Auto Da Fé

auto da fe

Auto Da Fé were formed in 1980 by Gay Woods (vocals, ex Steeleye Span, The Woods Band) and Trevor Knight (keyboards, ex No Buckets, Naima, Jimi Slevin Band) with Wout Pennings (guitar), Carel van Rijn (bass) and Theo Wanders (drums). Woods and Knight relocated to Ireland and were joined by Jimi Slevin (guitar), Mark Megaray (bass, ex Radiators) and Robbie Brennan (drums). The project was a big departure musically for Woods who had been successful as a folk artist. Auto Da Fe released a series of singles which performed well in Ireland but saw little success abroad. The singles ‘November November’, ‘Bad Experience’, ‘Man Of Mine’, ‘Somethings Gotten Hold Of My Heart’ and ‘All Is Yellow Hot Hot Hot’ were collected together as ‘5 Singles And 1 Smoked Cod‘ which can be purchased on iTunes. Phil Lynott, champion and friend of the band, variously produced, played and sang on the early singles and Midge Ure played guitar on and coproduced ‘Man Of Mine’.

Somethings Gotten Hold Of My Heart (1984)

2 Responses to “Auto Da Fé”

  1. Saw them many times as a teenager, great live band. I remember at the climax of ‘All is yellow hot, hot , hot, Gay used to burst a bag of ripped up tinfoil pieces in front of a strobe light and dance in the reflected light. Simple but wonderful performance.

  2. John McGuire Says:

    My favorite female singer of the Irish scene in the 80s. Lucky enough to have met and hired Auto De Fe to open “Nancy Spains Backstage Bar” in Cork many moons ago. I even added my own band The pakt on the bill to add to the occasion. Great days and send my best wishes out to Gay. John McGuire

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