Soon (1988)

(c) Con O'Donovan via Sir Henry's Exhibition

(c) Con O’Donovan via Sir Henry’s Exhibition

Soon were a short lived Cork band from 1986-88. Featuring Tony O’Sullivan (vocals), guitarist Giordai O’Laoghaire (ex Nun Attax, Microdisney), Martin Vallely (bass, ex Boat People) and Con O’Donovan (drums) they recorded two demos and a Fanning session. They notched up at least two TV appearances; on RTE’s saturday morning show ‘Anything Goes’ and also on the music show Megamix where they performed today’s track ‘The Holy Holy Show’. Thanks to the IPNWD for the bio.

The Holy Holy Show (1988)

2 Responses to “Soon (1988)”

  1. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Check out a performance of this song on RTE’s Megamix in 1987 here

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    ‘In A Nutshell’ on RTE Borderline (1988)

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