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Tie The Boy (1986 Demo)

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tie the boy demo inlay

From Derry, Tie The Boy were Kevin Williams (vocals & guitar), Peter Cunnah (guitar), Gerry Diver (bass) and Tim Hegarty (drums). They recorded two sessions for Dave Fanning and released one single on Money Records which I remember buying but can no longer locate. Thanks to irishstu68 for the demo inlay and to you know who for the tracks. Peter Cunnah of course went on to fame and fortune with D:Ream and hosted a 6 episode show ‘Beats for Better Days‘ on BBC Radio Ulster in 2021.

Now You’re Gone (1986)
The Pink Flamingo (1986)
You’ve Been Talking To That Boy Again (1986)

Verta-Ray (1993 Demo)

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vertra ray demo cassette

Verta-Ray was a short-lived band based in Dublin. The lineup featured Brian Murray (vocals), Ian Beesley (guitar), Joey Wilson (bass) and Bryan McMahon (drums), The band recorded a 3-track demo in 1993 featuring; ‘What Are You Waiting For’, ‘You Don’t Understand Me And I Know That You Never Will’ and ‘If Not Now Then When?’. Joey and Bryan would later go on to form the much loved Future Kings Of Spain. Thanks to Pat Barrett and for the bio and Jamesomcm for the photo.

“Verta-Ray (named after Matt Verta Ray from Madder Rose) Recorded in July 24/25 1993 in Sun. Our first time in a studio. Lorcan Cousins on the desk. He told us Lee Ranaldo was in the day previously. Could’ve been a spoof. It impressed us anyway. We’d no idea what we were doing. We were 9 months old. Our first band etc. It cost a small fortune; we were 4 full time students! Peter Collins (filling in for Dave) gave it the first spin. Jim Lockhart called us later offering a Fanning Session. February 1994 the first on their new 24 track desk. We thought we’d “made it”. We hadn’t.”

Anyone got the 1994 Fanning Session?

verta-ray – ‘what are you waiting for’ (1993)

Good Sons (1990 Demo)

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The beauty of a track like today’s is that it makes for an easy post. We have no information beyond what is on the tape inlay – the band name and the fact that it is a demo courtesy Dave’s outro. The track name is a guess as is the year. Hopefully someone out there will know more and come to the rescue. Things are moving at a snail’s pace round here, motivation is not very high. There might be posts on the way on The Kid Sisters, The Black Sessions and PBR Streetgang but don’t hold your breath. Incidentally The Pale track is a demo recording of ‘Butterfly’. The Wishing Stones session can be found here.

Deep Blue Sea (1990 Demo)

Globes (1992 Demo)

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mixtape no1
We have absolutely no information on today’s demo, a track called ‘Real Thing’ by a band called Globes. If you recognise it or can fill in some detail please get in touch.

Real Thing (Demo)

Bedroom Convention (1992 Demo)

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bedroom convention

“the most original band in Cork”
Shane Fitzsimons, Rockfile, 23 July 1992

Hailing from Cork, Bedroom Convention were Hilary Coughlan (vocals), Eoghan Horgan (keyboards), Louis Lovett (sax), Dave Fenton (drums). Thanks to Cork Zine Archive for the cassette and Robin James for the reminder and band details. Hilary features on a track from the most recent Boa Morte album ‘Before There Was Air‘.

Bedroomish Convention

Enjoy The Sun

April Showers

Tuesday Blue (Sound Channel Demo)

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Watching Tuesday Blue on the Late Late show prompted a root through the tapes, turning up the 1986 Eurorock performance and also 4 demo tracks recorded from Limerick pirate radio station The Sound Channel as played by Barry Martin. From Limerick, Tuesday Blue were Michael Ryan (vocals), Dave Keary (guitar), Ralf Lindeim (bass), Ray Fean (drums, percussion) & Tom Jones (keyboards, piano).

Dear Life

Escape The Escape

I Believe In You


The Kathleens (1996 Demo)

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From Galway, The Kathleens were Raymond Butler (vocals and rhythm guitar), Fergal McDonogh (lead guitars and backing vocals), Barry Wallace (bass) and Derek Naughton (drums). These tracks turned up on an intriguing cassette from the Pat O’Mahony collection. The first two tracks on the tape were from a very different act musically called Ill Dependents. Following some inquiries, Stevie G tipped us off that the link was producer Pat Neary. Both these bands recorded Fanning sessions but we believe the tape contains demos.

Hugh Tynan for chose the unreleased debut album by The Kathleens as one of his top 5 Irish albums of all time:

Still spoken of in hushed tones in their hometown of Galway, The Kathleens were probably the greatest lost Irish band ever. With regular demos on Dave Fanning’s definitive radio show and a track record of blistering gigs, the band recorded a flawless studio masterpiece in All The Other Plans, its track-list cherry-picked from an enviable catalogue of gems dating back years. To make comparisons would be to trivialise, but it’s safe to say that the band came from the perfectionist school of ambitious pop songwriting, comfortable in the company of Costello, the Go-Betweens or the Pixies, but as purely focused and creatively accomplished as The Beatles. Anyone who ever heard My Weakness raise the roof in Monroe’s Tavern is still mourning the fact that The Kathleens broke up before their genius could be fully unveiled in this album. Life is unfair.


Artwork for the unreleased debut album by Kellie Strøm.

We got in touch with Raymond and exchanged a few emails one of which included the following band history written in 2007 which he kindly gave us permission to share.

The Kathleens formed in late 1989, under the name of, wait for it, Harvey Foot and the Privilege. That was mine. We played one gig, our first, under that name in a festival organised by Niall Rivers. We very swiftly became The Walkers (for about one Bish disco gig, I think) and then settled on The Kathleens. The line up was Fergal McDonogh on lead guitar and backing vocals, Eoin O’Donnell on bass, Derek Naughton on drums, and myself on vocals and rhythm-ish guitar. (The name came from the sleeve of Tom Waits’ album, Frank’s Wild Years. It was the way his wife, Kathleen Brennan’s name looked in the particular font that appealed to me)

We recorded our first demo with Pat Neary at West One in late 90 and submitted it to the Rock Show, where it was played a couple of times, to our immense delight. There followed some rag week gigs, and a Monroe’s residency at some point, all of which we enjoyed. This pattern – a demo, a smattering of gigs, writing songs, practising – continued up until about until 94, I think, when Eoin left the band. As you can probably already see, we were fairly directionless, and hardly ‘driven’ by any widely accepted definition of the word, so his departure was enough to finish us, more or less. We did poke around for another bass player for a while, but nothing came of it and we eventually called it a day. I have no memory at all of exactly when or where, so we can assume it was undramatic. (For the record, Eoin had always said he wasn’t in for the long haul, so you’d think we’d have somehow prepared for this eventuality. As if!)

To quote the Simpsons, “then, for a long time, nothing happened”

Not to me, anyway, so somewhere in early 95, I think, when Fergal McDonogh told us he had a bass player for us, we had a practise or two with Barry Wallace, and immediately reformed. For most of that year, this new lineup performed mainly in Roisin Dubh, recorded a demo maybe, had a now-hilarious argument about potential royalties, and split up. (Nary a song was widely known, never mind sold, at this stage). Even more hilariously, two days later the word came through that Pat Neary, he of West One, had formed a label and wanted to sign us. We immediately reformed.

We continued to gig sporadically, and began to record our album sometime in Spring 96. Somewhere along the way, in what was perhaps the peak of our fame, Pat managed to get us a Rock Show session, which entailed a grand day out to Donnybrook, enjoyed by all. The album was more or less done by the end of the summer, I think, by which time relations in the band had, sadly, deteriorated considerably. For most of the existence of the second lineup, Fergal, Derek and Barry had also been in an increasingly in-demand (and excellent) ska covers band, Full Trousers. By the end of summer 96, I felt that this was impeding the The Kathleens’ chances of even minor success, and decided I had no choice but to leave.

I should emphasise at this point how major a figure Pat Neary was. He was always incredibly supportive of us, and of me as a songwriter, and I sincerely doubt I’d have carried on as long without his relentless, largely thankless championing. I imagine you’ll come across many such tributes if you’re talking to Galway bands from around then.

There is no Kathleens material out there, I’m afraid. While the album was pretty much completed, there were obvious difficulties for the label in putting it out posthumously, and I didn’t have the gumption to find another band fast enough (see Eoin leaving, above) even if that had been an acceptable solution all around. So it’s on a shelf somewhere, which could very well be for the best.

Barry, Derek and Fergal continued on in Full Trousers for quite a while after that, I think, and in various other bands, with all of them pretty much making a living from playing. Pat Neary didn’t give up on me, and about two years later presided over the Waking Dream EP, supplying me with musicians and a demon engineer/producer by the name of Paul Brennan. This, too, remains unreleased, and the only DJ that played it on the radio died in a car crash days after airing it. Ill-fated it may have been, but it’s by far and away the best thing I’ve ever been involved in recording, mostly due to extremely attentive performances of the musicians involved, and the tireless, unpaid work of Paul Brennan, who whipped some good vocals out of me.

A couple of years later, I moved to London, took up playing again under the name of John Dog (I like dogs) and still do an open mic every now and then.

I’m sure there’s all kinds of inaccuracies and misremembering going on in the above, but there it is.”

Every Boy And Girl

Life Of The Party

An Open Letter

A Cow In The Water (1991 Demo)

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a cow in the water

From Blarney in Co.Cork, A Cow In The Water were Aidan O’Connell (vocals, guitar, trumpet), Dion Harley (bass), Rory Looney (percussion), John Mollaghan (trumpet, keyboards) and John O’Shea (guitar).

To mark the 20th Anniversary of Aidan’s passing, the band are reuniting on Dec 9th to host a special evening at the Crane Lane Theatre Cork as a fundraiser for suicide awareness.

Update: Evening Echo profile.

Memphis (1991)

a cow in the water crane lane

The Subterraneans (further demos)

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subterreansIf a definitive tome on The Story of Irish Rock ever comes to be written we look forward to reading how The Subterraneans did not conquer all. These two tracks are we believe from the same demo that featured ‘Slum‘ and ‘Maxi Joy‘. Thank you Colm for digging these out.

Nobody There (demo)

Bogside Rock (demo)

The Visitors – Dizzie EP (1991)

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The Visitors were James Guinevan (vocals, guitar), Niall Meagher (vocals, guitar), Mack (drums & synth), Martin Arthur (harp, vocals, percussion) and Bruce Ryder (bass). The EP was self produced and engineered by Hugh Drumm at Bow Lane Studios, Dublin in 1991. The Visitors later became Bunny Hoover.

X (1991)

Favourite Jigsaw (1991)

End Of A Beatiful Thing (1991)

The Frames – Another Love Song (Demo)

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Ahead of their upcoming Whelan’s gig this Monday here’s a demo recording of ‘Another Love Song’ by The Frames. At a guess this dates from 1990.

Another Love Song (Demo)

Fountainhead (1990 Demo)

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Recorded between December 1989 and an unknown date this demo from Fountainhead was played by Dave Fanning on his RTE Radio 2 show presumably sometime in 1990. The band was essentially Pat O’Donnell and Steve Belton although there were a number of live lineups. I suspect this is track is quite rare so enjoy.. Thanks to Owain for digging this out.

Black Cloud (1990)

At Gunpoint (1986 Demo)

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From Dublin, At Gunpoint were Karl Walsh (vocals), Didi Cassidy (lead guitar), Woppy McGrath (rhythm guitar), Sam Cregan (bass) and Alan Shaughnessy (drums). At Gunpoint recorded a Fanning session in 1987 but this track is from their 1986 demo. Photo courtesy

All Go Away (1986 Demo)

The Would Be’s (1988 Demo)

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The Would-Be's circa 1990's

The Would Be’s are no strangers round these parts but this track was a welcome surprise. It’s a demo version of ‘Must It Be’ featuring a male vocal and it’s impressive how good it sounds. The Would Be’s are undergoing something of a renaissance reforning and releasing an excellent album ‘Beautiful Mess‘ in 2013. They play The Dock Arts Centre, Carrick On Shannon on March 21st.

Must It Be (1988)

The Kendalls (1988 Demo)

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the kendalls

From Walkinstown in Dublin, The Kendalls were Johnny McMahon (vocals), Ben Rawlins (guitar), George Murphy (bass) and Alan Biggs (drums). Thank you Harry and Sarah for filling in the details.

A Place In The Sun (1988)

The Donnelly Brothers – CD Release

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We are proud to belatedly confirm our first official CD release. At the end of 2013 Martin Burns announced that a CD of Donnelly Brothers demos was to be released and a list of 14 tracks was assembled. Unfortunately fans noticed that one track was missing – ‘The Handicap Bus’. Fortunately The Fanning Sessions Archive had posted that very track, so contact was duly made and we were happy to assist. Said CD has now been released and can be purchased from Flaming June Records for €6.

Tru’penny Opera (1988 Demo)

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Yesterday we had a session from Wexford’s Tru’penny Opera and today we have a demo track and bio uncovered as part of that investigation.

Homecoming (1988)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Courtesy of YouTube we also have two RTE TV recordings; ‘Brilliant Field’ was recorded live in Clonard Community Centre for the Bibi Baskin Show on October 24th 1988 and broadcast on October 27th. ‘Solo On The Corner’ was recorded to backing track in Montrose Studios on December 20th 1988 for JoMaxi and broadcast on January 9th 1989.

The Fountainhead – All Is Red (Demo)

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From Dublin, one lineup of The Fountainhead according to was Pat O’Donnell (guitar), Steve Belton (guitar), Phil Rennicks (keyboards), Willie Demange (bass/synth) and Peter McKinney (drums). Essentially though the band was a duo around based around Pat O’Donnell and Steve Belton who appear in any publicity photos I’ve seen. This particular track is not listed in the band discography and could be a demo, hopefully a reader can help fill in the blanks.

All Is Red (1983?)

The Furious Colour (Demo)

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The Furious Colour recorded a Fanning session on 30th June 1986 featuring 3 tracks, ‘Torn Apart’, ‘Carrion’ and ‘Closer’, the last of which is particularly strong and can be found here. This track is from a demo recorded by the Cork(?) band which featured Kieran Kennedy, Dave Horner, Shay Fitzgerald and Gerry O Connor. I’m guessing Dave played this in 1986 but some further detective work may be required. I will of course update with your feedback and photos..

In Vain’ (Demo)

Alpha Squared

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Alpha Squared recorded a Fanning session on 18/06/1986 featuring two tracks; ‘Pictures and Portraits’ and ‘Stone Walls & Stone Hearts’. I believe this recording is from 1985 and so possibly is a demo version?

Pictures and Portraits (1985?)

Red Square (Demos)

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red square

From Dublin, Red Square were Barry Moore (guitar & vocals), Niall Conheady (guitar), Paul Holmes (bass) and Dave Bell RIP (drums). According to the Irish Rock Discography the band recorded at least one Fanning session featuring tracks ‘Street Fight’, ‘Trains’ and ‘Soweto’. In 1987 Barry moved to the U.S. and began performing as Luka Bloom. Luka is currently on tour. Paul Holmes was later in Swim, anyone got their Fanning session?

Passionate Robot (demo)


Street Fight

Microdisney (Unidentified Tape)

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The following tracks by Microdisney turned up on the same cassette that featured the recently posted Cypress Mine! session so that puts the date of broadcast circa 1986. Both tracks appeared on ‘Everybody Is Fantastic’ (1984), ‘Dig Me Up’ reworked as ‘Dreaming Drains’. The first 3 Microdisney were recently reissued on Cherry Red Records featuring Peel session tracks and B sides. Two further previously unavailable tracks ‘Victory’ and ’12 Novembers’ can be found on the Reekus Records compilation ‘Too Late To Stop Now‘.

Dig Me Up


Into Paradise (Rarities)

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We are big fans of Into Paradise and were delighted to hear from David Long of that parish recently. David kindly sent some kind words and a few tapes which he had dug out. Today we have the first of the fruits of said cassettes. The first track ‘I Can’t Live Without It’ is an outtake from the Churchtown sessions and the remaining three tracks are as of yet of unknown provenance. To come is a live recording of possibly the last ever Into Paradise gig. David of course released a solo album ‘Water Has Memory‘ last year which is well worth checking out.

I Can’t Live Without It (1991, Churchtown outtake)


Here With You

The Circus Came To Town

The Lemmings (1993 Demo)

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From Cork, The Lemmings were Bill Twomey (guitar), Cormac Gahan (bass) and Paul Green (drums). This demo was recorded in 1993 in Fiona Studios in Fermoy where The Frank & Walters also recorded their first demos. Dave Fanning played ‘Burn’ regularly and that song made an appearance along with two band members on the debut album of Cork band Boa Morte whose Fanning session we also hope to dig out one of these days.

Burn (1993)

Fall 100 Feet (1993)

The Shyest Person I Know (1993)

The Wild Herrings (Demo)

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Photo (C) Irene Pender

Their Fanning session is a favourite round these parts but this newly uncovered demo seems apt given that two members of this band, Fiona and Irene aka The Pender Sisters are to perform on Saturday 28th September at The Steam Punk Club in Dromahair.


From Ballyshannon in Co.Donegal The Wild Herrings are John Kane (guitar), Fiona Pender (vocals and sax), Irene Pender (vocals), Patsy O Kane (bass) and Michael Christie (drums). Apparently their set was one of the highlights of the Hennigans reunion last year.

Love On The Dole


At The Window (White Label Pressing)

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Paul Lehane (left) and Nick Knight

Paul Lehane (left) and Nick Knight

The quality of this particular digitization leaves something to be desired but I hope you won’t mind. If you do please poke me and I’ll see what I can do. These tracks were never released as Phonogram was taken over and had other matters on their mind. Eamonn Lenihan can be heard on RTE Lyric FM where he co-hosts ‘Blue Of The Night‘. Anyone got a band photo featuring all three members of Shannon natives At The Window?

Becky Foster *

State Aid +

A Kind Of Comfort *

Recorded by Ted Page & Colin Richardson at Slaughterhouse Studios, East Yorkshire, 1987/1988

Hits You So Hard +

Somewhere In France (The Waltz) *

Recorded by James Broughton at Von’s, Islington, London, 1989

Nick Knight (guitars)
Paul Lehane (drums)
Eamonn Lenihan (vocals, bass)

Written by * Nick Knight + Eamonn Lenihan
All arrangements At The Window

Backwards Into Paradise – the cassette that landed the Setanta deal

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We recently posted a number of tracks from David Long, but today we have the contents of a cassette David had a hand in namely Backwards Into Paradise. Said cassette gets a mention in a recent interview David did with Nick Kelly of the Irish Independent:

“We did so many things wrong. We were naive,” he said. “We’d been in different bands since the age of 17 until we got signed, when I was 26. We were a long time doing rehearsals and playing small gigs and getting nowhere, so when the chance did come we were more shocked that anyone had an interest.”

That interest came from a London-based Dubliner who was looking for Irish bands to sign to his new independent record label.

David says: “Keith Cullen from Setanta went into Comet Records in Dublin and bought a DIY cassette of our music. The cover had a photo of a girl and a building. He rang me up to say he was interested in signing us to this new label called Setanta. Then he rang back two weeks later to say he was going to get Adrian Borland from The Sound to produce it. I couldn’t believe it.

“We were so lucky. I don’t think we would have got anywhere if Keith hadn’t bought that cassette. At that time we were called Backwards Into Paradise – I think it was Keith who suggested we shorten the name.”

David has fond memories of the period in Dublin in the late 1980s when so many good new bands emerged.

“When I was 17 or 18, me and Shane O’Neill from Blue In Heaven used to go to a place called The Magnet Bar on Pearse Street,” he said. “They used to have The Bodice Gigs where The Blades, Microdisney, Nun Attax, Chant Chant Chant all played. It was a brilliant scene.

“You had Rollerskate Skinny, Power Of Dreams, A House, Something Happens. The Stars Of Heaven were another great band. Nobody had any money. There was nothing happening in Dublin. It was simpler. No one was into music as a career; it was just a bit of fun.”

David’s album ‘Water Has Memory’ is available on iTunes or at Tower Records. Keep up to date with his activities via the Into Paradise facebook page.





01. Everything

02. Low

03. Out Of Here

04. Hope

05. Peace Of Paradise

06. I Want You

07. These Days

08. Winter

Porcelyn Tears

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via Jack Lyons and Sir Henrys Exhibition

via Jack Lyons and Sir Henrys Exhibition

Formed in Mayfield, Cork circa 1983, Porcelyn Tears were Ann Redmond (vocals), Kay Creedon (keyboards), Gerlyn Ryan (bass) and Grace O’Sullivan (drums). They recorded a Fanning session on 15th April 1985 which featured ‘That Rainy Day’ ‘Little Girl Lost’ and ‘Change’. They also appeared on RTE TV shows ‘TV Gaga’ and ‘Anything Goes‘. They supported U2 at the Lark By The Lee in 1985 and New Order on their 1985 Irish tour. Ann Redmond went on to form The Chapter House with Skully of Real Mayonnaize. According to their entry there were two further Fanning sessions. This track is from a demo cassette.

Heaven Knows (Demo)

Foreign Correspondents (1992 Demo)

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Foreign Correspondents were Niall Nolan (vocals), Rory McGarry (guitar), Eamonn Kelly (bass) and Morgan Mullen (drums). This demo is I believe from 1992. The cassette was borrowed from manager Colm Duignan.

Hallelujah (1992)

Whale Sound Odyssey (1992)

Abelard (1992)

Those Nervous Animals (Demo)

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Sligo’s most famous export Those Nervous Animals were formed in 1981 by Barry Brennan (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Padraig Meehan (guitar), Eddie Lee (bass) and Cathal Hayden (drums). They released 5 singles and one EP ‘Hyperspace’ (1985). The single ‘The Business Enterprise (My Friend John)‘ spent 7 weeks in the Irish charts and reached 21. It recently featured on Tom Dunne’s ‘Top 30 Irish Hits Volume 2‘ and has received continued airplay since. Those Nervous Animals featured at the 1986 Self Aid benefit concert at Dublin’s RDS. The band are due to play the Hennigan’s Bar Reunion in the Clarence Hotel Sligo on May 19th 2012. This demo has been shamelessly lifted from the Sligo Bands site.

Vacuum (Demo)

At The Window (1987 Session)

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It’s hard to believe this blog has been going so long and even harder to believe I never posted this before. At The Window featured 3 years ago with a personal favourite ‘State Aid‘ recorded as part of a Fanning session. That track struck a chord with other readers and recently seekenee managed to dig out some video footage of the band performing that song for RTE’s ‘Visual Eyes‘. Today I have what I believe to be a demo recorded by the band and broadcast by Barry Martin on Limerick pirate radio station The Sound Channel in the late 80s. I could be wrong as a number of unidentified tracks posted prove but my own handwriting states that this is At The Window so here goes. If anyone has any further details on the band please get in touch or even better leave a comment. Also thank you for the excellent comments on my recent manifesto. If anyone has any pull at RTE now is your chance.. Update: thanks to two readers we now have the band lineup, it was Nick Knight (guitars, pedals) Eamonn Lenihan (bass, vocals), Paul Lehane (drums) and a song title.

White Sheets (1987)

Idol Joy (1987)

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From Cork, Idol Joy were Ian Jack (vocals), Joe Cherry (guitar), Eddie Mulhare (guitar), John McGuire (bass/vocals) and Fionn Blake (drums). According to ‘Cork Rock’ by Mark McAvoy they were formed in October 1985 they made their live debut in Cork Opera House in February 1986. They recorded a demo in Elm Tree Studios in Cork featuring tracks ‘JFK’ and ‘Eli’. That was also where they recorded today’s track ‘Paradise Days’ which appeared on the Comet LP Two compilation.

Paradise Days‘ (1987)

The Golden Horde – Like A Girl

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golden horde

Today we have another unofficial / unsanctioned recording of two tracks by The Golden Horde. One of the tracks ‘Positively Nowhere Today’ also appeared on a BBC session but the other track ‘Just Like A Girl’ could be mis-titled. To the best of my knowledge these tracks date from 1987.

Just Like A Girl (1987)

Positively Nowhere Today (1987)

Chronicles Of A Sellafield Sex Guru (1990)

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The Sultans Of Ping F.C. released ‘Chronicles of a Sellafield Sex Guru’ in April 1990. The band lineup at the time was Niall O Flaherty (vocals), Tex Chism (bass), Pat O Connell (guitar) and Ger Lyons (drums).

S.T.U.P.I.D. Kid / Riot At The Sheepdog Trials/ Eamonn Andrews (1990)

Midwich Cuckoos (Demo)

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Not many details to hand I’m afraid, not to be confused with the UK act of the same name, the Midwich Cuckoos were from Donegal and this is a demo that Dave Fanning played on his show in the early 80s. Even the Great Irish Rock Discography has few details so if you can remember the band or indeed were in the band we’d love to hear from you..

Wonderful‘ (Demo)

The Castanedas

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From Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow, The Castanedas were Eric Cole (guitar/ lead vocals), Jim Jordan (guitar), Colm Walsh (bass) and Eric Murray (drums). Championed by Bill Graham of Hot Press, local legend had it that David Geffen travelled to Bagenalstown to see them play. This track was taken from a dodgy completely legit copy of ‘Legendary Basement Tapes 91-93’. Once managed by John Collins, now an Irish Times business editor.

Mind The Gap

Happy Bus

Thanks to Neil for the photos and music.

Hex Opera (1986 Demo)

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From Derry, Hex Opera were Sean Campbell (lead vocals, guitar), Gary Hume (backing vocals, guitar) Jeff Beales (bass) & Brian McMonagle (drums). According to Mickey Bradley‘s introduction they disbanded in 1986. I’m guessing the demo dates from the same year but if anyone knows better please let me know. The tracklisting on the demo was ‘Wasted’, ‘Rosanna’ and ‘She Said’. Thank you Jeff for the photo.

Wasted (1986)
[removed by request]

Fear Of Gods (1986 Demo)

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Fear Of Gods hail from Derry and feature from what I can gather Karl Dunnion (vocals), Jim Curran (bass) and Marty Melarkey (drums). This particular recording is of a demo played by Mickey Bradley on his Radio Foyle show Mickey’s Monkey. Marty Melarkey is currently director of The Nerve Centre in Derry where Jim Curran is Video Department Manager and course tutor. Both were instrumental in the formation of that organization. If you have further details on Fear Of Gods please get in touch.

Flowers In The Dark (1986)

The Harvest Ministers

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harvest ministers bandcampFrom Dublin The Harvest Ministers were formed in 1987 by William Merriman (guitar/vocals), Padraig McCaul (guitar/piano/sax) and Gerardette Bailey (vocals). Aingeala de Burca (violin) ex In Tua Nua, Brian Foley (bass) ex Vipers, Blades, Mountain Climbers and Pat Dillon (drums) were soon added to the lineup. The MySpace page lists the current lineup as William Merriman, Padraig McCaul, Mark Byrne and Kieran Lally with honorary members Andy Fitzpatrick and Aingeala de Burca.

The Harvest Ministers were Carling/Hot Press finalists in 1988 and in 1989 ‘Petticoats’ featured on the Nationwide 3 compilation. Their self-released debut single ‘You Do My World the World of Good’ in 1991 brought them to the attention of Sarah Records who licensed their first few singles and released their debut LP in 1993. They signed to Setanta Records in 1995.

Teresa (1988?)

Private World (1987 Demo)

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Limerick band Private World were active from 1987 until 1990 and comprised Pearse Gilmore (vocals), Brian Kelly (guitar), James Hanley (keyboards), Declan Hogan (bass) and Seamus O Muircheartaigh (drums). They released a single ‘Blue Gem Sea’ on Xeric Records in 1989. In 1990 they featured on the Xeric compilation of Limerick bands ‘The Reindeer Age‘ with ‘Change The Room’. Today’s track was taken from an early demo called ‘Severity’ and was recorded off the Barry Martin show on Limerick pirate radio station Sound Channel (98.7 FM stereo) in 1987. More details at the Limerick Band Archive.

Red Grass (Demo,1987)

The Hunting Toadstools (continued)

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Some more details have emerged about The Hunting Toadstools. From Galway they featured David McManus aka Max (vocals & rhythm guitar), Shane MacNally (lead guitar), Anne Mulhall (bass) and Conor Pope (drums). They played their first gig at UCG, Galway in March 1987 and were active until July 1991 when they called it day with a show at The Castle, Salthill. These are all demo tracks.

American Dream Lullaby (1988)

Instramentaller (1991)

Mind Show Host (1991)

The Hunting Toadstools

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Brought to you courtesy fortune who came bearing gifts some of which I hope to share in the coming weeks.

I had never heard of this band before so I am relying on the cassette inlay, I hope time and the internet will work it’s magic.

Thank you to the kind reader who dug this one out!

Julian Gough has gently pointed out that the band name was actually Hunting Toadstools (not The Haunted Toadstools as originally posted) and a Google search reveals they featured one Conor Pope of Irish Times Pricewatch fame.

Listen to some more demo tracks and read more details on the band members here.

Pop Girl (1989?)

The Panic Merchants (Demo)

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FS PanicMerchantsPosterGrattan

From Cavan and Donegal but based in Dublin, The Panic Merchants went through two distinct phases; 1986-1987 from whence today’s tracks date and 1989-1991 when they had a second bite at the proverbial cherry. Originally The Panic Merchants were Justin Kelly (vocals), David Meagher (guitar), Paddy Glackin (bass) and Noel Larkin (drums). Aidan McNamara (bass) replaced Paddy Glackin in 1989 and Stephen Farrell (keyboards) joined in 1990. During their first outing the band had a track ‘Retro’ featured on the ‘Comet 2‘ compilation. The second lineup released the ‘Firewalking’ EP and recorded a further single ‘Swerve’ which was never released. They did get a call from Jim Lockhart, producer on the Fanning show about recording a session but unfortunately it never came to to pass. These tracks are from a demo the band recorded in 1986/1987.

FS PanicMerchantsRockGarden 1991


Happy Home


All You Ever Wanted

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I need some help with today’s track.. It was taped off The Fanning Show in December 1990 but I have no further information..

All You Ever Wanted (1990)

The Little Fish (Demo)

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little fish

I had originally credited this track to 33rd Hurricane but Finbarr Doherty of that band says while he would have been proud to have written this song that it was not them. Hopefully some eagle eyed/eared reader will be able to set this record straight in the not too distant future.

Happy to finally announce a successful resolution. Thanks to a kind benefactor who lent us his entire collection of precious Fanning tapes (thank you Thomas!) we came across another recording of this track which identifies the band as Little Fish. Little Fish were Jimmy Fitzgerald (vocals & guitar), Brendan Duffy (guitar), Turlough Moore (bass) and Kieran Joyce (drums). The Galway band recorded a Fanning session in November 1989 so our new mission is to track that down (and maybe a band photo to boot).

That Bus

Something Happens! (First Demo)

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Ha that got your attention! Today I’m going to send you to another blog Dublin Opinion where they’ve been doing sterling work posting some very rare demos and yes came across the very first Something Happens! demo and have been kind enough to post it complete with scan of the inlay. So off you go and enjoy a piece of history. There are also demos from The Secret Goldfish, The Boneshakers, Modus Vivendi and The Outpatients.

Backwards Into Paradise (Demo)

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Backwards Into Paradise have already featured as have Into Paradise. Today’s track is a demo from Backwards Into Paradise which again is a testament to the quality of that band.

Piece Of Paradise (Demo)

Shimpu Zig Zag (Demo)

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Happy new year. Here’s a demo track from Cork band Shimpu Zig Zag. Photo courtesy

The Scream (1987)

The Summerhouse

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Does a 30 second clip justify a post? You’ll have to be the judge but unfortunately the tape ran out at the wrong moment. As Dave says in his introduction, he played this demo track from The Summerhouse on the eve of their afternoon gig in The Underground on Dame St. According to the IPNWD The Summerhouse released one single on Summerhouse Recordings in 1986 ‘Until The Light Comes’ / ‘Colour’ and had a track ‘Everything I Ever Wanted’ on the Comet EP One compilation the same year. Update: According to Aonghus McAnally on this ‘Borderline‘ appearance performing ‘Colour‘ the band were Kieran McAvoy (guitar), Stephen Dempsey (keyboards), Tom Rooney (drums), Jean Marc Sulle (bass) and Alan Redmond (vocals). Update #2: Adding full track.

The Prize with intro (1987)

The Prize (1987)

Soon (1988)

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(c) Con O'Donovan via Sir Henry's Exhibition

(c) Con O’Donovan via Sir Henry’s Exhibition

Soon were a short lived Cork band from 1986-88. Featuring Tony O’Sullivan (vocals), guitarist Giordai O’Laoghaire (ex Nun Attax, Microdisney), Martin Vallely (bass, ex Boat People) and Con O’Donovan (drums) they recorded two demos and a Fanning session. They notched up at least two TV appearances; on RTE’s saturday morning show ‘Anything Goes’ and also on the music show Megamix where they performed today’s track ‘The Holy Holy Show’. Thanks to the IPNWD for the bio.

The Holy Holy Show (1988)

Under Review

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Yup a band name that definitely predates Google. I have no further details on ‘Under Review’ but I suspect that they hailed from Limerick. This track is from an 8 track demo recorded in Dublin.

Just A Boy (Demo)

The Nursery

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As Dave so eloquently puts it The Nursery hailed from South Dublin and this track is a demo from them. My usual fallback the IPNWD comes up a blank so that’s all I know..

Stay (1988, Demo)

The Malfunctions

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From Ballyshannon in Co.Donegal The Malfunctions rose from the ashes of The Wild Herrings and featured two members of that band; Fiona Pender (vocals) and Michael Christie (drums). They were joined by David Meade (guitar) and Stephen Gallagher (bass) and released one single for EMI ‘Say Goodbye’ / ‘Party At My Place’ in 1988 and had two tracks on the Danceline Records Nationwide compilation in 1989. They recorded one Fanning Session but we think this track is a demo.

Eastenders (1988)

Someone has been digging through the archives and has posted a recording of The Malfunctions appearance on RTE’s Jo Maxi in 1989 with single ‘Say Goodbye’


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Portrait by Cormac Figgis 1988

Portrait by Cormac Figgis 1988

Binttii is a musician from Dublin. As Haa Lacka Binttii he was a member of The Virgin Prunes in 1981 playing drums, tape loops and keyboards on their first two singles before leaving the band. In 1984 he formed Princess Tinymeat with Tom Rice (guitar) and Ian Sissy Box (bass). They were active until 1987 and featured among others Roger Doyle (Operating Theatre), Dik Evans (Virgin Prunes), Gerry O’Boyle (Gorehounds) and Gerry Leonard (The Spies/Hinterland). Since 1990 Binttii has been recording under his real name Daniel Figgis.

Horny (Demo, 1988/1989?)
Hungry For Love (Demo, 1988/1989?)

The Conspiracy (1988)

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The Conspiracy were Greg Pearle (vocals), Eamon Mitchell (guitar), Keith Geraghty (bass) and Michael Dunphy (drums). Two of their tracks featured on the 1988 Danceline Records compilation ‘Swimming Out Of The Pool‘. This is one of those songs from that record. The band photo from the album sleeveis courtesy the Irish Rock Discography


Badlands (1988)


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Featuring the songwriting talents of Dave O’Loughlin (bass) with Niall Farrell (vocals), Brian Downey (guitar) and Shane Bates (drums) O.T.T. released one single ‘Misty Gold’ in 1988 on Danceline Records. The B side ‘It’s Only Love’ appeared on the Owl Records compilation ‘Snap Shots‘ in 1987 and ‘Nationwide‘ (Danceline records) in 1989. Not to be confused with the 90s boyband from Dublin!. Thanks once again to The Irish Punk And New Wave Discography for the details.

Misty Gold (Demo)

The Classics (Demo)

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the classics

This guitar pop band from Dublin featured Wolverhampton native Nigel Williams (vocals, bass) aided and abetted by Scottish lass Maureen Kelly (guitar). Their manager was Robbie Jones, all information thanks to The Irish Punk And New Wave Discography who have The Classics filed under Incomplete Entries. I believe this track is from 1985 but it could have been 1986.

I Will Find Her (Demo)

A House (Demo)

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I’ve already featured a session by A House so I’ll keep this one short. This is a demo track from them. Oh and please check out this blog featuring early single ‘Heart Happy’ which sounds fantastic (why wasn’t it on the Best Of CD).

Call Me Blue (Demo)

The Fireworks Factory

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From Dublin featuring Gerry Feehily (vocals), David Drum (guitars), Hugo Fitzgerald (bass), Alan Hynes (guitar) and Karl Young (drums/percussion), here is a demo recorded in December 1986 by The Fireworks Factory. Check out the official website, apparently there will be a 25 year reunion show in Dublin in December 2014.

Wanting The Crown (Demo)

The Wishing Stones (1989 Demo)

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wishing stones

Today’s track is a 1989 demo by The Wishing Stones. From Dungarvan in Co. Waterford the band consisted of Darren O’Connor (vocals), Connor Power (lead guitar), Owen Kehoe (rhythm guitar), Brendan Hayes (bass) and Dermot Dwyer (drums). They released one single ‘Surely’ in 1991 on Danceline Records.

Face Another Day (Demo, 1989)

The Subterraneans – Slum (demo)

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Some time ago I promised to post this excellent demo track from Artane band The Subterraneans. Again I don’t know why these guys didn’t go further as they really were very talented. If anyone still has any other tracks I’d love to hear them..

Slum (demo)

The Screech Owls

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The Screech Owls were formed by Deborah / Debbie Schow / Skhow (vocals and guitar) an american living in Dublin and Richard G. Evans (guitars and more guitars) i.e. Dik of The Virgin Prunes, The Hype and well-known brother (David, U2) fame. Special guests on this demo recording were Brain Neavyn (bass) and Dave Burke (drums) of The Slowest Clock. While The Screech Owls did record Dave Fanning and Mark Radcliffe sessions this is all I have to hand but it is an amazing track. According to this Hot Press article they also recorded ‘Poison River’ for a Stars Of Heaven tribute. Debbie can be heard on KAOS Radio in Olympia where she has hosted the ‘Legends and Lowlife‘ since November 2009.

Hey Toreador (1988)

Thee Amazing Colossal Men (Demo)

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Formed in 1985 and featuring Joey Barry, Sid Rainey and Garret Lee now of Jacknife Lee fame Thee Amazing Colossal Men were active until 1990 when they released the album ‘Totale’ on Siren Records. In 1989 they represented Ireland at the Eurorock Festival held in Novi Sad, in then Yugoslavia and also feaured on RTE show ‘7 Bands On The Up’. This track is from a demo they recorded in Sun Studio, Temple Bar in 1987. In 1990 the band reformed as Compulsion in which guise they made a number of releases.

Loganberry Woman (Demo)

Aiken Drum (1985)

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street carnival rock
Aiken Drum were a Finglas three piece featuring Martin McCann on vocals (later of Lord John White and Sack fame) and brothers David Morrissey (later A House) and Pat Morrissey. This track was recorded in a session for Dave Fanning on 27th November 1985. Thanks to Mark for pointing out that it is ‘The Hearing’ subsequently released on the RTE Radio 2 / HotPress Street Carnival Rock EP.

The Hearing (1956)

Complete Fanning Session (courtesy Dave Morrissey, see comments)

Bam Bam And The Calling

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bam bam & the calling in the venue derry

Bam Bam And The Calling formed in Derry in 1983 and in the early days had a somewhat changeable lineup with Paul PJ McCartney being the one constant. Raymond Gorman was an early member before leaving for London with Sean O’Neill to form That Petrol Emotion. The band lineup settled around McCartney (guitar, vocals), Tom Doherty (drums), John McCloskey (guitar) and Joe Brown (bass). They moved to London where they released two singles; ‘Scraping Off The Shine‘ in 1987 and ‘Neck Tattoo’ in 1988 before calling it a day. Bam Bam & The Calling recorded a Fanning session on 19th January 1987 featuring tracks ‘Road Of The Lonely’, ‘Only Sing’,  ‘Scraping Off The Shine’ and ‘ Secret Meeting’. Paul McCartney featured on an EP by Sean O’Neill’s post That Petrol Emotion project Rare in 1990 and in 1992 released an album “Entrance” on Setanta Records with The Deadly Engines. These tracks are from a demo of unknown provenance, if you have details or even better a recording of the Fanning session it goes without saying, we’d love to hear from you.

Talking Aloud

Scraping Off The Shine

Neck Tattoo

The Fat Lady Sings

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The Fat Lady Sings were formed in 1986 by Nick Kelly with Dave Sweeney (ex Vipers, guitar), Finbarr O’Riordan (bass) and Robert Hamilton (drums). The band moved to London and a couple of years later what would the classic lineup of Nick Kelly, Tim Bradshaw (guitar/keyboards), Dermot Lynch (bass) and Robert Hamilton (drums) was established. I believe this is recording is from 1988 and according to Dave’s outro it is on tape (according to the official website the band never recorded any demos).

Contact (1988)

Gavin Is God

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Okay back to posting tracks of bands I know absolutely nothing about. Today it’s the turn of Gavin Is God and a demo track from them shortly before they played support to Real Time Motion in some place called The Baggot..

Small Men

The Onion Peelers

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From Dublin today’s track is a song from a demo circa 1988 by The Onion Peelers..

Nine Nine Nine

The Hitchers (1989 Demo)

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hitchers 1990

From Limerick The Hitchers appear to be semi active despite calling it a day in Feb 2001. This demo dates from 1989 and was delivered to The Fanning Show on DAT. Check out the wiki or read more about the band on their website. No mention over on the IPNWD for some reason. They recorded sessions for both Dave Fanning and John Peel in 1997 (making it to 21 of the Festive Fifty the same year with Strachan) and released numerous EPs and LPs. The lineup for the Peel session in 1997 was Andy Gallagher (lead guitar), Niall Quinn (drums, backing vocals), Eric Fitzgerald (guitar) and Hoss Carnage (bass) but this demo their first dates from 1989.

All This Everything (demo)

Tuesday Blue (Demo)

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I’ll never forget the first time I saw Tuesday Blue live in The Savoy in Limerick. There was a lot of press about the band already and great things were promised. The room was like a exotic boudoir with incense burning, the music began and gradually the smoke around the stage dissipated to reveal Mick Ryan performing transcendental meditation. A seminal moment as they say. This demo track made it to number 31 in the 1986 Fanning Fab Fifty. The full lineup was Mick Ryan (vocals), Dave Keary (guitar), Ralf Lindheim (bass) and Liam Darcy (drums).

I’m So Scared

Something Happens!

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Next up we have a demo from a band who went on to achieve considerable success but maybe didn’t always do themselves justice with their recorded output. Case in point was Burn Clear which I hope to dig out in the future but first up is another favourite which in demo form made 28th place in Fanning’s Fab Fifty in 1986.

Forget Georgia

33rd Hurricane

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Donegal doesn’t seem to be doing too bad, first The Wild Herrings and now today’s contribution who hail from Carndonagh. They are called 33rd Hurricane and this is a great demo track called ‘Like A Dream’. The quality is decidedly lo-fi but maybe that’s why it works so well. This was recorded from the radio in 1989. The normally reliable IPNWD has no entry but does list the presence of tracks ‘Goodbye’ and ‘December Days’ on the 1989 Danceline Records compilation ‘Nationwide 2’. They released one single I know of ‘Shotgun Blast’ / ‘Till I Find You’.

Update: 33rd Hurricane were Finbarr Doherty (vocals, guitar), Liam Bradley (drums, backing vocals), Delilah Cuddihy (keyboards, backing vocals), John McGrory (guitar), and Neil McGrory (bass). Finbarr wrote all the songs and ‘Like A Dream’ was recorded on a cassette 4 track recorder.

Finbarr Doherty is now performing as a solo artsist and has released albums ‘Across the Water‘ (1997) and most recently ‘Skyscrapers’ (2011). Check out his music on breakingtunes or on MySpace

Like A Dream (Demo)

Tru’penny Opera

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Trupenny Opera

Today’s track is a demo from Wexford band Tru’penny Opera. They are listed in the IPNWD but I’m not sure of the spelling. I tried to google the band but found nothing, what is it about Wexford and opera?

If You Were Right Then So Was I (1988)

Updated the spelling based on that used on the Nationwide compilation detailed here.

1 March 2014: Tru’penny Opera from Wexford were Michael Egan (guitars, vocals), Paul Merrigan (saxophone), Peter Murphy (drums), Noel Quaid (bass), Maurice McNamara (keyboards) and John Murphy (mandolin, harmonica). This lineup was active from 1987 to 1990.

Burning Embers

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Okay time for some music from Cork. Burning Embers were Sean O’Neill (vocals), John Poland (guitars), Niall Macken (keyboards), Mel Poland (bass), Gordon Ashe (drums). They sent Dave Fanning a demo in 1986 and this is one of the tracks. According to the Irish Rock Discography the band went on to release 3 singles and this song made the b-side of second single ‘Keep On Pushing’. The band also had a track ‘Sweet Young Lady’  feature on the Hot Press ‘Best Cork album in the world… ever!‘ concept album compiled by Paul O’Mahony and Jim Comet.

Stay (1986)

The Deadbeats

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I must admit I get a little kick out of digging up tracks by bands that appear in the Help Needed section of The Irish Punk And New Wave Discography. Today’s act doesn’t even garner a mention in said tome so I’m going to have to ask for assistance on this one. This is a demo recorded from the Fanning show in 1986.

Unknown Title

The Subterraneans – Maxi-Joy (demo)

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Next up we have a demo from a Dublin band that appeared at number 41 in the 1986 Fab Fifty. It is of course Carling/Hot Press Band winners The Subterraneans. They also recorded a Fanning session in that year but I only have the demo recording. I also have a recording of Slum but will post that later (Update: done). Maxi Joy was eventually released as a single on Mother Records in 1987. Have a listen to that version here.


The Swinging Swine

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Reading this post moved me to dig out this track. I saw Galway band The Swinging Swine a few times in Limerick and remember being enchanted by the rather elusive female singer with an amazing voice. This song sums up what the band for me were all about and really has stood the test of time. Enjoy..

Them Ghosts Do Come (Demo) [1988?]

Updating 12th July 2009..

I hope readers of this post visit the excellent entry on the band at the Irish Punk & New Wave discography but since this has been one of the most visited posts on this blog I figured I’d better add a few more details. It turns out The Swinging Swine had their fair share of artistic turmoil and the band I saw circa 1987-89 was but one of a number of incarnations. Originally formed by Eamonn Dowd, Doug Steen, Joe Wall and Seamus Sullivan The Swinging Swine were soon joined by Joanne Loughman on vocals and Hugh O’Carroll on fiddle with John Lalor replacing Joe Wall who was busy with The Stunning. The band did release a version of the above track on an EP in 1990 and another version on the ‘Flick’ movie soundtrack. Joanne Loughman & Hugh O’Carroll went on to form their own band The Glee Club releasing an EP on Setanta in 1993 and then an album ‘Mine‘ in 1994 which was licensed by 4AD in the U.S. Since the mid 90’s Eamonn Dowd has been touring and recording as Eamonn Dowd & The Racketeers.