Portrait by Cormac Figgis 1988

Portrait by Cormac Figgis 1988

Binttii is a musician from Dublin. As Haa Lacka Binttii he was a member of The Virgin Prunes in 1981 playing drums, tape loops and keyboards on their first two singles before leaving the band. In 1984 he formed Princess Tinymeat with Tom Rice (guitar) and Ian Sissy Box (bass). They were active until 1987 and featured among others Roger Doyle (Operating Theatre), Dik Evans (Virgin Prunes), Gerry O’Boyle (Gorehounds) and Gerry Leonard (The Spies/Hinterland). Since 1990 Binttii has been recording under his real name Daniel Figgis.

Horny (Demo, 1988/1989?)
Hungry For Love (Demo, 1988/1989?)


2 Responses to “Binttii”

  1. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Just watched Daniel Figgis on RTE1 show ‘The Works’, read more about his latest project in this Tony Clayton-Lea piece in The Irish Times

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:


    I am writing to request that you take down the Binttii tracks from your online archive.

    These demos were not Fanning Sessions.

    They were strictly in-house demo material and were never intended for public consumption, in this or any other form.

    Long story. Long but dull.

    I’m sure you will understand.

    All the best,

    Daniel Figgis

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