The Subterraneans – Slum (demo)


Some time ago I promised to post this excellent demo track from Artane band The Subterraneans. Again I don’t know why these guys didn’t go further as they really were very talented. If anyone still has any other tracks I’d love to hear them..

Slum (demo)

4 Responses to “The Subterraneans – Slum (demo)”

  1. have a collection of old demos on cd loved all there stuff my band played support in baggot good few times miss them

  2. Demosuzki Says:

    @ dermot. … Can you share ?

  3. Great Band such a well put together demo track real virtuouso particularly on bass , really admired them and lucky to see their gigs in Dublin .

  4. Love the song – part of the soundtrack of my youth. Loved the Subs too. Great live. Delighted to be part of the Knocking Shop, Derek’s most recent band. On a hiatus at the mo but some day we’ll be back on stage again shouting at the kids …..

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