Bobby Pulls A Wilson (1997)

bpaw band shot

Mark Austin of The Minutes recently tipped us off to a “rockin 3 piece” called Bobby Pulls A Wilson. We were intrigued but had nothing in the archive. Thanks however to the efforts of Colin J Morris who dug out and digitized the cassette we now have a copy of their 1997 EP. Thank you especially to Paul Callan for allowing us share this recording.

From Dublin, Bobby Pulls A Wilson were Paul Callan (guitar & vocals), Bill Watterson (bass & vocals) and Patrick Van Hofwegen (drums). All songs were written by Paul Callan. The EP was released in 1997 on Squashed Mice Records. The EP came with an unusual inlay card – a piece of sandpaper!

BPAW Cassette In Box

For The Love Of Cork (1997)

Ride (1997)

To Sleep (1997)

Then There’s This (1997)


2 Responses to “Bobby Pulls A Wilson (1997)”

  1. andybclarke Says:

    Amazing band. Fantastic live too!

  2. PATRICK Lawless Says:

    Paul Callan not a dub
    He’s from dunleer in county LOUTH
    Only saying

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