Candy Apple Red – Snakeskin


Candy Apple Red were a Dublin 4 piece featuring Dave Dorgan (vocals), Gerry Fahy (guitar), Eamonn Elliott (drums) and Damien Byrne (bass). This track reminds the writer of The Stars Of Heaven and so jumped straight to the top of the pile. If anyone has a band photograph please get in touch. The artwork is the inlay for the tape containing this track. If you click on it you should land on our facebook page where you will find many more Fanning tapes. Your mission should you chose to accept it is to peruse same and tell us what bands/tracks should feature next.

Snakeskin (1993?)

7 Responses to “Candy Apple Red – Snakeskin”

  1. Darren Hand Says:

    Eamonn Elliott on drums and Damien Byrne on bass. Great tune.

  2. That was fast Darren! Thank you – updated now.

  3. Darren Hand Says:

    No worries. Spotted a couple of our tunes on those tapes. Neither of which would be our finest hour!

  4. Thomas Erbsloh Says:

    have a CARed Demo Tape from 1993 (presumably bought in Comet – price £ 2.25) w 3 songs (Walls of Love, Daisy Diesel & Downfall). Also “Icicle Falls” on Straight Outta Ireland Compilation

  5. Pete Cole Says:

    I have a tune by them called ‘Icicle Falls’ – very Power of Dream-like. Do you have this?

  6. Fanning session Anyone got a band photo? Thomas is there a cover on that demo, would you be able to scan please?

  7. Damien Byrne Says:

    I think I still have a couple of those tapes down in garage, covers too. I know we did a couple of diff colours. actually I think it was the paper …. we were pretty broke and had some diff coloured paper laying around from making fliers. Anyway, email me at and I’ll send them.
    Band Photos wise, thats a tuff one maybe Eamonn or Dave have a few lying around. I know we did an RTE guide photo shoot after the Fanning session.

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