Power Of Dreams (1989 Session)

We have already featured the 1991 Power Of Dreams Fanning session but today we have a single track from the band’s 1989 session. Recorded on 24th April 1989 the session featured ‘Mother’s Eyes’, Best Friend’, ‘A Little Piece of God’, ‘Fine Time’ and ‘Angel’. If you have a recording of the remainder of this session we’d love to hear from you. Power Of Dreams reformed in 2010 for a series of shows to honour the 20th anniversary of the release of their debut album, ‘Immigrants, Emigrants And Me’. They released a best of album later that year, called ‘1989 – The Best Of Power Of Dreams‘. There are rumours the second album ‘2 Hell With Common Sense‘ may also receive the 20th anniversary treatment and meanwhile Craig Walker is busy with latest project Mineral, Keith with Being Cool Is Lonely and Ian with Sultans of Ping.

Power Of Dreams (C) Peter Anderson

‘A Little Piece of God’ (1989)

5 Responses to “Power Of Dreams (1989 Session)”

  1. Pete Cole Says:

    A fantastic glimpse into their early beginnings.

  2. MAN! Would love a 20th anniversary edition of ‘2 Hell…’. Fucking ACE!

  3. fantastic, as usual!

  4. excellent stuff from a band that deserved to be huge and in an alternate reality are….

  5. Danny mc Taggart Says:

    Seen POD in Dublin back in 1990..great band!

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