Métisse radio documentary

Aïda & Skully [Métisse]

Métisse are an Afro-Irish musical duo featuring Aída Bredou of Côte d’Ivoire and Skully of Cork. A recent UCC 98.3FM radio documentary ‘World Of Our Own‘ looks at their career from Skully’s first forays into music with Real Mayonnaise and The Chapter House. The documentary was narrated and produced by Mark McAvoy author of ‘Cork Rock‘ and features interviews with Gerry Buckley of Real Mayonnaise, Ann Redmond of Porcelyn Tears and Chapter House and Dave Fanning producer (and Horslips of course) Jim Lockhart. For more on Métisse check out the Irish Examiner article ‘The Cork band picked up by Madonna‘. There was a Métisse session for Dave Fanning (produced by Jim Lockhart) but we have yet to locate a recording.

4 Responses to “Métisse radio documentary”

  1. john byrne Says:

    A small thing from the documentary narrative — It would seem easy to have posited Porcelyn Tears as Ireland’s first full female rock group. The miniscule music business in the 1980’s was very shamefully very masculinist in several respects. So sadly Porcelyn Tears did not have many predecessors in creative rock or pop music here. But others there were prior…….

    The first version of Dublin’s Mellow Candle was an all girl outfit, from about 1965 to 1968. They made one great little 60’s flash of a teen beat pop 45 – before morphing into a progressive folk rock band of both genders.

    There were other fully female outfits back then too, but more of a folk or showband nature, but again but a small few…

    Oddly there were even less female bands in the 70’s – of any stripe.
    The next full female rock band that made any dent at all was a Dublin punk band in the late 70’s called The Boy Scoutz, and unfortunately no recordings survive of them…..

  2. John McGuire Says:

    Nice bloke back in the 80s days.. idol joy and the pakt my bands were on the scene at same time. Mark McAvoy also did a fab job with his book. Best wishes to both. Slainte..John McGuire.

  3. Tim Barron Says:

    The first version of Mellow Candle had a guy who played with them.

  4. Tim Barron Says:

    Dublin’s Mellow Candle were never a rock band. Their first single was a Supremes & Motown inspired pop song and a good one at that. The B-side was a Calypso style song. Ian Green did the orchestrations and arrangements on the single and played guitar on the B-side.

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