Paranoid Visions (1991 Session)

“At one stage The Baby Snakes, whom Joe Ambrose managed in the late 80s and early 90s, got into an unholy alliance with Dublin’s premier, and best, punk rock band Paranoid Visions. And here’s the proof. The photograph came from the cover of PV’s superb anti-U2 record, I Will Wallow.”

Originally formed in 1981 Paranoid Visions are a punk band from Dublin. They were part of the second wave of punk which was heavily influenced by the diy ethic of crass, the original anarcho-punk band. They achieved infamy in the 1980s with their FOAD record label and the U2 parody ‘I Will Wallow’. Following a breakup in 1992 they reformed in 1996 to play support on some dates of the Sex Pistols tour. Recent years have seen a “revitalised attitude” and increased activity with a number of releases from the band which can be purchased here.

“Paranoid Visions are perhaps one of the best punk bands in the world right now and their playing with the form makes them worth investigating by anyone outside the punk genre.” John Robb

This Fanning Session was recorded in 1991 and features Emily (backing vocals), Deko (vocals), Denis Dischord (bass), Hungry Joe Libido (guitar), P.A. System (guitar), Albert Cowen (drums). Engineer on the session was Paddy McBreen and Ian Wilson produced.

Answerable 2 Nun (1991)

Strange Girl (1991)

Feast Of Blood (1991)

War Is Over (1991)

13 Responses to “Paranoid Visions (1991 Session)”

  1. Middleagedbloke Says:

    One of the most original punk bands around then and now, they still hold on to the values and musically have gone from strength to strength. Dekos lyrics always hit the mark, keep up the good work mates.

  2. Joe "Hungry Joe" Wearen Says:

    I remember this session well particularly Paddy Breen’s (engineer) reaction to Strange Girl. He was visibly moved if not disturbed by the subject matter. As anyone with a sense of right and wrong should be. @Middleagedbloke: Having played on and off with Paranoid Visions for almost twenty years, I can honestly say that Deko is a lyrical genius. I know of no other wordsmith fit to tie his bootlaces.

  3. Middleagedbloke Says:

    Hey Joe I make it over 20 years for you with the band.

  4. Joe "Hungry Joe" Wearen Says:

    Ha Ha!! Well spotted you! Someone round here’s paying attention.

  5. Middleagedbloke Says:

    Joe, it was easy, I moved to Uganda in 91 and you was with the band from 89 by my reckoning, innit geezer!

  6. Joe "Hungry Joe" Wearen Says:


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  8. Middleagedbloke Says:

    The self same

  9. Denis Dischord Says:

    I remember this session very well too Joe. Ian Wilson expected us to arrive in with HUGE amplification. He was well surprised when you arrived with a little cube, I had a 20W carlsboro bass amp, Peter used my small peavey 50W and Albert used an electronic kit. We were set up and ready to record in about 5 minutes with about a total of 120W between us and made it sound like banks and banks of Marshall stacks. Ah yes. Good days indeed. And you are right. The poor engineer who was in his 60s almost cried when he heard strange girl. It was surreal because he was just an ordinary family man losing his hair, about 60 and wearing a jumper and ordinary trousers, and actual shoes. Not the kind of guy you would expect to pay the slightest bit of interest to the lyrics of a Punk song.

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  11. Have always said that some of the lyrics penned by Deko would be hailed as classics by the great and the good had Moore or MacGowan been the authors. Schizophrenia is in my all time favourites for albums

  12. gino never gets amention pitty such acool gezzer

  13. Hey Gino, apologies if I got the details wrong, am always open to corrections so just shout!😇

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