Blades playing live, I would love to use them on my web site, Please contact me at

  10. Really enjoyed this and it’s the perfect hors d’oeuvre to tonight’s Blades reunion gig in the Olympia.

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