Dave Fanning’s Irish Show (March 1983)


Today we have a treat, a 45 minute recording of the Dave Fanning show from March 1983 courtesy the Irish Broadcasting Hall of Fame. Dave announces he is playing Irish tracks only and plays a number of sessions and even a demo we’d never previously heard from Blue In Heaven. There is one track we haven’t been able to identify so if you know your 80s Irish rock then please put us out of our misery. Updating year from 1984 to 1983 based on Evan’s comment.

u2 – surrender
max – song number 6 (session)
undertones – you’re welcome (live)
the outcasts (1981 session)
auto da fe – bad experience
some kind of wonderful – do you read my letter
pop mecanics – round & round (1984 session)
blue in heaven – say (demo)
blades – revelations of heartbreak
cuba dares (session)
microdisney – hello rascals
gerry cott? – ballad of the lone ranger

3 Responses to “Dave Fanning’s Irish Show (March 1983)”

  1. john byrne Says:

    is it just me, or is the volume really shy on this

  2. It’s not just you! Will try to get access to the original tape.

  3. Are you sure this a 1984 show? Dave refers to the Jun 81 session of The Outcasts as being “nearly 2 years ago”. Dave playing a BiH demo in 1984 wouldn’t make much sense as they were signed to Island Records in 1983, and none of the singles he plays were released past 1982.

    Seems more likely to be a March 1983 show to me.

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