In Tua Nua (1986)

In Tua Nua backstage at 'Self Aid' (1986)I realised while re-reading the rundown of the 1986 Fanning Fab Fifty that I hadn’t yet posted this track. In Tua Nua were huge back in the day. They headlined big venues, appeared on TV and even played Croke Park (supporting Simple Minds) but ultimately they never quite made it. Formed in 1982 by Ivan O’Shea (guitar), Martin Clancy (keyboards and guitar), Paul Byrne (drums), Jack Dublin (bass), Leslie Dowdall (vocals), Steve Wickham (violin) and Vinny Kilduff (pipes and whistles) In Tua Nua recorded four albums, only two of which, ‘Vaudeville’ and ‘The Long Acre’ were officially released. Their first single ‘Coming Thru’ was the first ever release by Mother Records in 1984. Sinead O’Connor deemed too young to front the band is co credited on second single ‘Take My Hand’. The band recorded both Fanning and Peel sessions (anyone got those?). The final album ‘When Night Came Down On Sunset’ was released on iTunes in 2007. This track, the b side to single ‘Seven Into the Sea’ on Virgin Records, was voted number 46 by the listeners to the Fanning Show. Unfortunately this song is just as relevant 23 years on..

Ballad Of Irish Love (1986)

2 Responses to “In Tua Nua (1986)”

  1. Hi, I have that second single “Take My Hand” on 12″, It was released on Island Records in 1984 and produced by Sinead O’Connors new husband Steve Cooney, The song “Coming Thru’ is on the B side of this single!! I also have a 12” of a song “The Ballad Of Saint Patrick” released in 1987 on Virgin Records, recorded in Munich! Is this the same song as above “Ballad Of Irish Love”?…

  2. I had a listen to those two songs “The Ballad Of Saint Patrick” and “Ballad Of Irish Love” and no, they are not the same song, just similar song titles! Also it was recorded live in Italy not Munich.

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