Candy Apple Red

A Dublin 4 piece featuring Dave Dorgan (vocals), Gerry Fahy (guitar), Eamonn Elliott (drums) and Damien Byrne (bass) this is another track from the ‘Canadian Club 6 Of The Best Tour‘ featured recently. Gerry Fahy was previously with the excellent The Slowest Clock and Dave Dorgan was in The Candyshop and later Sack.

“In the form of a classic four man guitar band, Dublin’s Candy Apple Red craft splendid indie rock with a casual feel that makes you think the band were born to do this and nothing else. Good songs come easy for Candy Apple Red and frontman Dave Dorgan has recently come into his own. Why no one has taken these guys on board yet is a mystery to me.”
Tara Mc Carthy, Demo Parade, Hot Press, 6 Oct 1993

Carousel‘ (1992)

3 Responses to “Candy Apple Red”

  1. eric f c Says:

    always loved always wil, hello damien,2 daves , dorgan et al, great song, great live band

  2. Saw them at the Baggot in 1991 supporting the Honey Thieves – absolutely brilliant. Set included a cover of ‘Friction’ by Television. We met Gerry afterwards and he told us they often played ‘Venus’ as well. Great to finally hear a recording, even if it is only one track.

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