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Mary Stokes Band (1989 Session)

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Mary Stokes Band 1989

Formed in 1987, The Mary Stokes Band were from left to right Beki Brindle (guitar), Mary Stokes (vocals), Dermot Stokes (piano), Dave McGuinness (drums), Joe Lahart (bass) and Brian Palm (harmonica). They recorded a Fanning session in 1989, the producer was Jim Lockhart. Some 33 years and 10 albums later the band are still going strong. They are currently recording a new album.

I certainly remember the day. Other than the sense of disbelief that we would go for five tracks – that was considered outrageous! … We took one break when the guitar player did an overdub on ‘Tough Times’, returning to the studio to record the next three tracks in one take each… road hardened, we were playing really comfortably as a unit! The engineer and Jim were somewhat agog…

Tough Times (1989)
Same Thing (1989)
Crazy About You (1989)
The Blues Aint Nothing (1989)
Fine Mellow (1989)

The Outpatients….! (1988 Demo)

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From Finglas in Dublin, The Outpatients were Ronan Collins (drums), Pat Kelly (vocals & guitar), Greg O’Beirne (guitar) and Noel Cunningham (bass). ‘Pearl’ is a longtime favourite round these parts so it is a source of embarrassment that we have not featured them until now. This recording comes from the Pat O’Mahony collection which has been digitised and returned but so far only dipped into. There were two other Outpatients tapes in Pat’s box but unfortunately they would not play, we suspect the The Outpatients took a leaf from the Mission Impossible playbook – the tapes self destruct after 30 years. Thanks to Gavin for the gentle reminder. If there are others you’d like to hear then make yourselves heard. For some great comments check out this post on the Dublin Opinion blog as part of their Irish music thread. The Outpatients have also featured on the excellent Cloudberry Records blog.

When We Were Young


Rocksteady Freddy


When We Were Young (vodka version)

Barry McCormack (2019 Tom Dunne interview)

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Former Jubilee Allstar Barry McCormack has just released his seventh solo album ‘Mean Time‘. A recent album of the week on the Tom Dunne show, Tom invited Barry into the Newstalk studio for a very enjoyable chat. Barry plays an early evening show at Coughlan’s of Cork on Feb 15th 2020.

Tom Dunne interview (4th Dec 2019)

Those Handsome Devils (1984 Session)

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handsome devils 2

We’ve been on the lookout for this session for some time so hats off to Seán Dee for doing the business this time round. Those Handsome Devils were Seán Foy (guitar & vocals), Pat Harte (bass), Frank Rynne (guitar) and Johnny Bonnie (drums). They recorded this session for Dave Fanning on Feb 20th 1984. Correction: changed year from 1983 to 1984, master list of session details was incorrect.

Sitting On Top Of The World
If You Knew My Gal
Lonesome Train
Johnny Cynic

Wilderness Years (1988 Session)

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wilderness years.jpg

From Dublin, Wilderness Years were Ray Williams (vocals & guitar), Phil Nea (guitar), Derek Lee (bass) and Darragh Broe (drums). They recorded a Fanning session on 17/09/1985 featuring four tracks, two we have today and two further tracks ‘Original Sin’ and ‘Growing up with Winston’. We recently bumped into Derek Lee at the Microdisney reunion and he has promised to get in touch. He has featured in many bands over the years e.g. Sack, MBV, Daniel Figgis and he and Darragh were also members of Guernica. Thank you Conor & Karen Murray for doing the honours.

Don’t Change Your Mind (1985)

Never Knew How Much I Cared (1985)

The Candyshop (1994 Demo)

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L-R Stephen Robinson, Dave Dorgan, Sean Ryan, Mark Byrne

The Candyshop were Stephen Robinson (vocals), Dave Dorgan (guitar), Mark Byrne (bass) and Sean Ryan (drums). This tape comes from the recently acquired Pat O’Mahony archive which we are churning through despite much visible progress. Thanks to Mark Byrne for digging out the band photos. Mark and Sean featured on The Harvest Ministers session with Mark later joining the band full time. Dave later formed Candy Apple Red while Sean was to be found in The Swinging Swine and Honey Thieves.

Change Your Mind (1994)

Pictures Of James (1994)

Falling For You (1994)

Bunny Hoover (1996)

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bunny hooverFrom Dublin, Bunny Hoover were Niall Meagher (vocals & guitar), James Guinevan (guitar & vocals), Martin Arthur (bass & vocals) and Ronan McDonnell (drums). James, Niall and Martin were previously in The Visitors. The band released a debut album ‘Cheaper In China‘ in 1995. These tracks however are from a tape of their unreleased second album recorded in 1996. Producer of the tracks which were recorded at Bow Lane Studios was Paul Thomas. Thanks to John Foyle for all the help with this post.

Unpopular (1996)

Happy (1996)

Ask At The Front Desk (1996)

The Baby Snakes (1985 Session)

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Photo by Michael Rynne,  L-R Pat O'Brien (bass), Niall O'Sullivan (guitars), Frank Rynne (vocals) Ciaran Byrne (drums)

Photo by Michael Rynne, L-R Pat O’Brien (bass), Niall O’Sullivan (guitars), Frank Rynne (vocals) Ciaran Byrne (drums)

The Baby Snakes recorded a three track Fanning session on 14th October 1985 of which we have two tracks. The band were Frank Rynne (vocals & guitar), Niall O’Sullivan (guitar), Dick Barry (bass), Ciaran O’Brien (drums) and John Ryan (keyboards). Check out for full details and some great press clippings.

The Prophet (1985)

Moonlight (1985)

The Honey Thieves (1990 Session)

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honey thieves

From Dublin, The Honey Thieves were Dave Lavelle (vocals), Derek Turner (guitar), Peter Doyle (bass) and Sean Ryan (drums). Derek Turner was previously in Guernica while Sean Ryan was a member of The Swinging Swine and The Candyshop.

Trip Around The World (1990)

What You Got It For (1990)

Don’t Let Time Get Away (1990)

I Feel (1990)

The Experiment (1986 Session)

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the experiment ken o duffy

From Dublin, The Experiment were Ken O’Duffy (vocals), Liam Farrington (guitar), Josh Elliot (organ), Mark Young (bass) and Gary Sullivan (drums). They recorded a Fanning Session on November 11th 1986 featuring three tracks – ‘Second Sight’, ‘Love’s Left Behind’ and ‘The Burning’. Thank you Ken for the photo, he hasnt heard the session since back in the day but does remember the band’s vintage gear and clothing making an impression on Ian Wilson.

Second Sight (1986)

The Burning (1986)

The Visitors – Dizzie EP (1991)

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The Visitors were James Guinevan (vocals, guitar), Niall Meagher (vocals, guitar), Mack (drums & synth), Martin Arthur (harp, vocals, percussion) and Bruce Ryder (bass). The EP was self produced and engineered by Hugh Drumm at Bow Lane Studios, Dublin in 1991. The Visitors later became Bunny Hoover.

X (1991)

Favourite Jigsaw (1991)

End Of A Beatiful Thing (1991)

Cactus World News – Dave Fanning Interview Etc (1986)

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cactus world news - shane mccarthy photography

Cactus World News were Eoin McEvoy (vocals), Frank Kearns (guitar), Fergal MacAndris (bass) and Wayne Sheehy (drums). Frank and Eoin have just announced a pledge music campaign to release a collection of rare and previously unreleased tracks from the band. By way of a teaser we’ve dug out two items from our own archives. The ‘Dave Fanning Interview’ featured on the ‘Years Later’ special edition EP (1986) while ‘Skin & Dust’ was one of 4 tracks on a Melody Maker Vinyl Conflict EP from the same year. Help ensure ‘Found’ is released by pledging your support here.

Dave Fanning Interview (1986)

Skin & Dust (1986)

Sack (1990 Session)

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Formed from the ashes of Lord John White, Sack were Martin McCann (vocals), John Brereton (guitar), Derek Lee (bass), Simon Quigley (keyboards) & Tony Brereton (drums). Martin McCann was previously in Aiken Drum. Darrell Rainey (Lemon Aftermath, Restless Natives, The Boy The Boy) replaced Derek Lee on bass. Martin is currently busy with Elevens who have just released an excellent single.

Airhead (1990)
Mudluck (1990)
Bovine Blues (1990)
Candy Floss (1990)

An Emotional Fish – Interview & Session (1989)

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March 1993 (C) Shane McCarthy Photography

March 1993 (C) Shane McCarthy Photography

An Emotional Fish were Ger Whelan (vocals), Martin Murphy (drums), David Frew (guitar), and Enda Wyatt (bass). They did this interview and session for Jim O’Neill on Century Radio in 1989. Since 2002 Ger has been active as Jerry Fish and has gone from success to success. The photo is courtesy Shane McCarthy from a movie inspired photo shoot in March 1993, check out his facebook gallery for more impressive shots.

Century Radio Interview & Session (1989)

Something Happens! In Concert (1989)

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Photo (C) Shane Mc Carthy Photography

Photo (C) Shane Mc Carthy Photography

The Dave Fanning Show on 2FM featured a weekly in concert segment with a 30 minute live recording from a band of the day. Something Happens! featured in session last week but we came across this recording on the Something Happens facebook group and couldn’t resist. It’s a two parter so we pretty have the full show. By the way the lads have just announced they are to play at the Killarney Festival on June 27th alongside The Undertones and The Frank & Walters.

02-What Now
03-Take This With You
05-Tall Girls Club
06-Forget Georgia
07-I Had a Feeling
08-Here Comes the Only One Again
09-7 Days Till 4am
11-Burn Clear
12-Paloma Blanca
13-Summertime Love
14-Does Your Mother Know

In Concert – Part 1 (1989)

In Concert – Part 2 (1989)

The Forget Me Nots (1990 Session)

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From Dublin, The Forget Me Nots were Michelle Burrowes & Eithne Flynn (vocals & rhythm guitars), Maurice McGrath (lead guitar), Cormac Colman (bass guitar) and Justin Healy (drums). They recorded this Fanning session in 1990 and it was produced by Ian Wilson & Jim Lockhart. In 1991 Mark Walsh (bass) joined the band and in between, Tony McGuinness (Aslan) toured and played on some of the album (‘Hullabaloo‘) recordings.

Shake The Halo

What Am I Gonna Do About You


Beck & Call

The Slowest Clock – Smile Futurismo! All I Heard Was Purple (2014)

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slowest clock small

The Slowest Clock were Frank Pryce (vocals), Gerry Fahy (guitar), Brian Neavyn (bass & keyboards) and Dave Burke (drums). In Winter 1989 they recorded nine songs at Generator House, Roundwood. These recordings were later lost and so did not form part of the ‘Life Still‘ release in 1994. The tapes were discovered some 10 years later and now 25 years after they were first recorded The Slowest Clock are set to release their debut album as originally planned..

“Superb band, Gerry Fahy my fave guitarist”
Ray Harman (Something Happens!)

“Holy flashbacks Batman! Previously unreleased debut album of edgy freakbeat/psych wig-outs recorded in 1989/90 from the Dublin band who were one of the stalwarts of the Underground Bar scene at that time.”
Jim Carroll. The Ticket, Irish Times

“After a delay of almost 25 years, 1980s Dublin band Slowest Clock (living up their name, surely?) finally release a debut album that, apparently, was never meant to be. Lost multi-track recordings, life getting in the way, mounting debt and other issues interrupted Slowest Clock from gaining any appreciable foothold, which is a pity as the tunes and songs here highlight one of the many pitfalls of the music industry: being a really good band that never made it commercially. If melodic and serrated psych/pop/garage/punk is your thing, you are advised to start your stopwatch now.”
Tony Clayton Lea, HMV Blog

The full album tracklist is: Going Home / Warhola / You’re So Strange / Le Bordel Philosophique / Little Fishy / Cherie / Eastern Flowers / Acid Lake / Turning Green / Say What’s On Your Mind / Wasted / You Never See Me / Desert Mouth / Rejoice/In The Cinema

The Subterraneans (1992 Session?)

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From Artane, Dublin, The Subterraneans were Derek Barter (bass/vocals), Paddy Brady (guitar), Mitchel O’Connor (guitar) and Colm Coughlan (drums). Thanks to Padser Dalhoun for photo and lineup. We’re guessing that this is a session and that it dates from 1992 so if anyone can confirm or correct please do!

 L - R Colm Coughlan, Derek Barter, Paddy Brady, Mitchel O'Connor

L – R Colm Coughlan, Derek Barter, Paddy Brady, Mitchel O’Connor

Rubbernose (1992)

Where’s The Hook (1992)

Showdown (1992)

Soon (1993 Demo)

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Originally based in Cork (1986-1988), Soon were to reform in a Dublin-based incarnation (1992-1996) and that is the lineup who recorded this 1993 demo – Tony O’Sullivan (vocals), Martin Dunlea (guitar), Simon McVeigh (bass) and Willie Walsh (drums). The second track features Maurice Seezer on accordion. The comments were from Tony O’Sullivan on Soundcloud.

10th Jan 2015: Updating to remove broken links, the tracks are no longer on Soundcloud

This is the first song of four demo’d by the Cork/Dublin incarnation of SOON at Ringsend Road Studios, Dublin in early January 1993. Written by Tony O’Sullivan and recorded and mixed by Willie Mannion, it was given extensive airplay by RTE’s Dave Fanning which helped the band to quickly build an audience on the Dublin music scene at the time. A song dealing with the often tragic consequences of religious mania, SOON’s drummer Willie, a devout Christian, agonised on the day over whether it bordered on sacrilege and became increasingly reluctant to play on it. Ultimately, it was only recorded after some detailed analysis of the lyric and I’m glad he trusted me, his groove here is phenomenal. He did however say “Tony man, this is so fuckin’ dark” and he was right. It still is.

Straitjacket Jesus (1993)

The Pale (1991 Session)

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The Pale were formed in Dublin in 1990 by Matthew Devereux (vocals), Shane Wearen (mandolin) and Sean Molloy (bass). This Fanning session recorded for RTE in 1991 was their first ever recording and the only one to feature the original band lineup. This is the first time since they were recorded that the band have heard these tracks which were never released or indeed recorded again. The Pale are playing Hard Working Class Heroes on the 3rd October in the Mercantile, Dame Street, Dublin.

Opium Poem (1991)

Cynical Sun (1991)

Ventriloquist (1991)

The Mary Janes (Session)

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From Dublin, The Mary Janes were Mic Christopher (vocals, guitars), Simon Good (guitars), Karl Odlum (bass) and Steven Hogan (drums). Mic Christopher tragically passed away on 29th November 2001. The Mary Janes released two albums ‘Bored Of Their Laughing‘ (1994) and ‘Sham‘ (1998). Both are available on Bandcamp. Mic Christopher’s solo album was released posthumously on his one year anniversary but  completed to Mic’s instructions by Mic’s sister and friends. The 2019 documentary ‘Heyday: The Story Of Mic Christopher‘ is an excellent watch and gives a lovely introduction to Mic by his friends. It can be watched on the TG4 player here for the next 33 days.


Taken In



The Brilliant Trees (Session)

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brilliant trees

From Finglas in Dublin, The Brilliant Trees were Alan Hoey (vocals, guitar), Tony Barrett (guitar), Sid Barrett (bass) and Dave Farrell (drums). We had previously featured one track from this Fanning session albeit a very lo-fi recording. We are no longer certain however from which year the session dates. There was a further track ‘Slavedriver’ on this particular cassette which may or may not be part of the session..

If I Die


I Know You Know

Candy Apple Red – Snakeskin

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Candy Apple Red were a Dublin 4 piece featuring Dave Dorgan (vocals), Gerry Fahy (guitar), Eamonn Elliott (drums) and Damien Byrne (bass). This track reminds the writer of The Stars Of Heaven and so jumped straight to the top of the pile. If anyone has a band photograph please get in touch. The artwork is the inlay for the tape containing this track. If you click on it you should land on our facebook page where you will find many more Fanning tapes. Your mission should you chose to accept it is to peruse same and tell us what bands/tracks should feature next.

Snakeskin (1993?)

Bobby Pulls A Wilson (1997)

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bpaw band shot

Mark Austin of The Minutes recently tipped us off to a “rockin 3 piece” called Bobby Pulls A Wilson. We were intrigued but had nothing in the archive. Thanks however to the efforts of Colin J Morris who dug out and digitized the cassette we now have a copy of their 1997 EP. Thank you especially to Paul Callan for allowing us share this recording.

From Dublin, Bobby Pulls A Wilson were Paul Callan (guitar & vocals), Bill Watterson (bass & vocals) and Patrick Van Hofwegen (drums). All songs were written by Paul Callan. The EP was released in 1997 on Squashed Mice Records. The EP came with an unusual inlay card – a piece of sandpaper!

BPAW Cassette In Box

For The Love Of Cork (1997)

Ride (1997)

To Sleep (1997)

Then There’s This (1997)

The Elite (1989 Session)

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The Elite recorded this Fanning session on 25th September 1989. According to the frontman is Derek Dempsey. Further details of the band personnel and a picture would be gratefully appreciated.. Now might also be a good time to mention the Irish Metal Archive.

1. Never Surrender (1989)

2. All I Ever Wanted (1989)

3. Bad Attitude (1989)

4. Rock’n’Roll Woman (1989)

Here’s a video recording of the band performing ‘Bad Attitude’.

Giant (1989 Session)

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From Dublin, Giant were Niamh McDonald (vocals), Susan Kavanagh (vocals), Ken Haughton (guitar), Joe McDonnell (bass) and Ronan Buckley (drums). Thanks to Eddie Joyce for the picture, check out for more band details. This Fanning session was recorded in autumn 1989.

Promised Land (1989)

Crocodile Tears (1989)

Big Mouth (1989)

The Devil (1989)

The Coletranes (1989 Session)

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From Dublin, The Coletranes were Brendan Tallon (guitar/vocals), Brendan Berry (guitar/vocals), Ian O’Donoghue (bass) and Shane Rafferty (drums). Previously operating as Crocodile Tears they recorded a Fanning Session in 1987. We haven’t yet established what the nature of these particular tracks is. Three members went on to form Revelino.

In Everything I See (1989)
Another Sunday (1989)

The Frames – Another Love Song (Demo)

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Ahead of their upcoming Whelan’s gig this Monday here’s a demo recording of ‘Another Love Song’ by The Frames. At a guess this dates from 1990.

Another Love Song (Demo)

Tower Of Babel (1988 Session)

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From Dublin Tower Of Babel feaatured Mark Lawlor (vocals), Paul Lacey (guitar), Martin Creighton (bass) and Eamonn Elliot (drums). They recorded this Fanning session on April 18th 1988. Paul Lacey and Martin Creighton were previously members of Ambition In Glass. Martin Creighton sadly passed away in 2006.

Near Dark (1988)

Conceal Me (1988)

Shed My Skin (1988)

Chelsea Drugstore (1991)

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The name Chelsea Drugstore may not ring any bells but this track certainly will. It was to appear 2 years later on the debut album by The Devlins. Chelsea Drugstore were Colin Devlin (guitars, vocals), Peter Devlin (bass), Sean Devitt (drums) and Niall ‘Herbie‘ Macken on (piano and keyboards). How the name change came about is explained in this interview.

We named the band Chelsea Drugstore and we made a tape and the contact name was Peter Devlin and then the record company started talking about this demo by The Devlins.

Peter Devlin has a weekend show on Radio Nova. Colin Devlin is active as a solo artist.

‘Turn You Around’ (1991)

The Dixons (1991)

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The Dixons have already featured but we came across this pair of tracks from 1991 we thought you might like. The band featured Niall Toner (vocals/guitar), Alan Montgomery (bass/piano/vocals), Ed McGinley (guitar/vocals) and Joey Pleass (drums/vocals).

‘She Belongs To Me’ / ‘I’d Love To’ (1991)

Damn You Peter Pan

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Dublin band Damn You Peter Pan were active from 1990 to 1997. They released 2 singles, an EP and 2 albums. The band were Paul Murnaghan (vocals, bass), Ray Lynch (guitar, keyboards) and Weg Timbs (drums). If anyone has further details on this track or the band please let us know.


Crowds (1991)

At Gunpoint (1986 Demo)

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From Dublin, At Gunpoint were Karl Walsh (vocals), Didi Cassidy (lead guitar), Woppy McGrath (rhythm guitar), Sam Cregan (bass) and Alan Shaughnessy (drums). At Gunpoint recorded a Fanning session in 1987 but this track is from their 1986 demo. Photo courtesy

All Go Away (1986 Demo)

Real Wild West (1987 Session)

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This 1987 Fanning session by Real Wild West is their second and was recorded on 4th May 1987. Real Wild West were from Dublin and featured Charlie Rafferty (bass & vocals), Paul Murtagh (guitar), Robbie Warren (drums) and Ian Smith (trumpet). Photo via this YouTube video of ‘The Sixties’.

Chappaquiddick Bridge / Hello Joe / Captain Of Your Ship / Burn, Burn, Burn (1987)

The Mountain Climbers – Gun For Hire

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The Mountain Climbers were formed by Tom O’Brien (vocals/guitar) with Brian Foley (bass), Dave Sweeney (guitar), Robbie (Drums) and Padraig McCaul from the Harvest Ministers on saxaphone. Despite some good interest following the release of ‘Grace‘ on Solid records the band failed to get a long term record deal and called it a day about a year later. Thanks to for the photo.

Gun For Hire

Missing Link (1988 Session)

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From Dublin, Missing Link were Jimmy Tague (vocals), Gerry Bennett (guitar), Dave Morrissey (keyboards), Charlie Bennett (bass), Donal McPartlin (drums). Thanks to IrishRock for the photo. This Fanning session was recorded on 14th June 1988.

Back Of My Mind / Maybe I Will / Shake It Up / Wrong Impression (1988)

Blue In Heaven (1988 Session)

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Blue In Heaven hailed from Churchtown in Dublin and featured Shane O’Neill (guitar/vocals), Eamonn Tynan (guitar), Declan Jones (bass) and Dave Clarke (drums). They recorded this session on 15th July 1988.

Red Dress / Hold On / Come Back / Try A Little Love (1988)

The Kendalls (1988 Demo)

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the kendalls

From Walkinstown in Dublin, The Kendalls were Johnny McMahon (vocals), Ben Rawlins (guitar), George Murphy (bass) and Alan Biggs (drums). Thank you Harry and Sarah for filling in the details.

A Place In The Sun (1988)

Wilder (1988 Demo)

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According to their IrishRock entry Dublin band Wilder were Dez Foley (vocals), Richard McDermott (guitar), Stephen Owens (keyboards), Bill Crawford (bass) and Frank McGrath (drums).

Get Happy (1988)

Christina Calls

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From Dublin, Christina Calls featured Siobhan Mahon (vocals) and Lorcan Hughes. Siobhan is currently a member of Audiokiss with Jack Dublin (In Tua Nua).

Lord Let Me Be Loved (1990?)

The Fountainhead – All Is Red (Demo)

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From Dublin, one lineup of The Fountainhead according to was Pat O’Donnell (guitar), Steve Belton (guitar), Phil Rennicks (keyboards), Willie Demange (bass/synth) and Peter McKinney (drums). Essentially though the band was a duo around based around Pat O’Donnell and Steve Belton who appear in any publicity photos I’ve seen. This particular track is not listed in the band discography and could be a demo, hopefully a reader can help fill in the blanks.

All Is Red (1983?)

The Pink Hurts (1986 Demo)

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From Skerries in Co. Dublin, The Pink Hurts were Derek Kavanagh (guitar/vocals), Lilian Kavanagh (keyboards), Michael O’Reilly (bass) and Brian Kavanagh (drums). Thanks as always to for the bio and photo.


Newspapers (1986)

The Pleasure Cell (1986 Session)

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pleasure cell - band pic

From Dublin, The Pleasure Cell were Noel Green (guitar & vocals), Dermot Reid (bass) and Will Walsh (drums). They recorded a Fanning session on 5th May 1986 featuring 3 tracks; ‘Keeping The Secret’, ‘Nuclear Device’ and ‘Father Dear’. The tape we have lists a different name, ‘Uniformed Man’ for the third track. If anyone has further details please let us know. Check out this 1987 video of ‘She’s Just A Girl’ for RTE’s ‘Visual Eyes‘.

‘Keeping The Secret’ (1986)

‘Nuclear Device’ (1986)

‘Uniformed Man’ (1986)

The Screech Owls – Sniper On The Freeway

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Recorded from the Dave Fanning show this track may or may not come from the demo pictured above. The Screech Owls were Debbie Schow (vocals, guitar) and Richard G. Evans (guitars). Special guests on the demo at least were Brian Neavyn (bass) and Dave Burke (drums) of The Slowest Clock. Check out Hey Toreador here.

Sniper On The Freeway (1988)

The Skips

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skips2The Skips were Amanda Claxton (vocals), Derrick Dalton (guitar), Pete Corrigan (bass) and Darren Nolan (drums). Derrick sadly passed away in 2008. Darran & Amanda are currectly active with ska band The Little Beauties. If anyone can add more detail on this track or has a photo we would love to hear from you.

Forever Free (1990?)

Interference (1988 Session)

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Interference in 2007 - Fergus O'Farrell, Paul Tiernan, Marja Gaynor, Bertrand Galen (c) Jason Lee

Interference in 2007 – Fergus O’Farrell, Paul Tiernan, Marja Gaynor, Bertrand Galen (c) Jason Lee

In 1988 as far as I can make out Interference were Fergus O’Farrell (vocals, piano & guitar), James O’Leary (guitars,) Maurice Culligan (piano, keyboards), Kevin Murphy (bass, cello), Cal MacCarthy (drums), Colm McCaughey (fiddle). They recorded this Fanning session on 10th February 1988. Also worth checking out is ‘A Talent for Life – The Fergus O’Farrell Story‘ an RTE Radio 1 documentary.

Interference (1988) courtesy Interference Archive

Interference (1988) courtesy Interference Archive

Raise The Blade (1988)

Ordinary Man (1988)

Perfection (1988)

The Fallen Angels (1985 Demo)

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The Fallen Angels recorded a Fanning session on 11th December 1984 featuring tracks ‘Maneater’, ‘Roadhouse’ and ‘Pay Dirt’. I suspect today’s recording however is from 1985. According to there was a further session featuring ‘Motel Burning Down’. The band lineup featured Tom Doyle (The Letters) and members went on to form The Dixons.

You Got A Hard Heart (Demo, 1985)

Red Square (Demos)

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red square

From Dublin, Red Square were Barry Moore (guitar & vocals), Niall Conheady (guitar), Paul Holmes (bass) and Dave Bell RIP (drums). According to the Irish Rock Discography the band recorded at least one Fanning session featuring tracks ‘Street Fight’, ‘Trains’ and ‘Soweto’. In 1987 Barry moved to the U.S. and began performing as Luka Bloom. Luka is currently on tour. Paul Holmes was later in Swim, anyone got their Fanning session?

Passionate Robot (demo)


Street Fight

The Garden Hasn’t Changed Much (1987 Session)

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Dublin band The Garden Hasn’t Changed Much recorded this Fanning session in October 1987. At that time the band were; Mark Bourke (vocals), Mark Loughran (guitar), Colin Murray (bass) and Neil Byrden (drums). Check them out on facebook and on YouTube.

Facts (1987)

Standing In The Light (1987)

I Can Dream In Colour (1987)

Into Paradise (Rarities)

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We are big fans of Into Paradise and were delighted to hear from David Long of that parish recently. David kindly sent some kind words and a few tapes which he had dug out. Today we have the first of the fruits of said cassettes. The first track ‘I Can’t Live Without It’ is an outtake from the Churchtown sessions and the remaining three tracks are as of yet of unknown provenance. To come is a live recording of possibly the last ever Into Paradise gig. David of course released a solo album ‘Water Has Memory‘ last year which is well worth checking out.

I Can’t Live Without It (1991, Churchtown outtake)


Here With You

The Circus Came To Town

Crocodile Tears (1987 Session)

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Crocodile Tears were from Ballinteer in Dublin and featured Brendan Tallon (guitar/vocals), Brendan Berry (guitar/vocals), Barry Woodley (bass) and Shane Rafferty (drums). They recorded this RTE Fanning Session on 9th November 1987. Thanks to for the biographical details. If anyone has a band picture please drop us a note. The band changed bass player in 1988 and became The Coletranes.

Goodbye Susie-Ann (1987)

Tuesday Morning (1987)

Susie Sweetness (1987)

The Candyshop (1987 Session)

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candyshop2The Candyshop were Stephen Robinson (vocals), Dave Dorgan (guitar), Declan Mulligan Mark Byrne (bass) and Sean Ryan (drums). They featured previously in the form of a live rehearsal tape but today we have their 1987 Fanning session recorded on the 12th October of that year. Band picture anyone?

Railway Station (1987)

This Town (1987)

Things Have Changed (1987)

Jesus Station (1987)

Puppy Love Bomb (1994 Session)

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From Dublin, Puppy Love Bomb were formed in 1991 by Marc Carroll (vocals, guitar), Alan Cullivan (bass) and Neil Dowling (drums). The band released 3 singles on Rough Trade in 1994 – ‘Too Busy Thinking’, ‘Not Listening’ and ‘Bobby Milk’. This session for Dave Fanning on RTE 2fm was recorded in July that year. ‘Almost A Star’ was later rerecorded as ‘Radio Stars’ for the debut of Marc Carroll’s subsequent band, The Hormones.

“We just did three weeks in Europe with Sugar,” Marc says with a smile, “and that personally has been the biggest thing in my musical career, because of my love of Bob Mould and Husker Dü. The very last night in Leeds, he joined us onstage and we all played ‘Ticket To Ride.’ And the place was electric. And the last time Bob Mould had joined a band was with REM in Los Angeles. So, here he was with three knackers from Dublin. So, that was really good.”

Hot Press (16/11/1994)

Almost A Star (1994)
I’m Not Listening (1994)
I Don’t Want To See You (1994)

Ten Speed Racer (2013 Interviews)

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It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since one of my favourite bands called it a day. Joe Chester, Pat, John and Dermot Barrett and Terry Cullen in other words the band that was Ten Speed Racer are having an impromptu reunion this Friday upstairs in Whelan’s. Originally listed as a gig by The Hedge Schools (Pat’s post 10sr solo project with Joe), all 5 original 10sr members will be on stage which is no mean feat given that a number of them no longer live in the country. Dermot and Joe (who produced Ryan Sheridan’s album, currently at the top of the German charts) will appear on Colm O’Sullivan’s TodayFM show tonight. If anyone has any sessions please get in touch.

Joe & Dermot with Tom Dunne (3rd May 2013)

Joe & Dermot on TodayFM (1st May 2013)


So She Said

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So She Said were formed in Dublin in 1987 from the ashes of The Delegates. The band featured from left to right, Anto Healy (drums), Brian King (bass) and Pat O’Sullivan (vocals, guitar). The first two of the following tracks are demos that featured on the 1988 Danceline Records compilation ‘Swimming Out Of The Pool‘. That same year the band were Hot Press Band of the Year finalists. The photo is courtesy the great Irish Rock Discography. The final track ‘At Home In June’ won Hot Press /Murphy’s song of the month in 1989 but the band split up shortly afterwards..

So Happy (1988)

Let Me Out (1988)

At Home In June (1989)

Sunday Miscellany – The Atrix

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Poet Pat Boran looked at The Atrix on RTE Radio show ‘Sunday Miscellany‘ recently. The Atrix were John Borrowman (guitar/vocals), Dick Conroy (bass), Chris Green (keyboards) and Hugh Friel (drums). Check out the excellent Irish Rock website for more information.

Sunday Miscellany‘ (17th February 2013)

A House (1990 Interview)

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Prior to the release of their second album ‘I Want Too Much’ Dave Couse (vocals & guitar), Fergal Bunbury (guitar), Martin Healy (bass), Dermot Wylie (drums) aka A House had a chat with Dave Fanning from London where the band were performing as part of an Irish rock week in The Mean Fiddler. The performance of ‘Violent Love’ at the end is well worth the wait. Dave Couse can of course be heard every Sunday on TodayFM from 10pm until midnight.

– Manstrong (live)
recording on Inisboffin, Mike Hedges etc
– Shivers Up My Spine (album)
– 13 Wonderful Lovesongs (live)
on signing autographs
– Bring Down The Beast (live)
Martin & Dermot on falling off stage in SF, touring US, the Go-Betweens
– I Think I’m Going Mad (single)
– Smalltalk (live)
John Carroll (manager) & Liam Crinnion
– Violent love (live)
Mean Fiddler gig listings for rest of week..

Interview (1990)

The Jimmy Cake

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Formed from the ashes of Das Madmen in 2000, The Jimmy Cake recorded this Fanning session circa March 2002. When broadcasting the session Dave complained that ‘Limestone Tiger’ was the longest session track ever recorded. The current band lineup is Paul G. Smyth, Lisa Carey, John Dermody, Dara Higgins, Vincent Dermody, Thomas Parkes and Patrick Kelleher. The band are currently running a campaign to fund their fifth album ‘Popular Music’ so please show them your support. Thanks to Dara for digging out the session and the photos.

Death Fall Priest (2002)

Eye Of The Cowboy (2002)

Limestone Tiger (2002)

David Long solo lp ‘Water Has Memory’

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water has memory

David Long, frontman with influential late 80s/ early 90s Dublin band Into Paradise has just announced the release on 25th February 2013 of a 17 track solo lp. The self financed, self released so called vanity project has been described by David as “my favourite album that I’ve been involved in”. The album includes a track ‘Bigger Picture” featuring Joanne Loughman (The Glee Club, The Swinging Swine) and a cover of U2 track ‘Out Of Control’.

Update: The album has now hit the shops and is also available to order online or download via iTunes. Nick Kelly did a nice piece in Saturday’s Independent where he even gives us a mention although he does incorrectly suggest that the tracks in this post came from a Fanning session.

Enter Godot

Out Of Control‘ (U2)

London Is Fog

Papa Don’t Go

Ghost On My Tracks

It’s A Tightrope

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It’s A Tightrope were Kevin Jennings (guitar), Franck Jouneau (drums) and Jean-Pierre Fradet (bass). Maurice Czerniak (bass) was a founding member before emigrating to the U.S. This Bill Graham article from 1981 gives us some background on the band. It’s A Tightrope recorded a Fanning session for RTE on 17th August 1981. The tracks performed were:

1.Oh my darling
2.Murder on the TV
5.Happy ever after

The band won a place in semi-finals of the 1982 Battle of the Bands which was held in London. They played a residency in the Parliament  Inn on Wednesdays and supported Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark at the National Stadium on 21st December 1981. If you have a copy of this or indeed any other unpublished sessions please get in touch.


Paul Cleary interview with Pat Kenny (1986)

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Paul Cleary, founder and lead singer of the recently defunct Blades, now with new band The Partisans talking to Pat Kenny in 1986 about school, early careers and what he might have done if music had not intervened. Paul talks about why The Blades called it a day, who The Partisans are and what they’ll be doing. He also explains why he didnt perform at Self Aid. Thanks to Mick for digging this out.

Paul Cleary part 1

Paul Cleary part 2

Hothouse Flowers / Fanning’s Fab 50

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Today the Hothouse Flowers explain how to vote in the Fanning Fab 50 or at least how you should have done so back in 1987. As a bonus there is a studio busking version of B side ‘Mountains’. The Hothouse Flowers play Whelan’s on 30th December, their first Dublin date in two years. And by the way voting is open for this year’s Fab50 – more details on the RTE 2fm website. Fiachna Ó Braonáin has of course been busy hosting radio shows on RTE1 and the ‘Poetic Champions Compose‘ series on TodayFM.


Fab 50 Instructions


The Candyshop

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Very few details to be found on this Dublin quartet. The Candyshop were Stephen Robinson (vocals), Dave Dorgan (guitar), Declan Mulligan (bass) and Sean Ryan (drums). Dave Dorgan later formed Candy Apple Red while Ryan was to be found in The Swinging Swine and Honey Thieves. Further details, recordings and photos as always most welcome.

This Town Won’t Drag Me Down

Railway Station’

Power Of Dreams (1990 Fanning Interview)

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A track from the 1989 Power Of Dreams Fanning session featured here recently and today we have a Dave Fanning show interview with Craig Walker from October 5th 1990 the very night night the band played McGonagles as part of their Irish tour. Power Of Dreams fans stay tuned because we also have a recording of their 1990 Cork Rocks performance in the works, check out previous posts here. Check out PoD on facebook here.

Power Of Dreams Interview (1990 )

The Tycho Brahe

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The Tycho Brahe were Carol Keogh (vocals), Donal O’Mahony (guitars, keyboards and mandolin) and Diarmuid MacDiarmada (drums). Formed in 2002 they released 2 albums ‘This Is’ (2002) and ‘Love Life’ (2003). The trio had originally collaborated as The Low Babies as early as 1994 before Keogh and O’Mahony formed The Plague Monkeys in late 1995 with Barry Roden (bass) and Thomas Haugh (drums, percussion and keyboards). Carol Keogh is currently seeking support via to record a new album with The City Fathers. The band “get Saucy” this Sunday Nov 11 at the Grand Social (free in, on stage 9.45pm). Hopefully in the not too distant future we might be able to dig out The Plague Monkeys Fanning session.

The following three tracks were recorded in Autumn 2002, so round about ten years ago, and during the writing of Tychos’ second album ‘Love Life’ was released. 2FM sessions, in the wonderful Studio 8 setting in RTE, were then as now a pleasure to record. That studio has a very special old-school ambience, with its swimming-pool-like sunken live room and lovely-sounding grand piano. Not to mention the dedicated efficiency of the studio engineers, who really get it, and the ubiquitous presence of producer, Ian Wilson, with his laid-back passion for the music.

Read more and hear the City Fathers 2012 session for Dan Hegarty on the Carol Keogh site

Bit By Bit‘ / ‘The Spike and The Wheel‘ / ‘Defiance‘ (2002)

Power Of Dreams (1989 Session)

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We have already featured the 1991 Power Of Dreams Fanning session but today we have a single track from the band’s 1989 session. Recorded on 24th April 1989 the session featured ‘Mother’s Eyes’, Best Friend’, ‘A Little Piece of God’, ‘Fine Time’ and ‘Angel’. If you have a recording of the remainder of this session we’d love to hear from you. Power Of Dreams reformed in 2010 for a series of shows to honour the 20th anniversary of the release of their debut album, ‘Immigrants, Emigrants And Me’. They released a best of album later that year, called ‘1989 – The Best Of Power Of Dreams‘. There are rumours the second album ‘2 Hell With Common Sense‘ may also receive the 20th anniversary treatment and meanwhile Craig Walker is busy with latest project Mineral, Keith with Being Cool Is Lonely and Ian with Sultans of Ping.

Power Of Dreams (C) Peter Anderson

‘A Little Piece of God’ (1989)

Rocky de Valera & The Rhythm Kings (1981 Session)

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We originally featured Rocky de Valera and The Rhythm Kings eighteen months ago when we posted a track from the band’s 1981 Fanning session. Today we have two further tracks from that very session. The last we heard from Rocky or Ferdia MacAnna as you may know him a band was being assembled for at least one reunion gig. Further details remain elusive but as soon as we have them you’ll be the first to know, meanwhile why not check out Rocky De Valera and the Gravediggers over at

’54-46′ (1981)

‘Ain’t Got No Home’ (1981)

The Hellfire Club (1989)

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The Hellfire Club were Tom Doyle (vocals/guitar), Joe Ussher (lead guitar/vocals/piano), John Doyle (bass), Paul McArdle and later Mark Downing (drums). Active from 1988-1990 the Dublin band released one single ‘Waiting (For Love To Appear)’ on Bloodred Records in 1990. They recorded a Fanning session in 1989 and the following is the only track of the four which can be tracked down. For more Hellfire Club action check out Joe Usher’s YouTube channel where you’ll find 1988 recordings of the band in McGonagles supporting The Fountainhead and Blue in Heaven. As always if you have the remaining Fanning session tracks or indeed any irish radio recordings from the late 80s/early 90s we’d love to hear from you.

Dumbstruck (1989)

Vipers (Peel Session)

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From Dublin The Vipers were Paul Boyle (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) George Sweeney (lead guitar), Brian Dolan (bass, backing vocals) and Dave Moloney (drums). They recorded a Peel Session on 27th Feb 1979 and this repeat broadcast of the session is from 17th April 1979. The tracks recorded were ‘You’re On Your Own Kid’, ‘Playin’ The Game’, ‘Too Rough’ and ‘You’re So Strange’. We have two tracks from the session with John Peel’s intros and outros. Also getting a mention in these clips are Terri Hooley and The Undertones. Thanks to the Peel Wikia for this recording. While we are on the subject check out Dublin punk bands on facebook courtesy the Come Here To Me blog.

Too Rough (1979)

You’re So Strange (1979)


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From Dublin, Peach were Shane Leinster (vocals, guitar), Darren Hand (bass), Mick Creedon (guitar), and Greg McQuaid (drums). Greg was later replaced by Sean Ryan from the Honeythieves. The band recorded a Fanning session in March/April 1992 but they no longer have a copy of that recording. This track appeared on the ‘Breaking Sound Barriers Vol. 2‘ compilation from that same year. Peach recently featured in the Hot Press Unsigned Irish Music Act 1991 post. Mick Creedon later went on to join The Joys and Junkster. If anyone has a copy of the lost session we’d love to hear from you..

When She Smiles (1992)

The Garden Hasn’t Changed Much

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From Dublin The Garden Hasn’t Changed Much were active from 1983 – 1992. They recorded a Fanning session in 1987 featuring 3 tracks – ‘I Can Dream In Colour’, ‘Standing in the Light’ and ‘Facts’ but unfortunately the band no longer have those recordings. The lineup at the time of the session could have been Mark Bourke (vocals), Mark Loughran (guitar), Colin Murray (bass) and Neil Byrden (drums) but check out the band’s site for the full list of past members. This gig poster for their gig at the McGonagles Closing Down Party on October 31st 1987 came from the band’s MySpace page.

The following video from their YouTube channel is a favourite round these parts:

Raincoat‘ (1988)

Foreign Correspondents (1992 Demo)

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Foreign Correspondents were Niall Nolan (vocals), Rory McGarry (guitar), Eamonn Kelly (bass) and Morgan Mullen (drums). This demo is I believe from 1992. The cassette was borrowed from manager Colm Duignan.

Hallelujah (1992)

Whale Sound Odyssey (1992)

Abelard (1992)

The Foreign Correspondents (1992 Session)

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From Dublin, The Foreign Correspondents were Niall Nolan (vocals), Rory McGarry (guitar), Eamonn Kelly (bass) and Morgan Mullen (drums). This RTE 2fm session was broadcast by Dave Fanning on Monday 16th November 1992.

Windmills (1992)

Soulfish (1992)

Rush (1992)

Every Third Time (1992)

Above The Thunderclouds

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Above The Thunderclouds formed as a three piece in Spring 1983 by Joey Barry (vocals, keyboards), Gerry Leonard (guitar, keyboards, bass) and Declan O’Sullivan (keyboards). In September 1984 Alex Curtis (drums) and Darragh Tanham (sax/clarinet) completed the lineup. Joey Barry was later in Thee Amazing Colossal Men and Compulsion, Gerry Leonard was in Hinterland, Declan O’Sullivan in Thee Amazing Colossal Men, Captain Hex.

Conversation (1984)

The Big Event (1984)

Cage (1984)

The Blades (1980 Session)

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The 1981 Blades session has already featured but today it is the turn of the first incarnation of that band and their 1980 Fanning session.

The 1980 session features the original three-piece with Paul Cleary and his brother Lar, with Pat Larkin on the drums with some cover versions not available elsewhere. The line-up for the 1981 session featured Brian Foley on bass, and Jake Reilly on drums. RTE 2fm

‘Walk Back Renee’ (1980)

‘Breaking Out Of The Ruts’ (1980)

Off The Record

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I recently stumbled across this short film by Niall Farrell which features three personalities who are no strangers to this blog. Gibb Cassidy worked in Dublin’s Road records and recently opened his own independent record outlet Elastic Witch. Darren McCreesh is the man behind the upcoming ‘Strange Passion‘ compilation with radio show of the same name on PowerFM. Last but not least Brian O’Kelly was a member of The Gorehounds and founder of the Comet Records shop and label (their Comet compilations have featured regularly in these pages). Comet Records closed in 2011 and Brian is currently active with Irish Record Fairs touring the land with his hoards of vintage Irish vinyl.

Strange Passion – Explorations in Irish Post Punk, DIY and Electronic Music 1980-83

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The first ever compendium of Irish post punk and new wave – featuring extensive liner notes, rare photos with the full participation of the featured artists and bands.

Released on Cache Cache a new post-punk record label set up by Finders Keepers dedicated to seeking out shyly excitable electric pop music from the not too distant past.

Focusing on a three year period from 1980 to 1983, Strange Passion is a compilation of rare, unheralded and unreleased Irish music that emerged after the first wave of punk and new wave bands. A time when the raw primitive sounds of punk began to absorb new ideas and technologies and emerging acts were reaching audiences on an unprecedented scale thanks to new magazines such as Hot Press and Heat, RTE Radio 2 and it’s Fanning Sessions, as well as new youth magazine programmes on national TV like Anything Goes. Access to UK’s broadcasting and magazine cultural behemoths (Peel, NME, Morley etc.) as well as touring bands such as The Clash and PIL also played their part in creating an appetite for this thrilling new subculture and soon venues such as The Magnet, Dandelion and Project Arts Centre in Dublin and Kampus in Cork became significant live music hubs.

The 14 rare and seldom-travelled Irish post-punk, DIY and electro oddities were compiled from limited privately pressed vinyl and home made cassette by resident B-Music Dublin DJ Darren McCreesh for Cache Cache Records, a new label set up by international crate diggers Finders Keepers:

1. Dogmatic Element – Just Friends
2. The Threat – High cost of living
3. Chant! Chant! Chant!- Play Safe
4. Virgin Prunes – Twenty Tens (i’ve been smoking all night long)
5. Operating Theatre – Austrian
6. Stano – Town
7. The Peridots – No Water
8. Choice – Always In Danger
9. Ph – Last Days
10. Major Thinkers – Avenue B
11. SM Corporation – Accentuate
12. SM Corporation – Fire from above
13. Tripper Humane – Discoland
14. Operating Theatre – Eighties Rampwalk (Fanning Session)

Released 13th July 2012 on Cache Cache (Finders Keepers)

And of course of local interest is the excellent Fanning session track ..

Operating Theatre – Eighties Rampwalk (Fanning Session)

Into Paradise (1990 Session)

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Into Paradise were Dave Long (vocals, guitar), Rachel Tighe (bass), James Eadie (guitar, keyboards) and Ronan Clarke (drums). Dave explains at the end of the recording that this repeat airing of the session was broadcast just before the release of the band’s ‘Change’ EP (22nd May 1990). Owain who dug this out wrote “the session version of ‘Change’ is pretty awesome in my view and much better than the released version”. Maybe Dan Hegarty and Ian Wilson might consider this one for their next “classic session” feature on Dan’s RTE 2XM/2FM show ‘The Alternative‘?  Anyone have a copy of the fourth and final track ‘Heaven’? Update: Thank you Owain for locating the missing track!

Burns My Skin (1990)

Dreaming (1990)

Change (1990)

Heaven (1990)

The Cherry Brogues

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cherry brogues

From Clondalkin in Dublin The Cherry Brogues were active from 1991 until 1994. The band featured members Ray Gilligan, Ray Murray, Joe Rodgers, Des Connaughton and Phil Healy. They recorded a Fanning Session in December 1992 and this is the third track of five from that session. The band performed a reunion gig on July 2nd 2011 in The Grand Social. If anyone has the remaining 4 session tracks we’d love to hear from you..
Numbers In Your Heart (1992)

The Minutes (on Ian Dempsey 9th Feb 2012)

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From Dublin The Minutes are Mark Austin (vocals & guitar), Tom Cosgrave (bass) and Shane Kinsella (drums). They have made an impression round these parts with a number of very catchy singles, the latest of which ‘Heartbreaker’ was song of the week on Ian Dempsey‘s TodayFM breakfast show recently. They are about to perform a sellout show in The Academy before embarking on an extensive UK and european tour so tell your friends.

Heartbreaker (live)

Shark Bait

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From Dublin Shark Bait were Dave Finnegan (guitar & vocals), Feargal Heapes (guitar), Simon Farrell (bass) and Martin Farrell (drums). These two tracks appeared on the 1988 Comet Tape 3 compilation.

Cemetary Rock (1988)

Problem Child (1988)

The Foreign Correspondents (1992 Session)

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Formed in 1990 with all members based or from Navan Road/Cabra area, The Foreign Correspondents were Niall Nolan (vocals), Rory McGarry (guitar), Eamonn Kelly (bass) and Morgan Mullen (drums). They recorded a Fanning session in mid 1992 and three of those tracks ‘Abelard’, ‘Soulfish’ and ‘Rush’ can be heard below. The fourth song ‘Windmills’ is for now “lost to posterity”.

foreign correspondents


Abelard (1992)

Soulfish (1992)

Rush (1992)

Forget Me Nots (On The Waterfront)

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Formed in 1990 in Dublin Forget Me Nots were Michelle Burrows (vocals, guitar), Eithne Flynn (vocals, guitar), Maurice McGrath (guitar), Mark Walsh (bass) and Justin Healy (drums). Justin was previously with The Golden Horde and The Glee Club. The band released singles ‘2 Fay Ray’ (1991), ‘Trouble’ (1992), ‘Soap Singer’s Beat’ (1992) and album ‘Hullabaloo’ (1992). While well received, the album didn’t achieve the level of success expected and following one further single ‘So Good’ (1993) parted company with Sony/Colombia Records. The quartet went on to release ‘Five O’Clock’ train in 1994 before calling it a day. This footage was recorded for the RTE programme ‘On The Waterfront‘ in 1992.

Into Paradise (acoustic)

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Criminally overlooked by Tony Clayton-Lea in his recent (and very enjoyable) tome ‘101 Irish Records You Must Hear Before You Die‘ here is a 1993 performance and interview with Dave Long and James Eadie of Into Paradise formerly known as Backwards Into Paradise. Thank you to the kind reader who dug out this VHS.

The Joys

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I know very little about this Dublin band, apart from the fact that Terry Hackett apparently played drums. This track featured on the Nationwide Vol 3 cassette compilation from Danceline Records in 1989. As usual if you know more please leave a comment or send an email.

Update: Deirdre O’Neill was the vocalist, she went on to further success with Junkster.

Update #2: This song was one of four recorded at Sun Studios on 11th June 1990. The line up was Deirdre O’Neill (vocals), Pat Murphy (guitar), Graham Darcy (bass), Aidan Lane (guitar) and Anto Darcy (drums). The session was engineered by Paul Lacey.

Cheshire Cat (1989)

Reekus Records Retrospective ‘Too Late To Stop Now’

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The most recent addition to our Christmas wish list is a compilation from Reekus Records entitled ‘Too Late To Stop Now’. Celebrating 30 years in business Reekus Records first release was the seminal ‘Kaught at the Kampus‘ featuring Nun Attax, Micro-Disney, Mean Features and Urban Blitz recorded live in August 1980 at The Downtown Kampus Cork (incidentally recently re-released on CD). Reekus Records takes up the story..

The birth of Reekus in 1981 came about through Kaught at the Kampus, a vehicle for four Cork bands who featured regularly in support slots at the Downtown Kampus, a regular club night in the Cork Arcadia ballroom, which was a pivotal gig in the Irish rock scene, and run by Reekus founder Elvera Butler. Regularly hosting top bands of the time such as The Cure, The Stranglers, The Specials, The Beat, UB40, Rory Gallagher, The Undertones, and up-and-coming Irish acts such as U2 and Stiff Little Fingers, the policy was to encourage local bands by giving them support slots to the bigger names, and this gave rise to a dynamic music scene, some of which was captured at an exclusively Cork live show on August 31st 1980. The resultant 12” vinyl mini-album, Kaught at the Kampus, was the first Reekus release, and featured Microdisney, Nun Attax, Mean Features and Urban Blitz, three of whom went on to different levels of success abroad; Microdisney signed to Rough Trade and then Virgin, and later became Fatima Mansions, and members Sean O Hagan then formed the High Llamas, while Cathal Coughlan continues to have a successful solo career. Mean Features vocalist Mick Lynch went on to front Stump in the UK, while Nun Attax changed their name to 5 Go Down to the Sea, and later Beethoven ****Beethoven, with releases on both Setanta and the fledgling Creation Records. During the 80s, with offices in both Dublin and London, Reekus continued to support Irish music, with releases that included The Blades, Big Self, and Aslan among others. The millenium brought new energy with the release of the Blades albums on CD, followed by a new album from Blades’ mainman Paul Cleary, and these were quickly followed by several new signings.

To celebrate their 30th birthday Reekus Records are releasing a 40 track compilation featuring 20 tracks from the vaults available on CD for the first time on CD and featuring unreleased tracks from The Blades and Micro-Disney (later Microdisney). If you check out the Reekus page you can listen to a 1986 Aslan B-side ‘Been So Long’ and the full tracklisting. The CD can be bought online from Dec 12th and will be in the shops on the 16th.

The Blades – Downmarket (1983)
Paul Cleary/The Blades – Stand By Me Now (1985)
The Blades – Sadlands
The Blades – Truth Don’t Hurt (1986)
The Blades – Building A Wasteland (1983) unreleased
Paul Cleary- Stumble Into Love (1983) unreleased
Big Self – Surprise, Surprise (1981)
Big Self – Don’t Turn Around (1982)
Big Self – Reason Smiles (1984)
Aslan – This Is (1986)
Aslan – Please Don’t Stop
Aslan – Been So Long (1986)
Some Kind Of Wonderful – D’You Read My Letter (1982)
Micro-Disney – Victory (1981) unreleased
Micro-Disney – 12 Novembers (1981) unreleased
Nun Attax – Eyeballs (1980)
The Camino Organisation – Human Voices (1982)
Nigel Rolfe – African Flower (1986)
Montage – Who Will Stop The Rain (1987)
Barry Warner – Dancing Without You (1986)

and on CD2:
Paul Cleary – The Queen of Indecision (2002)

The Harvest Ministers (No Disco Acoustic Room)

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Listening to Donal Dineen reminisce about ‘No Disco’ last week in his ‘An Ode To Radio‘ show got me thinking that I still had a couple of acoustic sessions recorded for that show which I hadnt yet shared. Aoife linked to The Divine Comedy last week and already someone has contacted me with the promise of 4 precious VHS cassettes of recordings. These Acoustic Room sessions were recorded in Fr. Matthew Hall which is just beside the RTE Cork studios. This particular recording is of The Harvest Ministers who we have already featured and they perform ‘I Never Raised My Voice to You’.

The Golden Horde – Like A Girl

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golden horde

Today we have another unofficial / unsanctioned recording of two tracks by The Golden Horde. One of the tracks ‘Positively Nowhere Today’ also appeared on a BBC session but the other track ‘Just Like A Girl’ could be mis-titled. To the best of my knowledge these tracks date from 1987.

Just Like A Girl (1987)

Positively Nowhere Today (1987)


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From Finglas in Dublin Montage were originally formed by Emmett O’Reilly (vocals, keyboards) and Martin Greene (keyboards) in 1982. takes up the story

They recorded a Dave Fanning Session for RTE Radio (produced by Ian Wilson, broadcast 15 June 1984, tracks: “The Twenty-First”, “What I Don’t Know”, “Years”, “Blessing From Heaven”, plus at least one more title). RTE offered the original Montage duo a TV-slot based on hearing the demo but backed out when the TV producer (Aongus McAnally of folk-rockers Mushroom) was told that there was no band, just two guys and some synths.

As a result the band decided to add a rhythm section and Montage became a four piece with Damian Corless (bass) and John McManus (drums). They signed to Vixen Records for a one-off single ‘The Twenty-First’ (1982) which they performed on ‘Non-Stop Pop’ on RTE TV.

By 1986 the lineup had reverted to a duo of Dermot Smyth (vocals) and Martin Green (keyboards) and released singles ‘When I Close My Eyes’ (1986), ‘Who Will Stop The Rain’ (1987) and ‘Swansong’ (1987) on Reekus Records.

Who Will Stop The Rain (1987)

John Peel Day

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It is hard to believe that seven years have past since John Peel left us so suddenly. Thanks to the folks over at the John Peel Wiki there is no shortage of John Peel material to listen to, their efforts and those of Ken Garner have long been an inspiration round these parts. On 13th October 2005 John Peel night was celebrated in The Hub, Dublin with performances by 3 acts who featured on John Peel’s BBC Radio 1 show. House of Mexico, Female Hercules and playing their first gig in 13 years Hey Paulette featured along with DJ sets by Leagues O’Toole and The Dudley Corporation. The image above is from a postcard that Niall McCormack of Hitone created for the night and lists all Irish bands who recorded sessions for John Peel. The Hot Press review of the night can be found here.

See also Pat’s 2010 John Peel Day post ‘Peeling In The Years‘.

Thanks to Laura for kicking this all off.

The Blades – Live at the SFX (9/11/85)

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The last Blades post was very popular so I think it deserves an encore. Many thanks to Niall for digging this one out..

Live at the SFX (9/11/85)

Last Man In Europe
Real Emotion
If I Go Away
Revelations of Heartbreak
Boy One
Time Waits For No Man
Too Late
Our Secret Dream
Hot for You
Those were the days
Not So Blue
Young, Gifted and Black
Ghost Of A Chance
Last Man In Europe

Blue In Heaven In Concert (1985)

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This Blue in Heaven concert was recorded in RTE studio 1 in November 1985 and broadcast by Dave Fanning on his RTE Radio 2 (now 2fm) show over two nights. The concert was recorded by Paddy McBreen and produced by Julian Vignoles. With thanks to the listener, Owain from North Wales (yes Dave Fanning had a UK fanbase also) who dug this one out.

Talking to the One I Love
New Song
Hope to God
Julie Cries
I Wanna Be Your Man
Change Your Mind
Rolling in the Crowd
Tell Me
New Song
Old Ned
I Just Wanna

Blue In Heaven In Concert (1985)

Something Happens! – Too Long 12″

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I believe these Something Happens! tracks are from the ‘What Now?’ 12″ (1990) which Dave probably played on his show on release. Something Happens are playing Whelan’s Dublin on 30th Dec 2011.

Too Long
Forget Georgia (acoustic)
Stuck Together With God’s Glue

Dave Fanning’s Rock Selection (1987)

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If you’ve been watching the twitter feed you’ll have heard us mention a site Brand New Retro which specializes in scans of old Irish magazines from the 80s. On that theme we have something you might like; Dave Fanning’s Rock Selection featuring R.E.M., Thee Amazing Colossal Men, Bam Bam & The Calling, Aidan Walsh and Blue In Heaven.

The Fat Lady Sings (In Concert 1989)

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Formed by Nick Kelly, The Fat Lady Sings released two albums ‘Twist’ (1991) and ‘Johnson’ (1993). A retrospective double album ‘The Fat Lady Singles’ (2005) was also released. Nick is now an award winning short film maker. His latest musical alter ego is Alien Envoy who’s album ‘Nine Lives’ (2010) was the culmination of a nine month ‘gestation‘ project. Thanks to some comments we can confirm this show was recorded for ‘Seven Bands on The Up’ from the SFX in 1989.

– be still
– fear & favour
– arclight
– contact
– deborah
– everywoman

In Concert

The Blades (1981 Session)

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the blades fanning session

Today we have a second track from The Blades 1981 Fanning session. Another track, ‘Downmarket’ from the same session can be found here. By the way, the ‘Blades In Concert‘ post is now officially the most viewed item on this blog, nudging Light A Big Fire into second place.

Me & My Girl (1981)

The Frames (1995 Session)

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To any observer of the Irish music scene The Frames need no introduction. Formed 1990 in Dublin by Glen Hansard (guitar, vocals), Dave Odlum (guitar), John Carney (bass), Colm Mac Con Iomaire (keyboards, violin) and Paul Brennan (drums) this RTE 2FM Fanning Session track dates from May 1995. The remaining tracks were ‘Say It To Me Now’ and ‘Let It All Past’ (Interference cover.

Monument‘ (1995)

Whipping Boy (1995 Session)

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Whipping Boy were formed in Dublin (1988) by Fearghal McKee (vocals), Paul Page (guitar), Myles McDonnell (bass, vocals) and Colm Hassett (drums). They released three albums; ‘Submarine’ (1992) on the Dublin independent label Liquid, ‘Heartworm’ (1995) on Columbia and a final self-titled album on Low Rent Records (2001). The band reformed briefly in 2005 for a series of shows. In 2011 Whipping Boy reformed again without Paul Page and Myles McDonnell. Watch them perform an acoustic version of ‘Twinkle’ on RTE’s No Disco here. This session was recorded for Dave Fanning in 1995.

The Honeymoon Is Over‘ (1995)

When We Were Young‘ (Philo Version) 1995

Stars Of Heaven (1984 Session)

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We’ve already featured one track from the the December 1984 Fanning Session by The Stars Of Heaven but today we have a second. The song was released one year later as the bands first single. Many thanks to Ken.

Clothes Of Pride‘ (1984)

Backwards Into Paradise (1986 Session)

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We’re big fans of Backwards Into Paradise round these parts so you’ll have to excuse a fourth post featuring that band. This time it’s from a “session tape” as announced by an as yet unidentified announcer. I think you’ll agree that despite the audio quality it’s impressive stuff. Thanks again to Ken for this one.

She Falls (1986)