Aiken Drum (1985)

street carnival rock
Aiken Drum were a Finglas three piece featuring Martin McCann on vocals (later of Lord John White and Sack fame) and brothers David Morrissey (later A House) and Pat Morrissey. This track was recorded in a session for Dave Fanning on 27th November 1985. Thanks to Mark for pointing out that it is ‘The Hearing’ subsequently released on the RTE Radio 2 / HotPress Street Carnival Rock EP.

The Hearing (1956)

Complete Fanning Session (courtesy Dave Morrissey, see comments)

16 Responses to “Aiken Drum (1985)”

  1. Hi
    This track was called “The Hearing” and came out on a 4 track EP called Dublin Street Carnival.

    Martin of course joined Lord John White and Sack.

    David Morrissey joined A House and played and recorded with them for years.

    Dont have any info on Pat Morrissey.

    I play with Dublin band Electric Penguins and i went to school with Martin. We are still very good friends.

  2. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Thanks Mark, have updated the post. Do you have any more Aiken Drum tracks?

    PS I am not Dave πŸ˜‰

  3. Sorry
    Used to have a couple more..”the Real Me” I think was one.
    if they show up I will pass on.


  4. would love to hear of any more info re; Aiken Drum, knew Martin, Pat and Dave many many moons ago!!! It was great listening to “The Hearing”

  5. Dave Morrissey Says:


    Found an old cassette in the attic when taking out the Christmas tree and low and behold the complete Fanning Session and 2 other tracks. They are here

    Great site!

    All the best


  6. Fanning Sessions Says:

    Dave, thank you very much, definitely a productive visit to the attic this year! Santa has come early for me.

  7. sean barron Says:

    Totally inspired me when I was a nipper. Fantastic stuff indeed and really nice guys. great to see they are all still doing music in their own way.
    Respect – Sean.

  8. I remember seeing Aiken Drum perform this song at ‘The South Band Show’ in Finglas, would have been 85 / 86 I think.
    I posted this link to Facebook. It brought back memories of great summers and great bands in Finglas.
    Aiken Drum, Missing Link, The D11 Runners, The Brilliant Trees, Aslan.
    Great time to be a teeneager.

  9. I saw you play in Dun Laoghaire in nineteen eighty something. I think it was a battle of the bands. Well done. Great music. Great to hear The Hearing after all this time. Great memories of that track. Regards.

  10. colmkavanagh2015 Says:

    Would you like a copy of “Laura”, from a Fanning demo / session?!

  11. Dave Morrissey Says:

    colmkavanagh2015 – would like the Laura demo too – none of us have a copy of it πŸ™‚

  12. Thomas Mcguirk Says:

    There’s possibly video footage of them knocking about finglas somewhere… seemed everyone was in a band in finglas south..if I remember correctly..they appeared as part of line up for “South band show”..a day long concert organised by various different groups involved in the community…

  13. Thanks Thomas, hopefully that footage turns up!

  14. Thank You Aiken Drum for great live music. Dublin was oozing great live music back then but for me Martin McCann stood out – and I probably had a bit of a crush on him! For all the harshness of high unemployment and general poverty in 80s Ireland there was some great music around. Happy Days!

  15. Dave Morrissey Says:

    Thanks colmkavanagh2015 for posting the Laura demo on Youtube. Brought a smile to all our faces πŸ™‚

    Cheers Dave

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