Pete Holidai

pete holidai

Pete Holidai was the resident Fanning session producer from circa 1989 until 1999. Among the sessions he produced were those by Las Vegas Basement, Relish, Mundy, Paddy Casey, Belsonic Sound, Melaton, Cypress Mine, Pincher Martin, Blood or Whiskey, Razorlove, The Josephs, Candy Apple Red, Brilliant Trees, Toasted Heretic, Joyrider, Mike TV. For a list of Pete’s other production credits check out his site. Pete was a founder member of The Radiators from Space and subsequently played live and recorded with Light A Big Fire. He also managed Kilkenny’s Engine Alley. He currently performs with Trouble Pilgrims along with Steve Rapid, Johnny Bonnie, Paddy Goodwin and Tony St Ledger.


One Response to “Pete Holidai”

  1. We love you Pete, possibly have the Razorlove session on dat some where.

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