The Joys

I know very little about this Dublin band, apart from the fact that Terry Hackett apparently played drums. This track featured on the Nationwide Vol 3 cassette compilation from Danceline Records in 1989. As usual if you know more please leave a comment or send an email.

Update: Deirdre O’Neill was the vocalist, she went on to further success with Junkster.

Update #2: This song was one of four recorded at Sun Studios on 11th June 1990. The line up was Deirdre O’Neill (vocals), Pat Murphy (guitar), Graham Darcy (bass), Aidan Lane (guitar) and Anto Darcy (drums). The session was engineered by Paul Lacey.

Cheshire Cat (1989)

5 Responses to “The Joys”

  1. Justin Healy Says:

    Hi there, the vocalist is Dee from Junkster.. any chance of putting up the Forget Me Nots & Alice Springs Fanning sessions? I played with both bands & would love to hear them.. Love the site by the way…. thx a mill….. Justin x

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks Justin, you get the award for fastest reply to a post ever! I would love to post those sessions but unfortunately don’t have them. If anyone else does you know what to do 😉

  3. Anthony D'Arcy Says:

    Hi there. This song was one of four we recorded at Sun Studios 11 / 06 / 1990. The line up for The Joys at this time was Deirdre O’Neill on vocals, Pat Murphy on guitar, Graham Darcy on bass, Aidan Lane on guitar and Anto Darcy on drums. The session was engineered by Paul Lacey. I have some more of these tracks buried somewhere and will post them on asap. Great site you have here, brings back some good memories !!

    Cheers – Anto :~)

  4. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thank you Anto, have updated the post. Look forward to hearing those other tracks!

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