Cuba Dares (1984 Session)

cuba dares

We noticed an incoming link recently from a Cloudberry Records blog piece on Scale The Heights. Interest piqued we did a search on the site for mentions of other Irish bands and came across a couple of names that we have not yet featured. This inspired some renewed crate digging and this post is the first fruits of that labour. We recommend you read the original article and the very interesting comments.

Formed by Blaithín Clance and Ronan Stokes in 1982, Cuba Dares recorded two Fanning sessions – the first on 11/10/1982 featured ‘Dirty Back Road’, ‘Cuba Dares’, ‘Zig Zags’ and ‘Want’. The second session recorded on 03/09/1984 featured ‘Over Forever’, ‘My Endeavour With Leather’, ‘Shaved Inside Your Head’ and ‘Ghost of Enchantment’. The full band lineup was Blathain Clancy (vocals), Ronan Stokes (guitar), Rory Stokes (guitar/keyboards), Chris McKenna (bass) and John McGrath (drums). They released an EP in 1986 ‘One Nine Eight Six’ which featured ‘Yellow and Red’, Sweet Ephemeral’ and ‘Lost Without A Trace’ check out the band’s Myspace page to listen. Another track ‘Wrapped Up’ was apparently used on a regular basis as the outro for “Ireland’s most popular radio rock show” so we’d love to track that down.

My Endeavour With Leather (1984)

Shaved Inside Your Head (1984)

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  1. demosuzki Says:

    +1 for The original article & comments . Good read.

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