Barry Warner


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Barry Warner from Limerick was active in a number of bands from 1978 on before going ‘solo’. He recorded a session for Dave Fanning in 1985 before releasing debut single ‘Real Man’. The response was “staggering with huge airplay for both the single and the video” and the song reached number 29 in the irish charts in December 1985. Three further singles followed; ‘Dancing Without You’, ‘What’s Happenin’ and ‘Just A Floor’. There followed a vocal stint with The Prunes (formerly The Virgin Prunes). In 1990 Warner recorded a version of ‘Sound & Vision’ with producer Pat Donne which elicited a positive note from none other than David Bowie himself. In 1992 Warner, disillusioned with the continued lack of commercial success retired restricting his musical forays to DJing. In 2007 he started recording again and you can hear the results on his MySpace page. For some historical context check out ‘Notes on an Irish disco landscape‘ by Paul Tarpey at Jim carroll’s ‘On The Record‘ blog.

What’s Happenin (1988)

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