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PBR Streetgang (Session)

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pbr streetgangFrom Northern Ireland and with 3 releases on Terri Hooley’s Good Vibrations, details are once again annoyingly sparse for today’s session from PBR Streetgang. Please get in touch if you have any information. Update: Thanks to Stuart Bailie we now know the band were fronted by Colin Crooks later of The Graceland Conspiracy and The Dollybyrds. 


Talking To You

Running Into Dust

These Days

Junkster (1995 Session)

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From Dublin, Junkster were Deirdre O’Neill (vocals), Aidan Lane (guitar), Mick Creedon (guitar), Graham Darcy (bass) and Donal McParlin (drums). They released an eponymously titled album on RCA in 1997 but saw greater success in the US than on these shores. O’Neill, Darcy and Lane were previously in The Joys. More details on irishrock but as always please get in touch with memories and corrections. Thanks to Dan Hegarty for rebroadcasting. The first two tracks appeared on the debut album, ‘Silver Boy’ was never released. Pete Holidai produced the session and co-produced the album in Woodstock. For more details have a listen to Dee talk to Dan as part of his ‘For The Record‘ series.

Going Down (1995)

Twister (1995)

Silver Boy (1995)

Blue In Heaven (1985 Session)

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blue in heaven

From Churchtown in Dublin, Blue In Heaven were Shane O’Neill (guitar/vocals), Eamonn Tynan (guitar), Declan Jones (bass) and Dave Clarke (drums). Shane, Declan and Dave were previously in Amuse with Dave Long (Into Paradise). Shane, Declan and Dave would later form The Blue Angels with Quentin Cowper and Eamonn Tynan. Shane and Dave teamed up again in Supernaut and in May 2021 released an album ‘Moll & Zeis‘. Photo by Mary Lee (c) RTÉ Stills Department taken backstage at ‘Self Aid‘ (1986). Thanks to Dan Hegarty for continuing to plough through the archive and of course to the oracle himself Ian Wilson. Be sure to check out Mike McGrath-Bryan‘s radio preview in the Irish Examiner every Saturday as he has the inside track regarding what sessions will feature on Dan’s show. Check out this recent interview with Dan on the RTE Studio8 sessions.

Across My Heart (1985)
Brings Me Closer (1985)
Like A Child (1985)

Globes (1992 Demo)

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mixtape no1
We have absolutely no information on today’s demo, a track called ‘Real Thing’ by a band called Globes. If you recognise it or can fill in some detail please get in touch.

Real Thing (Demo)

Manhole (1995 Session)

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From Cork, Manhole were Dick (vocals), Gussie (bass), Glen (keyboards), Gilbert (guitar) and Montage (drums). They featured on the Ten By Ten compilation which was the subject of a recent B-Side the Leeside profile in the Irish Examiner. Incidentally the Examiner has been doing sterling work of late, their radio preview of a Saturday is a first port of call to see which archive sessions will feature on Tuesday’s Dan Hegarty show. For further Manhole recordings check out Gus on Soundcloud.


The Denim Queen’s Wet Dream


Leisure Explosion

The Frank and Walters (1997 Acoustic Session)

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frank and walters grand parade

In 1997 The Frank and Walters released their second album ‘Grand Parade‘ on Setanta Records. A couple of weeks earlier on June 17th they dropped into 2fm to record an acoustic session for the Dave Fanning show hosted by deputy Pat O’Mahony. This session was detailed extensively in Hot Press magazine by Peter Murphy and can be read here. The band at the time were Paul Linehan (vocals/bass), Niall Linehan (guitar) and Ashley Keating (drums). All but 3 of the tracks featured on ‘Grand Parade’ the exception being the final track ‘Restraint’. Should anyone have a better copy of the session or a full recording of ‘Landslide’ please drop us a line.

Indian Ocean

Little Dolls



Sissy (1999 Session)

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From Carlow, Sissy were from left to right Justin Kelly (guitar), Fergal Barry (lead guitar), Claire Noons (vocals), Sean McMahon (bass) and Padraigh Comerford (drums). They recorded a 4 track session produced by Paddy McBreen for Dave Fanning in 1999 of which we have the first two numbers. They were one of 6 Irish bands chosen by 2FM to go to Eurodisney in Paris to play shows over St Patrick’s week. Fergal, Sean and Padraigh went on to form Le Mons and later The Lemons. Fergal Barry died tragically in Prague in 2005 and is still sadly missed by Pádraigh and Sean. If you have the remaining tracks or any press reviews please get in touch.


Novelty (1999)

Crazy Time (1999)

An Emotional Fish (1989 Session)

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Formed in 1988, An Emotional Fish were Ger Whelan (vocals), Enda Wyatt (bass, keyboards), David Frew (guitars) and Martin Murphy (drums). Martin Murphy sadly passed away in 2017. The band released 3 albums, ‘An Emotional Fish’, Junk Puppets’ and ‘Sloper’. Ger Whelan continues to perform as Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club. A big thank you to Dan Hegarty & Ian Wilson for digging out this 1989 session for Dave Fanning. Be sure to tune to Dan’s show this Sunday at 11pm on 2fm when he talks to Steve Murray on the 25th anniversary of the release of Rollerskate Skinny’s opus ‘Horsedrawn Wishes’.

Anyway (1989)
All Night Long (1989)
Hallelujah, Love & Stuff (1989)
Strange Things (1989)

JJ72 (1998 Session)

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jj72 examiner

JJ72 were formed in 1996 by Mark Greaney (vocals, guitar) and Fergal Matthews (drums). They were later joined by Hilary Woods (bass). They released albums in 2000 and 2002 and a third was recorded but never released at which point the band called it a day. On Tuesday 9th February Dan Hegarty revisited their 1998 Fanning session featuring all four tracks ‘Oxegen’, ‘Undercover Angel’, ‘October Swimmer’ and ‘Bumble Bee’. The show is available on the RTE radio player here (link to 2XM repeat on 10th Feb). Hilary Woods is a critically acclaimed solo artist releasing two albums in 2020.

Oxegen (1998)

Undercover Angel (1998)

October Swimmer (1998)

Bumble Bee (1998)

A House (1997 Session)

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We didn’t know there was a 1997 Fanning session by A House so were very pleasantly surprised when Dan Hegarty gave it a long overdue outing on his show last night. Recorded just before the band broke up it features new versions of one song from each of the first 4 albums. We hope Dan plays the fourth track ‘Violent Love’ at some point and will update this post if he does. If you haven’t already checked it out we recommend Fergal Bunbury‘s latest musical project FBU62.

Endless Art
I Want To Be Allowed To Love You

13 Wonderful Songs

Mary Stokes Band (1989 Session)

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Mary Stokes Band 1989

Formed in 1987, The Mary Stokes Band were from left to right Beki Brindle (guitar), Mary Stokes (vocals), Dermot Stokes (piano), Dave McGuinness (drums), Joe Lahart (bass) and Brian Palm (harmonica). They recorded a Fanning session in 1989, the producer was Jim Lockhart. Some 33 years and 10 albums later the band are still going strong. They are currently recording a new album.

I certainly remember the day. Other than the sense of disbelief that we would go for five tracks – that was considered outrageous! … We took one break when the guitar player did an overdub on ‘Tough Times’, returning to the studio to record the next three tracks in one take each… road hardened, we were playing really comfortably as a unit! The engineer and Jim were somewhat agog…

Tough Times (1989)
Same Thing (1989)
Crazy About You (1989)
The Blues Aint Nothing (1989)
Fine Mellow (1989)

The Conspiracy (1989 Session)

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the conspiracy

The Conspiracy were Greg Pearle (vocals), Eamon Mitchell (guitar), Keith Geraghty (bass) and Michael Dunphy (drums). There was at least one further track in this 1989 session but unfortunately our tape ran out. We do have a demo ‘Say Goodbye’ which we’ll save for a future post. Eamon Mitchell kindly shared some memories with us on facebook..

The band formed in 1988 out of the ashes of the defunct indie band No Time To Cry. We performed supporting gigs in the Baggot Inn, The Tivoli and The Underground. We played a venue in Galway called Riffs beside where Monroes is now. We won a Battle of the Bands hosted by Leslie Dowdall in Raheny in 1988. We then recorded some demos in Temple Lane Studios. In 1989 we recorded a session for the Dave Fanning RTE 2FM radio show. By summer 1989 we had a loyal following and started headlining our own gigs in the Baggot Inn and Charlie’s on Aungier Street. Charlie McGettigan took over as manager and the band got some high profile gigs supporting Aslan (without Christy). At one point Paul McGuinness came to the Baggot to check us out. Alas London was calling and the band packed up and headed for the big smoke. With a new manager and a management contract signed the band set out to play the Rock Garden in Covent Garden, the Mean Fiddler in Harlesden supporting The Dixons where after our set Dave Fanning burst in with cans of Castlemaine XXXX for the band raving about the gig. The band supported The Fat Lady Sings in the Borderline before heading back to Dublin disheartened and still under contract. While licking our wounds we auditioned for The Commitments.We performed 2 songs for Alan Parker and he said he liked the band the best out of all the auditions but alas we were a rock band and The Commitments were to be a soul band. The band limped on during summer of 1990 and with in house fighting and the dreaded musical differences we broke up in July 1990 not before our swansong gig in Charlie’s supported by a very young Pale and a very very young Lir…time to pass the torch.

Servant (1989)

Ten In The Night (1989)

Captain Sensible on the BP Fallon Orchestra (1985)

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On July 14th 1985 BP Fallon recorded a special London edition of his show the BP Fallon Orchestra with Captain Sensible as “guide”. The show was broadcast on RTE Radio 2 in August 1985, the photo is from the RTE Guide. Many thanks to the taper who digitised it especially for us, no mean feat given the state of said cassette some 35 years later. Fingers crossed for further BPFO shows featuring Joey & Dee Dee Ramone (1985) and Rat Scabies & Dave Vanian of The Damned (1986).

First stop on the voyage was The Cricketers in Kennington to see Basil’s Balls-Up Band. Then it was off to the Vauxhall Tavern and a chat with drag artist Candy DuBarry. This is followed by a visit to the Royal Festival Hall where Swan Lake is being performed and a chat with Steve Marriot. Next stop is the Marquee and a chat with Johnny Thunders. Then they accidentally bump into P.P. Arnold (who we at the end of the show are told features in next week’s BPFO). Then it’s on to an Adult Video store which was the site of the 2i’s Coffee Bar in Old Compton Street. Finally it’s off to the Hippodrome and a chat with the manager Roger Howe. The last item is a chat with some members of Frankie goes to Hollywood. The show was produced by Willie O’Reilly.

As always we’d love to hear what you think, can you remember the broadcast, do you have any BPFO episodes in the attic?

Rock and Popular Music in Ireland: Before and After U2

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We were first reminded of this publication on the occasion of Gregory Gray‘s passing and the excellent Tom Robinson tribute. One of the people Tom spoke to was Noel McLaughlin, co-author with Martin McLoone of an academic publication on Irish music ‘Rock and Popular Music in Ireland: Before and After U2‘. We tracked down a recording of the 2012 interview with the authors on the Dave Fanning show and promptly did nothing more. Reading an excellent piece by Colm O’Callaghan for the Blackpool Sentinel ‘The Rats vs Ireland’s Showbands‘ however reminded us again of the book and the interview. We don’t have a copy but our local library does so we were able to read the chapter on Gregory. Posting the interview now for posterity.

them / van morrison
the method
sean campbell ‘english blood, irish heart’
rory gallagher
sinead o’connor
gregory gray

The Atrix – retrospective album launch (2019)

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The Irish Times byline sums it up perfectly: “Cult new wave national treasures The Atrix return with a gig, a CD and new material”. Dan Hegarty interviewed Hugh Friel (drums) and Dick Conroy (bass) on his show last Sunday and the two will appear on the Tom Dunne show tonight at 10pm. The remastered compilation album ‘Dublin 1979-1981’ will be launched on CD and vinyl this Thursday September 19th in the Sugar Club with special guests Kevin McAleer and Paula Meehan.

Dan Hegarty interview (2019)

Tom Dunne interview (2019)

Dave Fanning’s Irish Show (March 1984)

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Today we have a treat, a 45 minute recording of the Dave Fanning show from March 1984 courtesy the Irish Broadcasting Hall of Fame. Dave announces he is playing Irish tracks only and plays a number of sessions and even a demo we’d never previously heard from Blue In Heaven. There is one track we haven’t been able to identify so if you know your 80s Irish rock then please put us out of our misery.

u2 – surrender
max – song number 6 (session)
undertones – you’re welcome (live)
the outcasts (1981 session)
auto da fe – bad experience
some kind of wonderful – do you read my letter
pop mecanics – round & round (1984 session)
blue in heaven – say (demo)
blades – revelations of heartbreak
cuba dares (session)
microdisney – hello rascals
gerry cott? – ballad of the lone ranger

Let Evening Bring Them Home: The Story of the Jubilee Allstars

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We’ve been taking a trip down memory lane for reasons to be explained at a later date but we rediscovered this hour long documentary featured as part of the excellent Great Irish Bands series over on Dublin Opinion. Hats off to the producers, we would love something similar on any number of bands, The Stars Of Heaven anyone?

Jubilee Allstars were Niall McCormack (vocals & guitar), Barry McCormack (vocals & guitar), Fergus McCormack (vocals & bass) and Lee Casey (drums). They recorded this session for John Peel on Jan 11th 1987.

This Ain’t No Party: The Story of No Disco

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no disco logo
Produced by Ciaran Ryan, ‘This Ain’t No Party’ is an excellent new radio documentary for RTE 2XM telling the story of ‘No Disco‘ featuring the voices of many involved in the production and presentation of the show. Among the contributors are presenters Donal Dineen and Leagues O’Toole, founding producer/editor Colm O’Callaghan, his successor Rory Cobbe and musicians David Gray, Carol Keogh and Dudley Colley.

The Hellfire Club (1989 Session)

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hellfire club mk1

It’s been too long, thank you Paul McArdle of The Hellfire Club for kicking us into renewed action. The Hellfire Club were Tom Doyle (vocals/guitar), Joe Ussher (lead guitar/vocals/piano), John Doyle (bass), Paul McArdle and later Mark Downing (drums). They recorded a Dave Fanning session in studio 8 on March 14th 1989. There were 4 tracks put to tape that day, one of which can be found here. We are now posting the three remaining tracks. Last but not least, thank you Thomas Erbsloh for your awesome tape archive.

Come With Me (1989)

Blind Ambition (1989)

Sweet Smell of Success (1989)

The Switch (1987 Session)

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Thanks to Ian Wilson we know The Switch recorded a 4 track session on Feb 23rd 1987. That is the sum total of our knowledge so hopefully you can help us out with further details and a band photo.

The first votes in the inaugural Fanning Sessions #AltFab50 Readers Poll have been submited, we would love to hear your 3 fave songs of 2017. While you’re at it submit them to Fanning’s Fab50 and you might win tickets to the Electric Picnic.

She Rises Over Heartache (1987)

Cover Charge  (1987)

Perfect Description (1987)

Stay (1987)

New Holland (1985 Session)

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BASF tape

We have minimal information on this session from New Holland. They won a Battle of The Bands competition in the Ivy Rooms  judged by among others Dave Fanning and Dave G Kelly with the winning prize the opportunity to record a session. If anyone can name the band members or provide a photo please get in touch.

Take Your Time (1985)

Weekend (1985)

The Strait (1985)

The Tower (1985)

The Subterraneans (further demos)

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subterreansIf a definitive tome on The Story of Irish Rock ever comes to be written we look forward to reading how The Subterraneans did not conquer all. These two tracks are we believe from the same demo that featured ‘Slum‘ and ‘Maxi Joy‘. Thank you Colm for digging these out.

Nobody There (demo)

Bogside Rock (demo)

Backwards Into Paradise (1986 Session) revisited

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The ever reliable Blackpool Sentinel yesterday published another excellent read on local favourites Into Paradise. As serendipity would have it we also just received a recording from Colm in Arklow of a session previously posted but now with better audio so we’ve decided what the heck. The session recorded for Dave Fanning on Jan 13th 1986 featured 3 further tracks which we’d love to hear – ‘Alone Again’, ‘A Good and Honest Man’ and ‘John’. Incidentally does anyone recognise the guest host sitting in for Dave? We have it on good authority that it could be Fachtna O’Kelly but stand to be corrected. Update: Thanks to Colm we have a further track.

She Falls (1986)

A Good And Honest Man (1986)

Cry Before Dawn (1984 Session)

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cry before dawn 1989

From Wexford, Cry Before Dawn were Brendan Wade (vocals, acoustic guitar, uileann pipes and whistle), Tony Hall (electric guitar), Vince Doyle (bass) and Pat Hayes (drums). On June 25th 1984 they recorded 3 tracks for the Dave Fanning show; ‘Follow Me’, ‘Cry For Me’ and ‘Pain Of Life’. Thank you Colm for digging out the session track and to for the photo.

Follow Me (1984)

Strangewaze (1992 Session)

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From Tullamore, Strangewaze were Jason Rabbitte (vocals & guitar),
Ferg Lenihan (bass & vocals), Soup (guitar) and Mark Molloy (drums & percussion).
For What It’s Worth (1992)

Mr Limelight (1992)

Planet Pain (1992)

The Other (1992)


In Tua Nua (1988)

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in tua nua tour

This unreleased track by In Tua Nua was recorded live on the Dave Fanning show when the band dropped in to celebrate the launch of their second album ‘The Long Acre’ in late 1988. In Tua Nua are about to set out on their first Irish tour since that same year.

Jealous Knife (1988)

Intoxicating Rhythm Section (1990 Session)

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IRS intoxicating rhythm section

We’ve been sitting on this one a little while holding out for a band photo so thank you Colm Walsh for coming up with the goods.  From Athy, Co Kildare, Intoxicating Rhythm Section (also known as IRS) were at the time of the photo; Mick O’Rourke (guitar), Steven Mangan (vocals), Robbie Robinson (drums), Sean MacMahon and John Byrne. This differs from the lineup detailed on our previous post so hopefully someone in the know can fill in the blanks and tell us who played on the 1990 Fanning session.

Bomb Belfast With Love (1990)

She’s My Jesus (1990)

Strange Fruit  (1990)

The Dadas (Session)

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The Dadas were Andy Fitzpatrick (vocals, guitar), Gráinne Tiernan (backing vocals), Maelíosa Tiernan (backing vocals), Brian O’Connor (keyboards), Dan Stuttard (bass) and Ciarán Lally (drums). Andy Fitzpatrick is a long-standing member of The Harvest Ministers as well performing as a solo artist. As luck would have it both acts have just released new albums, Andy’s is ‘Antoinette Plaza‘ whilst The Harvest Ministers have released ‘Back to Harbour‘. Watch The Dadas perform ‘Skyscrapers’ here.


Early Days

Good To Be Happy

Mercy Mercy

Tiberius Minnows (1992 Session)

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tiberius minnows band

Formed June 1987 in Coalisland, Co. Tyrone, Tiberius Minnows were Michael Rafferty (vocals), Paul Maynes (guitar), Kevin Carson (bass), Barry Corr (keyboards) and Stephen O’Sullivan (drums).  The band reconvened as The Minnows a number of years ago and are currently putting the finishing touch to their debut album. If anyone knows the year of this Fanning session please set us straight..

A Song Called Love

Elephant Man

New York City


Bruce Wayne Experience (Session) / Cloudberry Blog

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Today’s post was inspired by the Cloudberry Records blog, a site dedicated to digging out indiepop new and old, unearthing quite a few gems from bands close to our hearts. Roque specialises in forensic research on occasion following up with interviews, e.g. Sean A McDermott of Mickey Rourke’s Fridge. Many of the Irish bands featured have appeared here but others like the Bruce Wayne Experience prompted a visit to the attic.

The Bruce Wayne Experience were a 5 piece active from 1988 – 1991. The lineup was David O’Connor (vocals), Steve O’Connor (guitar), Steve Connaughton (bass), David Houlihan (keyboards) and Woppy (drums). The band featured on the 1990 compilation ‘Something New, Something Blue‘.

I Only Wish

Better Left Unsaid

If Only

Irish bands featured on the Cloudberry Records blog – please let us know if we’ve missed any.

Azure Days
Bruce Wayne Experience
Cherry Brogues
Cliff Edge Panic
Crocodile Tears
Cuba Dares
Cypress Mine!
Donnelly Brothers
Donnelly Brothers (Interview)
Empty Shell
Feargal is the Applejack
Red Circus
Rex and Dino
Scale the Heights
Shocking Stockings
Slowest Clock (Interview)
Wilderness Years
Wrong Door Raid
Gradapenda Rosindale

Andy White (1989 Session)

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From Belfast, Andy White recorded a Fanning session on December 4th 1989. Andy has just released a career spanning box set and is on tour in the UK  before playing Whelan’s on December 29th. Andy will be the focus of an hour long profile on the Tom Robinson BBC Radio 6 Music show on Saturday December 3rd at 9pm.

6 String Street (1989)

The Pale Moonlight (1989)

Raspberry Beret (1989)

Your Cheating Heart (1989)

Vision Of You (1989)

Hinterland (1990 Session)

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hinterland-pressDonal Coghlan who sadly passed away and that prompted a trip to the attic to look for a copy of the Hinterland Fanning session. Recorded in studio 8 on May 16th 1990 the session features Donal Coghlan (vocals, bass, keyboards), Gerry Leonard (guitar) and Wayne Sheehy (drums). For more on Hinterland start here.

God’s Reverb (1990)

Reporter  (1990)

Stanley’s Minutes (1990)

Desert Boots (1990)

My Little Funhouse (1991 Session)

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Kilkenny’s My Little Funhouse were formed by Alan Lawlor (vocals), Anthony Morrissey (guitar), Brendan Morrissey (guitar), Gary Deevy (bass). They later recruited Derek Maher (drums) who left in 1993 to be replaced by Graham Hopkins (drums).

Catholic Boy (1991)

Rachel (1991)

Raintown (1991)

The Sweetest Dream (1991)

Hoover Clinic (1990 Session)

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From the northside of Dublin, Hoover Clinic were from right to left Kieran Dalton (guitar), Dermot Behan (guitar), Alan Caffery (lead vocal & bass) and John Lawlor (drums). This Fanning session was recorded circa 1990.

Runaway (1990)

Funky Love (1990)

Conscience  (1990)

Scandal  (1990)

Ian Dury – Dave Fanning Interview (1981)

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Shortly after Ian Dury’s death in 2000 following a long illness, Dave Fanning paid tribute by broadcasting a 31st July 1981 interview with the singer-songwriter. Thank you John for digging out the recording.

Ian Dury Interview (1981)


Left Of The Dial (TXFM Cathal Funge radio doc)

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Left Of The Dial (2016)

This Sunday at 6pm TXFM will broadcast a documentary ‘Left Of The Dial‘, “looking at two periods of time in radio and music when alternative music programmes ruled the national night-time airwaves – 2FM in the 80s and TodayFM in the late 90s”. The show was produced by Cathal Funge and will feature interviews with Dave Fanning, Mark Cagney, Donal Dineen, Tom Dunne, John Kelly, Dan Hegarty, Paul McLoone, Ian Wilson, Dave Couse, Paul Cleary, Richie Egan, Peter Murphy, Olaf Tyaransen and Nadine O’Regan. Then at 7pm stay tuned for 2 hours of music featured in the documentary interspersed with listener requests and stories..


So for some reason when I was in 1st year in school, I decided it was time to join the workforce.  At the time I was living a few miles outside Gorey in the Wexford countryside and got a weekend job at the petrol station just down the road. After a few weeks my obvious talent for pumping fuel and checking oil levels was spotted and I was soon working three evenings a week after school.
Now this place really was in the middle of nowhere and business wasn’t exactly booming despite my high profile promotion, so my daydreaming skills were honed as I sat on a rickety stool in a kiosk staring into space.
I did have a radio and Atlantic 252 was my station of choice, for the first few months anyway, but soon I got bored of hearing the same 30 songs on a loop so I decided to give this guy Dave Fanning a shot.
I pretty much hated the show at first, but my options were fairly limited so I stuck with it and within weeks it became something of an obsession. I had no time for daydreaming now as I sat there with a pen and paper scribbling down names of bands and songs I was hearing for the first time. You had to be fully alert due to Dave’s rapid fire delivery and the dreaded scenario was the sight of a car pulling in to refuel just before Dave was about to back announce what he had played.
By the time I was finished pumping £5 of diesel into a rusty old Ford Cortina, Dave would already be on to another string of songs and that was it, gone, no way of checking online or texting in to the station to find out who the artists was. The only lifeline I had in those days was to check with someone in school the next day; “Were you listening last night? What was that track he played around 8.30? You didn’t tape it did you…?”
Lots of tracks I fell in love with listening to the Fanning show pop up on TX Breakfast every now and again, particularly in Record Revival and Song Club, and I can almost smell the petrol fumes whenever I hear Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Oh Well, Part 1’.
By 1997, I was out of the petroleum business and on to another late night radio programme.  Donal Dineen’s ‘Here Comes The Night’ was a little too out there for me when it first aired on Radio Ireland/TodayFM in March 1997, but in early ’98 I tuned back in and was rewarded big time.
I reckon about 90% of the records I bought over the next few years came on the back of hearing them on ‘Here Comes The Night’. The pen and paper were in use again as I jotted down names of bands, singers, labels, and compilations. Unlike Dave Fanning’s million word a minute approach to presenting, Donal’s was at the lower end of low key. There was many a night Donal would keep me awake by playing four or five amazing songs back-to-back and I would have to fight off the sleep until his whispering voice returned to name the tracks.
Late last year I was thinking about how essential certain late night radio music programmes were for anyone wanting to hear alternative music back in the days before the internet made music so accessible. You could of course read about new music but actually getting to hear these records was not so easy and you depended on a handful of presenters to play the music no one else would.
So I decided to go off and make a documentary telling the story of how important these programmes were in a pre-digital era. The documentary is called ‘Left of the Dial’ and it’s going to air this Sunday at 6pm followed by the official soundtrack to the documentary – basically two hours of great music from that era.

Mickey Bradley – Tom Dunne Interview

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michael bradley book

We’ve long been fans of Mickey Bradley both as musician and DJ so when we heard he had written a memoir we were head of the queue. The book is a great read although despite all the humour we found it a little sad. ‘Teenage Kicks: My Life as an Undertone’ by Michael Bradley is published by Omnibus Press. The Irish Times has an extract here. Mickey was recently interviewed by Tom Dunne on his Newstalk show. The Mickey Bradley Record Show is broadcast on BBC Radio Ulster every Tuesday 8-10pm

Mickey Bradley – Tom Dunne interview (2016)

Sir Henry’s the radio show (2014)

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sir henrys photo (jack lyons)

Photo (c) Jack Lyons

Whilst listening to UCC98.3FM to catch the premiere broadcast of Paul McDermott‘s excellent Stump documentary we happened to catch a rerun of another show worthy of mention. Back in 2014 some good folk at UCC library were inspired to create an exhibition around renowned Cork venue/club Sir Henry’s. This exhibition captured the imagination of the public and generated much activity on facebook, twitter and a wordpress blogJim Morrish who has a weekly show ‘Centrifugal‘ on UCC98.3FM in turn decided to create a radio program looking at some of the artists who played in Sir Henry’s over the years. He invited Paul McDermott, Conor O’Toole and Morty McCarthy (Sultans of Ping) for what turned out to be 5 1/2 hours of radio – music from the bands interspersed with memories of the gigs in the venue. We have listened to these shows a number of times and much enjoyed the tunes and the discussion. For more on the shows check out the post on Conor’s website (named after his show) ‘The Underground of Happiness‘. PS If you’d like to download the shows for offline listening check out offliberty.

1983-1988: Microdisney, Cypress, Mine!, The Pogues & Elvis Costello, The Stunning, Belsonic Sound, The Damned, The Wedding Present, Stump, 5 Go Down To The Sea, That Petrol Emotion, Big Audio Dynamite.

1989-1991: A House, The Sisters of Mercy, The Sultans of Ping, The Golden Horde, Cork Rocks 1991, Dancing Bastards from Hell, Whipping Boy, Echo & the Bunnymen, Toasted Heretic.

1991-1992: Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Babes in Toyland, The Shanks, The Would Be’s, Stereolab.

1993-1994: LMNO Pelican, Mercury Rev, My Bloody Valentine, Fatima Mansions, Pavement, Sebadoh.

1994-2000: Ash, Manic Street Preachers, The Mary Janes, Frank Sidebottom, Aidan Walsh & Cow in the Water, The Cork Music Resource Co-op, The Fall and Super Furry Animals/Grandaddy, Ian Brown, Godspeed! You Black Emperor

Lights! Camel! Action! – The Story of Stump

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Produced by Paul McDermott, Lights! Camel! Action! – The Story of Stump is an hour long documentary funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland through the television license fee for UCC 98.3FM. The documentary will be broadcast as follows with a podcast to follow:

  • UCC 98.3FM on Friday 8 January, 2016, 5pm
  • 103.2 Dublin City FM Thursday 21 January, 12 midnight and Wednesday 3 February, 3pm
  • Wired FM 99.9 FM, Limerick, Thursday 21 January, 6pm

Lights! Camel! Action! – The Story of Stump is a documentary about Stump, the Anglo-Irish experimental, rock band from the 1980s. The documentary has been in production for the past year and sadly in November 2015 Mick Lynch, the enigmatic front man and lyricist with the band fell ill and passed away on 17 December, 2015.

The documentary is compiled from over 15 hours of interviews with the four members of Stump and key figures from their story.  Contributors include: Mick Lynch, Rob McKahey, Kev Hopper, Chris Salmon, Jack Lyons, Elvera Butler , Liam McKahey, Simon Reynolds, Nigel Grainge, Hugh Jones, John Robb and Roy Weard.

Paul McDermott teaches Media Studies and Journalism at Rathmines College and is the Director of Programming at Dublin City FM. He previously produced Get That Monster Off the Stage, the award winning radio documentary about Finbarr Donnelly and his bands Nun Attax, Five Go Down to the Sea? and Beethoven.


Uaneen Fitzsimons Tribute (2000)

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When we first heard about this particular tape we thought it was a recording of an Uaneen show but it turned out to be 45 minutes of a Dave Fanning tribute to Uaneen broadcast a month after her tragic death. It makes for sad listening but is also very touching and so we have decided to share. We hope her friends and family do not mind us sharing, please let us know if this is not the case. If anyone has a nice recording of an Uaneen show we’d love to share that also. Uaneen of course needs no introduction, she was the face of ‘No Disco‘ post Donal Dineen and host to her own RTE 2FM show in the slot after Dave Fanning. ‘No Disco’ also paid tribute with a special show compiling many of her interviews.

Uaneen Fitzsimons Tribute on Dave Fanning Show (2000)

Something Happens (1995 Acoustic Session)

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Recorded live on the RTE 2FM Mike Moloney show June 21st 1995. Something Happens! are Tom Dunne, Ray Harman, Alan Byrne and Eamonn Ryan. Check out Tom Dunne nightly 10pm – midnight on Newstalk.

Fishboy (1995)

Pray (1995)

The Sultans of Ping F.C. (1993 Session)

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The Sultans of Ping F.C. recorded this, their second session for Dave Fanning in January 1993. At the time the band was Morty McCarthy (drums), Pat O’Connell (guitar), Niall O’Flaherty (vocals and harmonica) and Alan McFeely (bass).

U Talk 2 Much (1993)

Armitage Shanks (1993)

Karaoke Queen (1993)

David Bowie ‘Tonight’ reviewed by Tom McLaughlin (1984)

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Time to break our duck with something a little bit unusual. This is either very unfair or very apt given David Bowie’s recent renaissance. In 1984 he released ‘Tonight‘, his sixteenth studio album to mixed reviews. In this clip from the Dave Fanning RTE2 radio show Tom McLaughlin of Light a Big Fire offers his take on the album.

In other news voting for the inevitable Fanning’s Fab 50 is underway with the event itself taking place on Monday 22nd December and Tuesday 23th from 10pm-1am. Check out Dan Hegarty’s ‘Top 50 Irish Albums Of 2014‘ for some inspiration.

While we’re going off topic, all the best to Mr Terri Hooley who is in hospital at the minute. Get well soon Terri.

Tom McLaughlin (1984)

If like me you think it’s time to listen to the album check it out on youtube here:

A House (1987 Interview)

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How do I casually mention that Mr Dave Couse is back on our airwaves from Monday 3rd November filling in for Paul McLoone on TodayFM? How about another Dave Fanning interview? This one features ‘I Think I’m Going Mad’ (live), ‘Call Me Blue’ (brand new single out 11th July), ‘You Break Me Up’ (live), ‘Heart Happy’ (live) and ‘Plain or Pearl’ (another of the 4 tracks from the 12″). Check out Dave 3rd – 13th November 9pm-midnight on TodayFM.


A House interview Dave Fanning (1987)

The Subterraneans (1992 Session?)

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From Artane, Dublin, The Subterraneans were Derek Barter (bass/vocals), Paddy Brady (guitar), Mitchel O’Connor (guitar) and Colm Coughlan (drums). Thanks to Padser Dalhoun for photo and lineup. We’re guessing that this is a session and that it dates from 1992 so if anyone can confirm or correct please do!

 L - R Colm Coughlan, Derek Barter, Paddy Brady, Mitchel O'Connor

L – R Colm Coughlan, Derek Barter, Paddy Brady, Mitchel O’Connor

Rubbernose (1992)

Where’s The Hook (1992)

Showdown (1992)

Mahogany Men (1993 Session)

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From Cork, Mahogany Men were Myles Horgan (lead vocals/guitar), Cormac Curtis (guitar), Danny McElhinney (bass) and David Tinsley (drums). They recorded this session for Dave Fanning in January 1993.

mahogany men

Emily Dickinson (1993)

Unicorns (Do Not Exist) (1993)

Grow Your Own (1993)

Hello How Are You I Am God (1993)

The Pale (1991 Session)

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The Pale were formed in Dublin in 1990 by Matthew Devereux (vocals), Shane Wearen (mandolin) and Sean Molloy (bass). This Fanning session recorded for RTE in 1991 was their first ever recording and the only one to feature the original band lineup. This is the first time since they were recorded that the band have heard these tracks which were never released or indeed recorded again. The Pale are playing Hard Working Class Heroes on the 3rd October in the Mercantile, Dame Street, Dublin.

Opium Poem (1991)

Cynical Sun (1991)

Ventriloquist (1991)

Big Country – Dave Fanning Interview (1986)

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One good interview begets another. Recorded during the same tour as the recently posted Mickey Bradley interview, here are Stuart and Ian from Big Country on RTE Radio2 with the venerable Dave Fanning on November 26th 1986. Thank you to the kind reader who dug this out.

Big Country

Big Country – Dave Fanning Interview (26.11.1986)

Stuart Adamson – Mickey Bradley Interview (1986)

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In 1986 Big Country toured Ireland stopping off in Derry’s Templemore Sports Complex on the way. Stuart Adamson took time out from the sound check on December 2nd 1986 to speak to Mickey Bradley for his Radio Foyle show Mickey’s Monkey. Stuart Adamson sadly passed away in 2001.

Big Country

Stuart Adamson – Mickey Bradley Interview (1986)

Future Kings Of Spain – Alison Curtis Interview (2007)

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Another great band that are sorely missed round these parts, Future Kings Of Spain were founded by Joey Wilson (guitar & vocals), Anton Hegarty (bass) and Bryan McMahon (drums). Their first gig in 2000 was a support slot for J Mascis & The Fog. They were joined in 2003 by Karl Hussey (guitar). I first came across them on the March 2003 HMV Playlist CD. This is a 2007 interview with Alison Curtis on her TodayFM show ‘The Last Splash’.

Joey Wilson (Future Kings Of Spain) – Alison Curtis Interview (2007)

The Mary Janes (Session)

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From Dublin, The Mary Janes were Mic Christopher (vocals, guitars), Simon Good (guitars), Karl Odlum (bass) and Steven Hogan (drums). Mic Christopher tragically passed away on 29th November 2001.


Taken In



The Brilliant Trees (Session)

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brilliant trees

From Finglas in Dublin, The Brilliant Trees were Alan Hoey (vocals, guitar), Tony Barrett (guitar), Sid Barrett (bass) and Dave Farrell (drums). We had previously featured one track from this Fanning session albeit a very lo-fi recording. We are no longer certain however from which year the session dates. There was a further track ‘Slavedriver’ on this particular cassette which may or may not be part of the session..

If I Die


I Know You Know

Candy Apple Red – Snakeskin

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Candy Apple Red were a Dublin 4 piece featuring Dave Dorgan (vocals), Gerry Fahy (guitar), Eamonn Elliott (drums) and Damien Byrne (bass). This track reminds the writer of The Stars Of Heaven and so jumped straight to the top of the pile. If anyone has a band photograph please get in touch. The artwork is the inlay for the tape containing this track. If you click on it you should land on our facebook page where you will find many more Fanning tapes. Your mission should you chose to accept it is to peruse same and tell us what bands/tracks should feature next.

Snakeskin (1993?)

That Petrol Emotion – Mickey Bradley Interview (1986)

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That Petrol Emotion

If pushed to chose our Desert Island Discs ‘Manic Pop Thrill’ by That Petrol Emotion would be on the list. We are excited to hear that 4/5 of that band are about to release a new record. As an excuse to plug the efforts of The Everlasting Yeah to fund ‘Anima Rising‘ here’s an archive interview with one Mickey Bradley from 1986. Mickey’s very first radio show ‘Mickey’s Monkey‘ featured an interview with the band in the very first episode. This particular interview with Ciaran and Raymond was broadcast on the Radio Ulster show ‘The Bottom Line’.

Mickey Bradley Interview (1986)

Tears Of Lost Children (1989 Session)

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Tears Of Lost Children

This Fanning session was recorded on 9th October 1989. That is the sum total of our knowledge at this time.. the usually reliable has no listing. Update: Thanks to a comment from Paul we have the band lineup – Ray Colman (vocals), Ed Thornton (guitar),  Phil Garry (bass) and Johnny Brewer (drums). Thank you KillianM2 for digging out the band photo!

Speak To Me (1989)

Nine Blind Years (1989)

Tripwire (1989)

Secrets (1989)

The Elite (1989 Session)

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The Elite recorded this Fanning session on 25th September 1989. According to the frontman is Derek Dempsey. Further details of the band personnel and a picture would be gratefully appreciated.. Now might also be a good time to mention the Irish Metal Archive.

1. Never Surrender (1989)

2. All I Ever Wanted (1989)

3. Bad Attitude (1989)

4. Rock’n’Roll Woman (1989)

Here’s a video recording of the band performing ‘Bad Attitude’.

The Skips (1989 Session)

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skipsToday we have 2 tracks from the Ian Wilson produced 1988 Fanning Session by The Skips. The Skips were Amanda Claxton (vocals), Derrick Dalton (guitar), Pete Corrigan (bass) and Darren Nolan (drums). Derrick Dalton sadly passed away in 2008.

What Do You Mean (1989)

You’re In Love (1989)

Giant (1989 Session)

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From Dublin, Giant were Niamh McDonald (vocals), Susan Kavanagh (vocals), Ken Haughton (guitar), Joe McDonnell (bass) and Ronan Buckley (drums). Thanks to Eddie Joyce for the picture, check out for more band details. This Fanning session was recorded in autumn 1989.

Promised Land (1989)

Crocodile Tears (1989)

Big Mouth (1989)

The Devil (1989)

Whiskey In The Jar – The Eric Bell Story

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L-R Phil Lynott, Brian Downey and Eric Bell.

L-R Phil Lynott, Brian Downey and Eric Bell.

Marking 40 years since his departure from Irelands greatest known rock band Thin Lizzy, founding member Eric Bell speaks candidly to Danny Carroll about his life.

This RTE Radio 1 documentary was produced by Danny Carroll and won a Silver Award at the New York Radio Festival recently.

Whiskey In The Jar – The Eric Bell Story

The Frames – Another Love Song (Demo)

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Ahead of their upcoming Whelan’s gig this Monday here’s a demo recording of ‘Another Love Song’ by The Frames. At a guess this dates from 1990.

Another Love Song (Demo)

Bobby Womack (1944 – 2014)

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Sad news, Bobby Womack has left us. Dave Fanning interviewed him a year ago and played this short excerpt on his show today.

Bobby Womack (excerpt 2013 Dave Fanning interview)

Burning Embers (1986 Session)

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Image via

Image via

I’ve been trawling the archive for something vaguely related to Sir Henry’s in Cork, the subject of an upcoming exhibtion at UCC Library hence today’s post. Burning Embers were Sean O’Neill (vocals), John Poland (guitars), Niall Macken (keyboards), Mel Poland (bass), Gordon Ashe (drums). They recorded this session for Dave Fanning on November 17th 1986.

Champagne & Toffee (1986)

Waiting (1986)

The Blood Game (1986)

Iggy Pop on the BP Fallon Orchestra

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Continuing our series of BPFO (BP Fallon Orchestra) shows, here’s one from 1987 featuring a certain Iggy Pop.

And NUN Came Back – A tribute to Finbarr Donnelly (1962 – 1989)

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Tonight The Pavilion, Cork pays tribute to Finbarr Donnelly. Donnelly fronted seminal Cork bands Nun Attax, Five go Down to the Sea? and Beethoven between 1978 and his untimely death in London’s Serpentine in 1989. To commemorate 25 years since his passing on June the 18th Ricky Dineen has put together ..and NUN Came Back, featuring himself, Liam Heffernan, Humphrey Murphy, Tom Healy and Ian Walsh who will play songs from the back catalogue of all 3 bands.

Be sure to check out ‘Get That Monster Off The Stage’ a radio documentary produced by Paul McDermott on Finbarr Donnelly featuring interviews with Cathal Coughlan and Sean O’Hagan amongst many others.

Billy Bragg on the BP Fallon Orchestra

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I’m guessing the date at 1985 (Billy says he is 27) so correct me please if I am wrong. Billy talks to BP about money, success, politics, joining the army and Kirsty MacColl who had a hit with Billy’s ‘New England’

Billy Bragg on the BP Fallon Orchestra (1985)

Doctor Millar and The Cute Hoors (1990 Session)

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Doctor Millar and The Cute Hoors are Sean Millar (vocals/guitar), Phil Martin (guitar/fiddle), Mark Megannety (bass) and Mark Hugget (drums). They recorded a Fanning session on 23rd April 1990 featuring 4 tracks: ‘Hand Me Down’, ‘Sappho Smile’, ‘Nail Me To A Saviour’ and ‘My Lover Has Got No Soul’. Sean Millar, named one of Ireland’s greatest songwriters by Hot Press, released his sixth album ‘C48‘ to acclaim last year. NEWS UPDATE (7.11.2016): The Cute Hoors have just released their first new material in 25 years, ‘You Are Not My Kind‘ out now.

My Love Has Got No Soul (1990)

Fountainhead (1990 Demo)

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Recorded between December 1989 and an unknown date this demo from Fountainhead was played by Dave Fanning on his RTE Radio 2 show presumably sometime in 1990. The band was essentially Pat O’Donnell and Steve Belton although there were a number of live lineups. I suspect this is track is quite rare so enjoy.. Thanks to Owain for digging this out.

Black Cloud (1990)

At Gunpoint (1986 Demo)

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From Dublin, At Gunpoint were Karl Walsh (vocals), Didi Cassidy (lead guitar), Woppy McGrath (rhythm guitar), Sam Cregan (bass) and Alan Shaughnessy (drums). At Gunpoint recorded a Fanning session in 1987 but this track is from their 1986 demo. Photo courtesy

All Go Away (1986 Demo)

Real Wild West (1987 Session)

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This 1987 Fanning session by Real Wild West is their second and was recorded on 4th May 1987. Real Wild West were from Dublin and featured Charlie Rafferty (bass & vocals), Paul Murtagh (guitar), Robbie Warren (drums) and Ian Smith (trumpet). Photo via this YouTube video of ‘The Sixties’.

Chappaquiddick Bridge / Hello Joe / Captain Of Your Ship / Burn, Burn, Burn (1987)

GUAVA (2000 Session)

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From Galway, GUAVA were active from 1997 until 2000. The band featured Dave Garol (vocals, guitar, electronics), Maria Shiel (vocals, guitar, bodhran), Joe Keane (bass), Mark Dempsey (guitar) and Ryan Lacey (drums). They recorded this session for Dave Fanning in 2000.

Funk #1 Instrumental / Modification / Slow Down / See Down Here (2000)

Missing Link (1988 Session)

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From Dublin, Missing Link were Jimmy Tague (vocals), Gerry Bennett (guitar), Dave Morrissey (keyboards), Charlie Bennett (bass), Donal McPartlin (drums). Thanks to IrishRock for the photo. This Fanning session was recorded on 14th June 1988.

Back Of My Mind / Maybe I Will / Shake It Up / Wrong Impression (1988)

Belsonic Sound (1988 Session)

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This is the second Fanning session by Cork outfit Belsonic Sound and was recorded on 20th June 1988. The band featured Finny Corcoran (guitar & vocals), Gene Russel (bass), Jim O’Mahony (keyboards) and John McCormack (drums). Thanks to ‘Cork Bands of The 80’s‘ for digging out the photo.

Sex Cells / Alcohol / We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place (1988)

Blue In Heaven (1988 Session)

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Blue In Heaven hailed from Churchtown in Dublin and featured Shane O’Neill (guitar/vocals), Eamonn Tynan (guitar), Declan Jones (bass) and Dave Clarke (drums). They recorded this session on 15th July 1988.

Red Dress / Hold On / Come Back / Try A Little Love (1988)

TodayFM to axe Dave Couse Show

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Listeners to Sunday’s Dave Couse Show on TodayFM this week got a little more than they bargained for. Dave was hosting a special all Irish ‘An Teach Solas‘ edition to commemorate our national holiday when with 15 minutes to go he announced that his show was to be axed. Dave had apparently known for some time but as he himself says, naively thought a reprieve might come. Alas that was not the case and the Sunday evening 10pm – midnight show which has been running for almost 6 years has but two final installments remaining. Check out the show on the TodayFM player.

Dave Couse Axed (2014)

Dave Couse – Endless Art / An Teach Solas (2014)

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dave couse

Dave Couse is doing a Saint Patricks Day special this Sunday night from 10pm featuring two hours of tunes by Irish artists. He has form here so be sure to tune in. The current promo for Dave’s show is a 2014 update of ‘Endless Art by A House..

Endless Art (2014)

The Would Be’s (1988 Demo)

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The Would-Be's circa 1990's

The Would Be’s are no strangers round these parts but this track was a welcome surprise. It’s a demo version of ‘Must It Be’ featuring a male vocal and it’s impressive how good it sounds. The Would Be’s are undergoing something of a renaissance reforning and releasing an excellent album ‘Beautiful Mess‘ in 2013. They play The Dock Arts Centre, Carrick On Shannon on March 21st.

Must It Be (1988)

The Kendalls (1988 Demo)

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the kendalls

From Walkinstown in Dublin, The Kendalls were Johnny McMahon (vocals), Ben Rawlins (guitar), George Murphy (bass) and Alan Biggs (drums). Thank you Harry and Sarah for filling in the details.

A Place In The Sun (1988)

Tru’penny Opera (1988 Demo)

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Yesterday we had a session from Wexford’s Tru’penny Opera and today we have a demo track and bio uncovered as part of that investigation.

Homecoming (1988)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Courtesy of YouTube we also have two RTE TV recordings; ‘Brilliant Field’ was recorded live in Clonard Community Centre for the Bibi Baskin Show on October 24th 1988 and broadcast on October 27th. ‘Solo On The Corner’ was recorded to backing track in Montrose Studios on December 20th 1988 for JoMaxi and broadcast on January 9th 1989.

Tru’penny Opera (1988 Session)

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Trupenny Opera

On 29th June 1988 Dave Fanning broadcast 4 session tracks by Wexford’s Tru’penny Opera. The fourth of these ‘If You Were Right’ featured previously in demo form and now thanks to a kind reader we have three tracks from the session. The band were Michael Egan (guitars, vocals), Paul Merrigan (saxophone), Peter Murphy (drums), Noel Quaid (bass), Maurice McNamara (keyboards) and John Murphy (mandolin, harmonica). On the way home from recording the session the band suffered a car accident which sidelined two members for several months. Thanks to Paul Byrne for digging out the photo and bio, more of which to feature when we post a further demo track ‘Homecoming’.

Road To Mandela (1988)

Last Night I Dreamt (1988)

Souls Are Closer (1988)

The Fountainhead – All Is Red (Demo)

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From Dublin, one lineup of The Fountainhead according to was Pat O’Donnell (guitar), Steve Belton (guitar), Phil Rennicks (keyboards), Willie Demange (bass/synth) and Peter McKinney (drums). Essentially though the band was a duo around based around Pat O’Donnell and Steve Belton who appear in any publicity photos I’ve seen. This particular track is not listed in the band discography and could be a demo, hopefully a reader can help fill in the blanks.

All Is Red (1983?)

The Pink Hurts (1986 Demo)

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From Skerries in Co. Dublin, The Pink Hurts were Derek Kavanagh (guitar/vocals), Lilian Kavanagh (keyboards), Michael O’Reilly (bass) and Brian Kavanagh (drums). Thanks as always to for the bio and photo.


Newspapers (1986)

A Touch Of Oliver (1991 Session)

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Touch Of Oliver

From Limerick, A Touch Of Oliver were Diarmuid O Sullivan (vocals & guitar), Hugh Mulqueen (lead guitar & backing vocals), Brian Corr (bass, keyboards & backing vocals) and Willie Banks (drums). Their 1991 Fanning session featured ‘Candy Bottle Green’, ‘Boulder Dust’, ‘Golden Valley Reserve’ and ‘Mind Bomb Trial’.

Candy Bottle Green (1991)

Mind Bomb Trial (1991)

Golden Valley Reserve (1991)

Boulder Dust (1991)

Leo O’Kelly (1984 Session)

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From Carlow, Leo O’Kelly is a member of folk duo Tír na nÓg with Sonny Condell of Scullion. O’Kelly (guitar, vocals, violin) recorded this solo Fanning session on 18th December 1984 featuring three tracks; ‘Cinema’, ‘The Window’s Not High Enough’ and ‘Get Into Focus’. We have two of these tracks for you today. Keep an eye on this site for news of upcoming Leo / Sonny / Tír na nÓg gigs.

Cinema (1984)

The Window’s Not High Enough (1984)

The Swinging Swine (1988 Session)

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The very first artist to feature on this site was Galway band The Swinging Swine. The lineup that recorded today’s session were (I hope) Joanne Loughman (vocals), Eamonn Dowd (guitar, vocals), Doug Steen (lead guitar), Hugh O’Carroll (fiddle), John Lalor (bass) and Billy Geraghty (drums). The session was recorded on 16th March 1988. Eamonn Dowd plays O’Keefe’s, Clonmel 21st Feb and Tom Steele’s, Ennis 22nd Feb 2014. Joanne Loughman featured on a track on David Long‘s solo album last year.

I Won’t Be Home Tonight (1988)

All You Need Is Love (1988)

This Wicked World / Everything Will Shine (1988)

33rd Hurricane (1990 Session)

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An early 33rd Hurricane -  Finbarr & Denis Doherty, Neil & John McGrory

An early 33rd Hurricane – Finbarr & Denis Doherty, Neil & John McGrory

From Inishowen in Co.Donegal, 33rd Hurricane were Finbarr Doherty (vocals, guitar), Liam Bradley (drums, backing vocals), Delilah Cuddihy (keyboards, backing vocals), John McGrory (guitar), and Neil McGrory (bass). Finbarr Doherty released his third solo album ‘Skyscrapers’ in 2011. Check out previous posts on the band here

Ships & Planes (1990)

Do You Know (1990)

Shotgun Blast (1990)

Buffaloes (1990)

The Pleasure Cell (1986 Session)

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pleasure cell - band pic

From Dublin, The Pleasure Cell were Noel Green (guitar & vocals), Dermot Reid (bass) and Will Walsh (drums). They recorded a Fanning session on 5th May 1986 featuring 3 tracks; ‘Keeping The Secret’, ‘Nuclear Device’ and ‘Father Dear’. The tape we have lists a different name, ‘Uniformed Man’ for the third track. If anyone has further details please let us know. Check out this 1987 video of ‘She’s Just A Girl’ for RTE’s ‘Visual Eyes‘.

‘Keeping The Secret’ (1986)

‘Nuclear Device’ (1986)

‘Uniformed Man’ (1986)

The Groove

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From Limerick The Groove were a five piece featuring Alan Cheevers (guitar & vocals), Paul Healy (vocals & guitar), Bryan Healy (bass), Charlie Smith (trumpet) and Brendan Wallace (drums). The band won the RTE Borderline band of 1987 competition and as part of their prize released a single ‘Blue Blue Monday’ on EMI Records which reached 19 in the Irish charts. That same year also saw the band performing at one of Ireland’s biggest open air gigs supporting David Bowie at Slane. Sadly Alan Cheevers passed away in 2000. They recorded one Fanning session on 20th May 1986 featuring three tracks; ‘Since You’ve Gone’, ‘Skin Deep and ‘Another Number’ which we have yet to track down. Check out the Limerick Library archive for more rock articles.

Preacher’s Paradise (1988)

The Fat Lady Sings – Man Scared (1988)

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This particular recording by The Fat Lady Sings was presumably made live in studio while the band were interviewing with Dave Fanning.

Man Scared (1988)

The Screech Owls – Sniper On The Freeway

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Recorded from the Dave Fanning show this track may or may not come from the demo pictured above. The Screech Owls were Debbie Schow (vocals, guitar) and Richard G. Evans (guitars). Special guests on the demo at least were Brain Neavyn (bass) and Dave Burke (drums) of The Slowest Clock. Check out Hey Toreador here.

Sniper On The Freeway (1988)

Interference (1988 Session)

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Interference in 2007 - Fergus O'Farrell, Paul Tiernan, Marja Gaynor, Bertrand Galen (c) Jason Lee

Interference in 2007 – Fergus O’Farrell, Paul Tiernan, Marja Gaynor, Bertrand Galen (c) Jason Lee

In 1988 as far as I can make out Interference were Fergus O’Farrell (vocals, piano & guitar), James O’Leary (guitars,) Maurice Culligan (piano, keyboards), Kevin Murphy (bass, cello), Cal MacCarthy (drums), Colm McCaughey (fiddle). They recorded this Fanning session on 10th February 1988. Also worth checking out is ‘A Talent for Life – The Fergus O’Farrell Story‘ an RTE Radio 1 documentary.

Interference (1988) courtesy Interference Archive

Interference (1988) courtesy Interference Archive

Raise The Blade (1988)

Ordinary Man (1988)

Perfection (1988)

One Deaf Ear – Mother’s Day (1986)

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Don’t have many details of this recording from One Deaf Ear but an RTE Visual Eyes recording of ‘True Colours‘ was popular so you might enjoy hearing this. From Belfast the band were Michael Madden (vocals, guitar), Brian O’Cuinn (bass, synths), Sean Quinn (synths, vocals, sampler) and Gerard Campbell (drums).

Mother’s Day (1986)

Fanning’s Fab 50 (2013)

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50 black keys – gold on the ceiling (2011)
49 o emperor – contact (2013)
48 beth orton – call me the breeze (2012)
47 little green cars – harper lee (2013)
46 pixies – debaser (1989)
45 villagers – becoming a jackal (2010)
44 killers – smile like you mean it (2004)
43 the national – afraid of everyone (2010)
42 the frames – revelate (1995)
41 pearl jam – black (1991)
40 u2 – beautiful day (2000)
39 massive attack – unfinished symphony (1991)
38 artic monkeys – do i wanna know (2013)
37 lcd soundsystem – all my friends (2007)
36 hozier – take me to church (2013)
35 arcade fire – reflektor (2013)
34 led zeppelin – stairway to heaven (1971)
33 new order – blue monday (1983)
32 midlake – roscoe (2006)
31 pink floyd – comfortably numb (1979)
30 the national – demons (2013)
29 bruce springsteen – thunder road (1975)
28 depeche mode – personal jesus (1990)
27 rolling stones – sympathy for the devil (1968)
26 lou reed – walk on the wild side (1972)
25 hot chip – boy from school (2006)
24 my bloody valentine – sometimes (1991)
23 david bowie – life on mars? (1971)
22 stone roses – i am the resurrection (1989)
21 smashing pumpkins – 1979 (1995)
20 bruce springsteen – born to run (1975)
19 arcade fire – wake up (2004)
18 the white stripes – seven nation army (2003)
17 nirvana – smells like teen spirit (1991)
16 rolling stones – gimme shelter (1969)
15 radiohead – paranoid android (1997)
14 the smiths – how soon is now (1984)
13 smashing pumpkins – bullet with butterfly wings (1995)
12 pink floyd – wish you were here (1975)
11 u2 – with or without you (1987)
10 the beatles – a day in the life (1967)
9 the smiths – there is a light that never goes out (1986)
8 elbow – one day like this (2008)
7 the national – fake empire (2007)
6 jeff buckley – hallelujah (1994)
5 daft punk – get lucky (2013)
4 joy division – love will tear us apart (1990)
3 u2 – one (1997)
2 u2 – bad (live) (1985)
1 radiohead – creep (1993)

Holiday TV & Radio Highlights (2013)

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Like turkey & ham the RTE Guide is a Christmas tradition round these parts but finding the juicy bits sometimes takes a bit of work. Here are some of highlights from the 2013 edition. As you might guess end of year roundups feature strongly, if there is anything missing you know what to do.

Monday December 23rd
9am-midday, Ray D’Arcy Show, featuring live sessions recorded during 2013 (TodayFM)
8pm-10pm, Fannings Fab 50, part 1 (RTÉ 2fm)

Tuesday December 24th
7-10pm, Fannings Fab 50, part 2 (RTÉ 2fm)

Thursday December 26th
3pm-4pm, Belfast Songlines, Stuart Bailie takes listeners around the scenes evoked by Van Morrison songs (lyricfm)
5pm-6pm, Whiskey in the Jar The Eric Bell Story (RTÉ Radio 1)
8pm-9.30pm, Take Me To Church: Other Voices, Cathal Murray takes a trip to Dingle to investigate what happens when Other Voices comes to town (RTÉ Radio 1)

Friday December 27th
4.30pm-6pm, Radio 1 Live Cathal Murray hosts a look at the very best live music performances from 2013 (RTÉ Radio 1)

Saturday December 28th
7pm-8pm, One Piece At A Time, Miss Paula Flynn looks at the different sides of Johnny Cash (RTÉ Radio 1)

Monday December 30th
2pm-3pm, Black on Blue: Mary’s Tribute to Joni, Mary Black pays tribute to the life and music of Joni Mitchell featuring contributions from Wallis Bird, Gemma Hayes, Roisin O (RTE Radio 1)
7pm-9pm, The Best of the TodayFM Sessions with Colm O’Sullivan (TodayFM)

Tuesday December 31st (New Year’s Eve)
2pm-3pm, Final Partings, Jim Lockhart and guests look back at some of the rock pioneers we lost in 2013 including Lou Reed and Phil Chevron (RTÉ Radio 1)
9pm-12.15, New Year’s Eve Concert at Dublin’s College Green featuring Madness, The Strypes, Ryan Sheridan, Seo Linn (RTÉ Radio 1)


Wednesday December 25th
7.50pm, Ceol Johnny Cash, featuring Republic of Loose , Fiachna Ó Braonáin and The Hot Sprockets, Eleanor McEvoy (TG4)

Friday December 27th
9.50pm-10.50pm, Dermot Morgan – Fearless Funnyman, a selection of Dermot’s family and admirers, including Pat Shortt, Oliver Callan and Pauline McLynn, look back on the comedian’s life (RTÉ One)

Saturday December 28th
9.15pm-9.45pm, Ceol Hank Wiliams, featuring Jack L, Mundy, Lumiere (TG4)

Tuesday December 31st (New Year’s Eve)
8.50pm-9.50pm, Ceol Patsy Cline, featuring Brian Kennedy, John Spillane, Kila (TG4)

Wednesday January 1st (New Year’s Day)
9.15pm-9.45pm, Ceol ar an Imeall Don Nollaig, special edition of the Una Mullally hosted music show looks back at some of the 100 bands who have featured and what to expect in the new season (TG4)

The Ramones (1985 Interview)

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In June 1985 Dave Fanning interviewed one of his self professed favourite bands The Ramones. The band was in Dublin to play two gigs in the TV Club on June 24th and 25th as part of their ‘Too Tough To Die’ tour. The original recording can be found here.

The Ramones (1985 Interview)

David Long (Dan Hegarty 2fm Session 2/12/13)

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water has memory

On 2nd December 2013 Dan Hegarty broadcast an all new session from David Long of Into Paradise. David was accompanied in Studio 8 by Joe Fahey of Luggage. Here’s what the RTE 2fm website wrote:

It’s quite likely that David Long’s album ‘Water Has Memory’ won’t feature alongside names like Arcade Fire, Rudimental, and Foals in the numerous end of year album polls. Don’t let that put you off; Long’s debut ranks among the finest domestic albums of the year. After spending the late 1980s and early 1990s as vocalist with Into Paradise, David Long returned with new songs, and a new sound.

Dog Times (2013)

Since Yesterday (2013)

Antelope (2013)

On Waiting (2013)

Paul Cleary (2013 Interviews)

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(c) Sunday Times

Photo (c) Sunday Times

George Byrne, Irish Independent (22/11/2013)
Declan Lynch, Sunday Independent (24/11/2013) (24/11/2013)

Tom Dunne, Newstalk (4/12/2013)

Ray D’Arcy Show, TodayFM (28/11/2013)

John Caddell, ‘Finest Worksongs’ Phantom FM (28/11/2013)

Fanning’s Fab 50 (1989)

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It’s that time of the year folks – voting is now open for Fanning’s Fab 50. I do wish Dave would restrict voting to music released in the last 12 months, next best thing would be for bands to put the word out to their fanbase that they cast a vote for a particular track, isn’t it time that the Fab50 got some social media pimping?

Today we have two sections of the 1989 Fab 50 for your listening pleasure. Part one alone is worth checking out for Golden Horde frontman Simon Carmody’s guest appearance fresh from a Van Morrison gig to give an impromptu review!

If anyone has any further Fab 50 contibutions either recordings or listings please get in touch..

50 Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall
49 The Primitives – Sick Of It
[ Simon Carmody reviews Van Morrison ]
48 Morrissey – Ouija Board
47 The Clash – Lost In The Supermarket
46 The Cult – Fire Woman
45 Bob Dylan – Desolation Row
44 Sugarcubes – Birthday
43 Sex Pistols – My Way
42 R.E.M. – Finest Worksong
41 Jimi Hendrix – All Along The Watchtower

Fab 50 (1989) Part 1

40 The Wonderstuff – Unbearable
39 The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever
38 Lou Reed – Walk on the Wild Side
37 Thin Lizzy – The Boys are Back in Town
36 U2 – Unforgettable Fire
35 The Smiths – How Soon is Now?
34 The Waterboys – The Whole of the Moon
33 John Lennon – Imagine
32 U2 – New Year’s Day
31 The Doors – Light My Fire
30 The Hothouse Flowers – Don’t Go
29 A House – Call Me Blue
28 The Wedding Present – Kennedy (via comment)
27 Talking Heads – Psychokiller
26 Van Morrison – Coney Island
25 The Stone Roses – She Bangs the Drums
24 Simple Minds – Belfast Child
23 U2 – With or Without You
22 Something Happens – Beach
21 The Cure – Catch
20 The Smiths – This Charming Man
19 The Jesus and Mary Chain – Some Candy Talking
18 The Golden Horde – 100 Boys
17 R.E.M. – It’s the End of the World
16 The Dead Milkmen – Punk Rock Girl
15 The Dixons – I Have Fun
14 The 4 of Us – Drag My Bad Name Down
13 U2 – The Sweetest Thing
12 The Pogues – Thousands Are Sailing
11 Waterboys – Raggle Taggle Gypsy
10 New Order – Blue Monday
09 The Smiths – What Difference Does It Make
08 An Emotional Fish – Gray Matter
07 The Fat Lady Sings – Arclight
06 Something Happens – Forget Georgia
05 R.E.M. – World Leader Pretend
04 U2 – Dancing Barefoot
03 The Cure – A Forest
02 Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
01 U2 – Bad (Live)

Fab 50 (1989) Part 2

Indian (1996 Session)

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Indian - Big Serious Balloon

From Sligo, Indian recorded a Fanning session on 30/11/1996 which was produced by Ian Wilson. The band lineup was Martin Harte (keyboards), Joseph Hunt (lead vocals), Christy Behan (drums, vocals), Gerry Sweeney (lead guitar), Leon Donnellon (bass) and Declan Harrison (semi-acoustic guitar). Martin and Joe were previously in Absolute Zero, while Christy was a member of Those Nervous Animals. The band were active from 1995 until 2000 and have just announced their first gig in 15 years on 21st December 2013 in Shenanigans of Sligo.

Lonesome Heart Attack (1996)

Space Walkin Girl (1996)

Bang Bang Gun (1996)

Beautiful (1996)

Raw Novembre (1993 Session)

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From Mullingar, Raw Novembre were formed by Martin Kelly (vocals), Kevin Kelly (guitar & bass), John Jackson (drums), Kelvyn Stanley (bass). Paddy Muldarry (drums) later took over from John.

Execution (1993)

God And Me And Liberty (1993)

Nothingness (1993)

Pet Lamb (1993 Session)

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From Dublin, Pet Lamb were at the time of this recording – Brian Mooney (vocals, guitar), Dylan Philips (vocals, guitar), Kevin Talbot (bass) and James Lillis (drums). Update: Thank you Paul Shanahan for the missing track ‘I Got Played’.

I Got Played (1993)

Insult To Injury (1993)

In A Pit (1993)

Grinning Sadist (1993)