Puppy Love Bomb (1993 Session)


From Dublin, Puppy Love Bomb were formed in 1991 by Marc Carroll (vocals, guitar), Alan Cullivan (bass) and Neil Dowling (drums). The band released 3 singles on Rough Trade in 1994 – ‘Too Busy Thinking’, ‘Not Listening’ and ‘Bobby Milk’. This session for Dave Fanning on RTE 2fm was recorded in 1993. ‘Almost A Star’ was later rerecorded as ‘Radio Stars’ for the debut of Marc Carroll’s subsequent band, The Hormones.

“We just did three weeks in Europe with Sugar,” Marc says with a smile, “and that personally has been the biggest thing in my musical career, because of my love of Bob Mould and Husker Dü. The very last night in Leeds, he joined us onstage and we all played ‘Ticket To Ride.’ And the place was electric. And the last time Bob Mould had joined a band was with REM in Los Angeles. So, here he was with three knackers from Dublin. So, that was really good.”

Hot Press (16/11/1994)

Almost A Star (1993)

I’m Not Listening (1993)

I Don’t Want To See You (1993)

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