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A Dublin based 3 piece who later earned fame and fortune as Rollerskate Skinny. This is the third track from a Fanning Session they did in 1990. Irish Music Central has a full profile of Rollerskate Skinny.


Backwards Into Paradise

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Todays post features a track from 1986 from Dublin three piece Backwards Into Paradise. You may be familiar with the band under their later abbreviated name Into Paradise in which guise they released a number of albums. I however am particularly fond of this track and hopefully when you listen you’ll see why.

Update: While researching today’s track I came across this interesting blog post which has some more detail. Apparently ‘Never The Same’ was released with ‘She Is Close’ on Snap-Owl Records in 1986.

Never The Same (1986)

The Slowest Clock (1988 Session)

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Formed in Dublin in 1986 The Slowest Clock were Frank Pryce (vocals), Gerry Fahy (guitar), Brian Neavyn (bass) and Pete Kinsella (drums). They recorded two Fanning Sessions and one for BBC’s Liz Kershaw. They released one single ‘Clarke & Jones’ in 1987 on Comet Records and two EPs ‘2 Car Garage’ and ‘No hand Signals’ in 1989 on Bewildered Records. They split in June 1990 never releasing their debut LP ‘Bewildered’ although a CD ‘Life Still‘ was released in 1994.

This is the second Fanning Session from 1988.. to read more and see them perform go here .

1. Turn Green

2. Where’s Andy

3. Going Home

4. Mothers of America

The Furious Colour (1986 Session)

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I should probably make life easier for myself and only post tracks by bands that I know something about. Anyway today’s installment is by a band called The Furious Colour and is from a session recorded on 30th June 1986. The session featured 3 tracks, ‘Torn Apart’, ‘Carrion’ and ‘Closer’. In a review of Cork Folk Festival in a recently uncovered issue of Hot Press (Vol 11 No 19 Oct 8th 1987) Tony O’Donoghue writes:

The madness of a wonderful weekend was underlined by the trip from the Opera House to Sir Henrys. Here The Furious Colour were playing an inspired country-rock set with Kieran Kennedy and Liam Murphy swopping guitar licks to exhilaring effect.

Kieran Kennedy of course went on to form The Black Velvet Band with future wife Maria Doyle.

Closer (1986)

At The Window

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Next up are a band from Shannon called At The Window. Active in the late eighties although I’m not sure how much gigging they did. This session track is a particular favourite of mine and was recorded on 3rd and 4th Feb 1986, the two other session tracks were ‘City Lights’ and ‘Theme’.

State Aid

Dorian Mood

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Today’s tune is from a session recorded for the Dave Fanning show by Drogheda band Dorian Mood. Dorian Mood were Roland Hoek (vocals & guitar), John White (keyboards), Eamon Foley (bass) and Graham Hoek (drums). Check out for further details. If you are interested in the Drogheda music scene in the 80s then you might like to read this. The track may have been re-recorded as ‘It’s A Funny Thing’.. Watch Dorian Mood perform on RTE Visual Eyes in 1986.

Fallen Deep Inside

The Donnelly Brothers (Session)

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Hailing from Belfast and earning but a cryptic entry on the Help Wanted page of the Irish Punk & New Wave Discography. The music however speaks for itself. From a Fanning Session I think Dave decided..

The Donnelly Brothers have a MySpace page and here’s the bio:

The Donnelly Brothers were an indie band from West Belfast who existed between 1985 and 1989. The first line-up was Martin Burns (vocals), Bap McGreevy (lead guitar), Stephen ‘Punker’ McGreevy (bass), Paddy O’Neill (guitar) and Barney Carson (drums). The band played a few gigs around Belfast and made a few demos. Barney and Paddy left after a year to form their own band. A 14-year-old drummer named Ali Donnelly joined along with rhythm guitarist Nick Sadlier. The line-up of Burns, Bap, Punker, Nick and Ali played a few gigs, did a few demos, supported The Wedding Present on tour, played with The Jazz Butcher, The Prisoners and The Charlatans. The band recorded a session for the Dave Fanning Show on RTE in June 1987. It was broadcast twice on the radio station and led to a 2FM tour. The recordings on this page are from that Fanning session. Track three, Clawing at the Sky, is from the first demo in 1986.

Photo courtesy who now have a dedicated page for the band.

Mystery Machine