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The Frank and Walters (1997 Acoustic Session)

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frank and walters grand parade

In 1997 The Frank and Walters released their second album ‘Grand Parade‘ on Setanta Records. A couple of weeks earlier on June 17th they dropped into 2fm to record an acoustic session for the Dave Fanning show hosted by deputy Pat O’Mahony. This session was detailed extensively in Hot Press magazine by Peter Murphy and can be read here. The band at the time were Paul Linehan (vocals/bass), Niall Linehan (guitar) and Ashley Keating (drums). All but 3 of the tracks featured on ‘Grand Parade’ the exception being the final track ‘Restraint’. Should anyone have a better copy of the session or a full recording of ‘Landslide’ please drop us a line.

Indian Ocean

Little Dolls



Real Wild West – Live at Eurorock (1987)

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“Dublin’s most uncompromising rockers” Dave Fanning

From Dublin, Real Wild West were Charlie Rafferty (bass & vocals), Paul Murtagh (guitar), Robbie Warren (drums) and Ian Smith (trumpet). Thank you stilpix for the very cool poster for a gig in The Project with The Golden Horde, Guru Wierdbrain, The Amazing Colossal Men and Duane Ripley and his Gogo Set. Fondly remembered by respected opinion Real Wild West recorded an album for Setanta Records which unfortunately never saw the light of day. Thanks to Cork Zine Archive for the tape recording.

Nun Attax / Five Go Down To The Sea? Exhibition at Cork City Library

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The best laid plans oft go astray.. the following is a guest post by Siobhan Bardsley of the Cork Zine Archive, planned to coincide with an exhibition in Cork City Library on Grand Parade before events overtook us. The library is currently closed.


“The Greatest Cork EP of all Time!” Kaught at the Kampus with advert from Hotpress 1981

I’ve always had a fascination with Nun Attax and Five Go Down to the Sea?. I remember seeing them on Anything Goes, the kids show on RTE back in 1981. My dad worked with Ricky and Keith, so we were all in front of the telly that Saturday morning, waiting to see the drummer playing out of the back window of a car!

Although having never seen Nun Attax live, nor Five Go Down to the Sea?, I was always aware of their cult following when I started going to see gigs in Cork. But by then they’d long gone.

Fast forward 30 years, while establishing the Cork Zine Archive, I came across a fanzine called Plink Plink Fizz, the first issue from 1980 had an interview with the lads from Nun Attax. All of a sudden they were back. There they were, bold as brass in their own words.

Nic who had produced that fanzine with his friends, gave me copies of the other two issues of Plink Plink Fizz, along with some of the master paste-up pages (with some of Ciaran O Tuama’s original photographs still attached) and a Nun Attax poster that he’d saved from a gig.

I knew what I had here was not just valuable publications for the Cork Zine Archive, but some unique material on Nun Attax. So this material has been the starting point of an exhibition dedicated to the band Nun Attax and it’s later incarnation as bands’ Five Go Down to the Sea? and Beethoven. The exhibition includes fanzines, photographs, records, cassettes, and demo reel, along with some newly rediscovered personal memorabilia from band members Ricky, Keith and Philip.


Original demo tape of Knocknaheeny Shuffle and Evening Echo feature from 1981 “… many will find it raucous and unmusical.”

The event is to coincide with the long awaited release of their retrospective album ‘Hiding from the Landlord‘ in April. It’s amazing to hear the remastered and previously unreleased tracks in all their glory, they remain as challenging and brilliant as they did the first time I heard them.

If anyone might like to add some memorabilia (or memories) to the exhibition, we can be contacted at

The exhibition will open on April 18th in Cork City Library, Grand Parade. The album ‘Hiding from the Landlord’ will be launched on the same day.


“The Man I Didn’t Kill” Unpublished lyrics of Finbarr Donnelly

In Tua Nua (1988)

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in tua nua tour

This unreleased track by In Tua Nua was recorded live on the Dave Fanning show when the band dropped in to celebrate the launch of their second album ‘The Long Acre’ in late 1988. In Tua Nua are about to set out on their first Irish tour since that same year.

Jealous Knife (1988)

Something Happens (1995 Acoustic Session)

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Recorded live on the RTE 2FM Mike Moloney show June 21st 1995. Something Happens! are Tom Dunne, Ray Harman, Alan Byrne and Eamonn Ryan. Check out Tom Dunne nightly 10pm – midnight on Newstalk.

Fishboy (1995)

Pray (1995)

The Fat Lady Sings – Man Scared (1988)

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This particular recording by The Fat Lady Sings was presumably made live in studio while the band were interviewing with Dave Fanning.

Man Scared (1988)

Engine Alley (Feile 1993)

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On his Sunday show of the August bank holiday weekend Dave Couse got to reminiscing about Feile 1993. It struck me that this was of course 20 years ago and I got to wondering if I didnt have some recordings from RTE 2fm of the festival. The recordings I originally had in mind were actually from Cork Rocks in 1991 but I did uncover one recording from Feile in 1993..

Engine Alley (Feile 1993)

Mark Eitzel – Here Comes The Night (1997)

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Mark Eitzel needs no introduction. Singer with the American Music Club and a successful solo artist, he returns to these shores for an Irish tour this week. If you have yet to see him live don’t pass up this opportunity, if you already have you’ll know what is in store. This interview came on the occasion of a previous visit in 1997 when he played Whelan’s in Dublin. He dropped in to the Radio Ireland studios to talk to Donal Dineen on his ‘Here Comes The Night‘ show and yours truly captured at least some of it.

Mark Eitzel post 1997 Whelan's gig with  Niall Crumlish, Nick Kelly and George Byrne Photo (C) Lorraine Freeney

Mark Eitzel post 1997 Whelan’s gig with Niall Crumlish, Nick Kelly and George Byrne Photo (C) Lorraine Freeney

Feb 21 Dublin – Workman’s Club
Feb 22 Cork – Cyprus Avenue
Feb 23 Kilkenny – Cleere’s
Feb 25 Galway – Roisin Dubh
Feb 26 Belfast – Errigle Inn

Here Comes The Night‘ (1997)

A House (1990 Interview)

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Prior to the release of their second album ‘I Want Too Much’ Dave Couse (vocals & guitar), Fergal Bunbury (guitar), Martin Healy (bass), Dermot Wylie (drums) aka A House had a chat with Dave Fanning from London where the band were performing as part of an Irish rock week in The Mean Fiddler. The performance of ‘Violent Love’ at the end is well worth the wait. Dave Couse can of course be heard every Sunday on TodayFM from 10pm until midnight.

– Manstrong (live)
recording on Inisboffin, Mike Hedges etc
– Shivers Up My Spine (album)
– 13 Wonderful Lovesongs (live)
on signing autographs
– Bring Down The Beast (live)
Martin & Dermot on falling off stage in SF, touring US, the Go-Betweens
– I Think I’m Going Mad (single)
– Smalltalk (live)
John Carroll (manager) & Liam Crinnion
– Violent love (live)
Mean Fiddler gig listings for rest of week..

Interview (1990)

Power Of Dreams (29th Dec 2012)

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Our southern correspondent has apparently recovered sufficiently from the excesses of 2012 to file copy on the ‘Trains, Boats & Planes’ 20th anniversary show at the Savoy Theatre in Cork. A man of few words at the best of times the report consisted of a photo, a setlist and a few shaky videos..




Where Is The Love

The Joke’s On Me

Hothouse Flowers / Fanning’s Fab 50

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Today the Hothouse Flowers explain how to vote in the Fanning Fab 50 or at least how you should have done so back in 1987. As a bonus there is a studio busking version of B side ‘Mountains’. The Hothouse Flowers play Whelan’s on 30th December, their first Dublin date in two years. And by the way voting is open for this year’s Fab50 – more details on the RTE 2fm website. Fiachna Ó Braonáin has of course been busy hosting radio shows on RTE1 and the ‘Poetic Champions Compose‘ series on TodayFM.


Fab 50 Instructions


Dolphin Discs to close

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We have a soft spot for record shops but seem to have ended up charting their demise. This morning Ian Dempsey chatted to the boss of Dolphin Discs, Talbot Street, Dublin who after 40 years in business are closing their doors. Ian spent 10 minutes reminiscing with Paul O’Reilly who had a few interesting tales to tell including a few of strokes pulled. The shop closes Sunday and as Ian says everything must go so head on down share a few memories and maybe pick up a few bargains.

Paul O’Reilly of Dolphin Discs on Ian Dempsey (25.9.12)

Sons of the Desert (1989 Interview & Session)

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sons of the desert 3

Not to be confused with the US band of the same name, Sons of the Desert were from London and by all accounts toured with The Pogues.. On this visit to Dave Fanning at RTE studios the lineup was Ewan Shiels (vocals, mandolin), Stephen Harrison (bass), Tracey Booth (vocals, bodhran), Johnny Nolan (guitar) and Joseph Doherty (violin and saxophone). Paul McCluskey who attended the Cork show informs us that this recording is from 24th August 1989.

Live Performance & Interview (1990)

The Night Before Self Aid

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On 16 May 1986, the eve of the Self Aid concert, Dave Fanning had a special show previewing what was to take place the next day. In this excerpt you will hear a few of the visitors he had in the studio that night. Thanks to John for digging this out.

Kevin Conneff (The Chieftains)
Phil Chevron (Pogues, Radiators)
Eoin McEvoy (Cactus World News)
Eamonn McCann
and Philip King?

The Night Before Self Aid (1986)

Ted Hawkins on the BPFO (4 April 1987)

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The BP Fallon Orchestra was the title of RTE Radio 2 show hosted by BP Fallon on Saturday and Sunday evenings from 1982 until 1987. His guest on Aprill 4th 1987 was Ted Hawkins (October 28, 1936 – January 1, 1995) an American singer-songwriter from Mississippi.

Hawkins achieved cult status among fans around the world, but was usually to be found playing guitar and singing, while sitting on a milk-crate, entertaining passers-by in Santa Monica, California. He was often rescued from this fate over the years, by enthusiastic record producers and even by the BBC’s roving reporter Andy Kershaw, who championed his cause in Britain. However Hawkins seemed torn between the promise of artistic success and the lure of a delinquent life style.
The Independent (13/1/1995)

In this hour long show Ted talks to BP about his youth, school and how he ended up in prison. Thanks to Martin for digging this one out.

Ted Hawkins BPFO (1987)

The Minutes (on Ian Dempsey 9th Feb 2012)

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From Dublin The Minutes are Mark Austin (vocals & guitar), Tom Cosgrave (bass) and Shane Kinsella (drums). They have made an impression round these parts with a number of very catchy singles, the latest of which ‘Heartbreaker’ was song of the week on Ian Dempsey‘s TodayFM breakfast show recently. They are about to perform a sellout show in The Academy before embarking on an extensive UK and european tour so tell your friends.

Heartbreaker (live)

The Blades – Live at the SFX (9/11/85)

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The last Blades post was very popular so I think it deserves an encore. Many thanks to Niall for digging this one out..

Live at the SFX (9/11/85)

Last Man In Europe
Real Emotion
If I Go Away
Revelations of Heartbreak
Boy One
Time Waits For No Man
Too Late
Our Secret Dream
Hot for You
Those were the days
Not So Blue
Young, Gifted and Black
Ghost Of A Chance
Last Man In Europe

Limerick Live 95FM – Limrock: A Celebration

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Irish music show ‘Green and Live’ presented by Alan Jacques on Limerick Live 95FM has been nominated for a Phonographic Performance Ireland (PPI) Award tonight. Alan’s Friday night show (broadcast from 10pm to midnight) was shortlisted in the ‘New Irish Music/ Musical Talent Programme’ category – for the third time in four years – for a special on Limerick music titled ‘Limrock: A Celebration’ broadcast back in May. The second hour of the show saw some current Limerick bands perform covers of some classic Limerick bands. The complete show is up on the Live95FM site.

Part 1 – Acoustic sessions

Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters – Little Black Marble
Brad Pitt Light Orchestra – Devil & Me (session)
Protobaby – State Of Affairs
Supermodel Twins – Hillary
Mark O’Connor – Kate Bush Hunting
Dead Red Light – We Waste Ourselves (session)
Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters – Throwing Shapes
Rubberbandits – I Wanna Fight Your Father
We Should Be Dead – Electric
Windings – Embury Greenway (session)
The Cranberries – Reason
Headgear – Halibut
Theme Tune Boy – The Devil’s Handmaid (session)
Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters – Hatch 16 (session)

Part 2 – Limerick Covers

Brad Pitt Light Orchestra – Killed It With My Bare Hands (session) [The Hitchers]
Johnny Duhan – The Voyage (session)
Keith Ford – Love At The Airport
Jimmy James – I Love You To The Bone
Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters – Spring Break (session) [Giveamanakick]
Last Days Of Death Coutry – Coming For You At Dawn
Dead Red Light – Jesus Loves You More If You Can Drive (session) [The Driven]
Brendan Markham – Serge
Woodstar – Dumb Punk Song
Theme Tune Boy – Up And At ‘Em (session) [Bandog]
Nick Carswell – Waking Up Is Hard To Do
Giveamanakick – Brittle Bones
Windings – Requiem For (session) [Medics]
Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters – That Old Chestnut

Limerick Covers

Blue In Heaven In Concert (1985)

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This Blue in Heaven concert was recorded in RTE studio 1 in November 1985 and broadcast by Dave Fanning on his RTE Radio 2 (now 2fm) show over two nights. The concert was recorded by Paddy McBreen and produced by Julian Vignoles. With thanks to the listener, Owain from North Wales (yes Dave Fanning had a UK fanbase also) who dug this one out.

Talking to the One I Love
New Song
Hope to God
Julie Cries
I Wanna Be Your Man
Change Your Mind
Rolling in the Crowd
Tell Me
New Song
Old Ned
I Just Wanna

Blue In Heaven In Concert (1985)

The Fat Lady Sings (In Concert 1989)

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Formed by Nick Kelly, The Fat Lady Sings released two albums ‘Twist’ (1991) and ‘Johnson’ (1993). A retrospective double album ‘The Fat Lady Singles’ (2005) was also released. Nick is now an award winning short film maker. His latest musical alter ego is Alien Envoy who’s album ‘Nine Lives’ (2010) was the culmination of a nine month ‘gestation‘ project. Thanks to some comments we can confirm this show was recorded for ‘Seven Bands on The Up’ from the SFX in 1989.

– be still
– fear & favour
– arclight
– contact
– deborah
– everywoman

In Concert

The Undertones (In Concert)

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Formed in Derry in 1975 by Feargal Sharkey (vocals), Damian O’Neill (guitar), John O’Neill (guitar), Michael Bradley (bass) and Billy Doherty (drums). The Undertones debut single ‘Teenage Kicks’, was released on Terri Hooley’s Good Vibrations label in 1978 and so enamoured Radio One DJ John Peel that he declared it his “favourite record of all time”.

when saturday comes
i don’t know
the love parade
teenage kicks
chain of love
lets talk about girls
jump boys

In Concert (1983)

T Bone Burnett (1985 Interview)

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On the eve of his show in The Stadium, Dublin on July 6th 1985, with Elvis Costello performing as The Coward Brothers, T Bone Burnett dropped in to the Dave Fanning RTE 2 Radio show and spent two hours talking to Dave and choosing records. This is but a small clip of that show. Interestingly T Bone mentions he’s off to see The Blades play that very night in The TV Club..

T Bone Interview (1985)

The Golden Horde (Eurorock 3/11/1988)

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golden horde

Time for another live show this time from the Irish institution that is The Golden Horde. The show was originally recorded on 3/11/1988 as part of the Eurorock festival in Groningen, Holland but broadcast on radio in 1989. More details at IrishRock and the Golden Horde site. Thank you to the folk over at diyirishhardcorepunkarchive for the original and to Cathal for digging it out and cleaning it up.

Knock on Wood
It is I
Everything Under the Sun
Stick With Me

Golden Horde – In Concert (1988)

Bam Bam & The Calling, Sandinos, 9th & 10th Sept

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It appears influential Derry band Bam Bam & The Calling never actually broke up. To coincide with two upcoming dates in local venue Sandinos they have even embraced facebook. I’d expect these tickets to be snapped up quickly so fans of northern post punk get your skates on!

Bam Bam and The Calling play their first headline shows in almost 20 years in Sandinos, Derry on 9th and 10th September. The most well known line up featuring John McCloskey, Tom Doherty, Joe Brown and Paul PJ McCartney remains intact and the band will be augmented by Rion McCartney from The Murder Balladeers. In their 28 year on/off existence, the band have made many friends both locally and abroad and hope to continue this when they come to spend the weekend in Water Street. This promises to be a very special event from a band with an incredible and exciting repetoire of songs, and who regard themselves to be on top of their game.

Engine Alley (In Concert)

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The recent posts featuring concerts that Dave Fanning broadcast on RTE Radio 2 back in the day have proved popular, so to continue the theme and because the band in question is performing a gig in Whelan’s on July 23rd, today is the turn of Engine Alley from Kilkenny. I am not sure when this was originally broadcast and I’ve had to do some manipulation on the audio so I hope it stands up quality wise.

Summertime Is Over
Happy Alley New Year
Lame Dog Lament
A Song For Someone
Your Head

Engine Alley In Concert

The Blades (In Concert)

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On Saturday I was enjoying some sunshine listening to Mr Fanning on the tranny talking to Paul Deacy about his trip to the Vespa World Days in Norway. Paul mentioned he was a big fan of The Blades and how he would love to see them perform again. It turns out Paul also runs a well known shop in Galway called ‘Bell Book & Candle‘ which is also home to independent record store Wingnut Records.

Bell Book & Candle is a legend of a shop in Galway. Based in the heart of the city centre next to the Crane bar, this quirky little place specializes in vinyls, comics, records, books and other rarities. A must-see for any Galway visitor, or indeed city-dweller. [super8ireland ]

The interview with Paul is now online and can be heard here:

A day later I received an email from a reader who had just dug out a radio recording of The Blades RTE in concert performance and who kindly offered to digitize and share it. Updating following some comments, the broadcast is from 1985 and is the second of a two part broadcast.

Revelations Of Heartbreak
My Girl
The Time Tunnel
Those Were The Days
I Heard A Cry
Not So Blue (aka Memory Lane)
Same Old Song
Young Gifted And Black

The Blades – In Concert (1985)

The Divine Comedy (Dave Fanning 1996)

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In 1996 flush with the success of hit single ‘Something for the Weekend’ Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy dropped into the RTE studios for a chat with Dave Fanning where he played a few tunes for good measure. Many thanks to the excellent ‘a short site‘ for providing this recording, a high quality version of which can be found here. If anyone has a copy of the 1989 Fanning session we would love to hear it.

Becoming More Like Alfie

Interview Part 1

‘When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe’

Interview Part 2

Songs Of Love

A House (Feile 1993)

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Apologies for the radio silence of late, things have been a tad hectic around Sessions Manor. Anyway to prove I haven’t completely checked out here’s a 1993 live set from perennial indie darlings A House. Recorded at that year’s Feile here’s some Dave Couse to keep you going at least until his TodayFM radio show kicks off at 10pm. Thank you to the kind reader / listener who dug this one out.

Violent Love
You’re Too Young
She Keeps Me Humble
Take It Easy on Me
Endless Art
I Want to Kill Something,
I Don’t Care

A House – In Concert (1993)

Toasted Heretic (1994 Interview)

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mindless optimism

We’ve already featured Toasted Heretic but can you remember this 1994 interview they did with Dave Fanning just before the release of their fourth album ‘Mindless Optimism‘? Thanks to Michael Mee for the tape.


Lightning (Live)

The Cranberries (1993 Interview)

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dave-fanning-dolores-o-riordanIn 1993 The Cranberries recorded a session for Dave Fanning, produced possibly by Jim Lockhart. Whilst there Dolores and Fergal dropped over to the 2FM studio for an interview with Dave on his evening show where among other things they talked about the music business, Guy Chadwick, living in Limerick and being compared to The Sundays. There is a short interruption due to a tape flip mid interview. Thanks to Michael Mee for digging this out. If you have any Fanning tapes please get in touch as we are always on the lookout. Of interest are (a) sessions (b) interviews and (c) demos or tracks by bands that Fanning played that are no longer available. We don’t have the the 1993 Cranberries session, maybe Ian Wilson producer of the Dan Hegarty show could be persuaded to dig it out, they say in the interview that they recorded 3 new songs plus ‘Wanted’ from the album.

Interview (1993)

Cork Rock (1991)

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Hot Press Cork Rock 91 - full line up.jpg

Update: Be sure to check out two excellent documentaries by Dan Hegarty on Cork Rock here. Also Colm O’Callaghan at The Blackpool Sentinel is doing sterling work and Cork Rock has been mentioned on at least one occasion e.g. Toasted Heretic. A second tape has been discovered featuring 90 minutes of Cork Rock broadcasts so we may be in for a new post on the subject.

Here’s what none other than Billboard magazine wrote about Cork Rock:

One important annual event for new talent in Ireland is Cork Rock, a showcase event sponsored by Radio 2FM, Hot Press magazine and the Irish Music Rights Organization. ..

2FM producer Jim Lockhart recalls 1991 as the event’s most memorable year, with appearances by The Cranberries, Therapy? and Sultans Of Ping, The Frank and Walters, Toasted Heretic and Chelsea Drugstore, today known as The Devlins.

The following tracks were all recorded from Dave Fanning’s 2FM radio show.

Toasted Heretic – Galway and Los Angeles

The Cranberries – Uncertain

The Frank and Walters – Michael

Azure Days – Blew My Clouds Away

Microdisney (1988 Interview)

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Microdisney were Cathal Coughlan (vocals), Sean O’Hagan (guitar), John Fell (bass) and Tom Fenner (drums). They recorded one Fanning session on 31st March 1981 featuring four tracks – ‘Cack Hand’, ‘Let’s Get Married’, ‘Mitchelstown’ and ‘Victory’. They also recorded no less than six Peel sessions. Please visit the Irish Punk & New Wave Discography to read more. Update: Have now updated with the full interview which was actually recorded on April 14th 1988, the night they played McGonagles and on the eve of their Cork show. The recording starts off in mono but then switches to stereo and there is a small interruption for the tape flip.

Interview (1988) / Mitchelstown (1981)

1.Cack Hand 2.Let’s get married 3.Mitchelstown 4.Victory

Light A Big Fire (In Concert – Complete)

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Thanks to the efforts of a generous reader I am now able to offer the full FM recording of Light A Big Fire in concert as broadcast by Dave on his show in 1985.  If anyone has other concerts by Irish bands from the 80’s please get in touch, The Blades are just one name that springs to mind..

Light A Big Fire
Millionaire City
Danny’s Got A New Career
I See People
You Can Love a Woman
Green Boys
Smoky Joe’s Cafe
Mr Twilight

Light A Big Fire (In Concert)


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One of my favourite singles from 2010 was ‘Brain Fluid’ by Limerick 5 piece Windings. Windings were formed by Stephen Ryan (of giveamanakick fame) and Liam Marley and they have expanded the lineup to include Aaron Mulhall, Patrick O Brien and Mike Gavin. Windings recently appeared on Dave Fanning’s 2FM show to promote The Certain Three tour which they are co-headlining with two other bands, We Cut Corners and The Ambience Affair. The tour has two remaining dates Friday 28th Jan in De Barras of Clonaklity and Sat 29th in Dolan’s of Limerick so make sure you check them out.

Brain Fluid / Interview / Embury Greenway (Live in Studio 8, 11/1/2011)

Light A Big Fire (In Concert)

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A regular feature of the Dave Fanning show was the  ‘In Concert’ slot on a Tuesday. Typically for the last 30 minutes of his show he would feature a live performance recording. A reader commented asking if I had the Light A Big Fire performance and I recently came across this snippet which suggests that I did in fact record said show but later recycled the cassette. I am sharing the couple of minutes that remain in the hope that someone out there still has the full show they care to share. To ease the disappointment of the Light A Big Fire fans I’ve left ‘You Can Love A Woman’ which I edited in after the concert in place. Don’t forget to tune into Dan Hegarty’s show on 2FM tonight to hear Heathers live from the Eurosonic in Groningen. Tomorrow it will be the turn of James Vincent McMorrow. In addition, you can listen to and in some cases watch 30 live sets from 7 venues via the 2FM site.

‘In Concert’ clip / ‘You Can Love A Woman’

Tuesday Blue – Eurorock 1986 Complete

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We’ve already posted a piece on Tuesday Blue’s Eurorock appearance but only included the first track of the set. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Eurosonic I am posting the full recording as broadcast by RTE Radio 2 recorded live at The Playhouse in Liverpool in 1986. I wonder how many can remember the original broadcast? Tune in to Dan Hegarty on 2FM next week to hear the Irish representatives at this year’s EurosonicHeathers and James Vincent McMorrow. The third Irish act Sacred Animals are playing on Friday in De Spieghel at 9.30pm and you should be able to catch them online here.

Tuesday Blue at Eurorock (1986)

I Want You To Stay / Superstition / Tunnel Vision / Dear Life / I Believe In You

Visual Eyes (1986 – 1987)

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visual eyes 1987

Visual Eyes‘ was an arts series on RTE television “focused on different areas of media and technology” presented by Dave Fanning, directed and produced by Billy Magra. It ran for two series from 1986-87. Rock artists that appeared include The Village, Dorian Mood, One Deaf Ear, Hothouse Flowers, That Petrol Emotion, Azure Days, Stars Of Heaven, Those Handsome Devils and Kitsch Is Rich. If you have any video footage from this time please get in touch, maybe we can arrange a swap..

‘Visual Eyes’ YouTube playlist

The Reverberation Tour

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Power Of Dreams, The Frank & Walters and Sultans of Ping are playing a 5 date triple header Reverberation Tour around Ireland this month and to celebrate the three bands took over RTE 2fm last night and made appearances on Dave, Jenny’s and Dan’s shows. The Sultans were unable to perform due to certain members being stranded in London’s Euston station. Those that were in the studio performed a cover version of ‘Where’s Me Jumper’ and even Dave Fanning joined in..

Where’s Me Jumper (2010)

The Dixons

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Photo (c) Eamon O'Ha

Photo (c) Eamon O’Ha

The Dixons were Niall Toner (vocals/guitar), Alan Montgomery (bass/piano/vocals), Ed McGinley (guitar/vocals) and Joey Pleass (drums/vocals). From Dublin they were active from 1987 until 1991. Their first single ‘I Have Fun’ was released on Mother Records in summer 1989.

I Have Fun (1989)

Four Poster Silken Jail (1989?)

Here Comes The Love Machine (1989?)

Gavin Friday & Maria McKee (1992)

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gavin friday & maria mckee

We recently came across a tape recording of a Gerry Ryan Unplugged show, where Gerry devoted an hour to live recordings of tracks performed by guests on his show over the previous 12 months. These guests included Gavin Friday & Maria McKee, Honor Heffernan, Luka Bloom, Frances Black & Kieran Goss, Nigel Kennedy, The Golden Horde and The 4 Of Us. I most recently came across Gerry Ryan or rather a documentary he narrated and which was first broadcast on 31st January 1981 ‘No Time To Be 21‘ which explored the punk scene in Ireland. A contributor to that documentary was Gavin Friday who was in town recently for a performance of WB Yeats with Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill at the National Library. The track Gavin and Maria performed on the Gerry Ryan show in 1992 was most recently performed at Carnegie Hall where Gavin celebrated his 50th birthday with a host of well known guests (pictured).

Ballad Of Immoral Earnings (1992)

The Frank and Walters – Paul McLoone’s Green Room Session

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The Frank And Walters featured on tonight‘s Paul McLoone show on TodayFM recorded live in The Green Room. They can be seen in Crosshaven on 14th July, Ballinhassig on 16th July and Skibbereen at Cork X Southwest on 31st July, full details here.

The Parson (2010)

Colours (2010)

Tony Cochrane (2010)

The Waterboys (live in studio 1986)

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To celebrate a series of guest appearances as DJ on RTE 2FM here’s a track Mike Scott recorded live in those same studios 24 years earlier with fellow Waterboy Steve Wickham (violin) and Anthony Thistlethwaite (saxophone, mandolin). It’s a cover of a song Bob Dylan recorded when working on 1983 album ‘Infidels’ but which wouldn’t be offically released until the 1988 album ‘Down In The Groove’. A version by The Waterboys appears on ‘The Live Adventures of the Waterboys’ in 1988. This particular track reached 11 in the 1986 Fab Fifty poll.

Death Is Not The End (1986)

Power Of Dreams (Live on Dan Hegarty Show)

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Power Of Dreams were in 2FM Studio 8 last night where they performed some songs live on the Dan Hegarty show. They also appeared on the Dave Fanning show but I didn’t find out till afterwards, should have checked here or even here. They are midway through their 25th anniversary tour so you can still catch them in Dundalk, Cork or Dublin.

Does It Matter


There Is A Light That Never Goes Out


Never Been To Texas